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Negotiating encircling Pandas for San Diego Zoo (A) Myers’s Primal Plans In 1987, the People’s Renotorious of China hypothecationed a couple of monster pandas to the San Diego Zoo in the U.S. Their manifestatlon origind so plenteous notorious perturbation that journalists pur-poseated it “pandamonium.” Balance 200 days from July 1987 to February 1988, the Zoo make-ready balance than 2 darling tokenors. The 30% leap in customary zoo habiliments pretended $5.7 darling to ownd leading and memory avail. The give was a zoo master’s fancy. Before the pandas had equconducive left the Zoo, Douglas Myers, the magistrebuke master of the Zoological Society of San Diego, began thinking encircling how to carry them end for a longer cling. The San Diego Zoo, relish most zoos, had tall agricultural oat-ups to shelter. It was besides primaryly ardent to educating the notorious encircling fleshlys and unfolding its famous expertise in the nurture of endangered sign. For these reasons, inclineing zoo tokenors—new and reverting—was an ongoing strategic stuff for Myers, and monster pandas were “rock somethings.” The Zoo’s bargaining lie, at-last, was proportionately debile. China was the lonely commencening of monster pandas, and merely 1,100 remained in the inordinate according to a fresh condescension.1 Moreover, they were in require by zoos throughout the cosmos-people. Chinese authorities responded very selectively. Washington’s General Zoo was the merely zoo in the U.S. that had a enduring panda give, and it resulted from the recitative initiation of kinsfolk floating China and the U.S. in 1972. Gone the torpid 1950s, the Chinese empire had operating fewer than 15 other reckonries to multitude these valuconducive fleshlys for equconducive a infull token. In torpid February 1988, Myers firm to rendezvous his primal planning on three ocean tasks. First, what skin of frameproduct or set of unconcealed tenets could be unconcealed delay Chinese organizations to mature a long-term panda cling? All of China’s anterior panda preparations had captured the construct of enduring recite talents or incomplete-term giveion hypothecations. Second, what stuffs should Myers put obtrusive—and in shape, engage from Chinese counterparts—as the ocean agenda items for hawking? Third, what despatch management and talking points should he use to dispose his proportionately commandy counterparts and construct his circumstance for San Diego Zoo? He would bear to embark concomitant preparations, such as financial targets, but for now, the three tasks were “top of inclination” as he began to resurvey notification on diverse applicconducive topics. I. San Diego Zoo: Overaim The San Diego Zoo was located in the morals of the city on 100 acres (0.16 balance miles) of 1,200-acre Balboa Park. The Zoo sheltered one of the most multifarious collections in the cosmos-people—4,000 fleshlys from balance than 800 sign—and likeed an interwell-planned token for its alterconducive path to fleshly concern and sign guardianship. The Zoo was husbandd by the nonacquisition Zoological Society of San Diego (ZSSD), which had the catholicst fellowship of any such dispose in the cosmos-nation and the catholicst zoo budget in the U.S. Douglas Myers became magistrebuke master of the ZSSD in 1985. By then, he had accumulated 14 years of trial in fleshly custody, and zoo perfectances and empire. He began his concerner at Busch Invigoration Corporation succeeding earning a B.A. in office and psychology. At Busch Gardens, he moved from fleshly marcher and superintendent of fleshly shows to perfectances supervisor. In 1982, he became the unconcealed supervisor of San Diego Inordinate Fleshly Park. Balance the proximate three years, he took on significanceant perfectanceal and planning responsibilities for twain the Fleshly Field and the Zoo and husbandd the ZSSD’s knowledgeal activities, notorious kinsfolk, tokeneting, and the budget. Myers had notoriously committed to organization the San Diego Zoo’s token as one of the haughtyest zoos in the cosmos-people. The city of San Diego, delay a population of 1.1 darling, was the relieve catholicst city in California and sixth catholicst in the U.S.2 Its per capita pay made it the wealthiest floating U.S. cities delay a population balance 1 darling.3 San Diego’s distribution was driven by security, manufacturing, and tourism. The Port of San Diego played a significanceant role in all of these industries. In specification to its shipping and chaffering activities, the Port settled the merely catholic-scale submarine and shiporganization yards on the U.S. west seatconducive and the catholicst sea fast in the cosmos-people. The territory was unconcealed for its timid, radiant clime. Temperatures remained closely faithful throughout the year (an medium of 71 degrees Fahrenheit), and annual rainlapse was minimal (9–13 inches). These conditions aidful abundant fleshlys and condescensioned the San Diego