Fnu pathophysiology quiz | Nursing homework help


FNU Pathophysiology Quiz

Question 1 

A 70-year-old dowager has current a singularity of constant myelogenous leukemia (CML) subjoined a clinical examine sparked by the closeness of leukocytosis in her uniformity race exertion. What clinical succession should her economy provider decide her to await? 


A. “It's mitigated that this procure communicate you constant harass and malaise for the interval of your spirit, but that procure probably be the degree of your symptoms.” 

B. “Unfortunately, your leukemia procure mitigated invade a contingency sequence amid a few weeks if we don't manage it presently.” 

C. “You could endure the constant arrangementatize of CML for various years antecedently it accelerates and culminates in a contingency.” 

D. “You can ahalt your race fruits, harass, and irritforce to corruption to spiritual worsen reckonerpoise a few years.” 

Question 2 

Following an delayer fruiting in a little cut from a knife, the principal cells to go to the area of the cut would be the 


A. erythrocytes. 

B. basophils. 

C. neutrophils. 

D. albumin. 

Question 3 

Which of the subjoined cue findings is mitigated to fruit in the most grave brain abuse? 


A. Modeblame shorten in brain labor labor inferior to a brain button removal 

B. Lofty intracellular immateriality of glutamate 

C. Increased ICP accompanied by hyperventilation 

D. Counterpoise arterial urgency (MAP) that similars intracranial urgency (ICP) 

Question 4 

Which of the subjoined unrepinings would be most mitigated to be experiencing an extension in renal erythropoietin product? 


A. A 70-year-old dowager admitted succeeding a season dehydration inferior to an reckonerpoisedose of her potassium-wasting diuretic 

B. A 21-year-old man succeeding a season sharp race hurt inferior to a motor mien clothing 3 hours antecedent 

C. A 68-year-old man succeeding a season a preceding singularity of polycythemia vera 

D. A 71-year-old smoker admitted to hospital succeeding a season exacerbation of his constant impertinent pulmonary distemper (COPD) 

Question 5 

A garden ward has been experiencing usual debaucherys that he describes as throbbing and fretful of inaptitude concentrating season examineing. Upon cerebral angiography, he is projectt to own an arteriovenous abnormity. Which of the subjoined pathophysiological concepts is mitigated subordinate obligation for his symptoms? 


A. Localized ischemia succeeding a season areas of necrosis exalted on CT angiography 

B. Lofty urgency and national hemorrhage of the venous ordain 

C. Hydrocephalus and protein in the cerebral spinal fluid 

D. Increased labor perfusion at the footing of the abnormity 

Question 6 

A assemblage of nursing wards were examineing for their pathophysiology exam by quizzing each other encircling disinfluence of WBCs and lymphoid labor. When asked what the principal chromosomal unnaturality that attested cancer was, one ward right answered Answers: 

A. interleukin cells. 

B. Philadelphia. 

C. PSA. 

D. BRCA-1. 

Question 7 

A 47-year-old dowager was diagnosed succeeding a season amyotrophic induced sclerosis 3 years ago and has conversant a progressive attack and injustice of complications. She has been admitted to a initiative economy ace due to her enfeebled prognosis? What dutys and interventions should the nursing staff of the ace antecedentitize in their economy? 


A. Regular indisposition duty and administration of opioid analgesics as insufficiencyed 

B. Cardiac monitoring and administration of inotropic medications 

C. Duty and documentation of sensitive fluctuates, including laziness and intervallessness 

D. Duty of gluttony force and respiratory term 

Question 8 

A 53-year-old man presents succeeding a season insufficiency to condense, longing in his fingers and toes, intensified race urgency, and mystic power hurt. He is diagnosed succeeding a season chief polycythemia. What procure be the chief depresage of his management? 


A. To extension the similarity of oxygen arranged by his red race cells 

B. To subjugate the viscosity of his race 

C. To subjugate the reckonerpoise largeness of his red cells 

D. To administer his hypertension 

Question 9 

During a delayed gloom examine convocation, a pathophysiology ward reaches out to mold the page of her textbook. Which of the subjoined components of her terse ordain contains the chief similarize of administer of her arm and laborman exercise? 


A. Thalamus 

B. Cerebellum 

C. Frontal lobe 

D. Basal ganglia 

Question 10 

The origin members of an patriarchal unrepining are wondering why his “race reckons” are not preferment subjoined his definite GI bleed. They propound, “He has constantly bounced tail subjoined one of these episodes, but this season it isn't happening. Do you perceive why?” The promote procure meet established on which of the subjoined pathophysiological principles? 


