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Question 12 pts
In 1832 a South Carolina propound conclave: 
declared the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 unoccupied and unoccupied among the propound. 
ordered the propound militia to seize duty officials and impound their collections. 
declared that the propound had seceded from the Union. 
threatened to establish an soldierenjoy to retreat on Washington, D.C., and seize Jackson for his illegiticompeer actions.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 22 pts
In what way did John C. Calhouns arguments in the Nullification occasion fit into American fundamental and gregarious fact? 
They postponed arguments naturalized on propounds hues until polite into the twentieth period.
They reinvigorated arguments made by the Antifederalists in the question aggravate the Constitutions substantiation and by Jefferson and Madison in the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions of 1798. 
They rested on the doctrine that the checks and balances built into the Frame tended to create empire severe. 
They rested on the assumption that rule lay delay the majority of the United States, not delay the diversified gregarious units. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 32 pts
When southern cotton producers moved West, they moved chiefly to: 
Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
northern accommodation of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 
southern accommodation of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 
Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 42 pts
Samuel Slater: 
was a British creator who unwavering to relocate his cotton mill to the United States in 1796 accordingly of his subversive sympathies. 
had worked for the British originator who exposed the most advanced utensilry for spinning cotton, and he was operative to replicate these utensils from remembrance subjoined he immigrated to the United States in 1789. 
became a participator delay the American employmentr Richard Arkwright to set up the earliest American cotton mill in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1790. 
was a rich Boston employmentr who in 1811 spent a self-abandonment touring British textile mills and secret took notes on what he saw, so as subjoined to be operative to establish an improved rendering of the utensilry in New England.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 52 pts
British textile creators were operative to out-compete American creators accordingly they compensated all of the subjoined advantages exclude: 
low shipping rates. 
 low attention rates.  
low allowance. 
abundant cotton evolution at colonization.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 62 pts
During his presidency, John Ouincy Adams: 
became the most approved moderator gone George Washington but unwavering not to inquire reelection, saw, If my propound wants my services, she must ask for them.
joined delay southern propound officials to set-out the analysis of congenital Americans from the Southeast. 
failed to use gregarious help to pay his propers, maintaining unpropitious politicians in their offices as crave as they were suitable. 
perfected the use of gregarious help among his behalf. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 72 pts
The open workers who faced the conquer instituted and foundation stipulations were: 
mill hands. 
day laborers. 
canal-boat crews.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 82 pts
In his representation of propounds hues, John C. Calhoun be­lieved that: 
each propound paramount pursue had the energy to designate whether a federal law would be law in that propound. 
a propound conclave in any propound could propose a federal law unoccupied and unoccupied in that propound alone; such a decision would pause simply until the Frame was amended by three-fourths of all the propounds to impart the federal empire the energy to push out the unoccupiedified law.
a propound conclave in any propound could be designated to propose a federal law unoccupied and unoccupied in all the propounds. 
each propound synod should be consulted when familyal laws were passed. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 92 pts
Between roughly the 1790s and the 1840s there were three greater streams, or alibi patterns, of majority settling the American toward. Which of the subjoined wasnot one of these streams? 
from the Northeast, uppropound New York, and the Middle Atlantic propounds into the Great Lakes Basin
from the area of the old southern colonies into the Old Southwest   
from New Orleans up the Mississippi River Valley into the Ohio and Missouri Valleys 
from the Chesapeake territory and the Upper South into the southern accommodation of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 102 pts
For gregarious information, Moderator Jackson relied on: 
several key western senators, such as Henry Clay and Thomas Hart Benton. 
his conclave officers. 
an inaccurate class of advisors, designated the Kitchen Cabinet. 
Vice-President John C. Calhoun.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 112 pts
According to a epistle by Margaret Bayard Smith, Andrew Jacksons earliest source was: 
a thoroughly rough business, delay the Subversive Behalf assuring Jacksons propers to mark a unrestrained pageant antecedently he took the oath and then to mob the White House acceptance
marred by his propers mobbing the White House during a post-inaugural acceptance. 
quiet and dignified; reports of rough demeanor by his propers were idle.
the earliest such rite in fact to sign soldierenjoy pageants, honoring Jacksons triumph in the Battle of New Orleans.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 122 pts
Cities such as Buffalo, Chicago, and Detroit grew speedily in the 1830s accordingly: 
they adaptd the alienate of pi between the East and the West.
their mayors and other city officials used open funds to establish new ports and harbors to acception employment. 
they were located where pi had to be alienatered from one mode of conveyance to another. 
their colonization adaptd the use of inspire energy in factories. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 132 pts
In 1830 Jackson vetoed a jaw to avail the National Thoroughfare to Lexington, Kentucky, giving as his reason: 
his satisfaction that a sodality headed by his own propers establish the thoroughfare. 
that it was an infringement on the energy of the propounds.
his apprehension that the thoroughfare would adapt the begin of fleeting slaves. 
Kentuckians scarcity to prop him in the 1828 preference. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 142 pts
Jacksons exercitation of appointing faithful members of his behalf to open offices became known as: 
the caucus prescribe. 
the prey prescribe. 
the reversion prescribe.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 152 pts
From 1820 to 1840 the most speedily growing American cities were: 
those west of the Mississippi River. 
the new industrial towns that sprang up acrave the droop outline. 
the cotton-trading natures of the South. 
those west of the Appalachian Mountains.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 162 pts
All of the subjoined men were candidates for the presidency in 1824 exclude: 
John Quincy Adams
William H. Crawford. 
James Monroe. 
Henry Clay.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 172 pts
In Cincinnati, which became an main meatpacking nature in the 1830s and 1840s, the vestibule of factory methods in the packing toil meant that: 
large quantity of farm families throughout southern Ohio and northern Kentucky were enlisted in an mound prescribe of hog butchers and meat picklers.
a few single unreflective devices were used acrave an galaxy outoutsequence of meat packers who each had a peculiar job. 
sophisticated meat-processing utensilry was indispensable from Great Britain and operated by practiced factory workers. 
rural workers were retrained in the new technical skills they would deficiency as factory workers.           

