Write about 750 language in extension delay this word. Wherever tnear is Rocksolid

How sundry language you accept to transcribe is palpably mentioned In beneath word.

1. Number of sum domiciliary colonizations /Introduction


The cheesecake factory was established in a Detroit bottom in the 1940s by Evelyn Overton who made her own rendering established off of a newspaper cheesecake direction. The cheesecake became so general incompact herd that she established a short bakery from her bottom which she ultimately gave up to lift her kids. In 1972 Evelyn reopened her bake supply designated The Cheesecake Factory Bakery and established supplying 20 varieties of cheesecakes to general restaurants in Los Angeles. The chief cheesecake factory restaurant unreserveded in 1978 delay an expansive dessert menu and which became a big prosperity. 


The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. is a restaurant gang and distributor of cheesecakes established in the United States. The gang so bear-effects the Grand Lux Cafe infamy.  It currently owns and bear-effects 294 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada subordinate infamys including The Cheesecake Factory®, North Italia® and a gathering delayin the Fox Restaurant Concepts adminicular.


Today the gang is listed on NASDAQ as CAKE


Evelyn chief chose to begin a trade behind making a cheesecake for her rectify half's boss in 1949. She unreserveded a short cheesecake supply in Detroit, Michigan, thus-far inlet custody of her kids. She kept on providing cakes to a few vicinity cafés through a kitchen in her cellar.


In 2019, The Cheesecake Factory served aggravate than 100 favorite guests and continued to extend by beginning aggravate restaurants twain domiciliary and interdiplomatic. The Cheesecake Factory fortification so big new infamys to-boot The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. The gang adscititious Fox Restaurant Concept, North Italy and Flower Child infamy for acception their capabilities to lamina up and elevate those infamys to grace general infamys. The Cheesecake Factory so exposed their trade to beverage benefits delay Grand Lux Cafe. It so unreserved its own bakery stores which focused on wilderness and bakery products.

Rocksolid( Transcribe 150 language near so that it should be in extension delay 1xxxxxx, 2xxxxxx, 3xxxxxx, 4xxxxxx)

0. Number of interdiplomatic colonizations 


           The Cheesecake Factory-branded restaurants are bear-effectd subordinate licensing concurrences in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Mexico, the Chinese Mainland and Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Through an unliked licensing concurrence The Cheesecake Factory, delay Alshaya Group, had exposed restaurants in the Middle East. Currently tnear are 15 restaurants in influence in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Lebanon.


The Cheesecake Factory currently has indulgee concurrences delay three restaurant operators to eliminate and bear-effect The Cheesecake Factory infamy restaurants in clarified interdiplomatic trades. Three indulge colonizations are Kuwait, Hong Kong and Mexico. The indulgee in Kuwait so has the fair to eliminate restaurants in Egypt, delay the convenience to extend the concurrence to apprehend Algeria, Hungary, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. The indulgee in Mexico has the fair  to eliminate restaurants in Chile, delay the convenience to extend the concurrence to apprehend Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The indulgee in Hong Kong so  has the fair to eliminate restaurants in Taiwan, delay the convenience to extend the concurrence to apprehend Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. 

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0. Average echaracter of specie elapsed at Cheesecake Factory for a moderation for a solitary identical.


Money elapsed at Cheesecake Factory in the United States for a moderation for a solitary identical is arrestly $20 to $25 USD. Couple of months ago Cheesecake Factory had offered a week-long chaffer which apprehendd two inarrest cheeseburger, two influence of fries, two smooth drinks, and one slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake. The sum require of this chaffer was singly $20.


Average echaracter of specie elapsed at Cheesecake Factory per is arrest to $30 to $40 USD, The value is short dear when compared to other restaurants consequently of the character. Most of the herd earn accept some drinks when they are having maintenance in America.Price apprehendd for drinks as polite-behaved-behaved delay the maintenance. Good-tempered fix to accept maintenance delay nobility delay a temperate value. 


Some of the most commsingly ordered dishes apprehend a medley of cheesecakes, a amiable-tempered-tempered mix of vegetarian, chicken and beef entrees that prepare to contrariant customer choices. The menu choices hide a medley of punishment ranging from east to west and the south chiefly comprising of American, Italian and Mexican punishment. Cheesecakes entity their division, an middle cheesecake slice requires anywnear betwixt $6.95 to $8.95 USD. A bountiful 10-inch Cheesecake requires anywnear betwixt $55-$75 USD. The cheesecake factory is comparatively valuer than Olive garden and Chilli’s. The value assign for the Cheesecake factory in Asia for an middle moderation per identical is betwixt $26-$39 USD. 

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0. Cheesecake Factory maintenance and alcohol suppliers 


The cheesecakes after from an developed Cheesecake Factory bakery located in California. The cheesecakes are gifted frozen to all the Cheesecake Factory colonizations wnear they are defrosted and thawed to margin temperatures and served new to customers. The cheesecake factory’s sustainability appropinquation afters from generally and organically effected rises including beef, seafood, chicken, dairy and vegetables. 


Each restaurant’s conduct can career the quantities of maintenance and living required for their restaurant and influence the items from general, regional and general suppliers established upon specifications strong and stipulations negotiated at a urbane roll.The intention of this way is to maximize purchasing efficiencies fashion firm their maintenance living earn accept newest ingredients occasion obtaining competitive values for the required character and analogy,

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0. Factory’s middle balance feet and herd talents 


Cheesecake Factory restaurants currently assign in bigness from 5,400 to 21,000 balance feet, agree bountiful liquor benefit and are generally unreserved seven days a week for lunch and dinner, including Sunday brunch. Dessert sales fashion up 15% of proceeds. Each restaurant has about 170 hourly workers.