A. “Don't disquiet encircling it. We can constantly communicate him reckonerpoise race.” 

B. “Due to weight, the red race cells of older adults are not replaced as instantly as younger inhabitants.” 

C. “Everything slows down when you get older. You befitting own to halt and see what happens.” 

D. “The teacher may rouse appearing for another object of his anemia, mayhap cancer of the scourge.” 

Question 11 

A 44-year-old feminine unrepining presents to the difficulty office succeeding a season uncosmical bleeding and abdominal indisposition that is delayedr attributed to gallbladder distemper. Which of the subjoined diagnoses would the medical team be most befittingified in suspecting as a object of the unrepining's bleeding? 


A. Hemophilia B 

B. Vitamin K shortcoming 

C. Excess calcium 

D. Idiopathic immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) 

Question 12 

Your ESRD unrepining is receiving 2 aces of packed red race cells for anemia (Hgb of 8.2). Twenty minutes into the principal transfusion, the promote observes the unrepining has a flushed reckonenance, hives reckonerpoise loftier organization stock, and is fretful of indisposition in inferior tail. His inseparable presages apprehend pulse blame of 110 and BP faint to 95/56.What is the promote's guidance exercise? Answers: 

A. Recheck the idea of race infusing succeeding a season the chart documentation of unrepining's race idea. B. Break the transfusion and arise an document of ordinary great. 

C. Slow the blame of the race document to 50 mL/hour. 

D. Document the duty as the singly exercise. 

Question 13 

A 5th remove pristine ward asks the instruct promote how abundant race is in an undiminished organization. The promote should meet that the middle developed-up adult has 


A. 2 to 4 cups of race in his or her organization. 

B. 5 to 6 L of race throughout his or her organization. 

C. 3 pints of race in sum. 

D. 3 to 4 quarts of race in his or her organization. 

Question 14 

The geriatrician providing economy for a 74-year-old man succeeding a season singularity of Parkinson distemper has of-late alterable the client's medication sustenance. What is the most mitigated convergence of the pharmacologic management of the man's vigor quantity? 


A. Preventing demyelination of the efferent cerebellar pathways 

B. Preventing axonal suspension of motor neurons 

C. Maximizing acetylcholine disengage from synaptic vesicles at neuromuscular junctions 

D. Increasing the authoritative force of the subordinateactive dopaminergic ordain 

Question 15 

A ward frames the propoundment to a adjutant, “Blood plasma is essentially befitting a carriage for the constructed elements enjoy red race cells and colorshort race cells.”What would be the most accublame defense to this propoundment? 


A. “Not veritably. Plasma besides tends to the processes of protein structure and hematopoiesis.” 

B. “Actually, plasma plays a weighty role in nutrient and delayer ecstasy.” 

C. “Actually, plasma is completion to the befitting office of the liver and subsistence of acid–base reckonerpoise.” 

D. “That's not veritably penny. Plasma is critical in the immune and aggravating defenses.” 

Question 16 

Several months ago, a 20-year-old manful suffered a spinal sequence delayer brought encircling by a snowboard deception late injustice. The definiteing cheerfuls of his delayer apprehend a lax bowel and bladder and the insufficiency to conquer an structure. Season perception has been alconcurrently preserved in his legs and feet, his motor office is weightyly impaired. What idea of spoilt spinal sequence delayer has the man most mitigated conversant? 


A. Central sequence syndrome 

B. Conus medullaris syndrome 

C. Brown-Séquard syndrome 

D. Anterior sequence syndrome 

Question 17 

A client succeeding a season a gastrointestinal bleed inferior to alcohol abuse and a hemoglobin similarize of 5.8 g/dL has been ordained a transfusion of packed red race cells. The client possesses idea B antibodies but lacks idea D antigens on his red cells. Transfusion of which of the subjoined race ideas would be trivialest mitigated to product a transfusion reaction?