Zoo. II. Zoos in the U.S.: A Brief Backplea Zoos in North America bigwigted out catholicly as facilities for the show of fleshlys to the notorious. Relish other seters, Dr. Harry Wegeforth, who built the San Diego Zoo, was said to bear a “dazzling passion” for fleshlys.4 His revelation for the Zoo had end from fleshly gives at an interwell-planned exlie in San Diego in 1916. Balance interval, the band-arms of zoos evolved from show to notorious knowledge and fleshly guardianship. To excite these rates and balancesee obedience, the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums (AAZPA) was ordinary in 1924. By 1987, there were 117 AAZPA-accredited zoos in the U.S. The most acceptd inducements were unconcealedly the catholic mammals that manifestation erudite encircling in school. Elephants, giraffes, and the “big cats” (e.g., lions, tigers, leopards) make-ready crowds. (See Give 1.) In studies of “calling power” and “holding power” (respectively, the relishlihood of a tokenor suspension at an give, and the interval elapsed at it), scrutinyers reported a telling apposition floating an fleshly’s visible extent and its acceptdity, although this confronting did not go uncontested.5 Give 1 | Received Animals in U.S. Zoos (unranked) Apes Koalas Bears Komodo Dragons Crocodiles Lions Elephants Monkeys Giraffes Orangutans Gorillas Rhinoceroses Hippopotamuses Tigers Kangaroos Zebras Source: Outlandish and closely extinct fleshlys were besides something inducements, albeit for contrariant reasons. For Americans, fleshlys from Africa and Asia carried a sure mystique; they created artifice. But they were besides valuconducive to attain and oceantain. At most zoos, finances were chronically troubling.6 Costs for fleshly concern, which adjustd influence, marchers, medical eatables and veterinary labors, tended to be tall and agricultural. Proceeds from ticket sales and fielding sheltered hither than half of a zoo’s oat-ups. To boost proceeds, toil experts recommended that new gives be inferiorcaptured continuallyy two years, yet their fruit was valuable, specially when customization was adjustd.7 Supporters inferiorscored zoos’ fixed economic adjunction on multitude cities. Zoos created jobs, generated tax proceeds, and served as tokeneting tools to excite tourism and stimuelapsed association revitalization. According to the AAZPA, accredited zoos and aquariums in the U.S. were obligatory for closely $4 billion in annual economic air and 11,000 full-interval jobs in the 1980s.8 Remarkably, zoo and aquarium habiliments exceeded annual habiliments at all negotiative football, basketball, and baseball games utterly.9 In the torpid 1980s, at-last, zoo habiliments dropped nationwide. Competition for tokenors had violent. Besides unwritten alternatives for parentage invigoration such as museums and concerts, which were arguably independent from zoos, idiosyncrasy and disquisition fields had encroached on zoos’ turf by adding fleshly shows. Busch Gardens, for issue, had rides and fleshlys that entertained tokenors for an solid day. This end saw the manifestatlon of a new construct of zoo supervisors. In opposition to forthcoming masters who were catholicly attached of fleshlys, abundant new masters were office negotiatives who looked at zoo expertnessful-stuff contrariantly. They cogitation encircling nonunwritten opportunities and proceeds streams. Some masters took to tokeneting their zoos as destinations for quiet and refreshment. Others inferiorstandd of plans such as constructing and selling outlandish sign, which was strictly forbidden by the AAZPA. Most zoo supervisors quiet abided by AAZPA regulations. III. San Diego Zoo: Operations The San Diego Zoo operated as a nonacquisition organization run by the ZSSD. The ZSSD, in shape, was inferior by a 12-multiply tconducive of dutyees. The attribute distinction and the fleshly gives belonged to the City of San Diego Water Department and the City of San Diego, respectively. The ZSSD was besides obligatory for the Inordinate Fleshly Park, an act in a relieve subsidence (see inferior). The two entities occupied 1,500 nation full-time. Together, the Zoo and Fleshly Field were billed as the “highest zoo in the cosmos-people.”10 Band-arms In promotional consider, the Zoo was feeling as “a guardianship, knowledge and refreshment organization ardent to the plurality, security, and giveion of fleshlys, assigns and their habitats.”11 It was accredited by the AAZPA. Budget The ZSSD’s 1988 budget, which interjacent perfectances of the Inordinate Fleshly Park, was $68 darling. (That was balance than 10 intervals the budget of a ownd U.S. zoo such as the Dallas Zoo.) Fleshly collections and gives accounted for 25% of the completion occasion aidful activities (e.g., oat-ups of influence, talents and ride oceantenance) attentive 44%. The cherishing allocations were: unconcealed empire, 14%; fund-raising, 7%; hospital and scrutiny activities, 5%; and fellowship and knowledge activities, 5%. The catholicst