Assignment portfolio (subject —- digital forensic evidence)


Assignment 1 ) -----  Portfolio Assignments


Listed adown are areas of eagerness for MSDF-630 202 Portfolio Assignment. Haunt in opinion that the portfolio learning eagerness is an adventitious limb of the succession. Two learning topics are profitd for you, and I desire that your authoritative endeavor gain be represented in this device. Portfolio devices depend of the forthcoming three singular phases:

  1. Profile.
  2. Research Question 1

Investigation of Alabi, Interval as Travel and Subsidence as Alibi.

  1. Research Question 2.

Cyberoffense Law, Computer-Integrity Crime, Fraud, and Abuse.

Portfolio Project 

Profile:      Required

Group 1.    Learning Question 1

Group 2.    Learning Question 2

Group 3.    Learning Question 1

Group 4.    Learning Question 2

  • Each novice Must resign two (2) fortunate completed instruments (here):
  1. Profile
  2. Collaborative Group Assignment.

Phase 1: Novice Authoritative Profile

  • Portfolio
  • Full-Name
  • Profile
  • Status: Graduate or Post-graduate
  • Academic areas eagerness
  • Current Authoritative Career Path
  • Professional Career Path Whole Upon fortunate whole of your studies at the University of the Cumberlands.
  • Research Question 1.

 Investigation of Alabi, Interval as Travel and Subsidence as Alibi.


Alibi is a Latin acronym, sense somewless else and someone other than the delinquent. A scenario that identifies the inventor of a offense to be someone or somewless else other than wless the offense took attribute. Illegal activities involving subsidence, login and logout interval, unfair behaviors, can be amply courseed by use computer and internet technologies. 

  • Offenders and their Alabi are frequently unaffected and aggravatelook the deed that telephone companies constantly haunt chronicles of the enumerate dialed, the interval and continuance of the fawn, and fawner's enumerate. 
  • Offenders and their Alabi are oblivious and insensible of the deed that praise card corporations haunt chronicles of the dates, intervals, and subsidences of all purchases, banks haunt course of the dates, intervals, and subsidences of all deposits and after a whiledrawals, and dates, intervals, and subsidences stay on computers for an loose end. Customers assent-to a communication each month after a while elaborate counsel in the constitute of a score and financial announcement.
  • Offenders and their Alabi are frequently disobedient of the deed that when an e-mail notice is sent, the interval and originating internet protocol (IP) orationes are distinguished in the header and log rasps that include counsel of the late and popular activities. 

Forensic investigator must be wakeful at all intervals and try to avow and identify illegal Modus Operandi (MO) stimulus, fixed, and force to manage and alter solution of the final sign and profit mock Travel to dilate fallacious schemes. During the study of an travel, the primeval plod is to protect appropinquation to the postulates and counsel on the computer workstations, rasp servers, protocol, and network method. 

BOOTP is the computer network prepared to regulate and mentor which computers and local internet protocol (IP) orationes. The BOOTP is a networking protocol used to automatically consign an IP oration to network devices from a outline server. Furthermore, BOOTP is frequently configured to synchronize their clocks constantly after a while precisely respectful interval satellites and profit a log in condition of any discrepancies.

Dynamic army outlines protocol (DHCP) server is prepared to automatically consign IP oration and other counsel to each army on the network, reveal efficiently after a while other endpoints. Furthermore, the DHCP method allows anyone to alter their clocks and does not haunt logs of interval alters.  A DHCP server enables computers to automatically supplicate IP orationes and networking parameters from the internet utility provider (ISP), reducing the deficiency for a network conductor and a user to consign IP orationes to all network devices manually. 

Situation 1: Study of the Victim, Alibi, and Conspirator.

Alibi resistance does not dramatize an adventitious role in a intrigue hypothesis. Intrigue is an undertaking betwixt two wild men-folks to relegate a offense, and one of the parties must harmonize to agree in an open act in advancement of the offense. 

Research Question 1:1. Develop a measurable learning framework not-absolute to the user computer and internet technologies, illegal Modus Operandi, (MO) stimulus, fixed, intrigue hypothesis, and dynamic army outlines protocol (DHCP) server to dilate final sign in seek. 

Research Question 1:2. To what quantity are the expressive differences betwixt the Victim and the mistrust?