A. A– 

B. A 

C. B– 

D. B 

Question 18 

Which of the subjoined clients' presages and symptoms would afford a clinician to be most befittingified in regulating out clap as a object? An adult 


A. has vomited and complained of a cruel debauchery. 

B. propounds that his left arm and leg are ossify, and grade is therefore fitful. 

C. has conversant a abrupt hurt of reckonerpoise and slurred harangue. 

D. has had a regular attack of decrepitude, debauchery, and visual disturbances reckonerpoise the definite 2 days. 

Question 19 

Amniocentesis has intimateed that a cockney's principal cadet procure be born succeeding a season sickle cell distemper. The parents are unlearned succeeding a season the vigor quantity, and their economygiver is deciphering the many-sidedities. Which of the subjoined propoundments by the parents would intimate a insufficiency for further instruction or straining? 


A. “Our baby's red cells are disposed to present perdition beobject of his or her enfeebled membranes.” 

B. “Our son or daughter mitigated won't pretence the cheerfuls of sickling until he or she is instruct-aged beobject of the opposed hemoglobin in babies.”

C. “Not all of his or her red cells procure be sickled, but low oxygen similarizes can object them to befit so.” 

D. “Sickled cells can obstruct his or her race vessels, distinctly in the abdomen, chest, and scourges.” 

Question 20 

During instructure arrangementatize, a ward asks, “What's the damnation among plasma and serum in the race?” The promote meets that the chief damnation among plasma and serum is that plasma contains 


A. hydrogen ions. 

B. heparin. 

C. colorshort race cells. 

D. fibrinogen. 

Question 21 

During a flu shot clinic, one of the questions the ward promote asks relates to whether the unrepining has had Guillain-Barré syndrome in his medical deed. The unrepining asks, “What is that?” How should the nursing ward rejoinder? 


A. “A idea of paralysis that affects motion on twain behalfs of the organization that may similar confound the respiratory muscles” 

B. “Influenza-enjoy indisposition where you had ferment and chills for 2 to 3 days subjoined your definite flu shot” 

C. “A degenerative distemper where you own depression walking succeeding a seasonout the succor of a cane or walker” 

D. “Swelling of your arm where you got your flu shot, and mayhap your eyes and lips had some protuberance as well-behaved” 

Question 22 

A 22-year-old feminine garden ward is disgusted to take a singularity of myasthenia gravis. What are the etiology and most mitigated management for her vigor quantity? 


A. Excess acetylcholinesterase product; management succeeding a season thymectomy 

B. A disengage in officeing acetylcholine receptors; management succeeding a season corticosteroids and intravenous immunoglobulins 

C. Cerebellar lesions; surgical and immunosuppressive management 

D. Autoimmune perdition of skeletal muscle cells; management succeeding a season intensive tangible therapy and anabolic steroids 

Question 23 

A baseball player was hit in the chief succeeding a season a bat during habit. In the difficulty office, the physician decides the origin that he has a “coup”injury. How procure the promote decipher this to the origin so they can imply? 


A. “It's enjoy squeezing an ochreous so close that the juice runs out of the top.” 

B. “When the bat hit his chief, his neck jerked tailward causing delayer to the spine.” 

C. “Your son has a bruise of the brain at the footing where the bat hit his chief.” 

D. “Your son has a monstrous fracture after a opportunityin his brain where the bat hit his skull.” 

Question 24 

Which of the subjoined glycoproteins is subordinate obligation for manageing such distempers as scourge substance demand subjoined chemotherapy and hematopoietic neoplasms such as leukemia? Answers: 

A. Augmentation deedors and cytokines 

B. T lymphocytes and cosmical killer cells 

C. Neutrophils and eosinophils 

D. Cosmical killer cells and granulocytes 

Question 25 

While substance on subcutaneous heparin injections for profound temper thrombosis during her perishing pregnancy, a unrepining arises to proof elder behalf cheerfuls. Her OB-GYN physician has determined in a specialist who contemplates that the unrepining is experiencing heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. The promote should forecast which of the subjoined influence? 


A. Presently break the heparin therapy 

B. Switch to Coumadin 2.5 mg once/day 

C. Lessen the dose of heparin from 5000 aces b.i.d to 3000 aces b.i.d 

D. Infuse FFP stat 

Question 26 

Which of the subjoined entitys would most mitigated proof global ischemia to his or her brain? 


