1. preferred stock offers shareholders the right to ________.

1.  Preferred hoard offers distributeholders the exact to ________. 


 admit dividends succeeding the sordid distributeholders admit any dividends

 voting exacts

 receive, in the episode of noncommunication, a distribute of the property anteriorly sordid distributeholders

 pre-emptive exacts


2.  In change for hoard, confirmations may admit ________.  



 currency or other property

 garner hoard


3.  ________ is the hoard sold to the open. 


 Issued hoard

 Outstanding hoard

 Authorized hoard

 Treasury hoard


4.  The owners of ________ hoard entertain the restricted exact to tone for members of the consideration of directors. 




 twain sordid and preferred


5.  A monetary appraise assigned to and printed on each distribute of hoard is named ________. 


 par appraise

 retained rights

 paid-in capital

 additional remunerated-in capital


6.  AZ Best, Inc.'s oppidan charter allows it to conclusion 1,500,000 distributes of sordid hoard. In 2011, its highest year of calling, the posse sold 200,000 distributes of sordid hoard. In 2011, the posse bought end 5,000 distributes to be held as garner hoard. At December 31, 2011, how abundant distributes of sordid hoard are ungathered? 


1,300,000 distributes

 200,000 distributes

 5,000 distributes

 195,000 distributes     


7.  A dissonance among preferred hoard and sordid hoard is preferred distributeholders ________. 

 entertain voting exacts, suitableness sordid distributeholders do not

 entertain the exact to distribute in any property left if the posse goes out of calling succeeding twain the creditors     and sordid distributeholders admit their distribute

 must admit their dividends anteriorly any of the sordid distributeholders are remunerated

 entertain the exact to buy new distributes in adjust to preserve their percentage holding anteriorly the posse can conclusion new distributes to the open open


8.  Team Shirts reputed aggregate distributeholders' equity of $80,000 on its October 31 neutralize quibble. During November, the calling earned $270,000, and professed and remunerated a currency dividend of $20,000. What was aggregate distributeholders' equity on November 30? 







9.  The time of chronicles is the time ________. 


 when currency is really remunerated to the distributeholders

 on which the consideration of directors of a confirmation announces that a dividend gain be remunerated

 when rights are professed

 used to individualize accurately who gain admit dividends


10.  A posse has 2,000 distributes of $100 par, 6%, noncumulative preferred hoard ungathered. If the consideration of directors declares a dividend this year, how greatly gain the preferred distributeholders admit? 


 $200,000 in aggregate

 $6 per distribute   

 $60 per distribute

 $100 per distribute


11.  Treasury hoard ________. 


 is a contra-equity account

 is the aggregate of hoard conclusiond by the posse

 is a contra-asset account

 results in an growth in aggregate distributeholders' equity


12.  When a posse buys distributes of its own hoard and holds them as garner hoard, ________. 


 its rights per distribute gain growth

 its rights per distribute are not affected

 its rights per distribute gain decrease

 the chaffer figure of its hoard gain decrease


13.  A confirmation's disposal of new distributes of hoard to the confirmation's present distributeholders is named a ________. 

 hoard split

 hoard dividend

 currency dividend

 liquidating dividend


14.  Equitable, Inc. conclusiond no new sordid hoard and had 100,000 distributes conclusiond and ungathered during 2011. The forthcoming notification is fascinated from Equitable's accounting chronicless.

Net allowance for the year ended, December 31, 2011$370,000

Retained rights, December 31, 2010$280,000

Retained rights, December 31, 2011$360,000

Total distributeholders' equity at December 31, 2011$725,000


What was the dividend professed during the year ended December 31, 2011? 







15.  Team Shirts conclusiond 20,000 distributes of hoard for $20 per distribute. This performance growthd Currency $400,000 and growthd ________ $400,000. 


 Paid-in capital

 Treasury hoard

 Retained rights

 Additional remunerated-in capital


16.  PDG Confirmation had a come-end on equity of 18%. Commencement and finality distributeholders' equity for the confirmation were $570,000 and $560,000 respectively. There were 350,000 sordid distributes and no preferred distributes ungathered. What was net allowance for the year? 







17.  Use the forthcoming notification for Equitable, Inc. to apology the forthcoming investigation(s). Equitconducive conclusiond no new sordid hoard and had 100,000 sordid distributes conclusiond and ungathered during 2011. Equitconducive has no preferred hoard.


Net allowance for the year ended, December 31, 2011   $370,000

Retained rights, December 31, 2010   $280,000

Retained rights, December 31, 2011   $360,000

Total distributeholders' equity at December 31, 2011   $725,000

Total liabilities at December 31, 2010   $105,000

Total liabilities at December 31, 2011   $385,000

Total property at December 31, 2010   $750,000

What was rights per distribute for the year ended December 31, 2011? 







18.  Return on equity is ________. 


 net allowance disconnected by the middle compute of sordid distributes ungathered

 aggregate distributeholders' equity disconnected by the middle compute of ungathered sordid distributes

 net allowance disconnected by sales

 net allowance disconnected by middle distributeholders' equity


19.  Team Shirts had net allowance of $23,000. The neutralize quibble showed commencement and finality neutralizes in distributeholders' equity of $100,000 and $110,000, respectively. There were no preferred distributes and 20,000 sordid distributes ungathered. Calculate the come-end on equity. 







20.  Risks associated after a while owning an bombardment in a posse's hoard apprehend the cause that ________. 


the posse may not be conducive to buy end the hoard when it matures

this detail hoard becomes sunder of a mixed portfolio

the posse gain not be conducive to constitute symmetrical profit payments to distributeholders

the posse gain not be successful





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