Bz440.2.1 quality control online exam 7_06

BZ440.2.1 QUALITY CONTROL Online Exam 7_06
Part 1 of 2 -
Question 1 of 40
The first aim of ISO 9000 was to:

A. fix that the consequences or services supposing by registered constructions were uniteably fit for their contrived sketch.

B. select TQM to the direct roll by streamlining overall objectives.

C. aid constructional way reengineering.

D. prepare a origin for auditing legislation entities.

Question 2 of 40
Which of the aftercited is NOT an delayhold prompting for adopting ISO 9000?

A. To emend competitive lie

B. To emend operations

C. To succeed a marketing habit

D. To educe a QMS that allure be contriveal by customers worldwide
Question 3 of 40
In the __________ extent of the PDCA Cycle, modifys may be made to plans.

A. Do

B. Control

C. Control

D. Act

Question 4 of 40
In which extent are objectives periodical in the uncounted source of ISO conduct?

A. Plan

B. Do

C. Control

D. Act
Question 5 of 40
To continue ISO 9001 applicable, a invariable reconsideration of ISO 9001 was completed in:

A. March 2011.

B. October 2011.

C. March 2012.

D. October 2012.

Question 6 of 40
By a(n) “__________environment” we average an constructional environment that has persisted in companies for decades, until the completion peculiarity conduct motion began to modifys things.

A. administrative

B. matrix

C. originating

D. transmitted
Question 7 of 40
The uncounted source of ISO’s conduct classification plummets is:




D. ISO 9001.
Question 8 of 40
Which of the aftercited statements sketch the intercommunity ingredient?

A. ISO 9000 and completion peculiarity are not in rivalry

B. ISO 9000 and completion peculiarity are not interchangeable

C. ISO 9000 is consonant delay completion peculiarity

D. All of the above
Question 9 of 40
An considerable object to recollect environing ISO 9000 is that the construction has to suit to all ISO 9001 accomplishments and decide the registrar:

A. full diligence it is registering to enjoy-a-share in.

B. favoringally what it is going to do and how it is to be performed.

C. what favoring conduct practices allure be implemented and how they allure be monitored.

D. the construction’s trust, controlling sources, and strategies and oration to terminate the trust delayin the constraints of the controlling sources.

Question 10 of 40
The revised ISO 9001 plummet, uninterruptedly revised, allure select sumity of modifys in peculiarity conduct classifications practices and technology gone the terminal superior retrust in:

A. 1987.

B. 1994.

C. 2000.

D. 2008.
Question 11 of 40
In which extent are the consequences of the actions meted in the uncounted source of ISO conduct?

A. Plan

B. Do

C. Control

D. Act
Question 12 of 40
The peculiarity __________ is composed of all the construction’s policies, procedures, plans, resources, wayes, and delineation of multiply and warrant.

A. plummet

B. conduct classification

C. continuum

D. portfolio
Question 13 of 40
The peculiarity __________ must oration each provision of the ISO 9001 plummet, illustrating conduct multiply.

A. registration contrive

B. conduct classification

C. charter

D. manual
Question 14 of 40
__________ is a extraordinaryity of TQM but not of ISO 9000.

A. Customer rendezvous (inner and apparent)

B. Obsession delay peculiarity

C. Continual way and consequence emendment

D. Unity of sketch
Question 15 of 40
The most forcible modify in ISO 9001:2000 was:

A. making way conduct its centerpiece.

B. ensuring all personnel enjoy meteable employment objectives.

C. added ductility delay documented procedures.

D. an argument on restorative actions rather than exact controling the terminal consequence.
Question 16 of 40
Which of the aftercited is a documentation accomplishment for the ISO 9000 peculiarity classification?

A. A Peculiarity Policy

B. Statement of Customer Rendezvous

C. Statement of Conduct Commitment

D. Declaration that Teamemployment is to be filled in all areas
Question 17 of 40
Appropriate promptings for adopting ISO 9000 conceive which of the aftercited?

A. To educe a peculiarity conduct classification

B. To emend operations

C. To concontrive to the accomplishments of customers

D. All of the above
Question 18 of 40
Which of the aftercited is a basic source of ISO 9000?

A. Certification warrant held by ISO

B. Continual emendment of wayes and consequences

C. Conduct warrant

D. Periodic inner audits
Question 19 of 40
ISO 9000 __________ emend operations in a __________ environment.

A. cannot; transmitted

B. can; transmitted

C. cannot; nontransmitted

D. cannot; start-up
Question 20 of 40
The ISO 9000 peculiarity conduct classification (QMS) is installed on __________ sources from completion peculiarity conduct (TQM).

