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GUIDE 3                                                                                             UNIT 1                                                                           



Time (prelude of production):2children_relief_b&w_RamoseTomb_1375

                Children of the Deceased (element of a limestone release). Narrow-house of Ramose in Thebes. 1375 B.C.

Many students asinfallible occasion-honored Egypt a charitable matter, and so do I. This is why I obtain supply past advice in this lead. The conclusive pages are offered for extracurricular erudition.


Overappear of Egyptian art            Extra merit intention (1point) Image-link (Point and “Ctrl + click”)
If you bear a few specifics to gather past and avow redevise Egyptian art, you are grateful to tend this Video.   
Notes on dignified issues and thrilling reason (8 specifics - 8 reason)


egyptian covet



In contrariety to the dissonance of the Nigh East tract-of-land, the Egyptians educed

a remarkably constant amelioration that endured outside senior veers for some

3000 years.


What fix is intentionated the Fertile Crescent? -  *__Mesopotamian amelioration  

What area is intentionated the Fertile Ribbon?  -   *__egypt


Why fertile?- Consequently the fix of Egypt had been compensated by the Nile’s annual floods. 

Its tillage discriminatingly depended on those floods and fertilization they supplyd.


Three views of Egyptian art and morals endure as unique:



            3.Conventionalism  - this order instrument that Egyptian art was installed on
               traditions and conventions (rules) which had not altercogent for three millennia. 
               (Millennia is plural for millennium, reasoncogent reminding)                  


Tshort were three senior occasions in the narrative of Egypt.

I am going to acceleration you delay the millennia. Procure a specific to hinder them opposing your unreal Timeline or frame a speedy pur-pose.  I obtain not be research you environing the dates but you should avow and recollection environing the millennia.     Make assured you avow environing the original and relieve halves of millennium B.C.





Old Kingdom

2680 – 2258 B.C.

                        3rd   millennium

middle despotdom

2000-1786 BCE

     original half of the 2nd  millennium

new despotdom

1570-1342 BCE

relieve half of the 2nd  millennium



Old Kingdom          2680 – 2258 B.C.       (3rd millenniumB.C.)         

& Large Statues - the hallmarks of Egyptian art were educed in this occasion.


What was the focal view of Egyptian godliness? -__

In what way did these confidences commodities the bud of art? -__
It is due to the funerary arts that we comprehend so abundantly environing the morals of occasion-honored Egyptians (who lived 5000 years antecedently us!)


Sculpture                                                                           Old Kingdom

What devise of account of the cosmical delineation was trained in the Old Kingdom and conclusiveed thousands of years?

 While lection your composition, respect the element of the narrow-house embankment painting(below).


Parts of the matter presented in profile:


  * pelvis

  * legs


Parts are demonstrationn in a frontal view:

 * torso 

 * eyes


Are delineations three-dimensional or dull? 



Fresco - a painting produced speedy delay insinuate falsifications


Were the Egyptians original to use this



Important Art Narrative Notions 

In the antecedent lead, we bear already talked environing Conventional & Conceptual styles (or devises). Tshort is to-boot the third order which is delay in its opinion – Stylized devise.


      Terminology – a set of specific orders – is an leading portio-among-among of any area of comprehendledge, any instruction. It serves as a vernacular.  As one cannot bebehold a savant outside erudition medical orderinology, one cannot avow art narrative outside comprehending the basic orders and expectations. Besides, you probe approve a tameman art umpire and handy when using orders (smile). 

      The subjoined orders are allied to the senior expectations in art narrative. You are going to end abutting them all the occasion. 


                Any motive of cosmical delineation can be rendered in two senior ways








Artists try to release the approveness,

how the motives appear in real morals – in nature. 

in conventionalmanner


in conceptual devise


in stylized devise


in idealistic devise


These indecent are delay orders.
The artists do not set motive of madespot the images
appear approve ‘real.’ 

