A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a competitor in

Online Exam 4

Question 1

A salesindividual clicks frequently-again-and-again on the online ads of a rival in dispose to instigate the rival's advertising consumes up. This is an illustration of:

Question options:




click robbery.

Question 2

The sum total of digital notice that can be infections through any telecommunications medium is measured in:

Question options:





Question 3

Which of the aftercitedcited specifications replaces WEP aftercited a while a stronger carelessness test that features changing encryption keys?

Question options:





Question 4

T1 lines:

Question options:

effect aggravate stout telephone lines to raise language, basis, and video.

effect aggravate coaxial lines to yield Internet bearing.

do not agree guaranteed use levels, but merely "best trial."

are high-speed, leased basis lines providing guaranteed use levels.

Question 5

Which sign of network would be most alienate for a matter that involved three employees and a superintendent located in the resembling station boundlessness, whose elementary scarcity is to portion-out documents?

Question options:


Domain-naturalized LAN

Peer-to-peer network


Question 6

What are the indelicate layers of the TCP/IP relation design?

Question options:

Physical, impression, ecstasy, and network interface

Physical, impression, Internet, and network interface

Application, ecstasy, Internet, and network interface

Application, constrainedware, Internet, and network interface

Question 7

Which of the aftercitedcited is a sign of ambient basis?

Question options:

Computer log containing new-fangled classification errors

A rasp deleted from a constrained disk

A rasp that contains an impression's user settings

A set of raw basis from an environmental sensor

Question 8

Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT a individuality of packet switching?

Question options:

Packets excursion unconnectedly of each other.

Packets are routed through abundant unanalogous paths.

Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits.

Packets are reassembled into the former communication when they penetrate their destinations.

Question 9

The Internet is naturalized on which three key technologies?

Question options:


TCP/IP, HTTP, and packet switching

Client/server computing, packet switching, and the outgrowth of communications tests for continuity networks and computers

Client/server computing, packet switching, and HTTP

Question 10

Which saline signs are represented by a normal waveform?

Question options:





Question 11

Analysis of an notice classification that rates the manifestatlon of a carelessness resplendent occurring and its consume is involved in a(n):

Question options:

carelessness arrangement.


risk impost.

matter impression separation.

Question 12

"Predictive quest" in Google's quest engine:

Question options:

predicts what you are looking for as you invade control into the interrogation box.

uses a marking use and cookies on your browser to forecast quest results.

uses a knowledge graph of what resembling individuals quested on to forecast your quest interests.

uses a semantic advent to forecast what you are looking for.

Question 13

The telephone classification is an illustration of a __________ network.

Question options:





Question 14

A(n) __________ is a box consisting of a radio receiver/transmitter and antennas that links to a wired network, router, or hub.

Question options:

RFID receiver

WiMax receiver

bearing point


Question 15

The concept of a advenient Web in which it is dowdy for everyday objects to be united, inferior, or monitored aggravate the Internet is oleed:

Question options:

the Internet of Things.

the Semantic Web.


a 3-D Web.

Question 16

Biometric authentication:

Question options:

is low-priced.

is used widely in Europe for carelessness impressions.

can use a individual's language as a sole, measurable feature.

merely uses natural measurements for identification.

Question 17

In which arrangement of encryption is a one encryption key sent to the receiver so twain element and receiver portion-out the resembling key?

Question options:


Symmetric key encryption

Public key encryption

Private key encryption

Question 18

A outlandish kingdom attempting to bearing government networks in dispose to not characterize a exoteric capability grid would be an illustration of:

Question options:


denial-of-use attacks.



Question 19

The offshoot lordship of the radix is the:

Question options:

top-level lordship.

second-level lordship.

host spectry.

lordship extension.

Question 20

Which sign of network treats all ruleors similar and allows peripheral devices to be portion-outd aftercited a whileout going to a severed server?

Question options:





Online Exam 5

Question 21

Customer harmony skill classifications typically agree software and online tools for sales, customer use, and:

Question options:


account skill.


general kinsfolk.

Question 22

Netflix's general proposition of a honor for a technology separation to its movie instruction classification is an illustration of:

Question options:

prediction chaffers.

behavioral targeting.


collective shopping.

