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 A development director or rather foundation program officer is a person who manages everyday projects of a nonprofit institution on behalf of the organization. They are responsible for growth, look for subsidies, supervise projects, and control budgets (Cabral et al., 2019). They are expected to be attentive to the company’s activities as they are the ones who make decisions on behalf of the company. They are also expected to ensure that the institution’s projects go hand in hand with its goals and objectives. The most rewarding aspect of the fundraising professionals is practicing empathy, which means that they should be understanding when running the institution’s activities. 

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They should understand the people who are donating grants and other persons in the institution (Lu et al., 2020). They should be creative in thinking about how they can acquire more grants for the organization. While conducting the interview, I learned a lot of things about fundraising from the fundraising professional. Some of these include the challenges of fundraising and what is considered when doing fundraising. Raising funds for nonprofit organizations is a major challenge because they fear rejection. See sociology assignment help for relevant fundraising strategies. Nonprofit institutions rely on fundraising, and they might find it hard to conduct such activities because they are afraid that their proposals might be rejected by their donors and granters (Lu et al., 2020). This is because they feel they might be bothering their donors and, therefore, may find it hard to write grants and fundraising activities, which are their source of income. Planning in nonprofit organizations is a major challenge, and it may take a lot of time. This is because they have inadequate resources to help them plan. Insufficient funds make it hard for them to put all their plans into place as they rely on money from donations. 

 I learned that a good fundraising professional should be committed from the interview. They should be dedicated to running the institution’s activities and achieving its goals and objectives (Lu et al., 2020). They should also be honest and transparent when accounting for the amount of money spent on various projects and the donations received. They should also be able to research their potential donors on behalf of the organization and attract donors who bring funds to the organization. Professional fundraisers are very important for raising funds for a nonprofit organization. They put in all the energy to ensure that they get donors who invest in them, which helps the nonprofit organization grow (Geragosian 2022). They play a major role in writing grants, running financial accounts, and supervising the institution’s projects. 

  References  Cabral, S., Mahoney, J. T., McGahan, A. M., & Potoski, M. (2019). Value creation and value appropriation Dale, E. J., & O’Connor, H. A. (2021). The million-dollar donor journey: Stages of development for high‐net‐worth women donors. Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing, 26(1), e1680.  Geragosian, R. (2022). Boundaries, work-life balance, and expectations: Perceptions from development professionals. Retrieved from    Lu, J., Shon, J., & Zhang, P. (2020). Understanding the dissolution of nonprofit organizations: A financial management perspective. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49(1), 29-52. Psychological Resources 

The definition of psychological capital (PsyCap) can aid in elucidating the concept’s significance to well-being. PsyCap refers to psychological assets or individual characteristics that promote well-being (Harris, 2017). Therefore, there is a positive association between PsyCap and wellbeing in general. The PsyCap HERO materials include of optimism, hope, self-efficacy, and resiliency. These resources are essential to well-being because they favorably affect both the subjective and objective components of happiness. Geography assignment help lists a range of topics on this issue. 

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 Hope, the first PsyCap attribute, involves a positive sense of motivation. A absence of this cognitive state, such as in depressive individuals, can result in the loss of life’s purpose. Hope can assist a depressed individual or a person at risk for depression, who is driven by an underlying motivation, in setting goals and remaining focused on their wellbeing. The second characteristic is efficacy, which is the confidence to face problems and exert the necessary effort. Even an optimist who lacks self-assurance may fail to pursue the intended path. This dedication ensures that a person takes an active approach to pursuing goals and resolving issues. The final characteristic, resilience, requires persistence. Success is rarely achieved without overcoming obstacles such as a lack of resources, conflicts, and environmental shifts. Individuals with resilience have the capacity to persevere and remain steadfast in their pursuit of goals. The fourth characteristic, optimism, entails creating an optimistic outlook on present and future success. Such a perspective cultivates significance in life and pushes the individual to pursue pleasure further. Optimism keeps one on track toward goals in the midst of difficulties and an unpredictable environment. The discussion suggests that PsyCap’s individual characteristics are imperfect. Hope may encourage an individual to embark on a road toward a goal, but without the other attributes, the individual may abandon the path in the face of obstacles. This aspect of PsyCap suggests that the concept has the greatest impact on well-being when its four components are in harmony. When this equilibrium exists, PsyCap has a favorable effect on both the subjective and objective dimensions of well-being. For instance, PsyCap induces the cognitive state that motivates an individual to make goals. This characteristic increases subjective well-being. Depression and other mental health conditions can impair well-being in several ways. 

PsyCap decreases mental health issues, a key measure of well-being (Finch et al., 2020). According to Cole (2006), PsyCap mitigates the negative impact of unemployment on well-being and encourages reemployment. Employment increases a person’s income and is one of the most significant material determinants of well-being. This finding implies that PsyCap has a beneficial effect on the objective element of health. PsyCap’s significance extends beyond the individual. The concept has significant consequences for businesses’ and nations’ well-being. The approach can assist organizational leaders in fostering a highly engaged staff, hence enhancing the well-being of the organization. Motivated workers and increased employment in a nation boost production and, ultimately, national prosperity. 


Cole, K. (2006, July). A unified theory of well-being, psychological capital, and unemployment International Association for Research in Economic Psychology and Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics annual conference (pp. 5-8):   J. Finch, L. J. Farrell, and A. M. Waters (2020). Psychological capital (PsyCap) as a predictor of mental health symptoms and subjective wellbeing in Australian school-aged children and adolescents. 51(6), 1025-1036. Child Psychiatry and Human Development D. Harris (Editor) (2017). Performance, Emotion, and Situation Awareness: 14th International Conference, EPCE 2017, Held as Part of HCI International 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 9-14, 2017, Proceedings, Volume I (Vol. 10275). Springer.

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