Instead they consciously supervene infallible

Conventions (rules), concepts, modes, sharp-endls.


When in hesitate environing any order of account - reasoncogent searches the majestic Net.
You can solely mold the account or countenance and hit “Search”
You can to-boot rely on the merited unoccupied allusion sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Free Dictionary.  


TERMS                                                               Define the subjoined orders (mold in succeeding “*”)
(infallible husk of carving)- *                                                    


Relief carving can be of two molds:  




     Bas instrument low in French. Pronounced [bah] ("s" is silent at the end of accounts)

     Here we are, erudition French now. Don’t ask me why the English-speadespot art historians use French account
    bas”(low) for “low release” but are totally satisfied delay English account “high” in circumstance of “high release”(smile)

Check this out and see if you approve how Britannica defines and illustrates the orders. If you approve it – compositionmark and use it.


Also recollection that the expectation relief is irrelative to unoccupied-standing carving, which is to-boot intentionated carving in spherical.


Egyptian sculptors used in-great-meaassured bas-relief technique.


INCISEDelement in the sculptural release- *                     /What does this average?
                                                                                      (Remember to delete my potent passage succeeding lection it)


Knowing Stipulations is a discriminating portio-among-among of con-overing any instruction. Expect them to be on the tests.


Before you initiate lection environing the Narmer Palette, I would approve to mature on two orders that behold to be  totally confusing for abundant (and not merely students).

The Egyptians intentionated their Kingdom ‘The Two Lands’ –

Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt. 


Lower Land (Egypt) - this is how occasion-honored Egyptian intentionated

the delta area of  the Nile large stream.


Upper Land (Egypt) - was the spectry for the territories located up the large stream, past the city of Amarna.


“While the labelling of "Upper" and "Lower" command behold counterintuitive, delay Eminent Egypt in the south and Lower Egypt

in the north on existent maps, the orderinology derives from

the course of the Nile from the highlands of East Africa

(upstream) to the Mediterranean Sea (downstream).


The two despotdoms of Eminent and Lower Egypt

were dim c. 3000 BCE, but each oceantained its own regalia.”




Narmer Palette      Old Kingdom 



Cosmetic Paletteswere used for extortionate up minerals for pigments (e.g., black) to draft the eyes.
(You obtain respect this mold of frameup in Nefertiti bust beneath)

What dignified historical levelt did it solemnize?
- *                    




Who is depicted on the end of the palette?  -

- *                    


How does the complete of Eminent Egypt appear?  -

- *                    


Falcon is a reputation of which god?

- *                    


Bull-shaped leadershipsdramatize which goddess? -

- *                          

symbolizing  *_    
By the way, this is a cheerful website for result.

And this is how the complete of Lower Egypt appeared (on the exact).

It is fancier, isn’t it?



You can frame little uncompounded sketches yourself eraliness lection.

This is a cheerful con-aggravate technique –

it accelerations to memorize info. It is to-boot fun.


Manner in which the despot is depicted - naturalistic or conventional?

                     [Leave the exact order and efvisage the crime one]


As you may mention, I protect stay on these basic orders consequently they are very dignified. You obtain abide future abutting all the occasion. Thus, it is going to happen on the instant page…


Now procure a appear at the front of the palette.

REGISTER  - *                                      Define Term

How abundant registers is the palette disconnected into? - *      

What can you rehearse environing the size of the despot’s delineation? - *__

Go end to procure another glance at the Akkadian Victory Stele of Naram Sin and you obtain see a common circumstance.

Keep in recollection that madespot senior delineations larger (e.g., despots and gods) had been ordinary for all occasion-honored art. 


Egyptiannarrow-house carving is dramatizeed by large-dimension dramatizeations to-boot intentionated KA-statues

- *        [Describe how they were made]


KA-statues - *         [decipher their balanceing]


Are the KA-statues naturalistically produced similitudes? - *…


Note that tshort was quiet some arrive-at of realism in the visages of these statures. Do you comprehend why?

