Help me with a case. study

help me with a case study

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The class paper, or written assignment, is a Case Study.  To get started:

1. Choose an individual demonstrating a particular disorder. Do write to me using the class messaging system if you are not clear about choosing a topic.

2. Google the topic to see what kind of information is available out there. Again, write me with your questions using the course messaging system please.

3. If there is a famous person you would like to write about or a character from a book or movie, write about them. The written assignment required parts are explained in the syllabus. An example of a completed paper is provided on this homepage. Follow the form of the example, but do not use the content. 

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4. I have provided notes called “School of Theory” to give you ideas what to write about. If you are not familiar with the concepts listed there, look them up. 

If you look at my link on the homepage called Schools of Theory. Notice it names all eight school in a list that is color coded.
       The first line for each school gives example of theorists,

       The second line provides concepts, the ones who would explain the cause of a  disorder.
       The third line provides applications, the treatments that would treat a disorder.

Schools of Theory: Causes, Interventions and Examples of Each
Anatomical: Causes of illnesses include: chemical imbalances, disease,genetics, diet or stress.
Interventions include: medicines, shock treatment, psychosurgury, diet, hospitalization.
Examples: Behavioral Genetics, Selyes Stress Diathesis, Costa & McRae’s Big 5.
Behaviorial:    Causes: Tragic models, reinforcement of maladaptive conduct, painful associations.
Interventions: New models, Behavior Modification Schedules, Aversive Conditioning.
Examples: BFSkinner, Joseph Wolpe, Ivan Pavlov, Token Economies.
Cognitive: Causes: Irrational explanations, unrealistic expectations, poor coping or social skills.
Intervention: Reeducate explanations, expectatins, coping and social skills.
Examples: Piaget, Vygotsky, Kohlberg, Bandura
Diagnostic: Causes: Personality Traits define strength and vulnerabilites.
Intervention: No formal procedures but assessment insight can be therpeutic.
Examples: Murray’s TAT, Rorschach’s Inkblots, MMPI, CPI, IQ, Costa and McRae Big 5
(OCEAN) Openness, Conscientiousness, Extrovertedness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism.
Existential: Causes: Unnreasonable needs, misplaced values, attitude and social technique.
Intervention: Group Therapy, Value Clarification exercises, Needs Conflicts (Approach-
Approach, Avoidance-Avoidance, Approach-Avoidance), Group activities.
Examples: Maslow’s Heirarchy (biological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization),
Freudian: Causes: Arrested Developement in Psychosexual stages due to cathexis, excessive use
of  defence mechanisms, repressed conflicts and unrestrained libidinal expression.
Interventions: Psychoanalysis, word association, insights, dream interpretion, games.
Examples: Sygmund, Anna (games with dolls for children), Erikson,
Gestalt: Causes: Maladaptive script, disfunctional family interaction, cultural roles that contradict.
Interventions: Group therapy, role playing, psychodrama, confrontating  body language.
Examples: Frederick Perls and Alphonso Moreno.
Humanistic: Causes: Poor self esteem, incongruent real from ideal self, conditions of worth.
Interventions: Group therapy, sensitivity training, communication skills, gentle feedback,
non-directive counseling, unconditional-positive regard, and spontenaity.
Examples: Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankl, Cummings.

So the concepts in line two will help you do the Justification, and the third line will with the prognosis.

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