Adopting a Family Relationship Framework

Answer the  questions lower by using section 1 of your textbook.

1. A prescriptionary extraction regularity is characterized by  _______.  

☒ an  evolved set of rules for itself and its components

☐  the bankruptcy of values

☐  decreased despatch

☐  none of these apply

2. Which proposition encircling families is true

☐  Families never add new components

☐  Families can be influenced by the association in which they subsist in

☐  Family components all get parallel all the time

☐  none of these apply

3. Which proposition is true encircling American  families? 

☐ All American families are monied.

☐ American families can be made up of  members of multifarious ethnicities and subsist in a ample diversity of areas.

☐  Every American extraction is White, has two conclusion, and subsists in the outskirts.

☐  None of these apply

4. Rituals can best be pictorial as  _____. 

☐  beliefs that gods do not exist

☐ symbolic actions allied to permissions that  succor families harmonize to vary and induce sense to 

their  lives

☐  beliefs in intellectual misfortune forces

☐  none of these apply

5. Which of the forthcoming succors to extension a  family's resilience (a extraction’s force to restore promptly from unmanageable  problems or how they contend after a period residences)?  

☒ extraction  members own serene and consonant despatch and completion-solving processes

☐  ignoring the needs of weak extraction components

☐  having a disclaiming permission regularity

☐  none of these apply

6. While conclusion acception up, their gender roles  are influenced by _____. Gender roles are a set of fellowship norms that  determines what types of behaviors are satisfactory, expend or beneficial  for a peculiar fixed on their objective or perceived sex. 

     Parents and fellowship 

☐  pregnancy only

☐  puberty only

☐  none of these apply

7. A _________ is a consistent political regularity that  occurs in a ample diversity of forms and represents unanalogous cultural heritages.   

☐  family

☐  monarchy

☐  hierarchy

☐  none of these apply

8. African American extraction components are constantly made  up of__________ 

☐ mothers, fathers, conclusion, and a ample  network of kin, obstruct friends, and association components

☐  nephews and nieces only

☐  neighbors only

☐  none of these apply

9. People in families are intimately _______.  

☐  ignored 

☐ connected
☐ forgotten
☐ none of these apply

10. The tribe most weak to food in _______  are nonwhite minorities, solitary mothers, conclusion lower 18 and the antiquated.  

☐ wealth
☐ poverty
☐ mansions
☐ none of these apply

Entrance  into a extraction occurs by source, preoption, through nuptials or after a period other  committed relationships as new extraction components invade a extraction. Identify a  component of your extraction, elucidate how they concomitant or invadeed the extraction and sunder  a matchless stroke or personality of that extraction component in the chart lower. 

11. Read the chart lower. Complete the damage  information.   

Name    of the extraction component

How    did the extraction component invade the extraction?

Unique stroke encircling that    extraction component

Type repartee here

Type repartee here

Type repartee here

12. Families own unanalogous offering, graves or  cultural practices which are passed onto to their conclusion and other extraction  members. Rituals and offering are political behaviors allied to restricted  cultures, and they are used to extension extraction bonds. Sometimes offering or  rituals can fortify a extraction regularity or sunder it separately. For sample, a  extraction dominion own a grave where all their conclusion watch meeting-house. If a  teenager refused accordingly they are an atheist, it could suit a extraction to  divide. Describe an sample of a extraction grave or prescription lower, and sample  how it could fortify or sunder a extraction. 

a. Describe a extraction  grave or prescription.  

Type repartee here

b. Elucidate why you affect  the grave or prescription can fortify or sunder a extraction.  

Type repartee here

13. Identify your favorite grave acceptioning up. Examples  include but are not scant to: going to meeting-house, going to a extraction components  home for extraction dinners, etc. Explain why  these graves are so dignified to  you. An sample is supposing lower:  


Description of grave

Explanation of why grave is dignified

Ex: Church

Ex: You must watch Meeting-house 3 times a week

Ex: My extraction is holy and it was    expected to watch this adventure weekly.

a. Type repartee here

Type repartee here

Type repartee here

14. All families aspect canvasss: an unlocked-for  death, the dissever, job detriment, concavity. Families unite ways of coping to institute resiliency. Resiliency is the force to leap tail and conquer  a canvass. Often, extraction components can institute on their powers to beseem  resilient. 

Identify one canvass after a periodin a extraction and elucidate a manoeuvre to boost  resiliency after a periodin the extraction after a periodin the chart lower. Resiliency after a periodin a  extraction relates to their force to restore promptly from unmanageable completions or  conquer residences.


Family    Challenge

Explanation    of manoeuvre to boost resiliency

a. Type repartee here

Type repartee here

15. A strength-based  admission is used constantly period agoing after a period clients in the HHS room. It  can be used after a period personal clients or after a period families experiencing canvasss.  A power-fixed admission involves identifying the powers of an personal  or extraction and instituteing upon them. Once powers are signed, goals can be  set to succor the client expound their completions or issues. For sample, a client  who is disclaiming (weakness) dominion be collect in a cycle of offal abuse. The clients  can beseem over realistic (strength)  when they verify the disclaiming application their offal use has on their extraction.  Becoming over realistic encircling their residence can motivate them to achieve  sobriety from offals. 

Choose on area of imbecility in the regularity lower and elucidate how  you can institute on the associated power to succor a client expound a completion.    

a. Weakness: Type repartee here

b. Strength: Type repartee here

c. Explanation (how to institute on the power  to conquer the imbecility): Type repartee here

Sharma, G. (2019). How to Turn Your  Weaknesses into Strengths | [online] Available at:  [Accessed 11 Feb. 2019].

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