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You are hired by JJ Office Supper, an office supply company with almost ten years of experience in the business and have expanded its business nationwide.In the last four years, the company has tried to introduce a new ERP system and seen the value of data.As a new hire, the COO (Chief Operational Officer) Kim Smith met your team leader and assigned you a task. They would like you to analyze the sales data and create a report that will help the management team to monitor the essential business activities and make sound decisions backed up by data. This task will help you to understand the business better. They also want to see if they hired the right person.Please follow the instruction below to complete the task:

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  1. Download the data file (MiniProject_1_DataSet.xlsx) in the attachment;
  2. Read each table, and understand what kinds of information are available in each of them;
  3. Considering the following questions:
    • Think about what kind of information may be interesting to your audience? What kind of question may they use your report to find answers to?
    • What are essential measures that matter to the management team? e.g., Sales Revenue? Sales Quantity? Cost? Profit margin? Are they available in the data file, or do you need to create a calculated field?
    • What dimensions should be used? e.g., Date? Location? Customer? Product? Manufacturer?
  4. Create at least three data visualization graphs or tables using Tableau. Each graph should include different dimensions and measures combination;
  5. Take a screenshot of each visualization and insert them into a new MS Word document;
  6. Write a short paragraph (less than one hundred words for each paragraph) under each graph to:
    • Describe the meaning of the graph
    • Explain why it matters to the business
    • Explain what attempts you have made to reduce your audience’s cognitive load and help them focus on the essential information?
  7. Submit both MS Word document and Tableau file (save the Tableau file in *.twbx format). The file name should be: MiniProject1_globalID

Bonus task:

  1. Download the data file (MiniProject_1_BonusPoint_DataSet.xlsx) in the attachment;
  2. Connect the data to the Tableau file you created in the task above; (Hint: You can add new columns in the data file if needed)
  3. Create a visualization to demonstrate the relationship between sales target and actual sales.
  4. Take a screenshot of this visualization and insert it into the MS Word document created in the task above;
  5. Write a short paragraph (less than one hundred words) to:
    • Describe the comparison between the sales target and actual sales;
    • What are the potential causes for the gap between target and reality;
    • Explain what attempts you have made to reduce your audience’s cognitive load and help them focus on the essential information?

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