commencenings of proceeds in FY1987 were paths (41% of the completion) and aidful activities (36%). The concealment interjacent hawk goods and influence sales, in-zoo comportment, and fielding at the Inordinate Fleshly Park. The proximate catholicst proceeds commencening (8%) was ZSSD fellowship dues. In 1987, balance than 150,000 multiply lineageholds remunerated annual dues of $45. (Adband-arms to the zoo was unobstructed to ZSSD multiplys. One-day unconcealed path was priced at $8.50 in February 1988.) The cessation of ZSSD proceeds (15%) came from a city ownership tax, grants, remittances, and boarding pay. Balance the terminal five years, expenses had revived at a junction annual rebuke of 9%. Costs for fleshly concern were mound at almost 12%, which interjacent inflation of 4%. In specification, the Zoo was subsidizing the Inordinate Fleshly Park, which had shapeed a acquisition in merely one of its chief 13 years of perfectance. In 1984, for issue, the Field lost $825,000. The Zoo itself wanted consummate for ongoing programs to mend facilities. Zoo expertnessful-stuff realized that $4.5 darling of the 1987 proceeds was “nonrecurring pay” from the panda token. Future remittances and grants were not predictable, and there was no constructal, corporebuke remittance program in attribute at the Zoo. Expertise in Guardianship The San Diego Zoo was unconcealed cosmos-peoplewide for its expertise in fleshly guardianship and sign nurture. It inaugurated the usage of perfecting necropsies on all of its torpid fleshlys and spearheaded fruit of the scope of zoological pathology. In 1975, the Center for Plurality of Endangered Sign (CRES) was created to counter the mound cosmos-peoplewide bear of sign annihilation. A extentconducive infraorganization had been built balance the terminal decade, which led to constructidconducive 5- to 10-idiosyncratic teams of scientists and staff in six significanceant scopes: genetics, virology, immunology, reproductive physiology, comportment and pathology. The CRES bred endangered sign in confinement for loose into their artclose habitats. It equconducive oceantained a cryonurture adroitness for valuconducive sperm and eggs pur-poseated the Frozen Zoo. By the torpid 1980s, the Center had luckabundantly proud African Sombre Rhinos, California Condors, cheetahs, tigers, and a catholic enumerate of other sign. Inordinate Fleshly Field The Inordinate Fleshly Field was located 35 miles northeast of the Zoo. Delay axioms sheltering 1,800 acres (2.8 balance miles), the Field supposing an wide contrast for fleshlys to recbalance in and be observed. Animals were customaryly remodeld floating the two subsidences. Horticultural Expertise In specification to the unsordid destruction of its fleshlys, the Zoo held a relieve rate: a abundantly accredited botanical garden containing 3,500 sign, including endangered assigns. The staff’s horticultural expertise enabled them to advance influence for some zoo fleshlys. That interjacent 18 varieties of eucalyptus trees to recbalance koalas as polite-mannered-mannered as varieties of bamboo seemly for pandas. Relationships delay Chinese Zoos The San Diego Zoo had unconcealed kinsfolkhips delay zoos throughout the cosmos-people. Through the adjunctions of one of its dutyees, the Zoo bigwigted bigwigted delay Chinese zoos in 1979 to aid endangered fleshlys—notably, the red panda, takin (catholic goat-antelope), and Manchurian cranes. In the 1980s, Zoo expertnessful-treatment, which then interjacent Myers, luckabundantly effectd remodels of diverse Chinese fleshlys for giveion as U.S. and cosmos-nation “firsts.” Prominent issues interjacent: 1983 a couple of Chinese Monals (pheasants): the chief giveion past China gone the 1800s 1984 satisfactory monkeys sent as “guardianship beneficence ambassadors”: the chief giveed in the Western cosmos-nation 1986 eastern kiang (mule): the chief giveed in the U.S. By 1987, when the monster pandas assignd, the Zoo had fostered the chief race of a Sichuan takin past of China. (The takin unconcealedly shared habitats delay the monster panda.) Fleshly produces floating the San Diego Zoo and zoos cosmos-peoplewide owndly took attribute in accordance delay AAZPA policies and in the circumstance of endangered sign, an AAZPA Sign Continuance Plan (SSP). Begun in 1981, this cooperative fleshly expertnessful-stuff program was calculated to husband constructing of selected endangered sign so they could unfold vigorous, self-sustaining populations. Some sign supposing SSP setation were reported “flagship sign” for their ability to draw influential feelings from the notorious.12 Initiatives at the Zoo in the Torpid 1980s San Diego Zoo built its chief “multi-sign habitat” in 1986. Instead of isolating fleshlys of one sign, this area assembled fleshlys set margin by margin in the inordinate and artclose assign morals. The Zoo pioneered the pur-pose and erection of cageless, unconcealed-air gives delay minute wires and moats that ownd tokenors to see emend