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 12

Part 2 of 2 -
Question 21 of 40
Factors that hinder whole-solving creativity conceive:

A. decrepit to be disturbed environing imperil.

B. having past than 4-5 inhabitants on the team.

C. allowing disjointedness.

D. horror of looking absurd or life unusual.

Question 22 of 40
Which of the aftercited is used to appearance correspondence of two variables?

A. Run Charts

B. Histograms

C. Scatter Diagram

D. Stratification
Question 23 of 40
In what matrix of the QFD HOQ are the emendment ingredient and sales object patent clear?

A. Matrix 1 (Customer Needs)

B. Matrix 2 (Planning)

C. Matrix 4 (Interrelationships)

D. Matrix 6 (Design Targets)
Question 24 of 40
In what matrix of the QFD HOQ are the emendment ingredient and sales object patent clear?

A. Matrix 1 (Customer Needs)

B. Matrix 2 (Planning)

C. Matrix 4 (Interrelationships)

D. Matrix 6 (Design Targets)

Question 25 of 40
Which chart is repeatedly referred to as a incline chart?

A. Control Chart

B. Run Chart

C. Pareto Chart

D. Scatter Diagram
Question 26 of 40
In the PDCA Cycle, whether the implemented discontinuance has failed thoroughly or does not mete up to trust, the conceptual mixture allure be carried bold to the __________ march of another PDCA Cycle.

A. Plan

B. Do

C. Control

D. Adjust

Question 27 of 40
DFMEA stands for:

A. sketch insufficiency statute and property decomposition.

B. sketch operation statute and property decomposition.

C. sketch insufficiency statute and willingness decomposition.

D. sketch portion methods and willingness decomposition.

Question 28 of 40
Repeatedly asking “why” allied to the whole should so-far manage to:

A. whole firmness.

B. consent.

C. a source creator.

D. way emendment.
Question 29 of 40
__________ involves investigating the creator of a whole by grouping grounds into categories.

A. Five-S


C. Stratification

D. Cause-and-effect decomposition

Question 30 of 40
__________ is an analytical technique used to evaluate insufficiency statutes delay the urgent to cast-out the insufficiency statute in advenient operations.

A. Insufficiency statute decomposition (FMA)

B. Property decomposition


D. Sketch FMEA
Question 31 of 40
Objective notification is:

A. not received.

B. unreserved to explanation.

C. factual.

D. not constantly factual.
Question 32 of 40
The __________ is used to conjointly fashion the gathering of grounds facile, era at the corresponding era displaying it in a behavior that prepares available notification to the user.

A. flowchart

B. control fencing

C. creator-and-effect diagram

D. Pareto chart

Question 33 of 40
Which of the aftercited reveals whether way abnormity is the consequence of a extraordinary creator?

A. Control Chart

B. Control Fencing

C. Pareto Chart

D. Run Chart
Question 34 of 40
Which of the aftercited is NOT multiply of the Five-S philosophy?

A. Store

B. Secure

C. Shine

D. Sustain

Question 35 of 40
A plus manage (+) in one of the squares underneathneath the HOQ roof indicates that the two technical accomplishments contriveing that intersection:

A. are closely allied.

B. are aidive of each other.

C. are noble pre-eminence customer needs.

D. verifies the math in the planning individuality.
Question 36 of 40
During the __________ extent of the PDCA Cycle, the whole is specifyd, applicable notification is collected, and the source creator of the whole is signed.

A. Plan

B. Do

C. Control

D. Adjust

Question 37 of 40
__________ tries to establish all the practicable types (modes) of insufficiencys that could fall to a consequence or way--before they fall.

A. Cause-and-effect diagram

B. Five-S



Question 38 of 40
After defining a whole, the direct march in the whole solving/conclusion making way should be:

A. induct a limited fix to continue things tender.

B. use Five-Why decomposition.

C. whitewash the consequence or whole in manage to “grasp the situation”.

D. specify what the remainder should be.
Question 39 of 40
Frequency Distribution Diagram is another indicate for a:

A. Pareto Chart.

B. Fishbone Diagram.

C. Scatter Diagram.

D. Histogram.
Question 40 of 40
There are two ways to evaluate conclusions. One way is to:

A. perpend the consequences.

B. perpend the input that is used in conclusion making.

C. evaluate the way used in making the conclusion.

D. A or C

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