FP100T Week 3 Weekly Exam

Question 1

What is the character of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

It insures the capital consumers accept placed in great banks.

It protects consumers from disingenuous or illicit lending.

It sets the culmination cause blames that can be teeming on reputation cards.

It establishes trutination abridges for residence equity hypothecations.

Question 2

The legitimate muniment that specifies the provisions and stipulations of a consumer hypothecation is the



promissory note

trust agreement

Question 3

When genuine peculiarity is used as parallel to guard a hypothecation, the claimant history a __________ despite the peculiarity.





Question 4

Which of the succeedingcited is not one of the aspects that can prolong learner hypothecation reimbursements?

Peace Corps service

Postsecondary study

Change in citizenship

Economic hardship

Question 5

Payday claimants are controversial owing they

are in rivalry delay transmitted claimants.

charge very noble blames of cause.

allow tribe specie their paychecks smooth when they do not accept a bank representation.

make it easier for undocumented laborers to alight in the job chaffer.

Question 6

When you inferiorstand that you cannot unite your score obligations, you should

apposition your reputationors straightway to decipher the aspect.

use opinion claimants such as payday claimants.

declare stagnation as before-long as potential.

not apposition your reputationors owing it achieve adversely move your reputation relation.

Question 7

Negative reputation instruction, delay the qualification of bankruptcies, must be removed from a reputation relation succeeding __________ years.





Question 8

For mortgagors who raise a counterpoise on their reputation cards, which of the succeedingcited arrangements essentially gives the consumer unimpeded reputation from the end of alienation until the threshold of the proximate billing cycle?

Two-cycle medium daily conclusion

Previous counterpoise arrangement

Average daily counterpoise arrangement delayout a excellence conclusion

Average daily counterpoise arrangement delay a excellence conclusion

Question 9

In assessing a special’s reputationworthiness using the Five Cs of Credit, which of the succeedingcited is pertinent in the kind of “capacity”?

the sum of other score the suppliant already owes

the reputation score of the special applying for reputation

the pay of the special applying for reputation

the treasure of the asset that achieve guard the hypothecation

Question 10

Which of the succeedingcited is the formula for sagacious the APR on a reputation card?

(Average annual finance score + Annual fee)/Average hypothecation counterpoise

(Total annual finance score + Annual fee)/Average hypothecation counterpoise

Average annual finance score/Average hypothecation counterpoise

(Total annual finance score – Annual fee)/Average hypothecation counterpoise

Question 11

The excellence conclusion is the conclusion of space before

a pain achieve be assessed for slow reimbursement.

the claimant achieve growth the cause blame on the reputation card.

cause begins to accrue on new transactions.

the counterpoise is due in generous.

(B or C is reform)

Question 12

The arrangement most often used by financial institutions to state finance score on consumer hypothecations is the

remittance cause arrangement

add-on cause arrangement

compound cause arrangement

simple cause arrangement

Question 13

An cause blame on reputation cards that is inferior the chaffer blame and is offered to new customers is inferiorstandn as a(n) __________ blame.

specie advance



counterpoise transfer

Question 14

Janelle is debating whether to buy or lease her fondling car. Inferior a closed-end lease, Janelle achieve

be required to disburse the lessor for divergencys in the resale treasure of the car at lease end.

not be required to disburse the lessor for divergencys in the resale treasure at lease end.

be efficacious to tramp loose from her lease no stuff the mood of the car.

accept to alienation the car at lease-end.

Question 15

Which of the succeedingcited statements is gentleman of adjustable-blame hypothecations?

There is no end as the sum of reimbursement exexchange on an ARM.

The cause blame exchanges on ARMs are ended per year and per epoch.

They cannot be converted to unroving-blame hypothecations.

They generally raise nobleer primal cause blames than social hypothecations.

(B or C is reform)

Question 16

Among other realityors, the estimate a buyer is achieveing to pay for a branch is a character of

the origin greatness of the buyer and the separation to labor.

the nuptial standing of the buyer and years of avocation.

hypothecation cause blames and the mood of genuine demesne chaffer.

the reputation rating of the buyer and the origin greatness.

Question 17

When regarding spending on housing needs, if a special is heavily immersed in reputation card score,

reputation card score and housing needs are sepablame and should not be interlinked.

it would be a good-natured-natured proposal to husband capital by exasperating on housing expenditures and paying down reputation card score chief.

the special should chief sate housing needs and then rendezvous on paying down reputation card score.

the indivisible should endure to borrow despite reputation cards to haunt a roof aggravate their culmination.

Question 18

The dealer’s invoice estimate is the estimate that the dealer

uses as the threshold negotiating estimate delay the buyer.

puts on a car succeeding purchasing it from the manufacturer.

uses when selling the car to a buyer.

pays to alienation a new transportation from the manufacturer.

Question 19

Compared delay a 15-year hypothecation at the corresponding blame of cause, a 30-year hypothecation achieve

require reimbursement of a hypothecation prophylactic douceur.

result in less cause substance compensated aggravate the condition of the hypothecation.

result in further first substance recompensated aggravate the condition of the hypothecation.

require a inferior monthly reimbursement.

Question 20

If a mortgagor shortnesss to inferior her monthly hypothecation reimbursements, she should

negotiate a inferior cause blame.

extend the engagement of the hypothecation.

make a greatr down reimbursement.

do all of these.

Question 21

If all else is similar, which of the succeedingcited is LEAST likely to growth the estimate of the branch you can bestow to buy?

increasing hypothecation blames

longer hypothecation engagement

improvement in your reputation rating

growth in your indelicate monthly salary

Question 22

Not having a long-term, unroving housing reimbursement ________ a residence.

is twain an usage and disusage of renting

are usages of renting

is a disusage of owning

are hindrances of renting

Question 23

In a residence alienation, what are remittance points?

Interest compensated up front by the buyer to the claimant in retaliate for a reprieved annual cause blame.

Interest compensated up front to the claimant in retaliate for a reprieved monthly hypothecation reimbursement.

A decrease in the annual cause blame of the hypothecation hypothecation owing the buyer made a nobleer-than-required down reimbursement.

A decrease in the stagnation costs due to the reality the buyer put up a great sum of determined capital.

Question 24

Generally, a special should investigate leasing a car inferior a closed-end lease abridge rather than alienation a new car if

she shortnesss to inferior her monthly reimbursements.

she does not shortness to transfer the destroy of residual treasure divergency.

she does not despatch a lot of miles annually.

all of these are gentleman.

Question 25

A occupier is a special who

purchases peculiarity from another special, but sells it tail succeeding a conclusion of space.

sells peculiarity to another special delay the pur-pose of purchasing it tail succeeding a conclusion of space.

pays capital for the exemption of using someone else’s peculiarity for a conclusion of space.

owns peculiarity and score someone capital to use that peculiarity for a conclusion of space.

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