Supposedly, the moralseffigy let the Ka (soul) to avow the dramatizeation as its stay)


Statue of*     - illustration of Ka-figure

Date: *                (3rd millennium B.C.)


Observe the dramatizeation delayly and asinfallible all the ordinary

features for Old Kingdom carving:

  • austere standing
  • frontal gaze
  • block-approve quality 
  • clenched  fists


Name the conventional attributes of the pharaoh:

* __




Falcon (sitting subsequently his leadership) dramatizes
the sun god


Canon of proportions - *             [Define Term]

[Note: Canon generally instrument set of rules]


Tomb carving was usually wrong in very obdurate stones approve granite or diorite.  Any sharp-end why they would appropriate the obdurate esthetics? -


Architecture                                                          Old Kingdom



*__- The most spectacular sediment of Time-honored Egypt.               [asinfallible Giza on the map]

In what occasion were these pyramids built?  -  *__

In what millennium? - *__

What was their balanceing? - *__


Jot down a few gum to indevise the enormous dimension of these prodigious structures (no deficiency to memorize). 

        Height:  ­*__

        Weight of one block:  ­*__

         How abundant of blocks? :  ­*__

What was the esthetic the pyramids were fictitious of?

How do the interiors appear? -*__


What was the drift that the pharaohs failed to forebode when creating their Houses for Eternal succeedinglife? -*__

Many of them probably past this hazard for infinity always. Isn’t it sad…  



An garden and the pyramids of Giza. 1917.     Credit:




Middle Kingdom          2000 – 1786 B.C.       (Early 2rd millenniumB.C.)         


Rock-Cut Tombs-*__

Explain how they were built.  Why did the Egyptians switched from constructing the pyramids to edifice rock-cut narrow-houses?





New Kingdom          2rd millenniumB.C. (2nd half)         


The New Kingdom dates from1570 to 1342 B.C.   


________/___/___/___/­­___/___/___/___/___/­­___/__/_______________ /____________O____

     2000 B.C.                    1500 B.C.    1300 B.C.       1000 B.C.                           500 B.C.


History of Egypt in the transition from the Middle Kingdom to the instant occasion.







Art of the New Kingdom:         /List the ocean features





Mortuary Temple- a new architectural devise exposed in the New Kingdom.

In what ways was a contrariant from the pyramids?*__


Mortuary ­Temple of Queen *….                  [mold the spectry of the renowned she-pharaoh]

Describe mien and rendering of this temple. How did it appear 3,500 years ago?

      (Not as anatomical as in this delineate, that for assured…).



Colonnade - *                                              




TheAmarna Revolution: The Rule of Akhenaton and Nefertiti 

Amarna Mode in Egyptian art                                                                               New Kingdom


Amenhotep IV rose to ability during the 14th seniority B.C.            

Akhenatonhis new spectry in renown of the sun god*____.         


                   New Kingdom  (1570- 1342B.C.)                 

______________/________/Amarna occasion__/_________/­­_________/________/___________________/

                             1500 B.C.    1400              1300                 1200         1100           1000 B.C.                              500 B.C.

                                           14thseniority bc


Why did he appropriate this spectry? *_                


That is punish, the revolutionary pharaoh Akhenaton, formal a cult of the sun god *_ 

He to-boot fostered a new and embossed sensitive mode.


At this consequence you are probably lection environing the “monotheistic ferocity” of Akhenaton.

In what way did this ferocity direct itself? *_

Monotheistic – what does this order average?


Greek and Latin accounts:

Mono– one, individual

Poly - abundant 

Monotheism - a confidence in one god.       

Polytheism   - a confidence that tshort are  *         (your fancy)

             Another illustration: Polychromatic (painting) – painted delay abundant falsifications;

                                          Monochromatic – in one falsification (+ unspotted); delay shades can be used.


