Explore current organizational or community resources for a specific

 You will develop a presentation consisting of 8 slides not including title and reference slide for the leaders of a health care organization or community-based care delivery service in which you explore current organizational or community resources for a specific situation related to care delivery.
The quality of care coordination outcomes may depend upon efficient use of health care information systems.
How do you start to assess the needs of a community related to care coordination when you think about outcomes?
Legal and ethical implications of implementing or changing any care coordination practice can have far-reaching effects.
As you think about improving care in the community with enhanced interprofessional coordination, what types of ethical and legal issues come to mind if care coordination does not improve?
Using health care information systems to effect change is critical to creating quality outcomes. A leader in practice for care coordination needs to be able to measure and evaluate change using data.
You will develop a presentation for the leaders of a health care organization or community-based care delivery service in which you explore current organizational or community resources for a specific situation related to care delivery. Your presentation will include either voice-over or video of you speaking about your presentation to the audience. Your slides should include bulleted points (one line each) that highlight your points for each topic. Your slides should not be text-intensive; put all the details in the speaker notes.
At a minimum, your presentation must include the following slides:
Purpose (the reasons for your presentation).
A specific situation related to care delivery and current organizational or community resources.
The legal and ethical issues that can occur due to the current practice.
Recommendations for improvement and a comparison to current practice.
An evidence-based intervention.
Explanation of data use and interprofessional support.
References (at the end of your presentation).
For this assessment, you will create a presentation for the leaders of a health care organization or community-based care delivery service to explore current organizational or community resources for a specific situation related to care delivery. Following these instructions will help ensure you meet the scoring guide criteria:
Begin your presentation with a description or summary of a specific situation related to care delivery and current practices. Analyze the legal and ethical issues that can occur due to the current practice.
Recommend best practices (interventions) and compare against current practice outcomes or data. Include the positive effects of the intervention for the support of ethical and legal practices.
Identify an effective evidence-based intervention from existing research applicable to your situation. Define stakeholders, including organizations, settings, and populations affected. Be inclusive when considering the range of stakeholders.
Define interprofessional support for the intervention. Explain not only if this includes stakeholders, but also who is responsible in collaboration with care coordination leader for developing, implementing, and sustaining the intervention.
Explain how you will measure baseline data. (What data are currently in place? Does current data show if practices are effective? Are benchmarks being met? Is there a gap in practice?) Define the scheduled evaluation periods you will use to monitor and measure data outcomes (for example, systematic evaluations or other).
Conclude by developing recommendations to sustain the intervention outcomes for improved practice.
Your assessment should meet the following scoring guide criteria:
Analyze the ethical issues pertaining to using health care information systems for care coordination.
Evaluate the legal issues of current practices and potential changes.
Compare current outcomes to outcomes seen with best practices.
Identify an appropriate evidence-based intervention.
Define role of stakeholders and interprofessional teams in an intervention.
Explain the use of data-driven outcomes, including data measures and evaluation periods.
Recommend ongoing practices to sustain outcomes.
Communicate effectively in a manner consistent with professional and scholarly expectations.
ALL competencies must be addressed and explained eloquently. Fluent English is a must. There is one revision allowed before the job is reposted. 

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