and equconducive move and recbalance fleshlys. This leveltualistic path corresponded delay advanceing intecessation in fleshly guardianship and character of morals as polite-mannered-mannered as the tokenetconducive want to augment the zoo trial for tokenors. In 1986, San Diego Zoo’s 70th year of perfectances, the ZSSD bigwigted a gaudy tokeneting hostilities to celebrebuke and tempt the notorious to token. TV ads showed tigers and other fleshlys cavorting to pure melody, and monster billboards appeared all balance the city.13 (For key conclusions in the Zoo’s fact, see Give 2.) Give 2 | Fact of the San Diego Zoo: Selected Key Dates 1916 Plans commence for the San Diego Zoo; Dr. Harry Wegeforth settlees the Zoological Society of San Diego 1921 City of San Diego shapes balance 100 acres of attribute in Balboa Field to the Zoological Society 1925 Belle Benchley befits the chief womanly zoo master cosmos-peoplewide, contrast the dispose for San Diego’s alterconducive path to zoo perfectances 1969 Chief interval for annual zoo habiliments to reap 3 darling 1972 Inordinate Fleshly Field unconcealeds in multiply to relieve the zoo’s constructing programs 1975 Center for Plurality of Endangered Sign seted 1979 San Diego Zoo somethingts bigwigted delay Chinese zoos to aid endangered fleshlys—notably, the red panda, takin and Manchurian cranes 1985 A moneyclose lynxeyed is hatched at the zoo for the chief interval in 32 years 1985 Douglas Myers befits magistrebuke master of the Zoological Society 1986 The Zoo builds its chief multi-sign circle 1986 San Diego Zoo shapes 70 years old and commences a influential tokeneting hostilities 1987 Basi and Yuan Yuan, two monster pandas, assign on a 200-day hypothecation from China Source: San Diego Zoological Society History, In March 1988, the month succeeding the monster pandas’ concealment, the Tiger River Give (a.k.a. the Kroc Parentage Tropical Rain Forest) was scheduled to unconcealed. It was the most valuconducive and challenging give continually inferiorcaptured by the Zoo: The circle unlevel ran a timid $5.8 darling.14 Joan Kroc, the widow of McDonald’s cessationaurant seter Ray Kroc, had donated $3.3 darling in 1985. It was the catholicst retired remittance in the zoo’s fact. The proximate new give, if Myers could wave it, would lineage monster pandas. They would be the something inducement for the Zoo. IV. Monster Pandas: The Sign Delay their sombre ears, eye patches, shoulders and legs, and oppositioning innocent bodies, monster pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) grew to an adult extent of 200 to 300 pounds. In the inordinate, they had a morals anticipateancy of 14 to 20 years. In confinement, they recoverd an medium of 28. Pandas had a rather assiduous moralsstyle. Due to weak studyion, they elapsed 12 to 16 hours each day consuming bamboo for nourishment—from 20 to 40 pounds of it. Occasion the pandas command end athwart 25 varieties of bamboo during the mode of a day, they tended to be picky and ate merely indecent or five types. They sat conscientious as they ate, plenteous relish civilizeds sitting on the plea. (See Give 3.) Give 3 | A Panda at Its Favorite Pasinterval Source: (c) Lissa Harrison. Not surprisingly, nation saw the monster pandas as cute, awkward creatures. In their leveltual habitat, at-last, they could be as ventureous as any other “bear.”a They were trained tree-climbers and swimmers and ventured to tall altitudes to confront influence.15 Habitat Monster pandas recoverd in a few distant mountain strolls in convenient China (Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces) at elevations floating 5,000 and 10,000 feet. These areas were usually timid, vaporous, and humid. Pandas did not idle. In the summer, when temperatures rose, they headed to taller and timider elevations. On the medium, a panda roamed a 1.9 balance-mile stroll. Balance the elapsed 15 years, the completion area of panda entitlement had impoverished 53%.16 The chief origins were logging and change of attribute to agricultural use. Delay panda pelts estimate up to $40,000 on the sombre tokenet, poaching besides occurred, equconducive though convictions for the enormity succeeding 1983 carried the decease price.17 Plurality Females reaped constructing ripeness at 4 to 8 years of age and could regive until age 20, but most womans in the inordinate proud merely five to aim cubs in their moralstimes. They were conducive to inferiorinsist uniformly a year, during a 2 to 3 day end, and give race 95 to 160 days torpidr to a 4-ounce cub (1/800th the extent of the woman). When twins were born, merely one cub usually survived.b Mothers then elapsed 3 years encouragement the cub. During the mating end, viriles and womanlys attracted each other delay inclines and scents. Their consciousness of redolence was tallly unconcealed. For the cessation of the year, they recoverd lonely recovers. Protected Foundation In 1987, the population of monster pandas in the inordinate was unconcealedly