Graphiti Animations

Question 1

Meryl Software Inc., an American MNC craving aggregate coerce of its operations, wants to get an solid robust, Graphiti Animations, in Canada. If getd, Graphiti Animations would be a:

Question options:

holding assembly.

greenfield boarding.

shell strengthening.

fully-owned helpful.

Question 2

Which of the subjoined stipulations refers to the basic media by which a assembly competes?

Question options:





Question 3

Which of the subjoined is the most slight end of regulations and restrictions enforced by a robust's residence empire that make-trial-of to be dear for the robust's operations?

Question options:

The robust searches for less   costive easy environments balanceseas

The robust behoves perplexed in   lengthy litigation

The robust unfolds its private   operations

The robust responds to customers'   demands departed promptly

Question 4

Which of the subjoined note strategies is most slight to obey as a incomprehensive-term temporization and to arclass poor pay?

Question options:


Management contract

Joint chance

Fully owned helpful

Question 5

Due to the proud insist for its handmade soaps in Canada, Fragrance Exotica, an Indian Soap manufacturer, has resolute to unconcealed a new manufacturing item in Canada, thereby unfolding balanceseas. In this scenario, which of the subjoined infers prompted Fragrance Exotica to set up a manufacturing item balanceseas?

Question options:

Tax incentives

Trade barriers

Manufacturer insists

Customer insists

Question 6

__________ refers to the science of cosmos-peopleample operations and the fruit of standardized fruits and negotiateing.

Question options:





Question 7

Which of the subjoined would most slight be categorized as a global financial concrete of an interpolitical robust?

Question options:

Long-term emolument enlargement

Company negotiate share

Quality and absorb coerce

Foreign-substitute treatment

Question 8

At which three levels should robusts proposallly act global environmental anatomy?

Question options:

Innovation, evolution, and topical   distribution

Operational, tactical, and top   management

Product, private negotiate, and   consumer

Multinational, climeal, and topical

Question 9

Which of the subjoined is the proactive infer that prompts robusts to unfold balanceseas?

Question options:

Avoiding requireive traffic   barriers

Seeking economies of lamina

Solving logistics-related problems

Responding to exotic competition

Question 10

Which of the subjoined statements is penny of clustering?

Question options:

It helps a robust constitute an extension   in efficiencies.

It solidly-ever uses specialized strive.

It typically extensions the absorbs   of evolution and classification.

It uses contrariant suppliers and   classification channels for interdependent companies amid an toil.

Question 11

The relieve segregate of the strategic treatment rule involves the:

Question options:

anatomy mark.

assessment mark.

planning view.

implementation view.

Question 12

Futura-Core Technologies, an electronics manufacturing robust, has usages in financial faculty and sustainability, but a helplessness in hasten of alteration. It is as-well at a helplessness not-absolute to Core-Dynamix Technologies, another electronics manufacturing robust, in suggestive factors such as manufacturing faculty and adaptability to negotiate stipulations. Which of the subjoined stipulations best describes Futura-Core's abilities in comparison to Core-Dynamix?

Question options:

Comparative usage

Absolute usage

Collective bargaining

Competitive usage

Question 13

Which of the subjoined strategies would a non-European assembly most slight use if it wanted to constitute prompt note internally the European generality?

Question options:

Greenfield boarding


Turnkey operation

Intergeneral elbow chance

Question 14

Which of the subjoined is a general endanger delay behold to strategic note balancelookning?

Question options:

Energy availability and prices

Legal preserveion

Regional instability

Political turmoil

Question 15

Restrictive traffic barriers most slight swing the globalization of callinges by inspiriting robusts to:

Question options:

enliberal elbow chances delay topical   firms.

switch from ship-produceing to balanceseas   manufacturing.

import food from exotic   vendors.

unfold the emigration of raw   materials.

Question 16

The earliest comprehensive balancelook of all possible cosmos-people negotiates should end in the robust being efficient to:

Question options:

eliminate negotiates delay   unreasonefficient note stipulations.

eliminate countries delay proud   cultural endanger.

identify the strengths and   weaknesses of its competitors.

determine the best sources for raw   materials.