Question 23

Which of the aftercitedcited best describes the digital collective graph?

Question options:

A individual's frequented and infrequented harmonys

All of a individual's closest digital harmonys

A mapping of all online collective harmonys

All of the online and offline harmonys a individual has

Question 24

Operational CRM impressions involve tools for:

Question options:

identifying buying patterns.

calculating CLTV.

sales vigor automation.

pinpointing bootless customers.

Question 25

__________ CRM involves customer-facing impressions such as tools for sales vigor automation, ole cinvade and customer use livelihood, and chaffering automation.

Question options:





Question 26

What is the dissent among individualalization and customization, as applied to e-commerce technologies?

Question options:

Customization is any sign of conformation made to a consequence <em>by </em> the user; individualalization refers to a matter changing a consequence or use <em>for </em> the user.

Personalization is any sign of conformation made to a consequence <em>by </em> the user; customization refers to a matter changing a consequence or use <em>for </em> the user.

Customization refers to adjusting chaffering communications for a consumer; individualalization refers to adjusting a consequence or use naturalized on a user's preferences.

Personalization refers to adjusting chaffering communications for a consumer; customization refers to adjusting a consequence or use naturalized on a user's preferences.

Question 27

Which of the aftercitedcited best illustrates the sales proceeds design?

Question options:

eBay receives a little fee from a seller if a seller is happy in selling an part.

Epinions receives a fee aftercited steering a customer to a participating Web condition where he or she makes a escheatment.

Flickr agrees basic uses for frank, but reckoning a guerdon for past uses.

Apple accepts micropayments for one hush mark downloads.

Question 28

The matter appraise of an cogent provide fetter skill classification involves all of the aftercitedcited EXCEPT:

Question options:

faster opportunity to chaffer.

consume contraction.

provide competitioned to ask-for.

improved yieldy use.

Question 29

Compared to digital chaffers, transmitted chaffers have:

Question options:

lower quest consumes.

stronger network possessions.

higher deceased satisfaction possessions.

higher proceeding consumes.

Question 30

Enterprise software is built environing thousands of predefined matter rulees that reflect:

Question options:

the firm's structure.

assiduity goals.

best practices.

cutting edge workflow analyses.

Question 31

Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT one of indelicate signs of influence to be considered when erection an E-commerce influence?

Question options:

Offline media


Social media


Question 32

In dispose to terminate completion profit from an invadeprise software package, a matter:

Question options:

customizes the software to competition all of its matter rulees.

uses merely the rulees in the software that competition its own rulees.

changes the way it works to competition the software's matter rulees.

selects merely the software that best competitiones its stout matter rulees.

Question 33

Supply fetter software can be classified as either provide fetter __________ classifications or provide fetter __________ classifications.

Question options:

planning; execution

demand; continual

upstream; downstream

push; pull

Question 34

Content agreers use __________ classifications to rule bulky totals of very little monetary proceedings consume-effectively.

Question options:


mobile payment

proceeding fee


Question 35

Walmart's normal sustenance classification is an illustration of a __________ design.

Question options:




provide fetter optimization

Question 36

A third-party Net chafferplace that connects abundant buyers and suppliers for dishonor purchasing is oleed a(n):

Question options:


vertical chaffer.

secret remodel.


Question 37

A followers of integrated software modules for finance and accounting, anthropological media, manufacturing and consequenceion, and sales and chaffering that allows basis to be used by multiple functions and matter rulees best describes:

Question options:

rule skill software.

ERP classifications.


impression software.

Question 38

Net chafferplaces:

Question options:

focus on normal matter rule coordination among companies for provide fetter skill.

are assiduity owned or effect as dogged intermediaries among buyers and sellers.

are geared towards short-term dishonor purchasing.

are more harmony oriented than secret industrial networks.

Question 39

Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT an illustration of next-generation invadeprise impressions?

Question options:

Open-source separations

Social CRM

Solutions incorporating SCM

Solutions incorporating SOA

Question 40

Information inobservance refers to the:

Question options:

richness—complexity and content—of a communication.

sum total and part of notice yielded to consumers by merchants.

sum total and part of notice suited to all chaffer participants.

total of notice suited to bring figure openness.

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