Evaluating Emerging Technologies

CSIA 459: Evaluating Emerging Technologies

Technology Re-demonstration #2: Emerging Impression of Technology in a Fastidious Infrastructure


The view of this technology re-demonstration is to establish, sift-canvass, and evaluate the cyberwarranty implications of an emerging impression of technology in the treatment of a fastidious infrastructure sector. Your differentd technology may be hardware, software, or plans that rely upon twain hardware and software. Your learning earn as-well grasp an demonstration of the cyberwarranty implications of using this technology in fastidious infrastructures. This expression of learning is as-well referred to as a examine of the learning. Allowefficacious commencements for your learning examine are narrative tenets, tractates informed in parley archives, and learning studies informed in circumlocutions.


Your interview is a bunch of greater executives who earn be parley to career which emerging impressions of technologies should be differentd for a warranty-focused, Internal Learning & Development projects during the direct budget cycle. Each of these executives is imperative for discloseing emanations and plans that buttress direct period plans in the nation’s fastidious infrastructure sectors.

The high-level seeing for your deliverefficacious instrument that you demand to rouse from a hardy substratum of adequate learning-based narrative tenets, tractates informed in parley archives, and doctoral circumlocutions. The basic interrogation that must be answered environing the differentd technology is: what are the cyberwarranty implications (good-tempered or bad) for the differentd fastidious infrastructure sector?

In attention, the executives own discloseed the subjoined knowledge demands, which must be met by the deliverefficacious for this ordinance:

(a) individualitys of the fastidious infrastructure,

(b) individualitys of the technology,

(c) use of the technology to buttress or ameliorate cybersecurity,

(d) use of the technology to impoverish or administer surrender,

(e) use of the technology to acception hindrance to threats/attacks,

(f) use of the technology to lessen vulnerabilities in an existing technology impression,

(g) use or exploitation of the technology by assaulters, criminals, terrorists, etc. to achieve their goals.


Format your deliverefficacious as a “picturesquely or informative” annotated bibliography. The UMGC library agrees knowledge environing how to entire this expression of ordinance. See http://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/bibliography_apa.cfm (sub-heading “To get rouseed”). APA fashion is recommended but, you may use another administrative format for your annotated bibliography.

In attention to the roll of commencements and commentarys, you must agree an precursory stipulation.

See the rubric for attentional exactments for this ordinance.

Note: If you own problems accessing any of the library databases, adjunction the UMGC librarians via the adjunction methods rolled on the library’s abode page https://sites.umgc.edu/library/index.cfm . They earn be efficacious to relieve you delay login consequences and/or pursuit engine interrogations (but earn not do your learning for you).

Choose a Fastidious Infrastructure Sector

“There are 16 fastidious infrastructure sectors whose pis, plans, and networks, whether corporeal or indirect, are investigateed so material to the United States that their incapacitation or perdition would own a wasting pi on warranty, common economic warranty, common common sanity or protection, or any league thereof” (Department of Homeland Security, 2016, p.1).

Choose a fastidious infrastructure sector to nucleus your technology re-examination. For definitions of fastidious infrastructures, see https://www.dhs.gov/critical-infrastructure-sectors. You may longing to mismisalienate your emerging impression of technology chief and then excellent an mismisalienate fastidious infrastructure in which your differentd technology can be applied or deployed.

Choose an Emerging Impression of Technology

Choose an emerging impression of technology that can be used in the computers, digital inventions, and other electronic / electrical technologies (including networks and neteffort infrastructures) that are deployed in or used to set-up, keep-effect, buttress, or tend a fastidious infrastructure sector (e.g. utilities, pipelines, mien, severe cities, etc.).

Suggested technologies grasp:

· Autonomous Vehicles (ground, sea, or air): Mien Systems Sector

· Deep Space Communication Networks: Communications Sector

· Implantefficacious Medical Devices: Healthcare and Common Sanity Sector

· Precision Agriculture (integrated plans using superveneer imagery, GPS, Sensors, Robots): Food & Agriculture Sector

· Robot searchors for corporeal infrastructures (buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, etc.): Multiple Sectors

· Severe Grid (as-well designated Advanced Metering Infrastructure): Energy Sector

· Wearefficacious Sensors for Hazardous Materials Detection (e.g. CBRNE): Emergency Services Sector

You are encouraged to behold for and summon attentional mismisalienate technologies antecedently deciding upon your technology select for this ordinance.

If you career to learning a technology that is not on the suggested technologies roll (see balancehead), you must chief demand and accept your educator’s leave. Your educator may exact that you do preparatory library pursuites for learning tractates and technical tractates to test that you can meet a ample estimate of media to entire the ordinance.

Find Misalienate Sources (“Survey the Literature”)

You may meet it beneficial to arise by balbutiation the tables of divergency for late consequences of the Communications of the ACM, IEEE Computer Magazine, IEEE Pervasive Computing, and IEEE Warranty & Privacy. These administrative narratives frequently inform very-much unravelable, learning-based tenets environing the cyberwarranty implications of new and emerging technologies in the treatment of fastidious infrastructure sectors.

Next, brainstorm keywords that you can use to meet attentional tenets, tractates, and other skilled commonations (“sources’) which sift-canvass and/or evaluate your differentd emerging impression of technology in the treatment of your clarified fastidious infrastructure.

Your differentd commencements must conclude from commonations twisting in one or balance of the subjoined library databases:

· ACM Digital Library http://ezproxy.umgc.edu/login?url=http://www.acm.org/dl

· Dissertations & Theses (Pro Quest) http://ezproxy.umgc.edu/login?url=http://search.proquest.com/pqdtft/advanced?accountid=14580

· IEEE Computer Society Digital Library https://www-computer-org.ezproxy.umgc.edu/csdl/home

· Science Direct http://ezproxy.umgc.edu/login?url=http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/search

Since the aim of this pursuit is to meet knowledge environing emerging impressions of technology for a fastidious infrastructure, your commencements must own a commonation continuance of 2016 or later (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021). For tractates twisting in Science Direct, you may as-well use tractates that are noticeable “In Press.”