condescensiond to be hither than 2,500. The functional reckon was 1,100, fixed on the Relieve General Panda Survey conducted by China’s Ministry of Forestry and the Cosmos-nation Wide Fund for Creation (WWF) in 1985–88.18 Coordinated interwell-planned efforts to save pandas began in the lapse of 1979 when Chinese empire functionals agreed to unfold a flexure design delay the WWF. It became the chief interwell-planned guardianship organization to product in China. The WWF had been discriminating to attribute the design for its 20th anniversary year, in 1981. The monster panda was its longstanding logo.c By 1988, there were diverse securitys in attribute for the monster panda as an endangered sign. In the U.S., the Endangered Sign Nurture Act of 1969 prohibited the specification and sale of sign in venture of cosmos-peoplewide annihilation. Concomitant comp in the 1970s and forthcoming 80s strengthened corporeal laws and teeming the Fish and Wildmorals Labor at the Department of the Interior delay balanceseeing obedience for attribute fleshlys. By 1988, the monster panda had been attributed on the endangered sign inventory. Internationally, chaffering in endangered sign was scant by The Convention on Interwell-planned Dealing in Endangered Sign of Inordinate Fauna and Flora (CITES). Twain China and the U.S., floating some 90 other reckonries, were signatories. In soundness gone 1973, the convention banned chaffering of endangered sign inferiorcaptured for tokenetconducive ends and set forth concomitant cessationrictions depending on the setation of the sign. In 1984, the monster panda was moved up from CITES Appendix III to Appendix I, which carried the strictest regulations. In China, the China Wildmorals Guardianship Association (CWCA) had been ordinary in 1983 as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) to excite sustainconducive fruit. The CWCA adopted the monster panda as its logo. Organized inferior the auspices of the China Science Association, it became the catholicst ecological guardianship organization in China and attached the Interwell-planned Union for Guardianship of Creation and Creation Resources. By the torpid 1980s, there were 13 husbandd concern facilities for monster pandas in China’s convenient mountain territory.19 The ocean centers were Wolong General Eventual Reserve (which bigwigted a panda program in 1980) and the Chengdu Panda Decorum Center (ordinary in 1987). The end of these facilities was to consider panda comportment, constructing cycles, interactions and eating preferences so that scientists could potently transition pandas from zoos to the inordinate. Sadly, constructing programs in China had not been very potent. From 1936–88, the 345 pandas in confinement had effected 67 litters of 106 cubs, and merely 32 survived for balance than one year.20 In other tone, for balance 50 years, the programs had effected hither than one cub per year. V. Panda “Exchanges”d: A Brief Fact Floating 1936 and 1946, a end of gregarious noise in China, fleshly hunters took monster pandas to the U.S. and Great Britain.21 When Cosmos-nation War II and the Chinese convenience ended, the rising People’s Renotorious of China put a seal to the panda outflow. The empire adopted the monster panda as a general rate and concernabundantly inferior pretense to it. In the torpid 1950s, the empire began to use monster pandas as beneficence ambassadors in a usage that became unconcealed as “panda management.”22 The chief reckonry to accept a panda as a recite talent was the USSR. From 1957 to 1982, China giveed pandas to 8 balance reckonries, including the U.S.e (See Give 4.) The fleshlys were unconcealedly sent away in couples.f The terminal recite talent was a virile sent to Japan to reattribute the virile in the chief talent succeeding its decease in 1980. Give 4 | Interwell-planned Transfers of Monster Pandas, 1957–87 Recite Gifts Province Recipient Zoo (City) Year* Duration Pandas USSR Moscow 1957 n.a. Ping Ping USSR Moscow 1959 n.a. An An DPRK (Korea) Pyongyang 1965-1980 n.a. Dang Dang, Sang Xing, and 3 balance USA General (Washington) 1972 n.a. Ling Ling, Xing Xing Japan Ueno (Tokyo) 1972 n.a. Lan Lan, Kang Kang France Vincennes (Paris) 1973 n.a. Yan Yan, Li Li UK London 1974 n.a. Jia Jia, Jing jing Gerabundant Berlin 1974 n.a. Tian Tian, Bao Bao Mexico Chapultepec (Mexico City) 1975 n.a. Ying Ying, Bei Bei Spain Madrid 1978 n.a. Shao Shao, Qiang Qiang Japan Ueno (Tokyo) 1980 n.a. Huan Huan Japan Ueno (Tokyo) 1982 n.a. Fei Fei Remodel of Animals Austrian broker London, UK 1958 n.a. Chi Chi Sight Loans Gerabundant (West) Tierfield (Berlin) 1958 1 mo. Chi Chi Gerabundant (West) Frankfurt 1958 1 mo. Chi Chi Dentoken Copenhagen 1958 Chi Chi USSR Moscow 1966 7 mo. Chi Chi Japan Fukuoka City 1980 Bao Ling, HsanHsan Japan Oji (Kobe) 1981 Zhai Zhai, Rong Rong USA Los Angeles 1984 3.5 mo. Ying Xin, Yun Yun USA San Francisco 1985 6 mo. Ying Xin, Yun Yun Canada Toronto 1985 3 mo. Qing Qing, Quan Quan Ireattribute Dublin 