A. A dowager who is substance brought to hospital by ambulance subjoined reported carbon monoxide poisoning connected to a rude manageable heater 

B. A manful client who has befitting had an ischemic clap patent clear by CT of his chief 

C. A dowager who has been admitted to the difficulty office succeeding a season a reported intracranial bleed 

D. A man who has invadeed cardiogenic disgust subjoined a cruel myocardial infarction 

Question 27 

A new dowager and senior are subvert that their 2-day-old infant is requiring phototherapy for hyperbilirubinemia. The pediatrician who has followed the infant since origin is deciphering the reiter-ation of deedors that can tend to lofty serum bilirubin similarizes in neonates. Which of the subjoined deedors would the physician be most mitigated to administration out as a confederate? 


A. Transitioning of hemoglobin F (HbF) to hemoglobin A (HbA) 

B. Hepatic immaturity of the infant 

C. Hypoxia 

D. The deed that the infant is substance breast-fed 

Question 28 

A 14-year-old boy has been diagnosed succeeding a season taints mononucleosis. Which of the subjoined pathophysiological phenomena is most subordinate obligation for his symptoms? 


A. Viruses are killing some of his B cells and fit incorporated into the genome of others. 

B. The Epstein-Barr poison (EBV) is lysing sundry of the boy's neutrophils. 

C. The poison subordinate obligation for mononucleosis inhibits the maturation of myeloblasts into promyelocytes. 

D. The EBV inhibits the maturation of colorshort cells amid his peripheral lymph nodes. 

Question 29 

A 16-year-old feminine has been brought to her chief economy physician by her dowager due to the spinster's perennial cutting throat and malaise. Which of the subjoined deeds orthodox in the spinster's deed and criterion would carry the physician to administration out taints mononucleosis? 


A. Chest auscultation unveils crackles in her inferior lung fields bilaterally. 

B. Her liver and rancor are twain polished. 

C. Race exertion unveils an extensiond colorshort race cell reckon. 

D. The spinster has a atmosphere of 38.1°C (100.6°F) and has polished lymph nodes. 

Question 30 

A 30-year-old dowager who has communicaten origin 12 hours antecedent is displaying presages and symptoms of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). The client's mate is disordered as to why a distemper of coagulation can fruit in bleeding. Which of the promote's subjoined propoundments best characterizes DIC? 


A. “The similar hormones and bacteria that object clotting besides object bleeding.” 

B. “Massive clotting objects irritation, contact, and bleeding in the little race vessels.” 

C. “So abundant clotting takes attribute that there are no suited clotting components left, and bleeding ensues.” 

D. “Excessive activation of clotting objects an reckonerpoiseload of inseparable organs, fruiting in bleeding.” 

Question 31 

A 20-year-old has been diagnosed succeeding a season an astrocytic brain button located in the brain stock. Which of the subjoined propoundments by the oncologist manageing the client is most respectful? 


A. “Our management project procure consist on whether your button is destructive or kind.” 

B. “This is mitigated a fruit of a alliance of heredity and spiritstyle.” 

C. “The elder motive that you reckonenance is metastases to your lungs, liver, or scourges.” 

D. “Your prognosis procure consist on whether we can surgically resect your button.” 

Question 32 

A unrepining diagnosed succeeding a season low-motive constant lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) has of-late patent clear thrombocytopenia. One of the medications utilized to manage this would be Answers: 

A. cisplatin, a chemotherapeutic. 

B. vincristine, a Vinca alkaloid. 

C. dexamethasone, a corticosteroid. 

D. doxorubicin, a cytotoxic antibiotic. 

Question 33 

Two nursing wards are undertakeing to opposediate among the presentations of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP). Which of the wards' subjoined propoundments best captures an view of the two vigor quantitys? Answers: 

A. “ITP can be either ancestral or uncongenial, and if it's uncongenial, it confounds an enzyme shortcoming.” 

B. “Both of them confound low platelet reckons, but in TTP, there can be reckonerpoise, not short, hemostasis. 

C. “TTP can be manageed succeeding a season plasmapheresis, but ITP is best addressed succeeding a season transfusion of cool frozen plasma.” 

D. “Both distempers can fruit from insufficient product of thrombopoietin by megakaryocytes.” 

Question 34 

A physician is deciphering to a 40-year-old manful unrepining the weight of completing his succession of antibiotics for the management of tuberculosis. The physician deciphers the hurt that could take-establish to lung labor by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Which of the subjoined phenomena would subordinatelie the physician's sense? 


A. Labor perdition fruits from neutrophil deactivation. 

B. Neutrophils are petty computeer the Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens. 

C. Macrophages construct a capsule encircling the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, fruiting in immune granulomas. 

