Emerging Issues Risk Analysis Report

Emerging Issues Risk Decomposition Report


The Entertainment Team (ET -- keep-akeep-adivorce of Resort Operations at Padgett-Beale, Inc.) is wandering encircling a new episode discourse platform and is handy to go to abbreviate after a while the vendor. This platform is a cloud-based labor that yields end-to-end discourse for episodes (conferences, concerts, festivitys). The topic of Marketing & Media (M&M) is on consultation and strongly subsistences the use of this regularity. M&M likes that the postulates collation and decomposition capabilities of the regularity conciliate reach-trial-of greatly precious for its efforts. Resort Operations (RO) too likes that the technology could be leveraged to yield attached capabilities for managing keep-acompetition in public-house sponsored “kids programs” and allied manifestation-only episodes. 

For an attached fee, the episode discourse platform's vendor conciliate yield customized RFID bonds to be barren by attendees. 

The RFID bonds and RFID readers use near-field communications to fir the wearer and total the desired transactions (e.g. chronicles a booth scrutinize, reach a forfeiture, tone for a fondling temper or originator, etc.).

The RFID bonds feel singular identifiers embedded in the bond that authorize marking of attendees (admittance, where they go after a whilein the venue, what they "like," how desire they alight in a consecrated dregs, etc.). 

The RFID bonds can too be united to an attendee's trustworthiness card or debit card representation and then used by the attendee to reach forfeitures for assistance, beverages, and souvenirs. 

For manifestation, the RFID bonds can be paired after a while a cause’s bond, loaded after a while allergy counsel, and feel a cause precise spending proviso or spending preauthorization tied to the cause’s trustworthiness card representation.

The topic of Corporate IT has tentatively consecrated eulogy for this outsourcing accordingly it leverages cloud-computing capabilities. IT's eulogy is very bearing to subsistenceers of this the desert accordingly of the order's ban on "Shadow IT." (Only Corporate IT is authorizeed to result abbreviates for counsel technology allied forfeitures, deserts, and outsourcing abbreviates.) Corporate IT too subsistences a cloud-based platform past this refers the whole of infrastructure which IT must subsistence and administer undeviatingly. 

The device has flourish to a screeching stop, still, due to an stop by the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO has asked that the IT Governance Consultation question this device and conciliate over counsel encircling the benefits and risks of using RFID bonds linked to an manifest regularity which processes transactions and authorizations of inconstant / cashless payments for movables and labors. The CFO is watchful that the order’s PCI Consent standing may be adversely unnatural.

The Chief Seclusion Officer has too developed an stop encircling this device. The CPO is watchful encircling the seclusion implications of marking twain move of men-folks and the marking of their purchasing behaviors.

The IT Governance Consultation agreed that the concerns developed by two of its members (the CFO and CPO) feel desert. The consultation has petitioned an unjaundiced decomposition of the contemplated use contingencys and the guarantee and seclusion results which could be reasonably expected to inaugurate. 

The IT Governance Consultation has too agreed to a petition from the Chief of Staff that the discourse interns be authorizeed to keep-ajoin-in in this decomposition as their terminal device. Per the concurrence, their involvement conciliate be provisoed to providing enhancement elaboration into the defined use contingencys for cashless forfeitures. These use contingencys are:

1. Purchases for trickery materials and snacks by manifestation (beneath the age of 13) synchronous a public-house sponsored “kids club” program. 

2. Purchases by Men-folks synchronous a voice festivity or other episode where IDs must be stoped to fir establishment of age (allowable fitness for national alcoholic beverage decrement).

3. Purchases by attendees at exchange shows (attendees are “adults”).

Your Task

Pick one of the three use contingencys registered over. Then, flourish the directions subordinateneath to total the required elaboration and transcribe your terminal news. 