1986 6 mo. Ping Ping, Ming Ming Sweden Parken (Eskilstuna) 1986 Chuan Chuan, Jin Jin Belgium Antwerp 1987 4 mo. Wan Wan, Xi Xi Netherlands Safarifield Beekse Bergen (Hilvarenbeek) 1987 5 mo. Chuan Chuan, Rong Rong USA Busch Gardens (Tampa) 1987 5 mo. Ling Ling, Yun Yun USA San Diego 1987 200 days Basi, Yuan Yuan * Year of manifestatlon at the zoo. Discrepancies floating commencenings parent from nonmessage of clarity floating conclusions of undertaking and manifestatlon at the zoo, scheduled versus express manifestatlon, and chief versus relieve or reinstatement fleshlys. Sources: and In the mid-1980s, well-planned goals became confused delay tokenetconducive pursuits in the so-designated “rent-a-panda” end. It began when pandas hypothecationed to the Los Angeles Zoo for give during the 1984 Olympic Games were following sent to San Francisco at a fee of $100,000 per month.23 Thereafter, the Chinese empire—and unobstructedlance agents and intermediaries—concentrated exclusively on incomplete-term, fee-fixed giveion hypothecations of 3 to 6 months.24 Zoos throughout the cosmos-nation proffered rental fees, percentages of memory sales, balanceseas trips, and diverse other incentives and equivalent as they scrambled to reap pandas. The two functional commencenings for monster pandas in China operated independently. One was the Ministry of Forestry, which producted delay the CWCA. The other was the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG), an NGO affiliated delay the Ministry of Construction.g The CAZG had pretense to 21 zoos delay 60 pandas, closely twice the enumerate inferior by the CWCA. To reap pandas, a strange zoo unconcealedly began by pathing one of the two NGOs. The zoo and NGO effectd a missive of eager specifying, floating other things, the multiplyicular fleshlys to be epidemic and preparations for reimbursement to China.h Depending on the NGO, the instrument was then sent either to the Ministry of Forestry or Ministry of Erection for laudation. An sordid narrow passed through the Ministry of Strange Affairs to the Recite Council. Monster pandas remained so tied to Chinese management that any produce undertaking had to accept slowst laudation from the Premier himself.25 During the relieve half of the 1980s, guardianshipists in China and the U.S. became increasingly stuffed encircling the stuff of pandas in interwell-planned produces and the dwindling population of pandas in the inordinate. In the U.S., panda advocates voiced waver encircling the heed delay which Chinese authorities used strange funds supposing expressly for panda guardianship.26 In China, functionals in some circles began to give balance cogitation to how to use panda hypothecations to excite constructing and guardianship scrutiny. Meanwhile, the monster panda continued to like cosmos-peoplewide acceptdity and tall require. In the U.S. unlevel in 1988, at last 30 arts were negotiating or planning to effect delay China for pandas.27 VI. Negotiating the 1987 Hypothecation The hawkings that culminated in the 1987 hypothecation of the two pandas, Basi and Yuan Yuan, from their abode zoo, the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian Province, took closely 10 years for the San Diego Zoo to full.28 The ZSSD chaffert delay the Ministry of Forestry and CWCA, the organizations through which it had stereotyped all of its anterior fleshly remodels. (These preparations were, literally, two-way remodels.) The ZSSD agreed to curve some Zoo policies for fleshly concern in dispose to engage Chinese preferences and usages for pandas. As multiply of this preparation, Myers besides made a talent to the Chinese, although he did not notoriously promulgate its creation. The ZSSD sent a 17-idiosyncratic delegation, including six couples, to China for the signing rite. In a valuconducive notorious criticise on the hawkings, Myers told one journalist: “We chaffer in friendliness, and friendliness instrument duty. . . . Nine, ten years ago, the cogitation of pandas or satisfactory monkeys . . . may bear been considered unrealistic. . . . Our friendliness delay the Chinese has ownd us abundant unbelievconducive fleshlys.”29 VII. The Adjunction of the Panda Token To settle Basi and Yuan Yuan in 1987, the San Diego Zoo renovated the corporeal 1,200-square-foot, clouded leopard circle at a oat-up of $850,000.30 Workers mendd the attributescaping and domiciled air conditioning, catholic paint windows, and two slumbering areas.31 The pandas had to be kept asunder. They were anticipateed to oat-up 4.5 tons of bamboo during their token. The Zoo could advance that equality on its axioms, but endup eatables were besides trustworthy. Balance the mode of the pandas’ July 23–February 10 token, the Zoo anticipateed a 50% growth in tokenors.32 The annual tokenor completion in 1986 had been 3.35 darling.i (See Give 5 for habiliments at comparconducive San Diego inducements.) Gone the growthd bulk would condescension remodel nigh the Zoo, tallway pathes were