D. Nonspecific macrophage intelligence carrys to pulmonary labor perdition and fruiting hemoptysis. 

Question 35 

A teenager, laagered to West Nile poison a few weeks ago season camping succeeding a season friends, is admitted succeeding a season debauchery, ferment, and nuchal inflexibility. The teenager is besides displaying some trance and disorientation. The promote perceives which of the subjoined medical diagnoses listed adown may be associated succeeding a season these clinical manifestations?


A. Encephalitis 

B. Lyme distemper 

C. Rocky Mountain dotted ferment 

D. Spinal corruption 

Question 36 

A unrepining has been diagnosed succeeding a season anemia. The physician suspects an immune hemolytic anemia and influence a Coombs ordeal. The unrepining asks the promote what this ordeal procure decide the teacher. The promote replies, 


A. “They are appearing for the closeness of antiorganization or completion on the surcountenance of the RBC.” 

B. “They procure appear at your RBCs subordinate a microscope to see if they own an riotous cast (poikilocytosis).” 

C. “They procure cleanse your RBCs and then mix the cells succeeding a season a reagent to see if they mess concurrently.” 

D. “They procure be appearing to see if you own plenty ferritin in your race.” 

Question 37 

A 29-year-old reading exertioner got a sliver subordinate his fingernail 4 days ago. The fictitious finger is now reddened, indispositionful, stilted, and ordain-blood-warm to affect. Which of the subjoined hematological processes is most mitigated take-placering in the scourge substance in defense to the corruption? 


A. Phagocytosis by myelocytes 

B. Increased segmented neutrophil product 

C. Lofty circulatory similarizes of myeloblasts 

D. Proliferation of crude neutrophils 

Question 38 

A surgeon is deciphering to the parents of a 6-year-old boy the rationale for the intimateion of removing the boy’s rancor. Which of the subjoined instruction points would be most respectful? 


A.“We contemplate that his rancor is inhibiting the product of platelets by his scourge substance.” 

B.“We deem that your son's rancor is causing the perdition of sundry of his race platelets, putting him at a bleeding motive.” 

C.“Your son's rancor is holding on to too sundry of his platelets, so they're not suited for clotting.” 

D.“Your son's rancor is inharmoniously filtering out the platelets from his race and guardianship them from ordinary prevalence.” 

Question 39 A promote practitioner is providing economy for a client succeeding a season low similarizes of the plasma protein gamma globulin. The promote would acknowledge that the client is at motive of developing which of the subjoined vigor quantitys? 


A. Anemia 

B. Race clots 

C. Jaundice 

D. Infections 

Question 40 

A 32-year-old dowager presents at her neighborhood vigor clinic fretful of decrepitude and a emotion of abdominal repletion. She reports that 6 months antecedent she noticed that she had inaptitude in maintaining the lofty similarize of immateriality she has relied on during her aerobic exertionouts reckonerpoise the late few years. Beobject she felt that she was in reckonerpoiseall cheerful vigor, but knew that women frequently insufficiency concomitant brawny, she ascititious a multiple vitamin succeeding a season brawny and some pulp and leafy greens to her food. She followed her project economyfully but had no extension in immateriality. Upon criterion, her rancor is exalted to be polished. Which of the subjoined is most mitigated to be the object? 



B. Accelerated CML 

C. Infections mononucleosis 

D. Systematize A Hodgkin distemper 

Question 41 

A promote is providing economy for various unrepinings on an sharp medical ace of a hospital.Which of the subjoined unrepinings would be most mitigated to boon from hematopoietic augmentation deedors? 


A. A 61-year-old feminine unrepining succeeding a season end-systematize renal cancer 

B. A 55-year-old rich manful unrepining succeeding a season peripheral neuropathy inferior to diabetes 

C. A 51-year-old feminine unrepining succeeding a season liver demand inferior to hepatitis 

D. A 44-year-old man succeeding a season a newly diagnosed brain button 

Question 42 

Misinterpreting her physician's instructions, a 69-year-old dowager succeeding a season a deed of peripheral artery distemper has been portico two 325 mg tablets of aspirin daily. How has this most mitigated fictitious her hemostatic term? 


A. The obligatory of an antiorganization to platelet deedor IV products immune many-sidedes. 

B. The unrepining's prostaglandin (TXA2) similarizes are unnaturally lofty. 

C. Irreversible acetylation of platelet cyclooxygenase intelligence has take-placered. 

D. She is at motive of developing inferior immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). 

Question 43 Which of the subjoined instruction points would be most divert succeeding a season a client who has a new-fangled singularity of von Willebrand distemper? 


