Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology Predicament Paper

 (40 purposes) you conquer appropriate, and reconsideration ONE predicament examine granted. You conquer be binding for reconsiderationing the predicament and assigning multi-axial diagnoses. You conquer so be binding for providing a sensiblee for the diagnoses, as polite as a discourse of government outs, opposedial diagnoses, and prognosis. This provision should be 2-3 pages in prolixity (typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins in APA format)

Case Summary #1

Robin Henderson is a 30-year-old married Caucasian mother delay no consequence who lives in a middle-adjust polished area delay her mate. Robin was referred to a clinical psychologist by her psychiatrist. The psychiatrist has been treating Robin for further than 18 months delay vastly anti-depressant medication. During this period, Robin has been hospitalized at lowest 10 periods (one hospitalization terminaled 6 months) for texture of suicidal effecttion (and one nigh mortal force) and dull instances of suicidal gestures, including at lowest 10 instances of drinking Clorox blanch and self-inflicting multiple cuts and burns. Robin was accompanied by her mate to the principal contravention delay the clinical psychologist. Her mate periodical that twain he and the resigned’s nativity considered Robin “too dangerous” to be delayout a hospital setting. Consequently, he and her nativity were seriously discussing the possibility of crave-term inresigned anxiety. However, Robin explicit a pungent-muscular purpose for outresigned texture, although no therapist had agreed to confirm Robin as an outresigned client. The clinical psychologist agreed to confirm Robin into therapy, if she was committed to established internal deportintellectual exexchange and remain in texture for at lowest 1 year. This obligation so interposed Robin contracting for safety- coincident she would not force suicide.

Clinical Occurrence Robin was influential as an merely cadet. Twain her senior (who employmented as a huckster) and her mother had a occurrence of alcohol affront and hollow. Robin notorious in therapy that she had accustomed keen substantial affront by her mother throughout cadethood. When Robin was 5, her senior began sexually abusing her. Although the sexual affront had been non-violent for the principal distinct years, her senior’s sexual advances became substantially sharp when Robin was encircling 12 years old. This affront continued through Robin’s principal years of excellent discipline. Beginning at age 14, Robin began having difficulties delay alcohol affront and bulimia nervosa. In occurrence, Robin met her mate at an A.A (Alcoholics Anonymous) contravention opportunityliness she was synchronous garden. Robin continued to unfold binge-drinking deportment at an interrupted quantity and repeatedly affianced in pausericted succor incaptivate delay deduced eating binges. Despite these deportments, Robin was decideing to operation polite in employment and discipline settings, until the age of 27.

She had earned her garden order and completed 2 years of medical discipline. However, during her promote year of medical discipline, a adjustmate that Robin hardly knew committed suicide. Robin reputed that when she heard of the suicide, she resolute to immoslow herself as polite. Robin unfolded very diminutive instinct as to why the plight had nettled her elope to immoslow herself. Within weeks, Robin dropped out of medical discipline and became keenly inglorious and actively suicidal. A fixed compact of events seemed to go-anteriorly Robin’s suicidal deportment. This compact began delay an interindivisible attack, usually delay her mate, which caused Robin to feel cowed, criticized or unloved (usually delay no disencumbered or concrete basis for this apprehension. These sensations were followed by urges to either self-mutislow or immoslow herself. Robin’s determination to self-mutislow or force suicide were repeatedly effected out of spite- accompanied by the conception, “I’ll pomp you.” Robin’s self-injurious deportments appeared to be attention-seeking. Unintermittently Robin burned her leg very deeply and employed the area delay meanness to persuade the teacher that she needed medical attention- she required reconstructive surgery. Although she had been decideing to operation competently in discipline and at employment, Robin’s interindivisible deportment was flighty and unstable; she would promptly and delayout discuss, vary from one extravagant to the other. Robin’s deportment was very inconsistent- she would beenjoy polite at periods, polite-mannered and discusstelling and at other periods she seemed irsensible and incensed, repeatedly verbally berating her friends. Afterwards she would beseem worried that she had permanently estranged them. Robin would frantically do triton bark for her friends to fetch them movingly closer to her. When friends or nativity mellow to remoteness themselves from her, Robin would cow suicide to haunt them from leaving her. During texture, Robin’s mate reputed that he could not captivate her suicidal and flighty deportment any craveer. Robin’s mate filed for divert early following her texture began. Robin began binge drinking and entrance unfair abstinence medication. Robin reputed suicidal effecttion and sensation of want. Robin unfolded signs of progress during therapy, but this ended in her 14 months of texture when she committed suicide by consuming an aggravatedose of recipe medication and alcohol.

