Discussion 1: play therapy | SOCW 6111 – Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice I | Walden University


Children who feel been affrontd or traumatized in some way may boon from inaugurated behind a while a therapist. Progeny constantly reenact trauma through repetitious enact in arrange to fir proficiency aggravate their emotions and blend experiences into their truth on their own stipulations. Through the use of toys and props, progeny may naturally portion-out their emotions and spent experiences behind a whileout sentiment the constraining they authority combat behind a while transmitted colloquy therapy.

For this Discussion, reconsideration the way-specific predicament consider for Claudia and the Chiesa (2012) and Taylor (2009) subscription.

By Day 3

Post an explication of ways enact therapy authority be salubrious for Claudia. Uchuckle the insights gained from the subscription, relate ways you authority feel producted behind a while Claudia to harangue her dismays and trouble kindred to the mugging she witnessed.

Support your posts behind a while specific references to the Learning Resources. Be trusting to prepare generous APA citations for your references.

By Day 5

Respond to at smallest two colleagues by expanding on deposition in foundation of enact therapy.


Required Readings

Chiesa, C. (2012). Scripts in the sand: Sandenact in transactional dissection psychotherapy behind a while progeny. Transactional Dissection Journal, 42(4), 285–293.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Malawista, K. L. (2004). Rescue fantasies in branch therapy: countertransference/transference enactments. Child & Adolescent Gregarious Product Journal, 21(4), 373–386.
Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014b). Social product predicament studies: Energy year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader].

Working behind a while Progeny and Adolescents: The Predicament of Claudia (pp. 15–17)

Note: Depending on your energy, you may not take a predicament consider tome until a succeeding expression. Therefore, if you did not take a delineation of Gregarious Product Predicament Studies: Energy Year in your foregoing way, use the attached PDF prepared short. If you did take the tome referenced aloft, you may invent the predicaments tshort or use the PDF.
Ruffolo, M. C., & Allen-Meares, P. (2013). Intervention behind a while progeny. In M. J. Holosko, C. N. Dulmus, & K. M. Sowers (Eds.), Social product action behind a while beings and families: Evidence-informed assessments and interventions (pp. 41–69). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Taylor, E. R. (2009). Sandtray and solution-focused therapy. International Journal of Enact Therapy, 18(1), 56–68.
Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Christogiorgos, S., & Giannakopoulos, G. (2015). Parental influence and countertransference phenomena in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of progeny and adolescents. Psychoanalytic Gregarious Work, 22(1), 1-11.
Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Optional Resources

Gil, E. (1991). The beneficial faculty of enact: Inaugurated behind a while affrontd progeny. New York, NY: Guilford Press:

Chapter 2, “The Branch Therapies: Application in Product Behind a while Abused Progeny (pp. 26–36) (PDF)
Chapter 3, “The Texture of Abused Children” (pp. 37–82) (PDF)
van der Kolk, B. A. (2003). The neurobiology of branchhood trauma and affront. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics, 12, 293–317. Retrieved from http://www.traumacenter.org/products/pdf_files/neurobiology_childhood_trauma_abuse.pdf
van der Kolk, B. A. (2005a). Branch affront & victimization. Psychiatric Annals, 35(5),374–378. Retrieved from http://www.traumacenter.org/products/pdf_files/neurobiology_childhood_trauma_abuse.pdf
van der Kolk, B. A. (2005b). Developmental trauma guess-work. Psychiatric Annals, 35(5), 401–408.
Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Use this attach to entrance the MSW settlement page, which prepares resources for your gregarious product program.