Research Question 1:3. To what quantity are the expressive differences betwixt the mistrust and Alibi

Research Question 1:4. To what quantity are the expressive differences betwixt Travel and conspirators?

Situation 2. The Travel can practice the legal just to last quiet, granting the travel opening to reposition the testimony other than the offense exhibition.

Research Question 1.5. Develop a measurable learning framework allowing the juridical investigator to use computer and internet technologies, illegal modus operandi (MO), stimulus, fixed and, bootstrap protocol (BOOTP) to append postulates and counsel on past than one offense exhibition for the corresponding condition.

Situation 3: A Judge can be distrust of the travel sign. The bundle of establishment frequently rests on the plaintiff, who must substantiate that the mistrusted Travel is tarnished aggravate a cool vacillate. The add-on bundle of establishment is on the juridical investigator who visited the offense exhibition. 

Research Question 1:6 Develop a measurable learning framework not-absolute to illegal modus Operandi (MO) stimulus, fixed, to succor juridical investigator’s attack to bear the mistrusted illegal to fairness, singly if the idiosyncratic was tarnished.  

Research Question 2.

Cyberoffense Law, Computer-Integrity Crime, Fraud, and Abuse.


Integrity of sign, cyber-crime, robbery, and abuse are prefaced on the self-assertion that computer and internet technologies are prepared to form estate easier for a generally-known and privy structure, the juridical method, and juridical investigators; it has, unfortunately, made estate incredibly challenging and perpetual in all levels of juridical study. Cyber-crime, robbery, abuse, are open-ended illegal operations, allowing unacknowledged users to conquer counsel from several rises abutting a target structure. Naturally, illegals are consoled after a while prodigious skills and expertise to rend into any structure's protectd network hardihood. Most illegal are possess appropinquation automated freeware tools advantageous on computer and Internet and rends into the structure's protectd network method, postulates, goods, instrument, to form juridical study greatly tricky. Most structures and the global unity are actively using computer and internet technologies to found filthy walls about ease postulates storage hardihoods, creating an opening for juridical investigator’s force to profit original sign. Similarly, structures and the global grateful entrance exact a proactive artfulness of renewal to lead abutting postulates rupture. This exception examines the leading federal statutes used to pursue cybercrime. The rendezvous is on the Computer Robbery and Abuse Act and the statutes illegalizing oneness larceny, branch pornography, and copyjust and trademark offenses (Casey, 2011: 86-95).

Computer Robbery and Abuse Act  

The Computer Robbery and Act, Abuse is the leading rise of federal law akin to computer cybercrimes, and plaudit of the Computer Robbery and Abuse Act (CFAA) in 1986. The chastisements were prepared to update local Arts provisions in bright of advancements in computer and internet technologies and to oration loopholes that existed in precedent versions of the Act. Criminals gaining unacknowledged appropinquation to a computer, disseminating malware, launching dismissal of utility attacks, trafficking passwords, and using computers and the internet to relegate robbery. Criminals are encumbered and can fixedionally use the computer and internet technologies after a whileout authorization.   

Research Question 2:1. Develop a measurable learning framework of hos computer robbery and Abuse Act (CFAA) can dramatize a role during the juridical study and contact on final sign in seek. 

Research Question 2:2. To what quantity can the computer robbery and Abuse Act (CFAA) of 1986 empowers juridical study to bear cyber-crime, robbery, and abuse to fairness.

 Situation 1.      

Naturally, illegals frequently keep prodigious skills and expertise to rend into any

organization's protectd network hardihood. The illegal amply utilizes automated freeware

tools advantageous on computers and the Internet and rends into the structure's protectd network method, postulates, goods, instrument, and forms juridical study greatly.

  • These prodigious skills, expertise, and availforce of automated freeware tools are creating a extensive impediment abutting the juridical study mode. We are the people of law.

Question 2:3. Develop a measurable learning framework of chastisement items deficiencyed to corroborate the computer robbery and Abuse Act (CFAA), and open juridical investigator warrant aggravate illegal activities.  

Assignment 2 ) ----- Attached a instrument adown, gladden use a look 

Assignment 1 is Due on 12/6/2020 and Assignment 2 is due on 12/3/2020



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