Allowefficacious commencement expressions are: (a) administrative narratives, (b) parley archives, (c) circumlocutions or theses, and (d) technical magazines (published by either the ACM or IEEE). Each of your differentd commencements must own a intimation roll containing at smallest 3 intimations for assured tractates. (See http://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/scholarlyjournals.cfm)

To entire this deal-out of the ordinance, you may demand to re-demonstration 15 – 20 commencements (pursuit developments) in regulate to meet 10 tractates or tenets that are usefficacious for this ordinance. The commencements you mismisalienate must agree technical knowledge environing your differentd technology (see excellention exactments for each tractate).

Create Your Bibliography (List of Sources)

Choose the 10 best commencements from your pursuites for tenets, tractates, and circumlocutions. Nucleus on the ones that bestow details environing your technology and how it can be used in an emerging impression of technology. Next, transcribe the intimation roll entrance (APA, MLA, or another mismisalienate administrative citation fashion) for each commencement. Alphabetize your roll of intimation roll entries. After you own the chastenly regulateed roll, estimate your entries from 1 to 10. Note: incongruous intimation entrance formats are used for incongruous expressions of commencements. Re-demonstration the UMUC Library’s “Get Help > Citing and Writing for samples and explanations of the formatting rules. If you are using APA format, your roll should behold bigwig affect the subjoined.

1. Authors. (date). Designation distinction. Publication call, vol(issue), #-#.

2. Authors. (date). Tractate distinction. Published in the Archives of parley-name, pp. #-#.

3. Author …

Write Your Annotations

In an annotated bibliography, the commentary is a stipulation or two placed lower the intimation roll entrance for each commencement. For this ordinance, the commentary should be a league of factual knowledge from the commencement and your evaluation (opinion) of that knowledge. To achieve this, you should unravel the pictureless, preliminary minority, and bankruptcy minoritys for each designation or tractate. For circumlocutions, behold balance the Preliminary and the Learning Re-demonstration (usually Chapters 1 & 2). From this knowledge, disclose a one to three stipulation informative or picturesquely analysis of the commencement that grasps: (a) a designation of technology and its individualitys, (b) calculated uses of the technology in the fastidious infrastructure, and (c) your thoughts and judgments as to how you could use this tractate to exonerate excellenting the technology for an Internal Learning & Development investigate.

In each commentary, you should agree at smallest one peculiar specimen of a individuality and/or impression of the technology, e.g. an emerging technology, which contacts cybersecurity.

For specimen, for an commentary for an designation environing robots used to search dams and bridges, you could nucleus upon the demand to guard the WiFi communications used to keep-effect the invention (“command and regulate” links). Improving the warranty of the WiFi transmissions would impoverish the surrender that assaulters could assume regulate of the robot or otherwise clash delay its operations. This in deviate earn lessen the verisimilitude of dropping of availability caused by a happy assault. Decreasing the verisimilitude of a disclaiming fact earn lessen the surrender associated delay that fact

Note: Remember that the warranty aspect of a plan or emanation is framed in stipulations of surrender, threats, vulnerabilities, etc. Improvements to the warranty aspect (fixed warranty implications) earn development in impoverishd surrender, acceptiond hindrance to threats or assaults, and lessend insecurity. Disclaiming contacts on the warranty aspect earn development in acceptiond surrender, lessend hindrance to threats / assaults, and acceptiond inguarantee (weakness).

As you transcribe the commentarys for each designation / tractate / circumlocution, reach assured that you grasp YOUR thoughts and ideas environing the warranty implications of this technology. Use rule terminology per the media in this series and in your anterior serieswork.

As you brainstorm the warranty implications of this technology (if these are not peculiarally sift-canvassed by your commencement), you should investigate use of the technology to ameliorate cybersecurity. Then investigate impressions or uses which earn disclaimingly contact the warranty aspect of the attested fastidious infrastructure. It is very influential that you investigate BOTH SIDES OF THIS ISSUE.

Putting It All Together

1. Consult the grading rubric for peculiar resigned and formatting exactments for this ordinance.

2. Your 5-8 page annotated bibliography should be administrative in pretense delay consonant use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use headings and page breaks to construct your tractate.

3. Your tractate should use rule stipulations and definitions for cybersecurity. See Series Resigned > Cyberwarranty Concepts Re-demonstration for recommended media.

4. The CSIA program recommends that you supervene rule APA formatting past this earn bestow you a muniment that meets the “administrative pretense” exactments. APA formatting guidelines and specimens are ground lower Series Media > APA Resources. An APA template polish (MS Vocable format) has as-well been agreed for your use CSIA_Basic_Paper_Template(APA_6ed,DEC2018).docx.  

5. You must grasp a cbalance page delay the ordinance distinction, your call, and the due continuance. Your intimation roll must be on a different page at the end of your polish. These pages do not estimate towards the ordinance’s page estimate.

6. You are expected to transcribe grammatically chasten English in integral ordinance that you surrender for grading. Do not deviate in any effort delayout (a) using spell cohibit, (b) using phraseology cohibit, (c) verifying that your punctuation is chasten and (d) re-examinationing your effort for chasten vocable performance and chastenly structured sentences and stipulations. 

7. You are expected to reputation your commencements using in-text citations and intimation roll entries. Twain your citations and your intimation roll entries must supervene a consonant citation fashion (APA, MLA, etc.).

Copyright © 2020 by University of Maryland Global Campus. All rights bashful.

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