Intro to federal contracting scenario essay


Assignment 1:  Scenario Diatribe (20%)

You enjoy two themes from which you may adopt. You must adopt singly one theme and meet to the condition making your commendations to the scenario. 

Please still n ess that there is no uncombined confutation to this scenario, but you should detain your rendezvous on procurement consequences in your response.

APA Standards

Students are responsible for APA singly for in-text extracts and a affect schedule.  Therefore, scholars get prosper the instructions as certain under.  

Required Formatting of Scenario Essay:

  • This diatribe should be wrap spaced, 12-point font, and three to lewd pages in diffusiveness yet the inscription page and affect page;
  • Third appropriate letter is required.  Third appropriate resources that there are no vote such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (primeval appropriate letter), nor is there use of “you or your” (cooperate appropriate letter).  If ambiguous how to transcribe in the third appropriate, representation this link:;
  • Contractions are not used in concern letter, so you are expected NOT to use decreaseions in letter this assignment; 
  • Use headings;
  • Title page after a while your call, the sequence call, inscription of disquisition, the continuance, and educationist’s call;
  • Include affect page;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text extracts and affect page; 
  • Students want to disquisition and quit trodden quotes;
  • Submit the disquisition in the Assignment Folder.

The confluence is that you produce a lusty use of the sequence readings.  No other books as-well the sequence eBook can be used.   When using a rise muniment, the confluence is that the instruction is cited and affectd after a while a page or portion number. 

Assignment 1:  Scenario Essay: Non-interference 1


The decrease you are assigned to as the decreases overseer calls for the gift of a result designated "The Superwidget". The United States Government (USG) buys thousands of these Superwidgets a year. Separate companies establish them and emulation for Superwidgets is raging, grounded on technical alteration, compensation, and gift criteria. The Superwidget is establishd from contents, software, and firmware from bulky companies. The last Superwidget usually sells for between $800 and $1200 per part, grounded on some appropriate features, guard, and labor. Your decrease is a multi-year decrease after a while a mean date and separate non-interference years, and you are performing in Decrease Year One at the second. Also, there are environing 8 to 10 other decreases after a while other companies for a competing and common Superwidget.

The Situation:

You are a decreases overseer and you employment for the consummate decreaseor.

Let's say your aggregation (the consummate decreaseor) buys a feature subwidget for $100/unit. This subwidget is a censorious content of the consummate's Superwidget. You enjoy a multi-year subdecrease after a while this subcontractor.

You enjoy equitpowerful been certified in a monthly status argueion that transmities of the subwidget get be deceased for the proximate 3 to 4 months. After your aggregation completes an partition, you individualize that you do not enjoy adapted accumulation of subwidgets to clothe the required transmities to the USG. You get want to inform the USG that transmities of the Superwidget get to-boot be deceased.

You hinder the consummate decrease: your aggregation may be subjected to restoration grounded on the treasure of the consummate decrease. You may to-boot aspect a immanent consummation for want. You hinder the subcontract: The subcontractor's obligation is grounded on treasures in the subcontract, that is, the compensation of a subwidget at environing a $100/part flatten. You to-boot enjoy the fit to end the subcontractor for want.

Management recognizes that it has the immanent for a lot of problems in this condition, which it may not be powerful to amend for separate further months (if you value in and believe on the subcontractor).

Your boss, the VP of Contracts, asks you to eliminate some concern scenarios, rendezvousing on the decreaseual and subcontractual consequences that may arise.

Required Elements to apprehend in this Scenario Diatribe – Non-interference 1:

  • You are required to warrant all the issues the aggregation aspects in this scenario.
  • You  are required to warrant all the consequences the empire aspects in this scenario.
  • Provide some ideas environing resolving these consequences and sanatory risks the customer (USG) may aspect in the adjacent advenient.
  • Provide some ideas environing resolving these consequences and sanatory risks the aggregation may aspect in the advenient.

Assignment 1:  Scenario Essay: Option 2

You are the Empire decreaseing official's delegated-to-others (COR) of a program skill stay decrease awarded to Easy Corp.  It is the consummateval year of a five-year decrease.

You enjoy noticed the prospering trends:

  • Management reports are typically deceased and blemished.
  • The decreaseor program overseer is rabelieve seen by Easy Corp employees or the COR.
  • Billing is repeatedly deceased and contains errors.
  • The aggregation requiring earnestness is very kind after a while the professionalism of Easy Corp employees who transmit attribute stay and up-front partition, and who yield at divine customer labor.

Required Elements to apprehend in this Scenario Diatribe - Non-interference 2:

Looking at this consequence from two opposed perspectives:

  • What immanent consequences does the customer (USG) aspect if the invoices are persistently submitted deceased and after a while errors?
  • What immanent consequences does the aggregation aspect if the invoices are persistently submitted deceased and after a while errors?
  • What consequences oppose the employee?
  • How would you commend all of these consequences be addressed?
  • You get want to be ceremonious in your responses and to believe on the textbook and other rises to the distance you can.

As the COR:

  • What do you commend the decreaseing official argue at the proximate program rerepresentation argueion after a while the Easy Corp first supporter official (CEO) and program overseer?
  • What suggestions for spacement get you establish to the decreaseing official in space of the argueion?

NOTE:  All submitted employment is to be your peculiar employment. You may not use any employment from another scholar, the Internet or an online clearinghouse.  You are expected to glean the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and recognize that it is your function to glean environing educationist and open academic confluences after a while affect to peculiar extract of rises as bounded in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held accountpowerful for in-text extracts and an associated affect schedule singly). 

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