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 GO16_AC_VOL1_GRADER_CAP2_AS – Supplier Data

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Project Description:

In this project, you will apply skills you practiced from the Objectives in Access Chapters 1 through 3. You will create a database for Gina Gomez, Sales Manager, that contains inventory and supplier information. In addition, you will create queries that answer specific questions relating to the inventory items and suppliers, forms for entering and updating information, and reports.


Start   Access. Download, open, and save the database named go_acc_grader_capstone2_Supplier_Data.accdb.

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Open   the Cap2 Inventory table in Design View. Rename the ID field to Item ID and change the Data Type to Short   Text. Continue adding the following fields as Short Text except for Cost,   which should have a Currency Data Type, and Quantity, which should have a   Number Data Type:

Item Name
  Supplier ID


Switch   to Datasheet view. Enter the following two records into Cap2 Inventory:

  Item ID: H102
  Item Name: Hair Brush Set
  Department: Hair Care
  Cost: 9.99
  Quantity: 92
  Supplier ID: S-186

  Item ID: M089
  Item Name: Pedicure Kit
  Department: Hands & Feet
  Cost: 22.59
  Quantity: 71
  Supplier ID: S-133


Close   the table. Append a copy of the records from the downloaded aCap2_Inventory.xlsx workbook to the   Cap2 Inventory table. Accept all defaults in the wizard and do not save the   Import steps. Open the table, verify there are 24 records, and apply Best Fit   to all fields. Save and close the table.


Import   the source data from the downloaded aCap2_Suppliers.xlsx   workbook into a new table in the current database. In the wizard, click the   First Row Contains Column Headings option and set the primary key to Supplier   ID. Name the table Cap2 Suppliers.


Open   the Cap2 Suppliers table in Design view. Delete the Office Manager field and   save the table. Switch to Datasheet view and apply Best Fit to all of the   fields. Save and close the table.


On   the Navigation Pane, group the objects by Tables and Related Views.


Create   a relationship between the two tables in the database using Supplier ID as   the common field. Enforce Referential Integrity and select both Cascade   options. One supplier can supply many inventory items.


Create   a relationship report. Save the report with Relationships   as the name. Close the Relationships window.


Create   a query in Design view, using your Cap2 Inventory table to answer the   question, What is the item name (in alphabetical order), Cost, and Quantity   for the department of Hair Care?   Do not display the Department field in the query results. Run the query, save it as Cap2 Hair Care Query, then close the query. Three records   match the criteria.


Create   a copy of Cap2 Hair Care Query named Cap2 Hair Care or   Easy Wear Query. Redesign the query design to answer   the question, What is the department, item name, cost, and supplier ID where   the department is hair care   or easy wear? Arrange the fields in the order in   which they’re mentioned in the question. Sort the records first in ascending   order by Department and then in ascending order by Item Name. Run and then   close the query. Seven records match the criteria.


Create   a query in Design view, using both tables to answer the question, What is the   department, supplier name, item name, and phone, for a supplier name that   begins with the letter B   for the department of bath?   Add the fields in that order. Sort the records first in ascending order by   the Supplier Name field and then in ascending order by the Item Name field.   Run the query, save it as Cap2 Wildcard   Department Query, and then close it. Seven records   match the criteria.


Create   a query in Query Design view, using your Cap2 Suppliers table and your Cap2   Inventory table to answer the question, What is the supplier name, item name,   department, and cost (in that order) for items that have a cost of $25 or   greater? sorted first in ascending order by department and then in descending   order by Cost? Six records match the criteria. Save the query as Cap2 Cost $25 or More Query and close it.


Create   a query in Design view, using the Cap2 Inventory table to answer the   question: For Supplier ID S-186,   for each Item Name, if the Markup is calculated as 62% of Cost, then what is   the Selling Price if Cost and Markup   are added together? Add the Supplier ID, Item Name, and Cost fields (in that   order), then create the calculated fields. Name the first calculated field   Markup and name the second calculated field Selling Price.   Run the query and apply Best Fit to all of the fields. All numeric fields   should be formatted as Currency, 2 Decimal Places. Save the query as Cap2 Markup Query and close it.


Use   the Query Wizard to create a crosstab query using the Cap2 Inventory table.   Set the Supplier ID field as the row headings, and set the Department field   as the column headings. Sum the Quantity field, and do not include row sums.   Name the query Cap2 Crosstab Query   and then finish the query. Run the query and apply Best Fit to all of the   fields. Save and close the query.


Create   a query in Design view using the Cap2 Inventory table that prompts you to   enter the Department, and then answers the question, What is the department,   item name, and Cost for inventory items, sorted first in ascending order by   Department and then in ascending order by the item name? Add the fields in   that order. The query should prompt an individual to Enter the Department. Run the query, and type Face & Neck when prompted for the criteria. Five   records match the criteria. Save the query as Cap2 Parameter   Query   and close it.


Based   on the Cap2 Suppliers table, use the Form tool to create a form. Switch to   Form view, and then using the form, add a new record as follows:

  Supplier ID: S-152
  Supplier Name: Springfield Supply Co.
  Address: 146 Lincoln Drive
  City: Springfield
  State: IL
  Postal Code: 62707
  Phone: (217) 555-2543

  Use the Filter By Form tool to create a filter that displays records with a   State of IL   or TX. After verifying that three records   match this criteria, toggle the filter to display all 6 records. Save the   form as Cap2 Supplier Form and close it.


Based   on your Cap2 Suppliers table, use the Report tool to create a new report.   Delete the following fields from the report: Supplier ID, Address, City,   State, and Postal Code. Delete the Page Number control. Apply the Gallery   theme to this object only. Sort the Supplier Name field in ascending order.   For the Phone field, change the Width property to 1.25.   For the Supplier Name field, change the Left property to 1 and then close the Property Sheet.   Save the report as Cap2 Suppliers Report   and then close the report.


Use   the Report Wizard to create a report based on the Cap2 Inventory table. Add   the following fields to the report: Department, Item Name, and Quantity, in   that order. Group by the Department field. Sort in ascending order by the   Item Name field. Find the Sum of the Quantity field. Be sure that the Layout   is Stepped and that the Orientation is Portrait. For the report title, type Cap2 Inventory by Department Report   and then switch to Layout view. Delete the controls that begin with Summary   for ‘Department’. Under Item Name, click any text box control, and then set   the Width property to 2.5.   For the Quantity label control, set the Left property to 6.5. Save and close the report.


Close   all database objects. Open the Navigation Pane. Close the database and then   exit Access. Submit the database as directed.

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