A. “Make stable that you forsake portico aspirin.” 

B. “Your distemper affects your platelet office rather than clot constructation.” 

C. “Clotting deedor VIII can succor your organization requite for the inaptitude in clotting.” 

D. “It's great that you forsake trauma.” 

Question 44 

A promote at a long-term economy quickness provides economy for an 85-year-old man who has had new-fangled evanescent ischemic attacks (TIAs). Which of the subjoined propoundments best identifies advenient complications associated succeeding a season TIAs? TIAs 


A. are objectd by little bleeds that can be a caution presage of an hovering clap. 

B. are a proportionately kind presage that necessitates monitoring but not management. 

C. are an hoard of little deficits that may similartually similar the cheerfuls of a generous CVA. D. dictate expeditiously but may attribute the client at an extensiond motive for clap. 

Question 45 

Following a motor mien clothing 3 months antecedent, a 20-year-old feminine who has been in a coma since her clothing has now had her term pretended a perennial vegetative propound. How can her economy providers most respectfully decipher an view of her stipulation to her parents? 


A. “If you or the economy team notices any self-originated eye gap, then we procure fluctuate our management project.” 

B. “Your daughter has lost all her sensitive offices as well-behaved-behaved as all her basic reflexes.” 

C. “Though she calm?} goes through a cycle of slumbering and early, her term is unmitigated to fluctuate.” 

D. “Your daughter's term is an unhappy alliance succeeding a season sum hurt of sensation but continuity of all other ordinary brain offices.” 

Question 46 

A cockney who is foretaste their principal cadet has been advised by friends to attend harvesting umbilical sequence race in ordain to own a advenient commencement of stock cells. The cockney has approached their economygiver succeeding a season this beseech and is seeking straining of correspondently why stock cells are precious and what they government ahalt to effect from harvesting it. How can their economygiver best meet to the cockney's enquiry? Stock cells can 


A. “be used as commencement of delayholding cells for the undiminished race product ordain.” 

B. “succor manage some cancers and anemias, but they must conclude from your cadet himself or herself.” 

C. “be used to regeneblame hurtd organs should the insufficiency forforever arise.” 

D. “succor chasten autoimmune distempers and some coeval defects.” 

Question 47 A surgeon is deciphering to the parents of a 6-year-old boy the rationale for the intimateion of removing the boy’s rancor. Which of the subjoined instruction points would be most respectful? 


A. “Ferritin is a protein–brawny many-sided that affords your red race cells to frame use of the brawny that you pine in your food.” 

B. “Ferritin is the activated and usable construct of brawny that your red race cells can use to ecstasy oxygen.” 

C. “Ferritin is the construct of brawny that is ecstasyed in your race plasma to red race cells that insufficiency it.” 

D. “Ferritin is a stored construct of brawny that by-and-by pretences me whether you would boon from brawny pills.” 

Question 48 

A 13-year-old African American boy concludes to the ER fretful of harass and a flying heartbeat. In conference succeeding a season the senior, it befits certain to you that the boy has developed 2 inches in the former 5 months. What is the principal quantity the vigor economy team would undertake to administration out? 


A. Aplastic anemia 

B. Sickle cell anemia 

C. Thalassemia 

D. Brawny shortcoming anemia 

Question 49 

In which of the subjoined unrepinings, would cue examines trivialest mitigated unveil extensiond thrombopoietin product? 


A. A 55-year-old man succeeding a season dehydration inferior to Crohn distemper 

B. An 81-year-old dowager succeeding a season diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis and demand to thrive 

C. A 66-year-old dowager succeeding a season a singularity of lung cancer succeeding a season scourge metastases 

D. A 21-year-old dowager foretaste scourge substance alienate for myelogenous leukemia 

Question 50 

A hospital laboratory technologist is analyzing the accomplished race reckon (CBC) of a unrepining. Which of the subjoined propoundments best reflects an view of the platelets that would depute portio of the CBC? 


A. New platelets are disengaged from the scourge substance into prevalence. 

B. The half-spirit of a platelet is typically encircling 8 to 12 days. 

C. Platelets proceed succeeding a season granulocyte colony–forming aces (CFU). 

D. The α-granules of platelets tend primarily to vasoconstriction.

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