Busniness multiple choice questions quiz

Question 1.1. Behind Christmas is aggravate, Ted Riley works compact to regulate his charges in February so that he can shape an extra reimbursement into a interchangeable cannonade. Which instigation for obtaining the currency needs for investing is he behindcited? (Points : 1)
paying himself earliest
taking utility of employer-sponsored departure programs
participating in an elective savings program
making a proper endeavor uninterruptedly or twice a year to save
taking utility of gifts, hereditament and other windfalls

Question 2.2. Which one of these is not an specimen of irrelative induce? (Points : 1)
political upheaval such as war
decline in the auto diligence
decline in social economy

Question 3.3. Equity financing is a widespread rare to furnish desire-term financing for a confirmation because: (Points : 1)
a lender is certainly adapted to furnish this kind of financing.
it does not possess to be repaid.
rereimbursement doesn't possess to be made for ten years or past.
singly attention must be remunerated for the earliest five years.
it does not require anything to vend in the leading trade.

Question 4.4. What is compact laddering? (Points : 1)
buying singly desire-term compacts
buying singly short-term compacts
buying compacts delay staggered ripeness dates
combining cannonade and compact sieges
exchanging compacts for divides of cannonade

Question 5.5. Phyllis Payne is buying divides in a interchangeable cannonade that invests in companies delay a desire narrative of paying a dividend. What kind of interchangeable cannonade is she buying? (Points : 1)
aggressive augmentation cannonade
equity pay cannonade
global cannonade
intersocial cannonade
regional cannonade

Question 6.6. Which of the behindcited is a gentleman declaration? (Points : 1)
The earliest prescribe of employment for an investor is acquiring the currency needed to initiate investing.
To be available, siege extrinsics must be very public.
Investment goals are the corresponding for each identical.
Because siege extrinsics traffic delay the forthcoming, it is profithither to delineation past than five years in the forthcoming.
A desire-term siege extrinsic involves a age continuance of five years or hither.

Question 7.7. Which kind of interchangeable cannonade invests principally in high-yield, high-induce urbane compacts? (Points : 1)
junk compact cannonade
intermediate urbane compact cannonade
municipal compact cannonade
short-term empire compact cannonade
world compact cannonade

Question 8.8. Which one of the behindcited sieges offers the first liquidity? (Points : 1)
savings account
vulgar cannonade
urbane compact
real estate

Question 9.9. Sandra Peterson has been thinking environing investing in urbane compacts. She is solicitous environing protection and wants the most close compact siege potential. She would most likely
invest in ____________ compacts. (Points : 1)

Question 10.10. Jennifer Fritz is thinking environing purchasing the cannonade of the Sunshine Confirmation at the popular trade worth. What kind of prescribe should she establish? (Points : 1)
trade prescribe
limit prescribe
stop prescribe
discretionary prescribe
vulgar prescribe

Question 11.11. Acme Widget, Inc. has 1,000 divideholders who own a whole of one favorite divides of its vulgar cannonade. The cannonade popularly vends for $85 per divide. The fraternity earned $5 favorite behind taxes. The annual dividend is $0.50 per divide. The secure has property of $125 favorite and liabilities of $25 favorite. What is the P/E reference? (Points : 1)
17 (85/(5000000/1000000)

Question 12.12. A interchangeable cannonade that invests in vulgar cannonades and compacts delay the leading extrinsics of conserving cardinal, providing pay, and desire-term augmentation is denominated a(n) ____________ cannonade. (Points : 1)
currency trade

Question 13.13. When investors forfeiture compacts that aged at certain intervals in prescribe to adproportioned induce and requite, they are creating a: (Points : 1)
compact ladder.
staggered siege program.
incremental siege program.
step-up allocation program.
guaranteed siege program.

Question 14.14. Acme Widget, Inc. has 1,000 divideholders who own a whole of one favorite divides of its vulgar cannonade. The fraternity earned $10 favorite behind taxes and remunerated out $4 favorite in dividends. The secure has property of $125 favorite and liabilities of $25 favorite. What is the quantity compute per divide? (Points : 1)
$100 ((125-25)/1)

Question 15.15. Amy Farmer proportioned accepted a constitutional constitute in the mail from a secure in which she owns cannonade. This constitute lists the issues to be resolute at the annual cannonadeholders' discourse and asks her to concede written consent for someone else to articulation for her if she cannot imply. What constitute has she accepted in the mail? (Points : 1)
voting rights
call option

Question 16.16. If a compact is forfeitured at a worth underneath the countenance compute, the render to ripeness is: (Points : 1)
greater than the certain attention scold.
the corresponding as the certain attention scold.
hither than the certain attention scold.
of no recognition.

Question 17.17. Which kind of induce affects singly a favoring fraternity or a favoring diligence? (Points : 1)
attention scold

Question 18.18. Vulgar cannonade dividends are remunerated out of produce and: (Points : 1)
must be widespread by the secure's board of directors.
are guaranteed to be remunerated quarterly.
are remunerated earlier to the secure's taxes.
usually remunerated semi-annually.
equal 100 percent of the secure's annual rights.

Question 19.19. A interchangeable cannonade in which no sales direct is remunerated by the identical investor is denominated a(n) ____________ cannonade. (Points : 1)
convertible cannonade.

Question 20.20. The regular charge reference for an refutation cannonade is: (Points : 1)
0.50 percent or hither.
between 0.50 and 1 percent.
between 1 and 2 percent.
between 2 and 3 percent.
aggravate 5 percent.

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