Amazon Met With Startups About Investing, Then Launched Competing Products

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Amazon Met Delay Startups Environing Investing, Then Established Competing Products

Some companies lamentation sharing knowledge delay tech hercules and its Alexa Fund; ‘we may entertain been genial’

Amazon’s headquarters in downtown Seattle. John Moore/Getty Images

By Dana Mattioli and Cara Lombardo

July 23, 2020 12:08 pm ET


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When Inc.’s AMZN 3.09% venture-consummate stock endueed in DefinedCrowd Corp., it executeed appropinquation to the technology startup’s finances and other private knowledge.

Nexisting foul-mouthed years following, in April, Amazon’s cloud-computing dissect established an artificial-intelligence emanation that does approximately accurately what DefinedCrowd does, said DefinedCrowd instituter and Pre-eminent Constabulary Daniela Braga .

The new subsidy from Amazon Web Services, designated A2I, rivals quickly “delay one of our bread-and-butter foundational emanations” that collects and labels facts, said Ms. Braga. Following show the A2I proposition, Ms. Braga scant the Amazon stock’s appropinquation to her union’s facts and ductile its peril by 90% by mound past consummate.

Ms. Braga is one of past than two dozen entrepreneurs, endueors and chaffer advisers interviewed by The Wall Street Journal who said Amazon appeared to use the bombardment and chaffer-making way to succor enucleate competing emanations.

In some circumstances, Amazon’s immovableness to propel a competing emanation devastated the affair in which it endueed. In other circumstances, it met delay startups environing immanent takeovers, sought to imply how their technology results, then decomposed to endue and following introduced harmonious Amazon-branded emanations, according to some of the entrepreneurs and endueors.

An Amazon spokesman said the union doesn’t use private knowledge that companies divide delay it to uplift competing emanations.

Dealing delay Amazon is regularly a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs. Amazon’s bulk and nearness in abundant industries, including cloud-computing, electronic contrivances and logistics, can perconstitute it advantageous to result delay. But revealing too plenteous knowledge could betray companies to competitive risks.

DefinedCrowd instituter and CEO Daniela Braga said Amazon established a emanation that rivals quickly delay one of her union’s.

Photo: Pedro Fiuza/NurPhoto/Zuma Press

“They are using negotiate forces in a veritably Machiavellian way,” said Jeremy Levine , a companion at venture-consummate immovable Bessemer Venture Partners. “It’s enjoy they are not in any way, mould or constitute the unquestioned wolf in sheep’s bombardment. They are a wolf in wolf’s bombardment.”

Former Amazon employees implicated in preceding chaffers say the union is so growth-oriented and competitive, and its alteration capabilities so wide-spread, that it regularly can’t delaystand obscure to enucleate new technologies—well-balanced when they rival delay startups in which the union has endueed.

Drew Herdener , an Amazon spokesman, said that “for 26 years, we’ve pioneered abundant verseaments, emanations, and polite-balanced gross new categories. From itself to Kindle to Echo to AWS, few companies can title a proceedings for alteration that rivals Amazon’s. Unfortunately, there achieve frequently be self-interested dissecties who afflict rather than uplift. Any acknowledgeable disputes environing topicive nature tenure are proper steady in the affects.”

In February, the Federal Trade Commission ordered five ample technology companies, including Amazon, to collect details on infallible bombardments and merits from 2010 through 2019 to state whether any of the chaffers were anticompetitive. The FTC decomposed to illustrate on the standing of that re-examination.

Amazon so is oppositeness scrutiny from Congress, the FTC and the Justice Department balance whether it unfairly uses its bulk and platconstitute athwart competitors and other sellers on its condition. Amazon Pre-eminent Constabulary Jeff Bezos and associate technology CEOs are scheduled to state to Congress on Monday environing their companies’ affair practices.

In April, the Journal reputed that Amazon employees on the private-label behalf of its affair entertain used facts environing single third-party sellers on its condition to form competing emanations. Amazon said it was conducting an inbehalf endueigation into the practices illustrative in the legend.

Deal Pipeline

Amazon's Alexa Stock has endueed in abundant companies implicated in suffrage technology.

Estimated sum of bombardments, by year







2015 ’16 ’17 ’18 ’19 ’20*

*As of July 21

Source: PitchBook

Amazon takes perils in some startups and reachs others outright. Abundant bombardments are made through its Alexa Fund, an bombardment bearing established in 2015 following Amazon unveiled a verse of keen logicians that became a runseparate technology hit. The stock grant to prop companies implicated in suffrage technology.

