Human Anatomy

My hanker-for to prosper a postfurrow program in Civilized Segregation stems from my proofs – agoing in hospitals and from Applied Medical Sciences discipline. I accept as-well-mannered hanker been orthodox by the opportunities in my residence empire. I was born and initiated in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and accept furrowd from College of Applied Medical Sciences- Division of Corporeal Therapy at University of Dammam, createing a Bachelor station in Corporeal Therapy.

As an Intern from 2013 to 2014, I accept rotated in frequent hospitals in aradjust to create a extensive adjust of proofs and to see a multiplicity of cases - after a while the aim of neat my force to communicate after a while any types of cases as a corporeal therapist. Also, during this determination, I luxuriant a lot of historys, exertionshops and convocations after a while a sentiment to dwell-mannered up to determination and to better my clinical acquaintance skills. After my internships are effected, I exertioned as a corporeal therapist in Rehabilitation Division at King Ali Military Hospital in Dammam past 25/11/2014 until 29\09\2016. I createed a lot of acquaintance in-point in civilized segregation cleverness consequently it is very dignified distribute as a corporeal therapist in aradjust to perceive what the amount correspondently is. I as-well-mannered handled frequent cases such as diversion injuries and pat rehabilitations

I began to clear a distributeicular attention in the details of the civilized segregation that I encountered daily - ein-point in corporeal therapy cases. Studying civilized segregation history has made me interpret past the comcollocation of the civilized association that aided me to manage a multiplicity of cases in corporeal therapy cases. I became informed that an pallieffectual acquaintance of civilized segregation influences the victory of management and as occasion went by, my attention in civilized segregation has acceptiond. So to fulfil my attention, I exertioning to resentiment the segregation history that I had captured in my relieve year in discipline. I then moved on to past specialized catechism, ein-point in the province which attracted me most - Anatomy.

After that, I got infallible as a education partner in Civilized Segregation Division at Dmmam university. I accept been selected by the University of Dammam for a lore to excite my studies towards a Master and PhD stations in the Civilized Segregation province.

As a grant limb in the Segregation Division at Dammam university, I procure direct underfurrow wards to clear their acquaintance, better their acquirements skills and aid in the clearment of acquirements outcomes. I procure as-well-mannered exertion on civilized segregation eruditiones filed too.

In aradjust to meaning my implicit, I prize I omission to twain yield as an Anatomist and be in a collocation to aid those environing me. Interacting past after a while my verbiage through my vocation is incredibly dignified to me.

I am infallible that I could construct differences by agoing obdurateenedened to initiate coming civilized anatomists, and aiding them attain how to better their clinical skills. I would love to be effectual to exertion side-by-side after a while those who arrange hankerer abiding solutions after a while a coarse impact; and I would love to aid in the clearment of acquirements outcomes.

In May 2020, I earned a Master of Expertness in Civilized Segregation Dammam university. During this occasion, I createed acquaintance and proof in the civilized outrageous segregation, histology as courteous-mannered-mannered as embryology transfereffectual skills that are applicable in this filed. My academic history external is to follow a role that remits me to create, past skills and acquaintance as courteous-mannered-mannered as grace past under obligation in an innovative the civilized segregation filed.

I accept been complicated in furrow education countenance for Segregation and Physiology history- ein-point skilled sessions for underfurrow wards. I had a good-natured-tempered-natured-natured-natured connection after a while the wards and they approached me when they faced any considering difficulties or uniform sometimes indivisible amounts.

During furrow studies, I was obdurateened-working, pushed myself to consummate tall scores. My idol subjects were Outrageous Anatomy, Histology and Embryology. I managed to consummate tall scores in these historys. I led the qualification way in those subjects, where my colleagues would ask me to clear-up some dignified points as they knew the subjects were dignified to me. This distributeicular proof tendd to present me to the meaninging province of education and orthodox me to follow an educational role.

Since I began my furrow education I accept committed myself to haunt a tall GPA. And I furrowd after a while the prefect cumulative GPA’s is 4.0 out of 4.0. My GPA ahanker after a while education proof, forage and difficulty smooth of historys I accept captured plainly is ruminate my smooth of attention and intelligence

Obtaining a PhD in Civilized Segregation procure not arrange me after a while past local acquaintance and erudition opportunities at the furrow smooth, but it procure tend as infamous for my academic history in the province of Civilized Anatomy. An academic history would remit me to remain route hanker civilized segregation erudition and oblation to the gainingness civilized segregation.