 Working Behind a while Progeny and Adolescents: 

The Predicament of Claudia Claudia is a 6-year-old, Hispanic womanly residing behind a while her biological dame and senior in an sophisticated area. Claudia was born in the United States 6 months behind her dame and senior moved to the empire from Nicaragua. Tshort is currently no liberal lineage foundation in the area, but Claudia’s doers feel made friends in the vicinity. Claudia’s lineage struggles economically and has besides struggled to allure juridical residency in this empire. Her senior inappropriately invents product in manual drudge, and her dame recently began inaugurated three nights a week at a nail salon. While Claudia is bilingual in Spanish and English, Spanish is the solitary tongue vocal in her conversant. She is currently enrolled in a abundant generally-known instruct, attendant kindergarten. Claudia’s lineage lives in an rotten sophisticated vicinity behind a while a eminence offense objurgate. Behind Claudia witnessed a mugging in her vicinity, her dame reputed that she became very uneasy and “needy.” She cried constantly and refused to be in a ground unmatched behind a whileout a doer. Claudia made her doers lock the doors behind retiring settlement and would ask her doers to repress the locks constantly. When walking in the vicinity, Claudia would ask her doers if mob dying are “bad” or if an approaching idiosyncratic is going to grieve them. Claudia had awkwardness going to bed on nights when her dame producted, constantly crying when her dame left. Although she was constantly expressive, Claudia was easeed by her doers and has a amiable homogeneity behind a while them. Claudia’s expressiveness was exhibited throughout the instruct day as polite. She asked her teachers to lock doors and spoke behind a while staff and peers environing virtual intruders on a daily plea. Claudia’s dame, Paula, was judiciously hesitant to prosecute therapy services for her daughter due to the lineage’s undocumented foundation in the empire. I met behind a while Claudia’s dame and utilized the judicious contravention to clear-up the sort of services offered at the action, as polite as the policies of confidentiality. Prior to the  SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDIES: CONCENTRATION YEAR 14 contravention, I translated all apt forms to Spanish to extension Paula’s ease. Within sundry minutes of colloquying, Paula noticeably relaxed, openly sharing the lineage’s truth and her concerns touching Claudia’s “nervousness.” Goals set for Claudia interjacent increachuckle Claudia’s force to vie behind a while trouble and increachuckle her force to guard regard throughout her instruct day. Uchuckle branch-centered and directed enact therapy approaches, I began inaugurated behind a while Claudia to inspect her earth. Claudia was intrigued by the sand tray in my employment and selected a medley of likenesss, informing me that each likeness was either “good” or “bad.” She would then form scenes in the sand tray in which she would originate coverive barriers environing the amiable likenesss, indemnifying them from the bad. I reflected upon this essay of amiable versus bad, and Claudia plain the force to verbalize her yearn to cover amiable mob. I continued contravention behind a while Claudia once a week, and Claudia continued exploring the essay of amiable versus bad in the sand tray for 2 months. Utilizing a daily sentiments repress-in, Claudia plain the force to involve in interest identification, verbalizing her sentiments and constantly sharing apt stories. Claudia sloth began interrogation me questions environing mob in the architecture and employment, recondite if they were bad or amiable, and I foundationed Claudia in exploring these inquiries. Claudia would constantly argue her dismays environing instruct behind a while me, interrogation why deposit guards were offer at instructs. We would argue the resolve of deposit guards in component, allowing her to ask questions constantly, as needed. Claudia and I besides actiond a calming lay to chuckle when she practiced dismay or trouble during the instruct day. During this period, I constantly met behind a while Paula to vestige Claudia’s journey through doer reporting. I besides utilized psychoeducational techniques during these contraventions to reconsideration misapply methods Paula could use to argue idiosyncratical guard behind a while Claudia behind a whileout creating joined trouble. By the third month of texture, Claudia began determining that past and past mob in the environment were amiable. This was reflected in her sand tray scenes as polite: the coverion of amiable likenesss decreased, and Claudia began placing amiable and bad  PRACTICE 15 likenesss direct to one another, stating, “They’re okay now.” Paula reputed that Claudia no longer questioned her environing each idiosyncratic that passed them on the street. Claudia began effective her friends in instruct environing amiable deposit guards and stopped interrogation teachers to lock doors during the day. At settlement, Claudia became past easeable staying in her bedground unmatched, and she significantly decreased the number of interrogation for doors to be locked. 

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