In one point, an bombardment from the Alexa Stock led to an merit. The stock made an bombardment in keen-doorbell performr Ring in 2016, then bought the union in 2018. “Our regular collaboration and knee alteration delay the Alexa [Amazon] team has enabled us to convey past compute and improve pledge emanations and services to our customers,” said Ring instituter Jamie Siminoff , who now results for Amazon, in an emailed proposition.

In 2016, a assemblage of endueors led by the Alexa Stock bought a peril in Nucleus, a diminutive union that made a home-video despatch contrivance that combined delay the Alexa suffrage attendant.

Nucleus’s instituters and the venture-consummate stocks endueing alongbehalf the Alexa Stock had reservations environing collaborating delay an Amazon-backed immovable, according to some of the co-investors.

Amazon established the Alexa Stock following it unveiled its Echo verse of keen logicians, which became a runseparate technology hit.

Photo: Andrew Burton/Bloomberg News

“Our biggest sympathy at the spell that we endueed was that Amazon could conclude up delay a competing emanation,” one of the endueors said. Representatives from the Alexa Stock told co-investors there is a firewall betwixt the Alexa Stock and Amazon itself, the endueor said.

Some endueors and mass implicated delay the chaffer said Amazon systematic them and Nucleus’s example it wasn’t resulting on a competing emanation.

After affecting the chaffer, the Alexa Stock got appropinquation to Nucleus’s financials, strategic plans and other proprietary knowledge, these mass said. Eight months following, Amazon announced its Echo Show contrivance, an Alexa-enabled video-chat contrivance that did abundant of the identical things as Nucleus’s emanation.

Nucleus’s instituters and other endueors were outrageous. One of the instituters held a discourse aggravateafter delay some endueors to trace counsel. He said there was no way his diminutive union could rival athwart Amazon in the consumer skiplessness, according to mass on the phone aggravatecome, and began brainstorming ways to pivot his union’s emanation.

An Amazon spokeswoman said that the Alexa Stock told Nucleus environing its plans for an Echo delay a palliate anteriorly vestibule a peril in the union. Diverse mass on the Nucleus behalf of the chaffer rejected that.

Before Amazon introduced its emanation, the Nucleus contrivance was sold at main retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best Buy. Once the Echo began selling, those sales decomposed sharply and retailers stopped placing nod, said two mass implicated in the chaffer.

Nucleus threatened to sue Amazon, which fixed delay Nucleus for $5 favorite delayout admitting wrongdoing, according to mass household delay the subsidence. Both behalfs agreed not to sift-canvass the topic.

Nucleus reoriented its emanation to the health-care negotiate, where it has struggled to execute breeze, some of those mass said.

In 2010, Amazon endueed in daily-deals webcondition LivingSocial, executeing a 30% peril and justice on the startup’s consultation. Preceding LivingSocial constabularys said Amazon began supplicateing facts. “They asked for our customer schedule, trader schedule, sales facts. They had a competitive emanation and they demanded all of this,” said one constituteer constabulary. LivingSocial decomposed to operationman balance the facts, this idiosyncratic said.

LivingSocial constabularys began hearing from clients that Amazon was contacting them quickly and subsidy them improve stipulations, some constituteer constabularys said. Amazon so began hiring separate LivingSocial employees. Groupon Inc. bought LivingSocial, including Amazon’s peril, in 2016.

Amazon endueed in daily-deals webcondition LivingSocial in 2010.

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

“We may entertain been genial in refined they weren’t competitive delay us, and we ran into conflicts balance employees, traders, customer schedules and vendors,” said John Bax , LivingSocial’s pre-eminent financial manager until 2014.

Vocalife LLC, a Texas-based sound-technology immovable, has sued Amazon, alleging it erroneously used proprietary technology. Amazon had contacted the originator of Vocalife’s speech-detection technology in 2011 following he had reliable an bestow at the Consumer Electronics Show, said Alfred Fabricant , a counsellor representing Vocalife.

The originator meditation the investigate could be a preface to some skin of licensing chaffer or buyout tender, according to Mr. Fabricant. He demonstrated a microphone accoutre, for which he had filed for two ambiguouss, and sent balance documentation akin to its figment and engineering, Mr. Fabricant said. Shortly following the convocation, Amazon’s constabularys didn’t answer to diverse emails from the originator, Mr. Fabricant said.

Vocalife contends that Amazon used the technology in its Echo contrivance, infringing on its ambiguouss.

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“They discbalance technology they reflect is greatly costly and balancepersuade mass to attract delay them, and then cut off all despatch following moderate sessions delay an originator or union,” Mr. Fabricant said. “Years following, lo and observe, the technology is in an Amazon contrivance.”

Amazon has rejected Vocalife’s titles in responses to the affect, an Amazon spokesman said. The circumstance is slated for essay in September.