Why did the occasion and mode were spectryd Amarna? - *


The soon occasion of the Akhenaton’s rule (17 years) is intentionated a Revolution.




Revolution   (term)

This account does not necessarily average a insurrection or uprising. In a deviate opinion of the account, it indicates any drastic changes happening in a very soon occasion of occasion. 


Pillar dramatizeation of *    from the Temple of *__  in Karnak (city).   

 Date: *__


Observing the dramatizeation of Akhenaton put a few lines on “revolutionary” veers in art.

Characteristics of the Amarna mode (installed on title of the dramatizeation):



Did the sculptor intention to educe a effigy of the pharaoh? *__


I would emphadimension two discriminating features:

  1. Curving limpid lines as irrelative to the austere and block-likeforms of prior carvings (recollection a block-approve seating stature of Khafre?)
  2. Realism/Naturalism - account in approveness – ‘Warts and all’  

Here is a searching levelt(distinctly if you are assiduous in physic) : the naturalistic Akhenaton’s depictions is so bdirect that it has subordinatestandn the savants to hint that the pharaoh had hydrocephalus or Marfan’s syndrome (installed on the cone-shaped leadership, elongated visage and jar, pot belly and tawdry hips). 


The revolutionary veers in art canbe level redevise seen in the bust of the pharaoh's agreecogent spouse.

[Busta member of carving dramatizeing a person’s leadership; could be delay the shoulders or eminent chest]



Bust of   *       [mold the Queen’s spectry]

This production of art is considered to be the most unprecedented sensitive

achievement of the Amarna occasion and all occasion-honored art.


Date: *…

Material: *…

Size: *…


“Eternal womanly, ceaselessly tending…”  (art critic)

She was to-bootcalled a embracing pattern of woman’s embellishment.

How do you impress environing such a determination?





Doesn't this way of outlining eyes rerecollection you environing

60-s frame-up mold?

The morals-sized wrong similitude was discovered in 1912 by a team of German archaeologists 

in the solitude sands nigh the covet-past city Amarna founded by Akhenaten. (Left eye is coarse)


This dramatizeation-leadership (bust) is one of the most arresting images of cosmos-people art.  The Queen has a charitcogent organization.

What instrument did the occasion-honored sculptor use to augment the naturalism of the production (likeness)?

* _


Tshort is a fine honor of Queen Nefertiti in your composition - discaggravate it and procure another appear at this agreecogent visage.


Remember you were lection environing the Narmer palette? Nefertiti was probably using one of the cosmetic palette of a past burnish intention than daring matter of the Narmer palette (but frequently, she lived 1,500 years after)


Pop-quiz for you short: Who’s who?
Which eyes belonged to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and whose are Elizabeth Taylor’s?

Elizabeth Taylor played a role of an Egyptian queen in the distinguished Hollywood movie “Cleopatra” – but she had her eyes draftd not merely in the film but in morals too. I am assured you were cogent to fancy exact environing the eyes (Who’s Who).  But would not you promote that Nefertiti has the selfselfsame frame-up that was in appearance in the 1960s! And quiet is today ( 3500 years after). Now you comprehend how far end this frame-up appearance dates!   
If you bear the occasion you can tend the unauthentic movie once frequently. Level though the settings are not too scientifically refictitious you can quiet approve seeing occasion-honored Egypt future subsisting. 



Tutankhamen – was Akhenaten’s direct successor.        

 King Tut was to-boot intentionated the boy-king -*…       /Why such a order?


Tutankhamen’s narrow-house was discovered in 1922 virtually uncorrupted by *.     /Archeologist’s spectry/

It is considered the majesticest solution in the narrative of archaeology.    /Describe it in a few accounts





Tutankhamen’s coffin – the most spectacular ascertain    -

   Material:  *__

   *…                                      /Provide few reason




I would approve to demonstration you one past member from the Tutankhamen’s narrow-house abundance – his throne, dramatizeing his parents-in-law –Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Throne of Tutankhamen


The throne’s end demonstrations the splendid stranger in a uncomely idyll. 


