Criminal psychology and behavior quiz



  1. According to the authors of your text, our inability to prevent crime is largely due to: 

A.    A declining interest in the field of criminology.

B.    The difficulty in defining the term crime.

C.    The complexity of the issue.

D.    The paucity of experts studying crime.

E.    The lack of funding available for research.



  1. Most contemporary biopsychologists believe:

A.   Genetic and neuropsychological variables play a part in criminal behavior.

B.   Genetic components are the sole causal agents of human behavior.

C.   Understanding the social environment is irrelevant in studying criminal                              behavior.     

D.   Criminal behavior is an evolutionary throwback to an earlier stage in the evolution of man.

E.   Antisocial behavior is explained by somatyping. 



  1. When parents see an unusually large number of minor problems in their children as problematic, and then resort to authoritarian strategies to deal with the problems, it is called the:

A.   Authoritarian approach.

B   .Authoritative style.

C.   Enmeshed style.

D.   Permissive practice approach.

e.   Neglecting approach.



  1. The psychodynamic approach explains behavior in terms of:

A.  Motives and drives.

B.  Personality traits.

C.  Free will.

D.  Logic.

E.  Heredity and family history.



  1. Low parental monitoring is associated with:

A.  Higher levels of antisocial behavior.

B.  Higher levels of violence.

C.  Earlier initiation of drug abuse.

D.  Earlier initiation of alcohol abuse.

E.  All of the above.



  1. Several studies suggest that parental monitoring is especially important between the ages of:

A.  Nine and 16.

B.  Six and five weeks.

C.  Five and 18.

D.  12 and 18.

E.  13 and 16.



  1. Which of the following is not a method of measuring crime?

A.   UCR.

B.   Self-report studies.

C.   PCL-R.

D.   National Victimization Studies.

E.   Supplementary homicide report.



  1. According to Sutherland’s theory of differential association:

A.   Criminal behavior can be learned only by associating with others who are     criminal.

B.   Violent behavior is biologically determined.

C.   Criminal behavior is learned like any other behavior.

D.   Criminal behavior is learned primarily through classical conditioning.

E.   None of the above.



  1. The weapon used in road rage is:

A.   A gun.

B.   A knife.

C.   One’s fist.

D.   Obscene gestures.

E.   The vehicle.



  1. Poverty is an example of ____ risk factor.

A.   A social.

B.   A amilialf.

C.   An economic.

D.   A psychological.

E.   A self-fulfilling.



  1. The ability to control one’s behavior in accordance with internal standards is called:

A.   Non-risky behavior.

B.   Scrutinization.

C.   Self-regulation.

D.   Frontal-lobe control.

E.   Undoing.



  1. Serious criminal offenders often present with _____ cognitions.

A.   Contracted.

B.   Distorted.

C.   Dominant.

D.   Erotic.

E.   Subversive.



  1. Which one of the following would not be a primary concern of sociological criminology?

A.   Personality characteristics of rapists.

B.   Age characteristics of murderers.

C.   Gender of victims of aggravated assault.

D.   Relationship of victim to offender.

E.   The victim characteristics of hate crimes.



  1. Operant and social learning originated from a school of psychological thought called:

A.   Psychoanalysis.

B.   Socioperant conditioning.

C.   Social learning.

D.   Behaviorism.

E.   Determinism.



  1. Which one of the following behaviors is an example of adolescent risk-taking behavior?

A.   Binge drinking.

B.   Participation in school athletics.

C.   Obtaining a driver’s license.

D.   Video gaming.

E.   Walking to school.



  1. Those influences in a person’s life that are believed to increase the probability that an individual will engage in criminal behavior are called:

A.   Self-regulatory factors.

B.   Criminogenic needs.

C.   Criminogenic determinants.

D.   Impulsive drives.

E.   Risk factors.



  1. The research on environmental risk factors during infancy indicates that:

A.   Lead exposure may be linked to antisocial behavior.

B.   Trans fats are closely associated with delinquent behavior.

C.   Junk foods often lead to persistent and violent criminal behavior.

D.   An organic diet can greatly reduce likelihood of antisocial behavior.

E.   High sugar intake before age two is linked to criminal behavior.



  1. The tendency of a variety of people across the country to model or copy particular criminal activity portrayed by the entertainment media is called:

A.   Contagion effect.

B.   Copy-cat syndrome.

C.   Escalation.

D.   Circular imagining.

E.   Media modeling.



  1. Malicious gossip is an example of what type of human aggression?

A.   Direct active verbal.

B.   Indirect active verbal.

C.   Direct passive verbal.

D.   Indirect passive verbal.

E.   Directive instrumental.


  1. Sigmund Freud is most associated with which one of the following fields?

A.   Traditional psychiatric criminology.

B.   Sociological criminology.

C.   Psychological criminology.

D.   Contemporary psychiatric criminology.

E.   Molecular criminology.

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