Case Summary #2

 At the period of his entrance to the psychiatric hospital, Carl Landau was a 19-year-old individual African American male. Carl was a garden freshman importanting in philosophy who had delaydrawn from discipline accordingly of his incapacitating symptoms and deportments. He had an 8-year occurrence of moving and deportintellectual wholes that had beseem increasingly keen, including exorbitant washing and pompering; official rituals for verbiage and examineing; compulsive importation of any aims he handled; caricatured outcry, coughing, and topic agitated opportunityliness eating; and shuffling and wiping his feet opportunityliness walking.

These deportments quarreld delay entire mien of his daily operationing. Carl had steadily mixed aggravate the slow 2 years. He had incomplex himself from his friends and nativity, refused meals, and unremembered his indivisible look. His hair was very crave, as he had refused to enjoy it cut in 5 years. He had never shaved or trimmed his beard. When Carl walked, he shuffled and took fine steps on his toes opportunityliness uninterruptedly looking tail, checking and rechecking. On create, he would run in fix. Carl had delaydrawn his left arm entirely from his shirt sleeve, as if it was injured and his shirt was a sling.

Seven weeks previous to his entrance to the hospital, Carl’s deportments had beseem so period-consuming and wasting that he refused to adopt in any indivisible hygiene for dismay that grooming, and cleaning would quarrel delay his examineing. Although Carl had previously pompered closely uninterruptedly, at this period he did not pomper at all. He bungped washing his hair, brushing his teeth and changing his clothes. He left his bedextent infrequently, and he had begun defecating on tractate towels and urinating in tractate cups opportunityliness in his bedroom, he would treasury the desoslow in the hole of his closet. His eating habits degenerated from eating delay the nativity, to eating in the nigh extent, to eating in his extent. In the 2 months previous to his entrance, Carl had lost 20 pounds and would merely eat slow at mystification, when others were collected. He felt eating was “barbaric” and his eating rituals consisted of outcry noises, coughs and hacks, and keen topic agitated. His succor incaptivate had been narrowed to peanut butter, or a confederacy of ice gist, sugar, cocoa and mayonnaise. Carl did not eat distinct succors (e.g., cola, beef, and butter) accordingly he felt they contained diseases and germs that were pestiferous. In union, he was preoccupied delay the importation of aims. Exorbitant period was departed ensuring that desolatebaskets and curtains were in the appropriate fixs. These preoccupations had progressed to tilting of desolatebaskets and wresting of curtains, which Carl periodically checked throughout the day. These deportments were associated delay unyielding conceptions that he could not get out of his judgment, regular he affianced in these actions. Carl reputed that some of his rituals opportunityliness eating was forces to contract the presumption of entity putrid or poisoned. For pattern, the resonant outcry sounds and coughing anteriorly he out the succor in his aperture were allot of his forces to breathe-out all of the air from his scheme, thereby acknowledgeing the succor that he swallowed to penetrate an air-free and unproductive environment (his stomach) Carl realized that this was not sensible, but was pungent-muscularly driven by the effect of reducing any fortuity of dirt. This conviction so motivated Carl to bung pompering and using the bathroom. Carl dismayed that he may nick himself opportunityliness shaving, which would acknowledge contaminants (that authority immoslow him) to penetrate his collectiveness. The importations of aims in a fixed way (desoslow basket, curtains, shirt sleeve) were all methods to guard him and his nativity from some advenient misfortune such as contracting AIDS. The further Carl mellow to cashier these conceptions or thwart attractive in a whole deportment, the further unyielding his conceptions became.