Question 17

Which of the subjoined is the most contemptible reactive infer for a robust to stretch its operations balanceseas?

Question options:

Globalization of competitors

Resource bearing and absorb savings

Tax incentives

Economies of lamina

Question 18

Which of the subjoined is a global endanger delay behold to strategic note balancelookning?

Question options:

Economic and financial endanger


Economic and fiscal policies

Trade restrictions

Question 19

Goals for negotiate quantity and emolumentability are usually set prouder for interpolitical than private operations due to the:

Question options:

presence of stefficient negotiate   conditions.

involvement of preferable endangers.

enforbind of empire   controls.

presence of stefficient substitute rates.

Question 20

Which of the subjoined is the promptest and cheapest way to enliberal a global temporization?

Question options:

Strategic relations

Fully-owned subsidiaries


Greenfield boardings

Section 2

Question 21

Which of the subjoined forms of rendering is segregateicularly misspend in a dynamic and sundry environment?

Question options:

The global fruit rendering

The private rendering plus   exotic helpful

The global functional rendering

The private rendering plus ship-produce   department

Question 22

The station to which acmequarters' practices and goals are transferefficient most slight depends on whether:

Question options:

top managers are from the acme   office, the multitude province, or a third province.

the rendering is fruit- or   service-oriented.

financial actance reports exhibition   a indisputable bear in enlargement balance the departed sundry years.

the evolution command is   standardized.

Question 23

In pique of the possible problems delay topical segregateners, divers robusts sweep the rule of segregatener excerption owing they:

Question options:

are careful to get into an   attractive negotiate.

want to weaken the total departed on   establishing subsidiaries abroad

want to elect usage of the   topical segregatener's technological alterations.

mostly aim at increasing the   number of equity shares amid a incomprehensive continuance of space.

Question 24

Which of the subjoined is penny environing the matrix rendering of renderingal contemplation?

Question options:

Overlapping responsibilities are   absent in a matrix rendering.

The matrix rendering is enlargeed   to link geographic aid for twain global integration and topical   responsiveness.

Regional managers are merely   responsible for the operations and actance of the countries amid a   consecrated clime.

In the matrix rendering,   communication problems, indistinctness, and contest are minimal.

Question 25

Which of the subjoined is a cultural variety that can suggestively like cross-bcommand relations?

Question options:

Protectionist legislation

Emergence of negotiate robusts in the   multitude province

Use of e-commerce enablers

Organizational punctiliousness

Question 26

Managers elect the manufacturing residuum for each fruit grounded on where the best co-operation of absorb, power, and technology can be attained in command to achieve:

Question options:




customer allegiance.

Question 27

Sedona Inc. is an American robust that manufactures proud-power handbags,
duffel bags, and leather belts at its pliancy in Arizona. Sedona's
products feel been featured in sundry guise magazines, and as a
result, consumer insist has extensiond suggestively. Currently, Sedona
is arrangementatic as a private rendering plus ship-produce division. Executives
at Sedona deem the robust is prepared to interpoliticalize its operations,
and they are noticeing sundry renderingal renderings.

Which of the
subjoined best aids the dispute that Sedona should surrender its
helpful managers suggestive autonomy?

Question options:

Sedona is a family-owned calling   that began as a helpful to Aloha enterprises.

Sedona has of-late resystematic   into a private rendering plus exotic helpful.

Praxis Inc., one of Sedona's   private competitors, has a flat
  organizational rendering.

Sedona conducts a liberal percentage   of private sales through the
  company's website.

Question 28

All of the subjoined are cooperative faces of strategic relations EXCEPT:

Question options:

limiting boarding endangers through   shared media.

learning new impalpable skills   from relation segregateners.

forming upstream–downstream   divisions of strive.

creating economies of lamina in   tangible property.

Question 29

Barton & Green is an MNC grounded in the U.S. that makes a ample class of software fruit fruits. Executives at the robust are noticeing the proposal of outsourcing the assembly's IT infrastructure. Which of the subjoined questions is the most appropriate to Barton & Green's judgment to outsource its IT infrarendering to TMC Enterprises, a robust in India?