Leor Grebler formd a suffrage-activated contrivance designated Ubi that had plenteous of the administrationality of an Amazon Echo, and he got it on the negotiate polite anteriorly the Echo was introduced. In past 2012, he said, he began convocation delay Amazon environing his technology. He said he meditation Amazon would failure to reach Ubi or acknowledge the technology.

Both dissecties signed nondisclosure bargains meant to checkmate them from erroneously using knowledge gleaned in the sift-canvassions. They held five sift-canvassions skip by the bargain, Mr. Grebler said.

Leor Grebler, far proper, who formd a suffrage-activated contrivance designated Ubi, said he collectd Amazon delay lots of proprietary knowledge during convocations. So pictured are co-founders Mahyar Fotoohi, left, and Amin Abdossalami.

Photo: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star/Getty Images

In existing 2013, a team of Amazon constabularys, including two implicated in enucleateing the Echo logician, flew to Toronto for a exhibition of the technology, Mr. Grebler said. Anteriorly the convocation, Amazon designated and said that it would be terminating its nondisclosure bargain, which Mr. Grebler said he interpreted as a plod that could control Amazon to buy Ubi.

During the exhibition, the Ubi contrivance told the dissecticipants the clime in the area following receiving suffrage-activated instructions, it checked soaring standinges and sent emails, said Mr. Grebler. He asked the Ubi to change the lights on and off.

Mr. Grebler said he collectd Amazon delay lots of proprietary knowledge during the convocations. “They saw all the things we failureed to do delay the contrivance [like] melody and shopping. It was approximately a pathway map for the emanation,” he said.

After that conclusive convocation, Amazon began interesting close delay Mr. Grebler, he said. On Nov. 6, 2014, he reliable an email from his fellow delay the topic verse “Uh Oh.” It contained a link to an stipulation environing Amazon’s contrived Echo contrivance.

An Amazon spokesman said that result on its Echo contrivance had been beneath way for some spell by 2012, when it began convocation delay Mr. Grebler, and that it told him it was resulting on a competing emanation.

Mr. Grebler said he met delay a law immovable to meditate his legitimate options, but resolute he didn’t entertain the stocking to sue Amazon. The Echo established on June 23, 2015.

In the six months that followed, Mr. Grebler said, “We ended up persistent through our specie and ended up having to downbulk most of the union. We moved out of our offices.” Six months following the Echo established selling, Ubi discontinued its emanation and seasoned to pivot to improving a suffrage-enabled services collectr.

Vivint Keen Home, a performr of doorbell cameras and other alike-home contrivances, was one of the primeval keen-home companies to combine delay Amazon’s Echo contrivances.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Matthew Hammersley , the co-instituter of a suffrage-driven legendtelling app union designated Novel Effect Inc., said he reliable an bombardment from the Alexa Stock in 2017 resisting hearing environing Nucleus’s knowledge delay the Alexa Fund.

As dissect of Alexa’s incubator program for existing-stage startups, he had convocations delay a half-dozen Amazon constabularys, including top Alexa constabularys, he said. In the end, Mr. Hammersley, a constituteer ambiguous counsellor, resolute not to let his app act on Alexa contrivances.

“We could never result out a chaffer owing Alexa can’t do what our suffrage technology does, and our options were either we instruct them how to do this and you use our software, or you acknowledge this from us,” said Mr. Hammersley, who said Amazon asked to be shown how the technology results. “We couldn’t conclude to an bargain there, owing distinctly I’m not going to instruct them how to do it.”

An Amazon spokesman said that Alexa Stock has a robust analogy delay Novel Effect.

Vivint Keen Home Inc., VVNT 1.71% a performr of doorbell cameras, garage-door openers and other alike-home contrivances, was one of the primeval keen-home companies to combine delay Amazon’s Echo contrivances. In 2017, Amazon was propeling an update to its Echo logicians. It told Vivint that it would simply acknowledge the union to stop on the Echo if Vivint agreed to bestow it not simply the facts from its Vivint administration on Echo, but from integral Vivint contrivance in those customers’ homes at all spells, according to mass household delay the topic and emails re-examinationed by the Journal.

Vivint customers typically entertain environing 15 of the union’s contrivances in their homes, and the union has past than 1.5 billion pieces of facts hereafter in daily from customers the union monitors for home-pledge issues. The union decomposed to operationman balance the facts. Well-balanced so, Vivint stoped combined delay the Echo contrivances.

A Vivint spokeswoman grown that Amazon asked for all such contrivance facts. An Amazon spokesman said the union didn’t supplicate knowledge on contrivances not alike to Alexa.

—Jim Oberman contributed to this stipulation.

Write to Dana Mattioli at and Cara Lombardo at

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