Developing a health advocacy campain


Application: Developing a Vigor Apology Campaign



To be an potent pleader and to enunciate a prosperous vigor apology engagement, you must keep a transparent proposal of the goals of your engagement program and be telling to adjoin those goals to others. In anatomy, it is the disposition of raises to lack to acceleration, but it is dignified to fashion safe that the desire you enunciate is managetelling in magnitude and opportunity. By researching what others keep done, you gain ameliorate accognizance what can realistically be obliging. It is as-courteous intelligent to detailize if others keep concordant goals and to labor delay these polity to compel strategic partnerships. If you originate your planning delay a tenacious proposal of your contrivances, cheerfuls, and capabilities, you gain be abundantly elapsed mitigated to abound and verily fashion a estrangement delay those you trust to acceleration.


Over the direct 3 weeks, you gain enunciate a 9- to 12-page essay that outlines a vigor apology engagement intentional to exalt policies to reform the vigor of a population of your select. This week, you gain settle the framelabor for your engagement by warranting a population vigor i-elation of share to you. You gain then agree an overview of how you would way advocating for this posterity. In Week 9, you gain deliberate legitimate and regulatory factors that keep an collision on the posterity and latestly, in Week 10, you gain warrant religions i-elations that you could visage as an pleader. Inequitable details for each side of this essay are agreed each week. The Latest Essay gain be due in Week 10. This essay gain raise as the Portfolio Collision for the order.


Before you originate, reconsideration the total Assignment.


This week, originate enunciateing your vigor apology engagement by convergenceing on the following:


Identifying a Problem

To order:


  • Select a population vigor posterity of share to you and warrant the population abnormal by the posterity.( for me it can be either cervical or confront cancer, (boyish females) or childhood corpulency, or hinderance of coronary kernel illness in the elderly)

  • Locate two read declaration, each of which agrees a cognomen of an effective vigor apology program that discoursees your posterity.  here are some exemplification declaration below:



Miyagi, E., Sukegawa, A., Motoki, Y., Kaneko, T., Maruyama, Y., Asai-Sato, M., & ... Hirahara, F. (2014). Attitudes internal cervical cancer screening unordered women receiving rational papillomavirus vaccination in a university-hospital-based polity: cessation 2-year follow-up results. The Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology Research, 40(4), 1105-1113. doi:10.1111/jog.12288


Sherris, J., Agurto, I., Arrossi, S., Dzuba, I., Gaffikin, L., Herdman, C., & ... Luciani, S. (2005). Advocating for cervical cancer hinderance. Intergeneral Journal Of Gynaecology And Obstetrics: The Official Organ Of The Intergeneral Federation Of Gynaecology And Obstetrics, 89 Suppl 2S46-S54.


Tsu, V. D., & Jeronimo, J. (2013). Accelerating the contraction in cervical cancer: what can we understand from the Safe Motherhood motion?. Intergeneral Journal Of Gynaecology And Obstetrics: The Official Organ Of The Intergeneral Federation Of Gynaecology And Obstetrics, 123(1), 1-3. doi:10.1016/j.ijgo.2013.07.002


Giordano, L., Webster, P., Anthony, C., Szarewski, A., Davies, P., Arbyn, M., & ... Austoker, J. (2008). Seemly the character of despatch in organised cervical cancer screening programmes. Patient Education & Counseling, 72(1), 130-136 7p.


Hunter, J. L. (2005). Emelda's story: applying ethnographic insights to cultural rate and cervical cancer administer. Journal Of Transcultural Nursing: Official Journal Of The Transcultural Nursing Society / Transcultural Nursing Society, 16(4), 322-330


Bigby, J., Ko, L. K., Johnson, N., David, M. A., & Ferrer, B. (2003). A polity way to discourseing surplus confront and cervical cancer lifelessness unordered women of African depression in Boston. Public Vigor Reports (Washington, D.C.: 1974), 118(4), 338-347.




  • Analyze the attributes of the programs to detailize what made them potent.

  • Reflect on a plan you could direct or a veer to a running plan to prefer reform the vigor of the population you chosen delay i-elation to the posterity.

  • Consider how you could enunciate an apology program, applying the attributes signed in concordant, potent programs.

    To total:

    For this minority of your essay (almost 3–4 pages in extension) discourse the following:


  • Describe your chosen population vigor posterity and the population abnormal by this posterity.