Flag this QuestionQuestion 182 pts
In an unattested deposit, The South Carolina Exposition and Protest, John C. Calhoun: 
argued that simply a referendum by the majority could determine whether or not an act of Congress was fundamental. 
argued that the federal empire could never interfere delay southern slavery 
claimed that any dissident propound had the non-interference of seceding from the Union if three-fourths of the other propounds ratified an amendment giving Congress the energy to exact a law that the propound considered illegitimate.
refuted the arguments of Jefferson and Madison in the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions of 1798. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 192 pts
Which of the subjoined can most correspondently be pictorial as weighty characteristics of the industrial and traffic recurrence that occurred in the American dispensation during the earliest half of the nineteenth period? 
By 1860 the United States became the worlds fifth-ranking manufacturing family, astern simply Britain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. 
Business leaders of the Northeast myriad mechanization progressive and incorporated the trans-Appalachian West into the industrial dispensation. 
Productivity wasted-away as pauseards of industrial craftsmanship were obsolete. 
All of the aloft. 

Flag this QuestionQuestion 202 pts
In their stroke to triumph in 1828, Jackson and Calhoun captured propounds in all of the subjoined territorys exclude: 
New England. 
the Upper South. 
the Old Northwest. 
the mid-Atlantic territory.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 212 pts
All of the subjoined were technological innovations introduced by the Connecticut originator Eli Whitney exclude the: 
prototype of the cotton gin. 
earliest milling utensil to cut metal. 
earliest abundantly exposed prescribe of majority evolution.  
idea of interchangeoperative accommodation in the evolution rule.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 222 pts
The contaminated negotiation was the gregarious plot that resulted when the moderatorial preference of 1824 was unwavering in the House of Representatives; the substance of the course was: 
Jacksons prosperous exertion to get John C. Calhoun to delaydraw from the moderatorial family and befit his vice-presidential vulgar compeer, delay the sense that Calhoun would run for moderator in the proximate preference. 
John Quincy Adamss notorious trade delay Henry Clay whereby Clays propers in the House voted for Adams, who then determined Clay his secretary of propound. 
bribes compensated by John Quincy Adamss rich New England backers to acquisition the votes of abundance members of the House to secure his preference. 
the exertions of the three slave-holding moderatorial candidates (Jackson, Crawford, and Clay) to connect to fill the preference of anti-slavery John Ouincy Adams; the exertion furled when Clay refused to delaydraw, thereby enabling Adams to win.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 232 pts
The harvest of utensil tools is weighty accordingly they: 
facilitated the retrieve of intricate equipment. 
produced utensils that made pauseardized accommodation speedily and cheaply. 
produced utensils that could be run by women and outcome factory workers. 
were of higher authority than homogeneous British equipment.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 242 pts
The places where rivers cascaded from the Appalachian foothills to the Atlantic coastal open are weighty in the fact of American industrialization accordingly: 
early industrial entrepreneurs had to aunoccupied them in prescribe to hold their  machinery from entity damaged by roughen. 
here inspire-powered mills and factories were most efficiently operated. 
the drooping inspire made it self-possessed to originate electrical energy for factories. 
they disjoined the areas of the eastern seacoast in which British utensilry could be cheaply indispensable from places where conveyance costs made the use of such utensilry prohibitively high-priced.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 252 pts
Beginning in the deceased 1810s, one propound subjoined another revised its frame to develop approved free-trade in politics. This fluctuate was chiefly a moment of: 
an aggression on the old obsequious prescribe of American sodality, driven by the colonization of the trans-Appalachian West.  
the approvedity of Andrew Jackson as a combatant of subversive politics directly subjoined his triumph aggravate the British at New Orleans.    
encouragement by moderators James Madison and James Monroe, twain redoubtable Jeffersonian democrats.     
the Second Great Awakening and chiefly the prop that approved preachers enjoy Charles Grandison Finney gave to the good-manners of wonted majority.

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