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Human Impact on Climate Change PowerPointIn this unit, we learned about several ways in which our everyday actions impact the environment. Choose an action to research further and create a PowerPoint presentation to explain more! Use the unit material and reliable online resources (see below) to gather more information.There are many ideas and much information within Unit VIII on which to base your presentation, but there is even more information out in the world! Think about what you do every day, and how the activity uses energy or natural resources. Think about a product you buy—how it was made, what natural resources were used to make it? You can also do a quick Google search of “everyday activities that affect the environment” and start reading some appropriate articles for more ideas.Remember to use reliable sources from the Internet. There is much misinformation out there and finding reliable information can be difficult. The best sources of reference material for your presentation are peer-reviewed, scientific journals found in the CSU Online Library databases. Click here for a biology research tutorial that demonstrates how to locate library resources relating to biology. You also can find reliable statistics at organization websites listed in Unit VIII under the section “Combat Climate Change.”Your presentation must address/include:

  1. What everyday activity or product have you chosen to present? Why did you choose this activity or product? Why is it important to you and our society?
  2. Connect the activity/product to its impact on the environment and/or climate change. How does doing the activity, or making the product, use natural resources, disrupt habitat, impact wildlife, or affect the environment in other ways?
  3. Report data and statistics, with reliable references, on how this activity/product affects the environment. Remember to include appropriate, relevant graphics and to explain them in the speaker’s notes (see below)!
  4. What can people do to decrease the activity/product’s impact on the environment? Be sure to do some research on this.

Be sure to follow the formatting and guidelines provided below:

  • Include substantial and detailed speaker’s notes that include what you would say in an actual presentation. The speaker’s notes also should reflect the depth of your research. Each individual content slide must have speaker’s notes. They are to be typed in the space below the slide, which is entitled “Click to add notes”. Note, you do not need to record audio files.
  • Use bulleted information on slides (the best practice is to use no more than 5 bulleted lines per slide and no more than 2-3 lines per bullet). Remember, the bulk of your presentation will be in the speaker’s notes below, not on the slide.
  • You must include 5 or more images in the presentation. Visual aids include photographs, diagrams, graphs, and data tables that provide content and/or explain results/findings. Although 5 is the required minimum, it’s recommended to include an appropriate and relevant image on the majority of all slides to enhance the aesthetic. Think about your audience and what would be helpful for them to visualize your topic and keep them interested and engaged.
  • When searching for appropriate and relevant images, try typing the subject into a search engine and click “images.” For your presentation, you are allowed to copy and paste images (with proper references). However, you are not allowed to copy and paste content, such as text and verbatim data tables. As much as possible, your presentation needs to be in your own words and in-text citations need to be included on slides or within speaker’s notes throughout.
  • Include 3 or more reliable references. At least 1 reference must come from the CSU Online Library. Other appropriate references may include .gov, .edu, or .org websites. You must use correct APA formatting for full references and in-text citations.
  • Include a separate title slide that includes your creative title, name, class, and instructor, and a separate reference slide with full references properly cited in APA format.
  • Include 11-15 content slides. Please note: your title and reference slides are not considered content slides and they do not contribute to the total content slides in the presentation.
  • Use an appropriate font and background for your slides. Try to avoid using plain black text on a white background, but also avoid using colors that are visually difficult to see (such as yellow text on a light background) or that are unpleasant (such as red text on a yellow background). Think about font size (not too big or small) and type (something easy to read, e.g., Arial and Calibri). Strive for a pleasing, visually appealing appearance.
  • Use correct APA format for references and citations, and use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Upload the presentation to Blackboard as a .ppt or .pptx file. Note that files submitted in other formats (e.g., pdf) often do not display speakers notes and your presentation will be graded accordingly. All presentations will pass through SafeAssign prior to grading.

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