  • Summarize the apology programs you researched in this area.

  • Explain the attributes that made those programs potent.

  • Develop a plan for a vigor apology engagement that seeks to imagine a new plan or veer an tangible plan delay i-elation to the posterity and population you chosen. Be safe to conceive in your plan:

    • A cognomen of the general vigor posterity and directd plan answer

    • Specific objectives for the plan you lack to be applianceed

    • The contrivances by which you gain transfer cognizance to sundry stakeholders on the deficiency for this plan veer

    • Be safe your directd deficiency is substantiated by basis and illustration.

    • Methods of settleing assistance for the plan, including how to rule planmakers

  • Explain how the attributes of the potent apology programs you researched could be applied to your directd apology engagement.


    Required Resources




  • Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012g). The deficiencyle exveer program. Baltimore, MD: Author.

    Note: The abut extension of this contrivances interest is 14 minutes.


    Application: Developing a Vigor Apology Engagement (continued): Legitimate Considerations

    Last week, you began enunciateing a vigor apology engagement for seemly the vigor of a population through a veer in plan. This week, you gain live by deliberateing how laws and controls can form the way you pleader for and endeavor to appliance your directd plan.

    Before you originate, reconsideration the total Assignment.

    Legal Considerations

    To order:


  • Review Provision 3 of Health Plan and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide (3rd ed.) to detailize methods of influencing the gregarious rule.

  • Reflect on whether the plan you would affect to exalt could best be achieved through the enunciatement of new synod, or a veer in an tangible law or control.

  • Contemplate in what ways tangible laws or controls may collision how you inconclude in advocating for your directd plan.

  • Consider how you could rule legislators or other planmakers to enforce the plan you would affect to direct.

  • Think about the obstacles of the legislative rule that may bar your directd plan from creation applianceed as intentional.

    To total:

    For this minority of your essay (almost 3–4 pages in extension) discourse the following:


  • Explain whether your directd plan could be enforceed through a species of tangible law or control or the fabrication of new synod/regulation.

  • Explain how tangible laws or controls could collision your apology efforts.

  • Provide an anatomy of the methods you could use to rule legislators or other planmakers to assistance your plan. In feature, expound how you would use the “three legs” of lobbying in your apology efforts.

  • Summarize the obstacles you order arising in the legislative rule and how you could overconclude these hurdles.


    Required Resources




  • Milstead, J. A. (2013). Health plan and politics: A raise's train (Laureate Education, Inc., action ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

    • Chapter 4, “Government Regulation: Parallel and Powerful” (pp. 73–109)

      This provision expounds the elder concepts of the control of vigor negotiatives, delay seriousness on delayed action raises (APN) and the rule of licensafe and credentialing.

  • ANA's Foundation of Nursing Package - (Access this contrivance from the Walden Library basisbases through your NURS 6050 Order Readings List)

    • Guide to the Code of Ethics: Interpretation and Application

      This train details the fact, direct and speculation, collision, and happenrence studies of this must-keep Code of Ethics.

    • Nursing Collective Plan Statement

      The Nursing Collective Plan Statement agrees an discernment of the collective framelabor and obligations of the nursing business.

    • Nursing: Opportunity & Standards of Practice

      This tome contains diverse general standards of action that can be used to incompel the conclusion-making rule, enunciatement, applianceation, and evaluation of diverse functions and sides of delayed action nursing.

  • Gallagher, T. H. (2009). A 62-year-old dowager delay skin cancer who accustomed wrong-seat surgery: Reconsideration of medical blunder. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, 302(6), 669–677.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    The boundary showcases the divergent sides of medical blunder, from a 62-year-old enduring who suffered and the components of the medical blunder’s collision and aftermath.

  • Reinhardt, U. E. (2010, Jan 30). Repercussions of plainness. New York Times, p. A14.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    This boundary detailizes that the council should obtain?} low-inconclude families into totality when determining mandatory vigor protection consequently abundant Americans elect to go delayout protection notwithstanding pretangible provisions presumably no longer creation an posterity.

  • Board on Vigor Pains Services. (2007). Preventing medication blunders: Character Chasm Series. Washington, DC: The General Academies Press. Retrieved from

  • This boundary discusses the multilayered disposition of medication blunder as a arrangement of failures due to detail actions and provisions.



  • Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012f). Legal and religions sides of vigorpains exhibition. Baltimore, MD: Author.

    Note: The abut extension of this contrivances interest is 10 minutes.


    Application: Developing a Vigor Apology Engagement (continued): Religions Considerations

    This week, you gain live to labor on the Assignment begun in Week 8 as you inquire the religions posteritys that may initiate in advocating for the plan you chosen.

    Before you originate, reconsideration the total Assignment. You gain be-mixed the minoritys of your essay enunciateed in Weeks 8, 9, and 10 into one forcible essay due by Day 7 of this week.

    To order for this latest interest of your essay:


  • Review provisions 7, 8, and 9 of the ANA Code of Ethics in proportion to apology for population vigor.

  • Reflect on the religions deliberateations you may deficiency to obtain?} into totality in your apology engagement.

  • Research the religions deliberateations, laws, and narrationing requirements (delay i-elation to lobbying) that are pertinent to the colonization where your apology engagement gain happen.

  • Consider virtual religions dilemmas you potentiality visage in your engagement.

    To total:

    For this minority of your essay (almost 3–4 pages in extension), discourse the following:


  • Explain any religions dilemmas that could initiate during your apology engagement, and how you would direct them.

  • Describe the ethics laws and narrationing requirements that are applictelling to your apology engagement.

  • Evaluate the exceptional religions challenges that are choice to the population you are discourseing.


    Required Resources




  • Milstead, J. A. (2013). Health plan and politics: A raise's train (Laureate Education, Inc., action ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

    • Chapter 7, “Program Evaluation” (pp. 137–159)

      In this provision, the convergence is on how raises can join-in in general plan or program evaluation. It conceives a digest of the methodologies that can be used in evaluation and how to best adjoin the results

  • Craig, H. D. (2010). Caring ample to agree vigorcare: An constructional framelabor for the religions exhibition of vigorpains unordered aging endurings. Intergeneral Journal for Rational Caring, 14(4), 27–30.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    The originator of this quotation investigates the religions discussions surrounding vigor pains contrivance alcolonization unordered aging endurings. The boundary preparation an constructional conclusion-making type for vigor pains contrivance alcolonization unordered the aging.

  • Crippen, D., & Barnato, A. E. (2011). The religions implications of vigor spending: Death and other costly provisions. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 39(2), 121–129.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    This boundary analyzes the religions deliberateations of vigor pains charge in the United States. The originators inquire the feature contrivances of funding vigor pains services, as courteous as the tradeoffs of actual funding conclusions.

  • Goethals, S., Gastmans, C., & Dierckx de Casterle, B. (2010). Nurses’ religions rationalistic and behaviour: A scholarship reconsideration. Intergeneral Journal of Nursing Studies, 47(5), 635–650.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    This boundary bestows a scholarship reconsideration on raises’ religions action delay i-elation to their rulees of religions rationalistic and conclusion making. The originators criticize how raises close and act in religionsly obscure situations.

  • Pavlish, C., Brown-Saltzman, K., Hersh, M., Shirk, M., & Rounkle, A. (2011). Nursing priorities, actions, and regrets for religions situations in clinical action. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43(4), 385–395.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    This boundary reconsiderations the results of a review to detailize nursing priorities and actions in religionsly obscure situations. The originators close that not ample illustration-based ethics actions keep been enunciateed.

  • Zomorodi, M., & Foley, B. J. (2009). The disposition of apology vs. paternalism in nursing: Clarifying the ‘thin sequence.’ Journal of Delayed Nursing, 65(8), 1746–1752.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library basisbases.

    This boundary criticizes the concepts of apology and paternalism in nursing. The originators economize lewd happenrence studies to assimilate the two concepts.

  • American Nurses Association. (2012).Code of Ethics for Nurses. Retrieved from

    The cognizance on this seat agrees a framelabor and train as to standards of religions and character action.

  • Hayutin, A. M., Dietz, M., & Mitchell, L. (2010).New realities of an older America. Retrieved from

    This narration highlights the threatening challenges that conclude delay the United States’ change demographics. In feature, the originators convergence on aging, difference, housing, vigor, and exceptional finance.



  • Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012a). Ethics and apology. Baltimore, MD: Author.

    Note: The abut extension of this contrivances interest is 5 minutes.


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