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Freedom in America Essay Assignment 

Step 1: 

Pick a topic. What topic are you most zealous in pertaining to this continuity? What is a topic you would be zealous in congeniality a essay on? Your topic should not be too liberal. For stance, the Harlem Renaissance, is too liberal. Focusing on a favoring rise of the lapse of Reconstruction is a potential topic. 

Step 2: 

Research the internet and the library for leading rises, or foremost operative accounts of muniments that delineate to your topic. Dissect at meanest ​at meanest ONEleading rise for your essay, you may use balance than 1, but you must use at meanest 1. 

Step 3: 

Analyze.​ When analyzing your muniment, entitrust examine the muniment, what it says, and the dispute. Behold thboisterous “​Guidelines for Analyzing a Leading Source​” (below) to acceleration you succeeding up succeeding a while a exhaustive disminority of your leading rise(s). 

Step 4: 

Choose at meanest 4 books and/or catechism​ from the library or online lifes from the library’s online groundsbases. For life catechism, go to UD’s Library groundsbase minority. For the groundsbases minority, catechism on U.S. History can be institute thboisterous Jstor and Project Muse. 

*Do not use any encyclopedia rises or the class balbutiations as a ​secondary ​source. If you use a website, it must be prevailing by the Instructor. You may use them as a relation, but these do not enumerate towards your minor rises. 

Step 5: 

Make unmistakable you accept a ​thesis statement​. This is the most grave passage in your essay. The subject should be located in the foremost condition of your essay. The assertion should be concise​ and not too liberal. A subject is the dispute or summit of sentiment for your essay. It is colossus that you and someone else can ​debate​. Your subject assertion should set-out out by stating colossus such as “This essay argues that...” The subject assertion is the assertion that troddens you throughout the essay. All of your deep ideas should concatenate to your subject assertion. 

Step 6: 

Write your essay! Keep in spirit the subjoined: 

1) Papers must be ideawritten, double-spaced in 12 pt font, and 1-inch margins. Papers should be at meanest ​5 bountiful pages plus a Works Cited page (6 aggregate)​ and grasp an preliminary, substantiality, and quittance. 

2) You should accept a well-articulated ​thesis​. Formulate a convenient topic that links the leading rise muniment(s) concertedly and concatenates them to the minor rises--the books and/or catechism you use..

3) Use the "Guidelines for Analyzing Leading Sources" adown as a trodden. You do not accept to retort entire topic, but be unmistakable to retort the who/what/where/when/why of the muniment. Delineate the parley for this muniment. Then progress on to your own dissection.... 

4) Dissect your muniments. What do they number you environing the humanizations that created these stories? How do they augment our conversance late the continuity balbutiations and esthetic? Can you descry any deeper significations late what is honorable on the page? What were the motivations for creating this muniment? Again, use the "Guidelines..." in enjoin to conduct your dissection. 

5) Cite rises. Be unmistakable to grasp a footnote or an endnote for any notification you earn from books or balbutiation assignments. Try to use as few trodden quotes as potential and be unmistakable to prepare a "​Works Cited​" page at the end. 

6) Please use MLA or APA for formatting for your rises. Here is a trodden for MLA phraseology:
APA Style: ​ 

7) Proofdecipher your essay. Check for spelling, actual errors, contractions, (i.e. do not use them in exact congeniality). 

8.) Do not artifice. I gain be using 

*I do not decipher boisterous drafts, but if you would love to email me a subject assertion, I gain decipher it balance and prepare feedback. 

Guidelines for Analyzing a Leading Source: 

Those in the humanities trust on leading rise muniments to prepare us succeeding a while testimony environing the late. Leading rises are esthetics executed during the season limit we are studying -- for stance, old newspapers, understanding, discoursees, census grounds, movies, or advertisements. Leading rises to-boot grasp traditional histories, memoirs, autobiographies, and other accounts executed succeeding the circumstance by mob who were vivacious at the season in topic. 

Primary rises openly prepare clues, not retorts. Few were executed to prepare external notification in the future; instead, they were meant to fashion elegant assertions, delineate prevalent events, incline mob, etc. Opposed ideas of leading rises extend opposed kinds of notification, and no one rise can communicate us all the notification we susceptibility lack. Magazine advertisements, for stance, can number us what kinds of consequence were profitable, and what kinds of ideas advertisers conception would retail products. But ads cannot be enumerateed on to draw substantiality, nor can they number us how consumers responded to the sales shake. 

We must consequently decipher each muniment carefully and critically, and understand how to extol and assess the notification it comprehends, in enjoin to retort our own topics environing the late. When you dissect a leading rise, be unbending and inherent. Think environing the testimony precedently you, whether you are analyzing a written muniment, an idea, or a confederacy of articulation and ideas. Fashion assertions grounded on this testimony. Try to unquestionably behold at the muniment, rather than making assertions environing what you already perceive. Keep in spirit and ask yourself: How does this muniment ponder the limit it was written in? 

Ask the subjoined topics.


• ●  What idea of muniment is this? What is the deep summit of the muniment? What is the dispute or summit of sentiment of the muniment? • ●  Who created it? Why? Where? How? When? What else was happening at that season? What had not yet happened? 


• ●  Who was the purposed parley? How do you perceive? • ●  Can you number from the muniment itself how it susceptibility accept been accepted at the season? How susceptibility you furnish out balance notification environing its admittance? • ●  Was there any unpurposed parley, too us? THE LITERARY or PHYSICAL CONTEXT • ●  In what matter did this muniment peculiarly show? Is it separate of a larger duty? Where in that larger duty did it show? 

● What does the muniment say, what does it comprehend, what is the evident sagacity of it? 

• ●  What does it behold love? Is it an idea of the peculiar muniment, or has it been reprinted? Are there headlines, captions, or clues in the formatting to what is grave--or what the originator conception was grave? If you institute it on the web, do you accept testimony that the formatting there was in the peculiar? • ●  How is the muniment unembarrassed? Logically? Chronologically? Spatially? What does this hint environing the creator’s intentions or assumptions? 


• ●  What are the underlying ideas or assumptions after, and among the lines of, this muniment? What feelings or attitudes can you descry that are not palpably methodic? • ●  What is your testimony for this? (It susceptibility, for stance, be effect, use of metaphors, figures of discourse, emotionally abounding articulation or other peculiarities of indication, the constitution of the dispute, the plan or sketch, or the details chosen.) • ●  What can we understand environing and from the muniment by thinking environing how the ideas are developed? What does the congeniality or phraseology expose environing the signification of the muniment? Back up your assertions succeeding a while testimony. • ●  What does it expose environing its originator/creator, or environing the humanization that executed it? • ●  Is there testimony in the muniment that explains colossus environing its political, cultural, 

political, or economic matter? 

• ●  What does it expose environing the late in open? • ●  If this is separate of a larger muniment, what is its signification succeeding a whilein the larger production? • ●  Is there testimony succeeding a whilein the muniment of a expressive diversify -- in the thinking of the 

author, or in the constitution of the collection? 

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