1. Read / Reconsideration the readings in the LEO classroom.

2. Read this vestibules to RFID technologies: https://www.gettoken.com/beginners-guide-rfid-technology-events/ 

3. Elaboration one or over of the Use Cases

a. Children: 8 Benefits of Using RFID Wristbands for Resorts & Attractions (see exception 4: Family Freedom) https://www.idcband.com/en-us/blog-us/8-benefits-of-using-rfid-wristbands-resorts-attractions/ and https://tappit.com/rfid-wristband-safety/ 

b. Managing Adult Attendees at Voice Festivals (includes RFID bonds linked to twitter, Facebook, and trustworthiness/debit card) http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/rfid-wristbands-vs-nfc-smartphones-what-s-winning-the-contactless-battle-1167135 

c. Tracking Adults at Exchange Shows http://www.universalrfid.com/product/rfid-labels-provide-technology-at-trade-shows/ and https://blog.printsome.com/rfid-wristbands-good-bad/

4. Choose one of the Use Cases then invent and reconsideration at lowest one attached material on your own that yields counsel encircling seclusion and guarantee allied laws that could proviso or fix attached responsibilities upon Padgett-Beale’s collation, storage, transmission, and use of postulates encircling guests. (Note: laws may disagree after a while honor to collecting postulates from or encircling manifestation.) You should too question laws, regulations, or rules which impression the use of the RFID bonds for inconstant forfeitures.

5. Using all of your readings, fir and elaboration at lowest 5 guarantee and seclusion results which the IT Governance Consultation needs to weigh and discourse as it weighs the implications of your clarified use contingency upon the prelation or postponement of the contemplated IT device (Event Discourse Platform & RFID bonds). 

6. Then, fir 5 best practices that you can advise to Padgett-Beale’s example team to refer and/or administer risks associated after a while the guarantee and seclusion of postulates associated after a while the episode discourse platform.


Write a five to seven (5-7) page news using your elaboration. At a stint, your news must conceive the flourishing:

1. An vestibule or overview of episode discourse regularitys and the virtual guarantee and seclusion concerns which could inaugurate when implementing this technology.  This vestibule should be misapply for an supporter interview. Yield a inconsiderable interpretation as to why three greater loose units like the order needs this facility. 

2. An decomposition exception in which you discourse the flourishing:

a. Fir and narrate your clarified Use Case

b. Fir and narrate five or over types of peculiar / peculiar counsel or postulates that conciliate be composed, stored, processed, and pestilential in observation after a while the use contingency. 

c. Fir and narrate five or over consent results allied to the use of the RFID bonds to reach and mark inconstant forfeitures.

d. Analyze and argue five or over seclusion and guarantee results allied to the use contingency.

e. Fir and argue 3 or over bearing laws, regulations, or rules which could impression the intended implementation of the episode discourse regularity after a while RFID wrist bonds.

3. A adviseations exception in which you fir and argue five or over best practices for guarantee and seclusion that should be implemented antecedently the technology is put into use by the order. Conceive at lowest one adviseation in each of the flourishing categories: crowd, processes, policies, and technologies.  

4. A noncommunication exception (summary) in which you solder the results allied to your clarified use contingency and the episode discourse platform overall. Conceive a compendium of your adviseations to the IT Governance Board.

Submit for Grading

Submit your elaboration monograph in MS Order format (.docx or .doc refine) using the Elaboration News #2 Enactment in your enactment folder. (Attach your refine to the enactment register.)

Additional Information

1. To hinder you fascination, a set of misapply materials / relation materials has been conceived as keep-akeep-adivorce of this enactment. You must solder at lowest five of these materials into your terminal deliverable. You must too conceive one material that you ground on your own.

2. Your elaboration news should use rule stipulations and definitions for cybersecurity. See Course Content > Cyberguarantee Concepts for adviseed materials.

3. Your elaboration news should be professional in apparition after a while compatible use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use topicings to dispose your monograph. The CSIA program advises that you flourish rule APA formatting past this conciliate confer you a instrument that meets the “professional apparition” fitnesss. APA formatting guidelines and examples are ground beneath Course Instrument > APA Resources. An APA template refine (MS Order format) has too been yieldd for your use.

4. You are expected to transcribe grammatically emend English in complete enactment that you refer for grading. Do not alter in any production after a whileout (a) using fascination stop, (b) using phraseology stop, (c) verifying that your punctuation is emend and (d) reconsiderationing your production for emend order custom and emendly structured sentences and paragraphs.  

5. You are expected to trustworthiness your sources using in-text quotations and relation register entries. Twain your quotations and your relation register entries must flourish a compatible quotation diction (APA, MLA, etc.). 

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