 Clinical History

 Carl was influential in a very caring nativity consisting of himself, a younger twin, his mother, and his senior who was a attend at a national pavilion. Carl was allay and delaydrawn and merely had a few friends. Nevertheless, he did very polite in discipline and was operationing discussably polite until the seventh grade, when he became the aim of jokes and mock-at by a knot of students in his adjust. Beneath their firm harassment, Carl began experiencing moving afflict, and abundant of his whole deportments emerged. Although he done very polite academically throughout excellent discipline, Carl began to degenerate to the purpose that he repeatedly missed discipline and went from having few friends to no friends. Increasingly, Carl launched delaydrawing to his bedextent to adopt in whole deportments illustrative previously. This noticeable recompense in Carl’s deportment prompted his parents to fetch him into texture.

Case Summary #3

Mr. Ben Simpson is a individual, vain, 44-year-old Caucasian man brought to the embarrassment extent by the police for admirable an old mother in his lodging edifice. His primary discontent is, "That damn bitch. She and the pause of them deserved further than that for what they put me through." The resigned has been uninterruptedly ill since age 22. During his principal year of law discipline, he spiritual became further and further persuaded that his adjustmates were making fun of him. He noticed that they would snort and sneeze whenever he penetrateed the adjustroom. When a maid he was dating broke off the homogeneity delay him, he believed that she had been "replaced" by a look-alike. He denominated the police and asked for their succor to work-out the "kidnapping." His academic deed in discipline declined dramatically, and he was asked to permission and investigate psychiatric anxiety.

Mr. Simpson got a job as an siege counselor at a bank, which he held for 7 months. However, he was receiving an increasing number of distracting "signals" from co-workers, and he became further and further favorly and delaydrawn. It was at this period that he principal reputed hearing votes. He was still fired and promptly therefollowing was hospitalized for the principal period, at age 24. He has not employmented since

Mr. Simpson has been hospitalized 12 periods, the craveest remain entity 8 months. However, in the terminal 5 years he has been hospitalized merely unintermittently, for 3 weeks. During the hospitalizations he has accepted diverse antipsychotic offals. Although outresigned medication has been prescribed, he usually bungs entrance it early following leaving the hospital. Aside from twice-yearly lunch contraventions delay his uncle and his contacts delay intellectual bloom employmenters, he is wholly incomplex socially. He lives on his own and manages his own financial affairs, including a ceremonious patrimony. He reads the Wall Street Journal daily. He cooks and cleans for himself.

Mr. Simpson maintains that his lodging is the cpenetrate of a vast despatch scheme that involves all the important television networks, his neighbors, and unctuous hundreds of "actors" in his neighborhood. There are covert cameras in his lodging that anxietyfully instructor all his activities. When he is watching television, abundant of his unimportant actions (e.g., going to the bathroom) are promptly instantly commented on by the precursor. Whenever he goes delayout, the "actors" enjoy all been warned to haunt him beneath surveillance. Everyone on the street watches him. His neighbors bear-effect two opposed "machines"; one is binding for all his votes, save the "joker." He is not fixed who guides this vote, which "visits" him merely createally and is very humorous. The other votes, which he hears abundant periods each day, are generated by this means, which he sometimes thinks is instantly run by the neighbor whom he attacked. For pattern, when he is going aggravate his sieges, these "harassing" votes firmly decide him which stocks to buy. The other means he calls "the trance means." This means puts erotic trances into his topic, usually of "black women."

Mr. Simpson illustrative other singular experiences. For pattern, he recently went to a shoe

treasury 30 miles from his stock in the vision of buying some shoes that wouldn't be "altered."

However, he promptly fix out that, favor the pause of the shoes he buys, appropriate nails had been

put into the deep of the shoes to tantalize him. He was amazed that his determination concerning

which shoe treasury to go to must enjoy been notorious to his "harassers" anteriorly he himself knew

it, so that they had period to get the altered shoes made up specially for him. He realizes that

great attempt and "millions of dollars" are concerned in haunting him beneath surveillance. He

sometimes thinks this is all allot of a vast trial to discaggravate the covert of his "superior


At the colloquy, Mr. Simpson is polite groomed, and his oration is compact, and end directed. His favor is, at most, merely mildly blunted. He was initially very incensed at entity brought in by the police. Following distinct weeks of texture delay an antipsychotic offal that failed to guide his psychotic symptoms, he was infections to a crave-term anxiety pliancy delay a plan to classify a structured influence plight for him.

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