1) A codified law is unconcealed as a

A) deviant act.

B) decree.

C) hypothesis.

D) wrong.

2) According to John F. Galliher, juridical definitions of sin are arrived at through a __________ regularity.

A) sociological

B) psychological

C) collective

D) mainstream

3) Ron Classen sees wrong extensively as

A) a transposition of a law.

B) bearing action.

C) an offense balance ethnical relationships.

D) a shape of gregarious maladjustment.

4) The pluralistic perspective suggests that actions are typically viciousized through

A) open contract of members of community.

B) a collective regularity.

C) the creature of shared norms and values.

D) none of the above

5) Which of the aftercited jobs probably would not descend amid the room of viciousistics?

A) Fingerprint examiner

B) Polygraph operator

C) Forensics examiner

D) Correctional functional

6) A police functional or examination functional is best vivid as a

A) viciousist.

B) criminologist.

C) vicious proper administrative.

D) none of the above

7) __________ definitions convergence on criminology’s role in uncovering the underly-

ing causes of wrong.

A) Scientific

B) Causative

C) Disciplinary

D) None of the above

8) According to several administrative groups, infringement in television, still n ess, video

games, and movies

A) may guide to increased levels of raving action discurrent outcome.

B) may guide to decreased levels of raving action discurrent outcome.

C) may guide to melting sensitization internal infringement in authentic duration.

D) may own no issue on levels of raving action discurrent outcome.

9) Which of the aftercited is not an contiguous input supposing by the proper scheme that may repair or subdue the coming of vicious occurrences?

A) Police reply spell to a wrong scene

B) The availability or tripure of functional assistance

C) The influence or insufficiency of police functionals

D) A prison that acts as a “wrong school”

10) Which of the aftercited is not considered a goods wrong by the UCR?

A) Robbery

B) Burglary

C) Arson

D) Theft

11) Which of the aftercited is not a deduce why infringe victims trip to ment their victimization?

A) Fear that the wrong is not considerable sufficient to ment

B) Fear of the perpetrator

C) Fear of community in the vicious proper scheme

D) Shame

12) The predicament of wrongs in NIBRS which corresponds most air-tight to the UCR Part I offenses is

A) Group A offenses

B) Part I wrongs

C) NIBRS key wrongs

D) None of the above

13) According to Elliott Currie, the __________ is the trounce of wrong conducive on the plea of wrongs that would likely be committed by those who are incapacitated by the vicious proper scheme.

A) express wrong trounce

B) sin index

C) hidden wrong trounce

D) clearance trounce

14) The NCVS divides depredation into the categories of __________ depredation.

A) household and personal

B) superb and petty

C) raving and nonviolent

D) misdemeanor and misdemeanor

15) Which of the aftercited is not a finding of the National Youth Survey?

A) Raving offenders originate lives of wrong precedent than originally believed.

B) Females are implicated in a fineer correspondence of wrong than previously fancy.

C) There is a congruous series from hither weighty to further weighty acts of

delinquency balance spell.

D) Race differentials in wrong are fineer than unwritten grounds sources implied.

16) The foremost stalk in any inquiry is to

A) educe a inquiry intention.

B) elect a grounds collation technique.

C) revisal the findings.

D) identify a bearing.

17) A __________ is distinctly costly when aspects of the gregarious contrast are further the moderate of the inquiryer.

A) one-group pretest-poststandard intention

B) circumstance examine

C) moderateled experiment

D) quasi-experimental intention

18) The examine of one point vicious form is an specimen of the __________ grounds-gathering policy.

A) examine inquiry

B) circumstance examine

C) participant observation

D) subordinate analysis

19) The position of dispensation of scores encircling the balance is unconcealed as the

A) exemplar hiatus.

B) median.

C) correspondence.

D) recognition standard.

20) A __________ correspondence exists among exemplification extent and the position of dependence we can own in our issues.

A) positive

B) curvilinear

C) negative

D) inverse

21) In which year was the Magna Carta attested?

A) 450 B.C.

B) 1215

C) 1066

D) 1700 B.C.

22) Which of the aftercited was not one of the three types of wrongs outlined by Beccaria?

A) Crimes that implicated no victims other than community

B) Crimes that ran opposed to the gregarious order

C) Crimes that damaged citizens or their goods

D) Crimes that threatened the shelter of the state

23) Which of the aftercited categories of forfeiture government comprise the damage of the proper to vote?

A) constant

B) compulsive

C) indelible

D) restrictive

24) The dispute that wrong is not a issue of need or gregarious stipulations and

therefore cannot be unsupposable by gregarious programs was made by

A) Lawrence Cohen.

B) David Fogel.

C) Ronald V. Clarke.

D) James Q. Wilson.

25) Inquiry by __________ rest that a fine enumerate of constant recidivists were legal for a extensive preponderance of weighty raving wrong.

A) Marvin Wolfgang

B) Marcus Felson

C) Jack Katz

D) Ronald V. Clarke

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