reconfigured, and shadow fielding delay shuttle labor was set up. The Zoo had merely 3,150 customary fielding spaces, so it leased a lot delay 2,500–3,000 balance spaces from the city at $1,000 per month. Zoo useees were asked to field off-site. To mature aiming of the pandas, the Zoo constrained a proud area past the give that would manage 150 tokenors at a interval. Zoo hours were remote, and 150–200 extra useees were paid for fielding labors, influence labor and talent shops.33 Give 5 | Estimated Habiliments Levels at Important San Diego Attractions in 1986* Inducement Visitors Description Old Town San Diego Recite 5,740,000 Nonacquisition SeaWorld San Diego 3,440,000 Acquisition San Diego Zoo 3,350,000 Nonacquisition Bazaar del Mundo 1,530,000 Acquisition San Diego Inordinate Fleshly Field 1,430,000 Nonacquisition Cabrillo General Monument 1,170,000 Empire Torrey Pines Recite Reserve 960,000 Empire Belmont Park’s Rides and Attractions 670,000 Acquisition Reuben H. Fast Science 520,000 Nonacquisition San Diego Museum of Art 470,000 Nonacquisition Birch Aquarium 380,000 Nonacquisition San Diego Eventual Fact Museum 340,000 Nonacquisition Hornblower Cruises & Events 210,000 Acquisition San Diego Museum of Man 180,000 Nonacquisition San Diego Aerospace Museum 160,000 Nonacquisition Mariinterval Museum Association 140,000 Nonacquisition *Except for San Diego Zoo (express habiliments). Estimates for other inducements acquired by reducing expresss for 2001 by the percentage destruction that expressly occurred for the San Diego Zoo. Chief commencening: San Diego Office Journal, 2001, The Zoo besides qualified its ownd procedures for fleshly concern. Multiply of its philosophy was not to anticipate fleshlys to bebear anything but leveltually, yet the pandas’ Chinese managers insisted that the pandas perconstruct and bear customary civilized adjunction. The managers’ rationale was that the pandas would thereby cling fit and pathable, authorizeing trainers to vigilance their class and warner their heartiness. The trainers slept in trailers nigh the fleshlys’ circle—another usage counter to San Diego Zoo system. By the pandas’ concealment 10 days succeeding Super Bowl XXII, which San Diego besides multitudeed, some 2 darling nation had seen the pandas. For the 1987 fiscal year, which represented the bulk of the pandas’ token, completion annual ticket sales for the zoo hit an all-interval tall of 3.9 darling—a 16% growth balance 1986.34 No separebuke portal or supplementary fee was required to see the pandas. They quiet pretended $4.45 darling to the ZSSD’s 1987 proceeds “excess,”j succeeding expenses of $5.5 darling. (They would besides add, albeit plenteous hither, to proceeds for FY1988. The completion oat-up of the 1987–88 panda token was encircling $7.5 darling.)35 VIII. Negotiating the Pandas’ Return: Multiple Stakeholders To effect a reshape of monster pandas, Myers realized that he would bear to chaffer delay diverse stakeholders and intecessation disposes—and not proper those in China. In the U.S., there were empire agencies and functionals at corporate, recite and federal levels. Interwell-planned NGOs attached to creation guardianship and fleshly hues interjacent the AAZPA, WWF, and Interwell-planned Union for Guardianship of Nature. These disposes’ shares, policies, and lies could aid or above Myers’s efforts. One plain lawful accomplishment in the U.S., which aligned delay the CITES convention, was that the ZSSD allot to the Fish and Wildmorals Labor for a encourage to significance monster pandas. To like a encourage, the Labor set three conditions: no wound to the continuance of the sign in the inordinate, the ability of the receiving art to afford liberal concern for the fleshly, and boon to the sign from significanceing the fleshly. An collision for a encourage could be opposed or protected by any dispose. The Interwell-planned Fund for Fleshly Welfare, for issue, unconcealedly took a insist counter putting monster pandas in zoos. Given the catholic enumerate of American zoos shareed in monster pandas, the Fish and Wildmorals Labor would relishly name the enumerate of significance encourages. When the interval came, Myers would bear to construct a influential circumstance for the San Diego Zoo. IX. U.S.-China Kinsfolk When the People’s Renotorious of China was ordinary in 1949, the U.S. Empire chose not to functionally own the Communist empire. As the Vietnam War dragged on and the Cold War delay the USSR stubborn, U.S. Superintendent Richard Nixon saw a strategic sersin in unfolding a kinsfolkhip delay China. In mid-1971, at the offer of Chairman Mao Zedong, the U.S. Tconducive Tennis Team played giveions in China. (This was pur-poseated “ping-pong management.”) In forthcoming 1972, Nixon himself tokened China and inaugurated an 8-year-long mode that culminated in the community of constructal, well-planned kinsfolk. To token that chief token, Mao gave Nixon a couple of monster pandas; Nixon reciprocated delay a couple of musk-oxen. The kinsfolkhip floating the two reckonries mendd through the 1970s and 1980s. Succeeding the decease of Mao, “pragmatic” Deng Xiaoping took balance. He spearheaded the modernization of the distribution and unconcealeded it for interwell-planned chaffering. Deng tokened the U.S. in 1979, and in 1984, Superintendent Reagan tokened China. Although the setation of Taiwan, floating other issues, remained a commencening of tone, U.S.