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Part I. Match the vocefficient to its definition The vocables succeed from Chapters 1-4 of the succession quotationbook. (20 subject-matters – 1 subject-matter each)






1.positivistic, value-neutral con-balance of phenomena



2.  transmitter of a message


general message

3. con-overing cause-effect kinsmanships



4.  vocefficient frequently used in structureal message to profession rankings shapeless individuals



5. Discovery tender from speculation to specific cases


narrow speculation

6.  peremptory imprint or truthfulness of phenomena


Socio-psychological discovery

7. tries to decipher all aspects of message bearing in a style that is universally gentleman


mediated message

8. unrecorded and nonunrecorded responses to a message


nominal concept

9  Discovery tender from specific cases to speculation



10. looking broadly at the innate wayes of message



11. Usually, a address given by a idiosyncratic to a speed, exhibit reception.


critical scholarship

12. discovery observations and measurements correspondently resprocession and narration on a real-world phenomenon



13. Rapidly changing matter for message


grand speculation

14. effects or phenomena that are not immediately observable



15.  con-balance of signs and how they vary purport balance occasion


cybernetic tradition

16.  a idiosyncratic talking to him or herself



17.  studies undoubtful individuals in undoubtful seats



18.  questions collective potentiality kinsmanships



19.  seat or matter where message occurs


Intraspecific message

20.  visual, aural, comprehensible, etc. pathways of message

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Part II. Multiple Choice Questions. These questions kinsman to your assigned lection in Weeks 2, 3 & 4 (5 subject-matters – 1 subject-matter each). Highlight the punish defense.


1.       Which of the subjoined is an impudence of Apprehensive Dissonance Theory?


a.                   human individuals yearn contradiction in their cognitions

b.                  dissonance is fashiond by physiological discomfort

c.                   dissonance is an aversive particularize that drives individuals to vary attitudes and/or bearings

d.                  none of the above


2.       All of the subjoined are impudences environing Casualty Reduction EXCEPT


a.                   it is preposterous to endeavor to prophesy individuals's bearing in a lawlike fashion

b.                  casualty is an aversive particularize, generating apprehensive stress

c.                   persons trial casualty in interspecific settings

d.                  when strangers coalesce, they neglect to weaken their casualty and extension their prophesyability


3.       At the disposition of Collective Penetration Speculation is stubborn-disclosure.  All of the subjoined particularizements environing stubborn-disclosure are gentleman EXCEPT


a.                   nonnice kinsmanships typically growth to an nice raze outside winning in stubborn disclosure

b.                  self-disclosure can be strategic, which media that disclosures are planned

c.                   self-disclosure can be nonstrategic, which media that disclosures are spontaneous

d.                  stranger on the wayion refers to instances in which individuals make-known idiosyncratical counsel to full strangers in general fixs


4.       According to Collective Exvary speculation, we are likely to come in kinsmanships when our recompense is __________ and our similarity raze for alternatives is __________.


a.                   low, high

b.                  low, low

c.                   all of the above

d.                  none of the above


5.       According to Relational Dialectics Theory, all of the subjoined particularizements are gentleman environing dialectical tensions EXCEPT


a.                   persons are not constantly efficient to instruct the contradictions they trial and may besucceed comfortefficient refined aberrant things environing kinsmanships

b.                  partners in a kinsmanship trial ongoing tensions betwixt discordant impulses

c.                   dialectical theorists patronage the effect that there is typically one subject-matter of aspect that should manage a kinsmanship.

d.                  researchers Baxter and Montgomery are associated after a while Relational Dialectics Theory

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Part III. Multiple Choice Questions. These questions centre on your Week 5 is-sue. 


Groupthink(5 subject-matters).Highlight the punish defense.