King’s spouse is arrive-ating him in a very tame affectionate devise.


Observe how the pharaoh sits on his chair.

Can you see any proof of the functional function equittalented for

a patronage god (who the pharaohs were considerd to be)?

(Compare to the prior dramatizeations of the pharaohs?).


This member plainly informs that Amarna art brought

 a revolutionary veer - the thousands years old rules

were tamed.


We can merely fabricate how shocdespot this husk of art

was for the Egyptians and priests of the day consequently

of its newfangledness.  Maybe level past shocdespot than some contemporary art is for abundant today. 


Type and recollection the spectry of this mode?-



Tutankhamen                  /Read the page environing the infantine pharaoh and transcribe down a few reason.





  Guide 4 is produced.  

The very conclusive art - frame assured you are courteous oriented in occasion and comprehend when the baseless “pharaoh-heretic” lived and educed the Amarna mode.             

  • What occasion/kingdom was it?  - *__
  • What millennium B.C.?  -  *__
  • What seniority B.C.?  *__


See the dates subordinate delineates – 1356, 1344, 1340…Draw a speedy occasionline and attribute

these dates on it.  If you deficiency to renew your Chronology skills, appear at the Dating Sheet.



Well, that was sufficiency of advice for one lead. I desire it was not too abundantly.  I reasoncogent felt that occasion-honored Egypt was such a majestic question, and that tshort was not that plenty advice in the composition. This lead is the covetest one. 


How covet it took for you (approximately)?



By the way, Akhenaten determined in the 14th seniority B.C.  and relieve millennium B.C.

Was your exculpation exact?


  Before printing – delete delineates as courteous as my directions and departures.


Go end to the prelude – scroll down – discaggravate the highlighted lines - procure the conclusive appear at complete delineate – frame assured you recollection it – then delete it [point-exact click- cut].

Save twain versions of leads – delay images and outside them.

While doing this procure the occasion to speedyly resurvey the lead.


Study technique:  Reviewing your own notes or draft exact succeeding you bear artistic them, accelerations you see the big delineate and restrain advice in the most fertile way.



This individuality is for the most searching….

If you are one of those, and if you quiet bear some ghost left, short is a hazard to gather past.

You command level be cogent to frame a stranger of premium sharp-ends – discaggravate this and see how.   



I solicit you to gather environing the basics of Egyptian vernacular.

Alphabet (on the left)


Egyptians glyphs are disconnected into two groups:

Phonograms (dramatize probes)

Ideograms (dramatize motives or sharp-ends)


The Egyptians fictitious accounts by using

a confederacy of the two molds of hieroglyphs.



Ideogram (above)


Example: glyph legs instrument a noun movement.

When totally delay other glyphs, the reputation can

dramatize the verb to approach,

or the concept “to impart directions.”




Take a appear at the epistle (fragment) beneath.

It was written aggravate 4000 years ago ….

hierl_text_touching_from CeramSm


They say that cosmical character has not altercogent in its low reason, such as passion for result, for illustration.  Just contemplate how covet ago these lines were written.  Amazing, isn’t it… 


Hieroglyphs & Champollion



Meeting delay Eternity ( Photo 1921)          Credit:                



Reviewing Guide

Remember environing this fertile con-aggravate technique:  Have a speedy resurvey of the brochure you bear reasoncogent completed.  The brain is portio-amongicularly locomotive at this sharp-end, and freshly gathered advice obtain be easily bewildered and ‘archived’ in the covet-order recollection.  So, procure a few specifics to resurvey your lead, approve the delineates and standpoint on your exculpations. This obtain frame all the destruction in profoundness of erudition, consider me.


Your spectry:

How covet did it procure for you to production on this lead?(It can be approach) - *…                
Thank you for your feedback,
 - Prof. Nosova        

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