-China ties remote. Cultural and or-laws remodel undertakings were reaped in 1984. From 1980–88, bilateral chaffering (utterly ship-produce rate) rose closely 70%.36 In February 1988, succeeding 7 years as sin superintendent of the U.S., George Bush was anticipateed to run for Superintendent in the lapse preference. He had served as Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in China from 1974–75 (when there was no band-arms or ambassador). He retained ties delay tall-level Chinese functionals that could mature Sino-American hawkings. X. How to Effect delay the Chinese: American Perceptions Myers had infections scattered-aindelicate delay Chinese scientists and empire functionals balance “first” gives of diverse fleshlys, but he anticipateed the hawkings now on his inclination to be balance challenging. He wanted pandas for a longer end than any stereotyped to conclusion. To make-ready his path this interval, he could consider a little but advanceing consider on Americans’ hawkings delay Chinese counterparts. One of the most sordid observations centered on the look “friend of China” (lao pengyou). Americans believed that this setation accorded condescensionconducive stuff. Abundant magistrates seeking office delay China did their farthest to curry condescension delay the Chinese and beend ownd as a “friend.” U.S. diplomats had a contrariant aim of the Chinese empire’s consciousness of friendliness. Floating those adjustd in initiation kinsfolk in the mid-1970s, Richard Solomon had written: The most primary idiosyncrasy of chafferings delay the Chinese is their seek to realize strange functionals who are dissimilar to their origin, to civilize a consciousness of friendliness and belief in their functional counterparts, and then to follow their objectives through a destruction of stratagems calculated to maniputorpid feelings of friendliness, belief, culpability or reliance. 37 Former U.S. Secretary of Recite Henry Kissinger cautioned, “The decree of friendliness constructs it that plenteous balance intricate to vary on those issues which the Chinese declare—usually at an forthcoming dispose of a hawking—as stuffs of tenet and consequently past adjust.38 Other aspects of Chinese negotiating comportment observed by American diplomats and gregarious scientists interjacent Chinese economy of strangeers, expertness in casting strangeers in the role of supplicants, forthcoming moves to settle a condescensionconducive agenda, pith on recitativeal perspectives, and unintecessation in lawful concepts. Solomon advised American negotiators to bear a plain consciousness of their objectives, to give lies in a indelicate framework, to minimize media influence, and to use perseverance.39 MIT Professor Lucian Pye, an haughty China specialist, reinforced these points in a Harvard Office Resurvey word distinctiond, “The China chaffering: making the chaffer.” A enumerate of American office magistrates concluded that their Chinese counterparts were “tough bargainers.” The extent of their negotiating teams was grand, and they occupied in “endhither bargaining”—equconducive reinitiation chaffers that Americans considered full. At the identical interval, some aspects of Chinese interwell-planned negotiating comportment evolved. In surveys conducted floating the torpid 1970s and torpid 1980s, American and other magistrates’ perceptions of the keys to luck in hawkings in China shifted from “soft,” cultural factors to “hard” elements such as budgetary authorizeances and China’s want for American technology.40 XI. Myers’s Plans As Myers sat end in his chair to study this notification, his phone rang. It was another investigation encircling his plans for monster pandas. This incline was from a ZSSD dutyee, but she surely was not the merely idiosyncratic in San Diego thinking encircling pandas. Bringing them end would be a boost for the Zoo, its interwell-planned token, and, for that stuff, Myers’s token. He had, succeeding all, touted the Zoo as one of the haughtyest in the cosmos-people. Myers looked obtrusive to negotiating for pandas delay Chinese representatives but he knew it would be challenging. He refocused his vigilance to three planning tasks: Developing an embezzle frameproduct or organization for the action. Identifying the ocean agenda items for hawking. Crafting a despatch management and talking points by which to dispose his commandy Chinese counterparts to authorize pandas to reshape to the San Diego Zoo. What accurately should he do in each area?

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