Financial Planning Problems

Homework Assignment #1

Chapter 1: Financial Planning Problems #1 Calculating the Advenient Appraise of Property. Josh Collins cunnings to buy a seed for $210,000. If that authentic fortune is expected to growth in appraise by 3 percent each year, what get its approach appraise be six years from now? #2 Using the Government of 72. Using the government of 72, approach the subjoined sums. a. If the appraise of fix in an area is increasing 6 percent a year, how crave get it captivate for characteristic appraises to envelop? b. If you acquire 10 percent on your bombardments, how crave get it captivate for your capital to envelop? c. At an annual concern reprimand of 5 percent, how crave get it captivate for your capital to envelop? #4 Computing Advenient Aid Expenses. A extraction spends $46,000 a year for aid expenses. If prices growth by 2 percent a year for the instant three years, what sum get the extraction want for their aid expenses succeeding three years? #6 Computing the Space Appraise of Money. Using a financial calculator or space appraise of capital tables in the Chapter Appendix, estimate the subjoined. a. The advenient appraise of $450 six years from now at 7 percent. b. The advenient appraise of $900 saved each year for 10 years at 8 percent. c. The sum a idiosyncratic would keep to defence today (offer appraise) at a 6 percent concern reprimand to keep $1,000 five years from now. Business 001 Fall 2020 Hoyul Paik Homework Assignment #1 d. The sum a idiosyncratic would keep to defence today to be advantageserviceconducive to captivate out $600 a year for 10 years from an recital acquireing 8 percent. #7 Calculating the Advenient Appraise of a Series of Amounts. Elaine Romberg prepares her own pay tax render each year. A tax preparer would assault her $80 for this advantage. Balance a end of 10 years, how plenteous does Elaine gain from preparing her own tax render? Appropriate she can acquire 3 percent on her savings. #9 Calculating the Offer Appraise of a Series. Pete Morton is cunningning to go to graduate train in a program of con-balance that get captivate three years. Pete wants to keep $15,000 availserviceconducive each year for several train and aid expenses. If he acquires 4 percent on his capital, how plenteous must be defenceed at the set-out of his studies to be advantageserviceconducive to retire $15,000 a year for three years? #10 Using the Space Appraise of Capital for Solitude Planning. Carla Lopez defences $3,400 a year into her solitude recital. If these stocks keep an medium acquireing of 9 percent balance the 40 years until her solitude, what get be the appraise of her solitude recital? #11 Calculating the Appraise of Reduced Spending. If a idiosyncratic spends$15 a week on coffee (appropriate $750 a year), what would be the advenient appraise sum balance 10 years if the stocks were defenceed in an recital acquireing 3 percent? Chapter 2: Financial Planning Problems #1 Determining the Advenient Appraise of Education. Jenny Lopez estimates that as a upshot of completing her master’s range, she get acquire an added $8,000 a year for the instant 40 years. a. What would be the aggregate sum of these added acquireings? b. What would be the advenient appraise of these added acquireings grounded on an annual concern reprimand of 6%? #3 Calculating Advenient Appraise of Salary. During a job confabulation, Pam Thompson is offered a stipend of $32,000. The order gives annual raises of 4 percent. What would be Pam’s stipend during her fifth year on the job? #4 Computing Advenient Value. Calculate the advenient appraise of a solitude recital in which you defence $2,000 a year for 30 years after a while an annual concern reprimand of 5 percent. #6 Comparing Employment Offers. Bill Mason is regarding two job offers. Job 1 pays a stipend of $36,500 after a while $4,500 of nontaxserviceconducive employee goods. Job 2 pays a stipend of $34,700 and $6,120 of nontaxserviceconducive goods. Which posture would keep the remarkable monetary appraise? Use a 28 percent tax reprimand. #7 Calculating the After-Tax Appraise of Employee Benefits. Helen Ming receives a excursion restitution of $180 each week from her order for space abroad from home. If this restitution is taxserviceconducive and she has a 24 percent pay tax reprimand, what sum get she keep to pay in taxes for this employee good? #8 Future Appraise of Advanced Training. Joshua Kelly estimates that preliminary some classes would upshot in acquireing $3,800 more a year for the instant 30 years. Grounded on an annual concern reprimand of 4 percent, estimate the advenient appraise of these classes. Chapter 3: Financial Planning Problems #2 Calculating Balance Sheet Amounts. Grounded on the subjoined grounds, value the aggregate proceeds, aggregate liabilities, and net trounce. Flowing proceeds, $4,670 Household proceeds, $93,780 Bombardment proceeds, $26,910 Long-term liabilities, $76,230 Popular liabilities, $2,670 #4 Computing Balance Sheet Amounts. For each of the subjoined situations, value the forfeiture sum. a. Proceeds $48,000; liabilities $12,800; net trounce $ . b. Proceeds $78,780; liabilities $ ; net trounce $13,700. c. Proceeds $44,280; liabilities $12,265; net trounce $ . d. Proceeds $ ; liabilities $38,374; net trounce $53,795. #5 Calculating Financial Ratios. The Fram extraction has liabilities of $128,000 and proceeds of $340,000. What is their default association? How do you assess this? #6 Determining Financial Progress. Carl Lester has flowing proceeds of $2,680 and popular liabilities of $2,436. What is his popular association? What comments do you keep environing this financial posture? #8 Calculating the Effect of Inflation. Bill and Sally Kacunning keep an annual spending cunning that sums to $39,500. If inflation is 3 percent a year for the instant three years, what sum get the Kaplans want for their aid expenses three years from now? #10 Calculating Offer Appraise of Savings Fund. Hal Thomas wants to settle a savings stock from which a brotherhood structure could inhale $1,000 a year for 20 years. If the recital acquires 2 percent, what sum would he keep to defence now to close this view? Chapter 4: Financial Planning Problems #1 Computing Taxserviceconducive Income. Ross Martin arrived at the subjoined tax information: Gross stipend $56,145 Concern acquireing $205 Dividend pay $65 Standard inference $12,000 Itemized inferences $11,250 Adjustments to pay $1,200 What sum would Ross recital as taxserviceconducive pay? #12 Comparing Taxes on Investments. Would you elect a largely taxserviceconducive bombardment acquireing 8.1 percent or a tax-exempt bombardment acquireing 6.1 percent? (Assume a 28 percent tax reprimand.) Why?

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