1.       Cohesiveness of the bunch may evene as a example because


a.                   retentiveness is generally triald in the similar style opposing bunchs, and the results of cohesion can be generalized from one bunch to another

b.                  in extremely sticky bunchs, members generally move grudging after a while the bunch trial and other bunch members

c.                   extremely sticky bunchs rarely strain gigantic hurry on their members to agree to the bunch's standards.

d.                  retentiveness typically results in bunch members over the experiment to agree


2.       All of the subjoined are provisions that may control to bunchthink occurring EXCEPT


a.                   the power of all members to plod into the role of bunch controler at a given occasion

b.                  stressful inside and apparent characteristics of the seat

c.                   high stickyness shapeless bunch members

d.                  lack of conclusion-making procedures normal after a whilein the bunch


3.       Group members who shield the bunch from inoperative counsel are


a.                   conscientious objectors

b.                  self-appointed mindguards

c.                   dissenters

d.                  opinion controlers


4.       As the conclusion whether to embark a new effect to checkmate tooth putrefaction was substance debated, one of the effect crop specialists expounded, "What a gigantic effect! We enjoy fashiond something that conquer acceleration Americans restrain the enamel on their teeth. I don't perceive why those vigor critics are accusing us of putting a hypothetically injurious effect out on the bargain. After all, our motive is to acceleration individuals, not to trouble them. We're zealous in doing what is in the best cause of the general." She has demonstrated which of the subjoined symptoms of bunchthink?


a.                   illusion of invulnerability

b.                  out-bunch stereotypes

c.                   belief in the innate efficacy of the bunch

d.                  collective rationalization



Page 4

5.       According to your quotation, developed conclusion makers


a.       centre in-great-measure on the benefits associated after a while a conclusion

b.      avoid addressing all likely solutions for a conclusion

c.       fashion plans for implementing the conclusion

d.      disregard the end of conclusion making to follow their own agenda


Organizational Counsel Theory(6 subject-matters).Highlight the punish defense.


1.       All of the subjoined are impudences of Organizational Counsel Speculation EXCEPT


a.       equivocality of counsel is beneficial for promotive an structure in achieving its motives

b.      the counsel an structure receives differs in vocables of its equivocality

c.       human structures consist in an counsel environment

d.      human structures pledge in counsel waying to weaken the equivocality of counsel


2.        _______________ are systems or sequence of bearings that are used by an structure in an endeavor to weaken the equivocality of the counsel it receives.


3.       Rules

4.       Assumption

5.       Cycles

6.       Double interact loops



3.       Kendall's contrivance team is reviewing the counsel that it current from other teams in the structure. They centre on assigning purport and exponeing the counsel they enjoy current in enjoin to enumerate its raze of equivocality. Which prescribe of the way of reducing equivocality is Kendall's team experiencing?


a.       selection

b.      enactment

c.       retention

d.      identification


4.       True or False?  Organizational Counsel Speculation uses a Systems Approach to message speculation.


a.       True

b.      False




Page 5

5.       The two options that an structure has for trade after a while equivocality of counsel are its use of ______________ and  ________________ .


a.       rules, message cycles

b.      enactment, selection

c.       reaction, response

d.      requisite difference, inclose interact loops



6.       Helena is signed as the idiosyncratic who is most perceiveledgeefficient environing the counsel that her structure has current touching sales contrivanceions. Therefore, her supervisor decides that she should subsubserve as the key supplies for reducing the equivocality of new counsel that the structure receives. Which of Weick's rules for waying equivocality is substance applied?


a.                   duration

b.                  personnel

c.                   success

d.                  effort


Organizational Cultivation Theory(4 subject-matters).Highlight the punish defense.


1.       All of the subjoined particularizements environing symbols are gentleman EXCEPT


a.       symbols reexhibit purports that are held by members of an structure

b.      symbols involve simply the nonunrecorded message that takes fix in the structure

c.       members of an structure fashion, use, and expone symbols in enjoin to fashion and support a signification of structureal reality

d.      organizational values may be transmitted through a difference of symbols



2.       All of the subjoined are methods of search used by ethnographers to study structureal cultivation EXCEPT


a.       survey questionnaires

b.      direct observation

c.       interviews

d.      participant observation




Page 6

3.       Renaldo constantly has a countenance on his visage when he enters the is-sueplace. His colleagues expound on how fur they acknowledge his insertion the occasion to seal and ask how their day is going as he passes by their desks. Renaldo is winning in which model of communicative enterprise?


a.       sociality

b.      passion

c.       ritual

d.      politics


4.       Organizational _________ are used to edify members environing what standards and principles are aspected as substance weighty by the structure.


a.       stories

b.      rules

c.       values

d.      performances

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