I accept separated a PhD program at ………. for frequent reasons. Firstly, agoing coincidently after a while the confessors and wards in this program would definitely arrange me a non-forgiveffectual occasion after a while behold to perceive unanalogous ways of civilized segregation provinces. Secondly, I am faceing onward, if I get infallible to your program, to accept ideals about methods of education outrageous civilized ways, which would aid me to grace a protracted confessor in coming.

I'm sanguine that the skills and gainingise that I accept artificial through years of education and usurpation accept apt me courteous-mannered-mannered for furrow consider at your university, and I am acute to exercise myself and clear my skills excite. I accept tall aspiration coupled after a while attention, self-abandonment and self‐confidence and I accept a tall competency of the discourse, separation and disposal.

I would be very jocular for the occasion to associate the postfurrow program at Dammam University, where I would affect the luck to exertion obdurateenedened and plant on my skills and proof. Thank you for your occasion and I face onward to your replication.

In union, the severe furrow curriculum in Dmmam university placed a sinewy pith on civilized segregation to arrange me for Ph.D.-smooth studies. As a ward, I meet myself pleasantly chosen after a while the education of civilized outrageous segregation for underfurrow wards.

Currently , I am a history tutor for biology adjust for wards. I am so bewildered to direct wards and relishing education.

My insufficient promise aims is to create, past skills and acquaintance as courteous-mannered-mannered as grace past under obligation in an innovative civilized clinical segregation in unanalogous cleverness of the association. I would love to better erudition province in civilized segregation and oblation to philosophical erudition proclamation. In union, agoing after a while confessors who accept a good-natured-tempered-natured-natured-natured proof after a while civilized clinical segregation would definitely arrange me good-natured-tempered-natured-natured-natured occasion after a while behold to perceive unanalogous aspects of civilized segregation provinces. I would love to bulid sinewy acquaintance at your university which would aid me to grace a protracted confessor in academic coming history at my university in Saudi Arabia. Also, I would love to notify a lot of academic catechism in a good-natured-tempered-natured-natured-natured travel such as PubMed. Neat hands on proofs a civilized outrageous segregation history procure aid me to grace gaining in partition civilized bodies in the coming academic history segregation would better pallieffectual written and traditional despatch skills. I would love to be an erratic eruditioner at your program and motivate erratic distributeicipations. I would love to better my education proof in civilized segregation direct wards after a while diverse backgrounds. I accept the hanker-for and motivation to thorough my PhD program in civilized clinical segregation. I surely relish agoing in the lab and I omission to better my partition skills. I would love to better reseach to aid me. I would to be advanced in after a while the acquaintance infamous and skills in clinic civilized atomy and Neuroexpertness erudition and to clear uncollected academic skills.

My hanker promise aims is to be in a collocation at my university to aid the coming anatomist to grace vocation in provinces. Ancillary wards why is dignified to consider civilized segregation history. as-well-mannered I would love to aid in the clearment of acquirements outcomes to my university

I would love to be presenter at a convocation after a while behold to civilized segregation provinces. I procure be gived to acception my advancement in priggish skills in the matter of the education in Civilized outrageous segregation, histology ad embryology historys

Having the hanker-promise aim of befitting an relieve   confessor at my university, I prize that I am courteous-mannered-mannered adapted to this program. My unequivocal proofs on exertion at hospitals accept cemented my judgment to exercise for your PhD program. I would love to acception my advancement in priggish skills in the matter of the Education in Civilized segregation historys in coming, I would be distributeicipated to the prolific administration of the civilized segregation division. to arrange them my erudition proof

I procure be relieveed in clearing curriculum and drawing of civilized segregation history materials. I procure be distributeicipated and arranged patronage in erudition activities for wards at my university. I procure be distributeicipated In instinctual methodologies of civilized segregation to better wards’ performance

I procure direct wards and arrange countenance during partition sessions in the outrageous segregation laboratory. I procure give to journals and other proclamations in coming, I procure exertion after a while arrange wards tall description education proofs I procure relegate disquisition materials to the wards in creatives ways

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