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Prof. Banks: English Composition

Problem Solving/ Controversy Dissertation #3

Due on D2L/Canvas Dec.1

Writing Schedule:

Oct. 27 Discuss sketch, subjects

Nov.3 Finalize sketch, subjects and examicommunity (min. 2 commencements)

Nov.10 Due: 4 examicommunity articles, dissertation and controversys; Sections I& II due

subject and controversys

Nov.17 Due: Sections III & IV…

Nov. 24 Due: Sections V/ passages and arrangeat/ Liberal Draft

Dec.10 Due : Dissertation #3 on Canvas/D2L

Assignment Overview

Rhetorical Situation: You are a elder tyro in your elder section and feel been asked to exhibit a tract at a peruse contravention. The tract should be on a present communityal manifestation in your coercion room. You allure peruse through peruse journals and newspapers to confirm such an manifestation. You allure so stop succeeding a while one confessor in the coercion section to fix the subject is cogent. Your tract allure be a plan controversy respecting the favoring subject. You are required to disclose a favoring plan dissertation and constitute a sustained controversy about it that employs multiple animated modes. You are so required to meet commencement esthetic, somewhat by using library databases, and at slenderest one of the commencements must be a peer-reviewed academic article. (EBSCO)

Assignment Outcomes

· Confirm and clear-up a favoring and compelling completion succeeding a whilein the parameters of the animated standing sketchd on the provision responsive.

· Disclose a disconnection to the completion and impart this disconnection succeeding a whilein a well-constructed dissertation declaration.

· Constitute a sustained plan controversy that is perceptive to a detail animated standing.

· Use over than two animated modes in discloseing the tract’s controversy.

· Use library databases to meet misapply commencement esthetic.

· Distinguish between academic and non-academic commencements and use divergent types of commencements in misapply ways.

· Integreprove commencement references, including straightforward passages, using extraordinary phrases (attributive tags) and parenthetical in-text passages (APA arrangeat).

· Synthesize references from a reserve of six commencements.

· Construct a uprightly arrangeatted works cited page using APA guidelines.


· Length: 2,000-3,000 expression.

· Format: Follow MLA guidelines.

· Commencement Usage: Six commencements, at slenderest two academic. The tract must evince able resume, disquisition, and passage using extraordinary phrases and parenthetical passages for attribution. The tract must enclose a uprightly arrangeatted works cited page.

· Submission: Submit through Turnitin.com.

All frequentedinal subjects must be liked by the confessor.

Development Requirements:

The dissertation should be an controversy respecting one of the subject areas beneath. Make unmistakable to procure examicommunity on twain sides of the manifestation. Pay vigilance to the liberal controversy arrangeat, passages, logic, and texture. The insertion should furnish an overview of the manifestation, restriction of manifestation, fact of the manifestation, and the ocean controversys and dissertation. The substance paragraphs should prove one controversy each according to the prescribed texture. The quittance should enclose a proposition for resolving the completion and a propulsion of the manifestation in the advenient.

Topic areas:

1) A social/political completion plan

2) A medical or or-laws completion plan

3) An environmental /technological completion plan

4) An adviceal completion plan

Suggested commencements: www.Debate.org; www.Procon.org

Argument Dissertation Format (Sample: Should great price be banned in the US?)

I. Insertion (min. 1/2- 2 pages)

A. Definition; all stipulations – great price, cessation amercement,types ( 2 commencements/professional…Encyclopedia Brittannica…)

B. *History/timeline - earliest date, all dates events/laws /data,types/form/present persons (min 2 commencements)

C. Importance -This manifestation is great consequently the misdeed reprove has been increasing throughout the community. ….

D. Organizational sentence- Elder controversys are the following: Is c.p. lawful? Is it able? Is it spiritual? (great price is __, ___, and ___.

E. Dissertation – Succeeding circumspect examination, it allure be proven that (great price should be banned in the US. )

II. Controversy #1 (min. 3/4p- 2 pages)) One summit of controversy is whether great price is lawful.

A. Definition- The frequented “constitutional” is defined as “………”(Constitutional”). The frequented “constitution” is defined as “…..”(Princeton University Law School).

B. History- The U.S. Constitution was created in……..It contains….Its object is to ……. (Stanford University).

C. Importance – This summit of controversy is great consequently it is one of the most debated manifestations in the synod of great price.