Question options:

Which image of easy command is   principally used by TMC Enterprises?

What is the financial soundness of   TMC Enterprises?

Which other robusts feel outsourced   their rulees to TMC Enterprises?

What is the coldregs of U.S.   consumers environing TMC Enterprises?

Question 30

Overlooking cultural varietys in cross-bcommand relations can form a denying collision when target province:

Question options:

is technologically preferable to the   multitude province.

and multitude province twin-fellow   participate in judgment making.

has contesting practices and   systems.

has common views on   organizational punctiliousness.

Question 31

According to David Lei, the sole principal hindrance managers countenance when seeking to attain or refresh sources of competitive usage is that:

Question options:

good chance segregateners are solid to   find.

partners can behove competitors.

technologies veer very expeditiously.

governments can be unreliable.

Question 32

Which of the subjoined principally determines the degree of coerce exercised balance an IJV by its parent assembly?

Question options:

Policies of the slenderer robust

Staffing choices for top IJV   positions

Cultural background

IJV toil

Question 33

Which of the subjoined is penny delay behold to the global geographic rendering?

Question options:

In a geographic rendering,   problems of coordination abutting contrariant climes are virtually nonexistent.

The geographic rendering is not an   adequate rendering for consolidating climeal expertise.

With the geographic rendering, the   focus is on importing.

Marketing-oriented companies are   most slight to opt for this rendering.

Question 34

Which of the subjoined indicates a deficiency for veer in renderingal contemplation?

Question options:

New treatment delay contrariant   goals and strategies

Seamless alteration

Low turnover

A lessen in balanceseas customer   complaints

Question 35

Which of the subjoined images of relations can be formed among a assembly and a exotic empire?

Question options:

Equity strategic relation

Non-equity strategic relation

Global strategic relation

Intergeneral elbow chance

Question 36

Which of the subjoined is a competitive face of strategic relations? Answer: C

Question options:

Sharing media to condition   boarding endanger when entering new negotiates or fitful technological fields

Lowering departure barriers in grown   industries, consequently, aiding incomprehensive-term oppidan restructurings

Accelerating clearance of toil   standards and new technologies to form barriers to note

Creating a crucial lump to   enliberal new technologies to preserve private, strategic industries

Question 37

NextLinx Strengthening arranges a ample class of strategic implementation services for slender- and medium-sized renderings. It allows all trading segregateners to collaborate in a sole online residuum, using the corresponding instruction and rulees. Therefore, NextLinx is an in of a(n):

Question options:

outsourcing assembly.

knowledge treatment robust.

e-commerce enabler.

IJV coerceler.

Question 38

Trout Corp., Kirgo Ltd., and Sturgeon Inc., three of the redundant rendering companies in the U.S., feel resolute to link hands and form a new bind manufacturing assembly. According to their obligation, Trout Corp. conciliate feel 50 percent equity, Kirgo Ltd. conciliate feel 20 percent equity, and Sturgeon Inc. conciliate feel 30 percent equity. In this surrendern scenario, Sturgeon Inc. is referred to as a(n):

Question options:


majority JV segregatener.

minority JV segregatener.

sole proprietor.

Question 39

Papillion Inc. is a slender American proud-technology robust that has been successfully competing in the interpolitical calling ground from its projectting two years ago. Instead of interpoliticalizing sloth, Papillion embarked upon an ambitious project to leverage niche negotiate opportunities cosmos-peoplewide—right from the prelude. Papillion Inc. exemplifies the __________ lion.

Question options:





Question 40

Nimbus Inc. is a mongrel rendering. The renderingal rendering of
the assembly has been enlargeed to link geographic aid for twain
global integration and topical responsiveness. Nimbus is not a
hierarchical rendering and uses cross-functional teams to promptly
adapt to the dynamic calling environment.

If the over instruction is
true, which of the subjoined can be fittingly deduced?

Question options:

Nimbus has barely a few SBUs.

Nimbus is a born global.

Nimbus does not predilection   standardization of its fruits.

Nimbus has a matrix rendering.

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