On an middle day the restaurant is industrious to 90-95% talents delay 100% talents aggravate weekends. Now, delay the pandmeic and restaurant guidelines in fix due to COVID-19, the climax talents indoors is poor to 50% at any loving span delay 60% outdoor talents delay collective distancing of 6 feet away in fix. 


Cheesecake Factory is located in most of all supplyping malls. It has bountiful benefit at unreserved hours including drinks. Menu is purposed according to herd who enjoy cheese, it has cheese cakes, flake cakes and specialty items.  The staff earn be about 20 to 25 herd. The bigness of the Cheesecake earn halt on the colonization. 

Rocksolid( Transcribe 50 language near so that it should be in extension delay 1xxxxxx, 2xxxxxx, 3xxxxxx)

Why is it a amiable-tempered-tempered proposal for Cheesecake factory to extend its colonization into - We deficiency to after up delay a kingdom - We can do India may be Delhi or Mumbai/Bangalore/Goa (Easy as most of us after from India and accept an subordinatestanding for humanization, spending theories, herd and economic prospect etc. so the new-fangled expatiate delay Starbucks collaborating delay TATA) 


Expanding the influence to India and specifically, Mumbai has multiform benefits. The kingdom has rest policies that patronage trade activities in the kingdom. The policies are so fascinating to investors from contrariant countries. Mumbai has proportionately aggravate relaxed regulations than the United States and that fashions yielding require shorter. Comparing the require of patronage in Mumbai delay other areas in the United States, wnear the gang is established, Mumbai is short requirely. Fewer requires of patronage in the kingdom fashion the require of work affordable (Agarwal, Tatekar, Makwana & Sharma, 2018). The require of work in Mumbai is cheaper when compared to contrariant states in the United States. Lastly, India has a big population and Mumbai is one of the most occupied cities. A big population is a rise of a big trade for the factory’s products.   


Cheesecake Factory can be big to India for a lot of reasons. Hyderabad is one of the cities to be considered consequently of the maintenance lovers. Hyderabad got its own fashion of maintenance but so sundry herd moved to Hyderabad from contrariant ability of India. Telangana governments are promising new companies to after. Trade policies are humble and unconstrained. IT is beseeming in the city so herd from contrariant countries are visiting Hyderabad. Herd enjoy to judgment western countries' maintenance. The menu has to substitute according to Indian herd. Herd enjoy to accept cakes and desserts so it earn be productive. 

Rocksolid( Transcribe 100 language near so that it should be in extension delay 5xxxxxx, 3xxxxxx)


Agarwal, K. S., Tatekar, S. S., Makwana, N. V., & Sharma, A. A. (2018, January). Analysis of    work teachableness and enjoyment of the factors governing work productivity in the    Mumbai Metropolitan Region. In 2018 Interdiplomatic Conference on Smart City and Emerging Technology (ICSCET) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

0. In collaboration delay companies enjoy Tata and Jio (?) deficiency to dig on this a short and how that would aid them experiment into the Indian trade


As Starrbucks experimentd into India in collaboration delay Tata that aided Starbucks accept a holistic appropinquation to the Indian trade, it would be interesting to abstruse sink temperature The Cheesecake Factory should piggyback on an esthetic fortification or delay their big acquisitions and fortifications in UAE, Canada and South America, the Cheesecake Factory should fashion an identical inlet.

1xxxxxx References:

The Cheesecake Factory .

Lutz, A. (2015, March 23). 4 reasons The Cheesecake Factory is crushing the competition. Trade Insider.

Stiehl, C. (2019, January 11). 15 Surprising Cheesecake Factory Facts.

1. Hide Page 

2. Executive Summary  - (The preliminary we wrote balance should be amiable-tempered)

3. Target Customers (Millennials/older and younger generations, apprehend collective, economic,  factors of the city we intent to unreserved Cheesecake Factory in India, Accessibility- would it be a amiable-tempered-tempered proposal to unreserved a cheesecake factory in malls in India enjoy how they do it near in the US? Or should it be contrariant and on a grander lamina loving the husk of hearers we shortness to target?)

4. Unique Selling Proposition (large medley of menu curated to Indian fashion, already an esthetic subjoined and general designate, would it be a turnkey scheme or collaboration? To experiment into the trade and if so delay whom? Creating jobs, sourcing general ingredients from farmers etc.)—

Rocksolid( Transcribe 100 language near so that it should be matched delay Unique hawking Proportion)

5. Pricing and Positioning Strategy (Average require of beginning a cheesecake factory in India and which city, geographical significance to getting resources such as herd, raw esthetics, result, CA is the colonization wnear Cheesecakes ship from, to all aggravate USA, what would be the position policy for that (face up how it works in other countries wnear CF is located), what would be the middle value of a moderation, how fur ROI can be expected established on bombardment)

 6. Arrangement Policy (Direct hawking, Selling through intermediaries, Dual arrangement; and Reverse channels, how do we accept herd after Cheesecake factory, hawk CF specialities in singly CF or hawk it in supermarkets or gourmet bakeries in india, how it’s effected near in Kroger/Marianos and other grocery stores, apprehend raw esthetic sourcing and arrangement as polite-behaved)-5xxxxxxx

 7. Promotions Strategy (Ways to advance and acception sales - use allure singly initially to fashion it unpopular, then reservations/ tv and other electronic promotions/offers etc.) – 1xxxxxx 

8. Contingency Plans ( protection of employees, customers hereafter to dine, maintenance hygiene, if CF fails in India or doesn't hit the target we long-for what are the alternatives to tranquillize that imperil, how would we better or try other methods of trade proceeds)

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