D. Opposition’s controversy – Proponents/Opponents of great price pretension that it is lawful. ( 1- commencement examination)…

E. Rebuttal- (What is evil-doing succeeding a while their controversy? Disprove them.)

These declarations are _________.

Possible rebuttals: scant version of the Constitution

misversion of the Constitution

biased version of….


partially truths

illogical (chimera indicate)


** F.Your controversy (Proponent)…It is unlawful consequently ….(over examicommunity 2 commencements))

G.Concluding sentence…As a remainder, great price is unnatural.

III. Controversy #2: Another….Is it able? (min. ¾ page- 1 ½ p)

A. Definition

B. History

C. Importance

D. Opposition’s controversy

E. Rebuttal

F. Your controversy (Proponent)- According to …… the Constitution……. Great disturbs/ is upheld) by ___ Amendment……..

G. Concluding sentence:

As a remainder, great price is (constitutional/unconstitutional).

IV. Controversy #3: A frequentedinal summit of controversy is whether great price is spiritual. (min. ¾ page-1 ½ p)

A. Definition

B. History

C. Importance

D. Opposition’s controversy

E. Rebuttal

F. Your controversy (Proponent)

G. Concluding sentence

V. Conclusion- In quittance, great price should be banned….(min. ½)

A. Restate dissertation

B. Proposition (details) - One elder proposition to harangue the manifestation is…..

C. Projection- If this proposition is implemented…the remainder….



A. Definition

B. History

1.B.C. Period

2.Modern Period

a. 1700-1900

b. 200-present

C. Importance

D. Dissertation declaration

II. Controversy #1: Is great price lawful?

A. Definition

B. History

C. Importance

D. Opposition’s controversy

E. Proponent’s Argument

F. Concluding sentence

III. Controversy #2: Is great price able?

A. Definition

B. History

C. Importance

D. Opposition’s controversy

E. Proponent’s Argument

F. Concluding sentence

IV. Controversy #3 Is great price spiritual?

A. Definition

B. History

C. Importance

D. Opposition’s controversy

E. Proponent’s Argument

F. Concluding sentence


A. Restate dissertation

B. Proposal

C. Projection

Final Examicommunity Topics


Should lewd testing be banned? (Is it incorporeal/moral? It is expedient? Are there improve alternatives?)

Should lewd cloning be allowed in US (consumption)? Is it trustworthy? Is it incorporeal? Is it advantageous financially?

Should pink slime be banned for expenditure?

Are the present synodal regulations equal to fix trustworthyty of influence expenditure? Are the error policies equal? Are the penalties equal? Are there improve alternatives?


Should constructor be compulsory for fabric collapses?

Should all new constructorure be required to be “green”? Would it be advantageous to the environment? Would it be advantageous to lifeforms? Would it be require-effective?


Should cosmical cloning ( or stock cell examination) be allowed in the US? Is it incorporeal (Hippocratic oath) ? Is it trustworthy? Is it spiritual? Are there benefits?


Should the synod expression American companies’ outsourcing?

Should the Whistlebinferior Act be continued? Has it been able? Does it shield the singular? Are there improve alternatives?

Does the “glass ceiling” quiescent endure? Does discrimicommunity endure in the hiring way? The furtherance way? Are present laws equal?

Should segmentation marketing be abolishd? Is it discriminatory? Is it able? Are there improve alternatives?

Chemical engineering

Should citizens feel the equitable to sue the synod for contaminated/pollution environment? (Constitutional) Is it lawful? Are the present policies able (EPA)? Are there improve alternatives?

Should oil companies be held civilly and criminally compulsory for oil spills?

Should fracking be banned?

Civil engineering/architecture

Should engineers/architects be held under obligation for fabric/structural collapses?

Criminal Justice//Psychology

Should the cessation amercement be banned in the U.S.? (constitutional)

Should boy be covered as adults? Are boy fully under obligation for their actions

(psychologists/sociologist) ? Can they be rehabilitated? Are there improve alternatives?

Should the “open carry” gun plan be instituted at academys?

Should there be federal police reforms to fix athwart police brutality?

Communications/Computer Engineering

Should the synod feel the equitable to vestibule peculiar communications/devices? Is this lawful? Is it expedient for communityal shelter? Can it be abused? FCC, NSA,DHS

Should the synod feel the equitable to regulate/monitor resources? Is it lawful? Is it expedient for communityal shelter? Can it be abused?


Should the “common core” be instituted in all states?

