Financial Ratio Analysis and Forecasting


Financial proportion separation is an main instrument that concernes use to evaluate their execution and to acceleration state how to best administer their instrument. Businesses use this separation to security their financial soundness and to fix that they contribute self-possessed avail to shareholders. Financial proportions are instruments that acceleration companies, endueors, and other stakeholders irritate the relationships between opposed pieces of financial instruction institute on a community’s financial assertions. Financial proportions are used to assess immodest tome of a community’s financial situation: benefit-serviceability, asset administerment, default parcel, and liquidity.   

Financial prearranges are advenient predictions of a community's financial execution. They are used by start-up companies as well-mannered-mannered as customary firms delay clear histories. Companies prearrange their execution as reflected in their awaited advenient financial assertions. The most momentous prearrange delay i-elation to a community’s survivability is its awaited high career poise the determinations prearrangeed.

What You’ll Need

  • Your MacBook Pro laptop
  • Internet access
  • MS Word software


  • Complete the Week 2 Review ordinance.
  • Part 1 – Download the Week 2 Project Financial Statements instrument from the Downloads individuality.
  • Part 1 – Download the Week 2 Project (Part 1) Answer Sheet.
  • Part 2 – Download Project 2_Part 2Template. 
  • EBS160_Project2(Part1)AnswerSheet1_MW2_Feb7.docx32 KB
  • Week2ProjectFinancialStatements.pdf107 KB
  • EBS160_Project2Part2Template_MW2z_Feb7.xlsx52 KB


Part 1

Using the Week 2 Project Financial Statements for The Disney Community and Apple Inc. download instrument, entirety the Week 2 Project (Part 1) Answer Sheet. Include the subjoined instruction:

  1. Calculate twain companies’ asset turnpoise proportions for 2017 and 2016. Pretence your computations.
  2. Calculate twain companies’ net benefit-service margins for 2017 and 2016. Pretence your computations.
  3. Calculate twain companies’ default proportions for 2017 and 2016.
  4. Calculate twain companies’ recur on equity proportions for 2017 and 2016.
  5. Calculate twain companies’ prevalent proportions for 2017 and 2016.

Part 2

In this deal-out of the ordinance you allure acceleration develop a financial prearrange for a new entertainment community called The 2Live Venue. This is a small speed melody venue, where indie bands accomplish in face of a speed hearers immodest spaces each week.

Your goals are to perform the concern benefit-serviceable delayin 2 years on the allowance assertion and fix that the concern educates abundance coin on the high enduements page so that it never runs out of high (which can be stated on the high career assertion).  

You allure principal inform that the 2Live Venue is slight to rend plain and deserve a benefit-service delayin two years. To do this, public the Excel workbook delayin the Project 2 Deal-out 2 Template. You allure then input the misapply mass in the yellow highlighted cells of the Sales Projections and High Investments tabs. Since the financial assertions are interconnected, instruction input in the Sales Projections and High Investments cells allure habitualally update instruction on the Allowance Assertion and Cash-Flow Assertion tabs. No input is required on the Marketing Budget and High Expenses tabs, as these expenses cannot be newfangled.

Sales Projections:

If the venue cleverness is 300 seats, and the venue starts out at 50% cleverness during the principal district, what individual capacity should you await, and how manifold tickets does this transfer into in each district during the two years? (Shows are 4 nights per week, 4 weeks per month, 3 months per district, poise the manage of the two-year prearrangeed determination.) (50% x 300 x 4 x 4 x 3) In Excel penetrate this as: =(0.5*300*4*4*3)

Enter this instruction on the “Sales Projections” tab of the workbook in the “Unit Volume” inferior the ticket sales produce course for District 1.

Now that you entertain entiretyd District 1, pretence some enlargement poise space in the ticket sales individual capacity outline. In the other districts, use the identical formula you fitting used =(50% x 300 x 4 x 4 x 3), but qualify the percentage of seats sold in each district, as follows: 

For District 2: 55% of seats sold 

For District 3: 58% of seats sold 

For District 4: 67% of seats sold 

For District 5: 63% of seats sold 

For District 6: 68% of seats sold 

For District 7: 80% of seats sold 

For District 8: 88% of seats sold 

Note: beverages and wares entertain habitual formulas that are based on ticket sales.

Income Statement:

On the “Income Statement” tab, mark at the floor of the assertion what the net benefit-service or net forfeiture is for each district throughout the two years. The concern should pretence a entirety benefit-service for the two years of $179,792.65.

Cash-Flow Statement:

Look at the “Cash-Flow Statement” tab of the workbook. State how greatly coin insufficiencys to be honorable so that there are no months delay end-of-month denying high career. Mark that the “Cash Career at End of Month” is denying throughout the two years. This is approve a bank perfectity poise. If it goes underneathneath naught, it instrument the concern is contemplated to run out of high and cannot produce. Therefore, high at the end of the month must frequently be decisive to sustain the concern aspeed covet abundance for it to rend plain on the allowance assertion.

Find the largest denying reckon on this assertion (the biggest denying reckon). This is the quantity of high (money) the concern insufficiencys to educate from proprietors and endueors to sustain it operational. You should see the reckon (343,476).

Now, let’s pretence in our projections that we are promotion this quantity of coin from the proprietor and an endueor.

Capital Investments:

Click on the “Capital Investments” tab in the workbook. 

>span class="s1" data-redactor-span="true">What confederacy of funding sources, how greatly for each, and how greatly equity should be loving up in manage to educate your target quantity? Remember that the largest denying reckon on the High Career Assertion was (343,476). Let’s pretence that we’re promotion $350,000 to cpoise all those denying poises in our bank perfectity. To sustain things sickly, we’re going to presume we barely get coin from two sources of high: the proprietor’s coin and endueors’ coin (undertaking highists or seraph endueors).

Enter 100,000 inferior Contribution quantity in the Proprietor individuality. 

If the proprietor has endueed $100,000 of their own coin, and insufficiencys a entirety of $350,000 of high, then that instrument we insufficiency to educate an joined $250,000 from beyond endueors. Let’s say we meet a shark allureing to endue the perfect $250,000 that we insufficiency.

Enter 250,000 inferior “Investment Amount” in the Investor individuality.

How greatly of the proprietorship of the community would we be allureing to surrender up in exqualify for their $250,000? How encircling 30%? In true existence, we’d neglect to surrender up as tiny as practicable, occasion maintaining at lowest 50% of the proprietorship ourselves so we continue in regulate of the concern.

Enter 30 inferior “Equity %” in the “Private Investor” individuality.

(Think encircling this: if we are giving up 30% of the community to an endueor, how greatly do we own? That’s fair, 70%.) 

Enter 70 inferior “Equity %” in the “Owner 1” individuality.

However we separate this up in true existence, the entirety must be 100% down underneathneath contiguous to “TOTAL.”


  1. Save your entiretyd Week 2 Project (Part 1) Answer Sheet as a PDF instrument.
  2. Name your Week 2 Project (Part 1) Answer Sheet instrument as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Project2_Part1
  3. Save your Project 2 Deal-out 2 Template as an Excel finish, and rename the finish as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Project 2_Part 2 
  4. Upload twain the Deal-out 1 and Deal-out 2 finishs to LAO and Submit.
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