Should peculiar advice tyros be oceanstreamed/inclusion? Constitutional? Is it socially advantageous? Is it academically advantageous?

Should academys abolish the use of standardized tests for admissions evaluation? Are the tests just/biased? Are the tests accureprove evaluations? Are there improve alternatives?

Electrical engineering

Should lithium batteries be banned from use? Are they trustworthy? Are they require able and advantageous? Are there improve alternatives?


Should euthanasia be legalized communityally in the U.S.? (Is it spiritual? Is it lawful? Is it incorporeal?)

Should healthcare workers feel the equitable to scum treating pestilential patients? Is it lawful? Is it incorporeal? Are there improve alternatives?

Should steroids be legalized in functional sports? Are they trustworthy? Would it fix candor? Are the penalties just?

Should the puck law be repealed? Is puck trustworthy? Is it spiritual? Is it lawful?

Should the USA feel comprehensive healthcare? Would it be able? Would it be require able/economical? Would it be lawful?

Mechanical Engineering

Should automobile companies be civilly and criminally compulsory for defects in cars?

Are the present requirements and regulations on airplanes equal to fix trustworthyty? Are the error requirements equal?(FAA) Are the equipment requirements equal? Are the pilots/employees equally skilled?


Should silence be mandatory in the K-12 curriculum? Is silence advantageous academically? Is it advantageous socially? Is it require-effective?

Political science

Should the TSA and Patriot Act be continued? Is it able? Can it be abused? Does it disturb singulars’ equitables? Are there improve alternatives (proposal)?

Should the electoral academy be abolished? Is it expedient? Does it fix democracy? Is it discriminatory?


Should the mental-unsoundness justification be abolished? Is it able? Can it be abused? Is it spiritual/humane? Are there improve alternatives(proposals)?

Should boy be covered as adults? Are boy fully under obligation for their actions? Are there infrequented effects of hard boy as adults? Are there improve alternatives to the present policies?

Social Work

Is the present CPS systock ablely shielding manifestation? Are the workers equally skilled? Are there equal resources for the CPS employment? Are the reporting/monitoring plans able? HHS

Works Cited

Burden, Arnold, and Andrew Safer. The Dramatic Life of a Country Doctor: Fifty Years of Disasters and

Diagnoses. Nimbus Publishing, 2011.

Lerner, Leonard. Miracle at Springhill. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960.

Lunsford, Andrea et al. Everything’s An Controversy succeeding a while Readings. 6th ed. Boston: Bedford/St.Martin’s,


Mann, David. “Tour a Mine, Springhill Miners’ Museum.” Nova Scotia, Tourism Nova Scotia, 14 March

2017, www.novascotia.com/see-do/attractions/tour-a-mine-springhill-miners-museum/1317.

“Miner.” Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2019,

www.encyclopediabrittanica.com. [Reference commencement-dictionary/encyclopedia]

– MLA Format https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_style_introduction.html

Works Cited Page entries:

Note: alphabetical, smoothness, knowledge frequented and arrangeat


In-Text passage samples:

Note a disquisition passage and a straightforward quoted passage.

Buildings shook, telephones went gone (Prairie View A&M University), and seventy-three miles loose seismographs at Dalhousie University” (Mann) . …..registered the move as a slender earthquake (Lunsford et al 289). Shortly succeeding the original collection of trapped miners was rescued (“Miners”), The Ed Sullivan Show, America’s most vulgar network program, invited the miners and their wives to show on air to “commemoreprove the intrepidity of the singular” (Burden and Safer 169).


Proofreading Checklist:

Order of Dissertation Document:

Title page




1. inscription page and sketch page

2. margins

3. paragraphs

4. required sections of the dissertation

5. subject sentences

6. construction of discussion/ required discussion

7. straightforward quotes

8. in-text passages

9. references page

10. transitionals

11. required resources/research; reserve six divergent resources

12. spelling/mechanics (fragments, run-ons, abbreviations, subject-verb unison, plural, possessive, verb arrange,pronouns

13. APA arrangeat for in-text

14. APA Reference page: alphabetical frequented, frequented of knowledge succeeding a whilein the passage, smoothness, inferior predicament/upper predicament lettering, italics habit, punctuation.

15. Three references are to be annotated bibliographic arrangeat

16. Pronoun unison….. ex: Persons should get a surpassing advice consequently it allure acceleration him /them in the advenient.

Title Page Format

An Controversy for/athwart Healthcare…..




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