Leadership as Service

LDRS 300 Leadership as Service

Jesus and Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Portfolio #2

Vision, Sidearm & Values

5% of Last Grade

The intention of this prolonging is to succor you earliest ponder through the estimates that are accidental to you, the ones that support reoccurring in your indivisible and administrational vivacity that outconsequence your decisions and behaviors. These estimates behove the fabric blocks to then succor you artifice a longing for your vivacity and formulate ideas encircling the road, or the sidearm, that conquer succor you get there.

Take your age to go through each individuality completely. Answer the doubts assigned. Do the activities assigned. Creatively, opinionfully and after a suitableness age to ponder, re-examination the prompts in each individuality, confutation the doubts as indicated and then artifice a defense. Don’t etponder each individuality. However, don’t course through them either. You conquer use this format and influence this in when terminateedd.

Take some mysterious breaths. Set asunder a pacify situate to ponder and course what is going on delayin of you as closement through this provision.

For divers of you this is the earliest age you affect opinion encircling what you exactnessfully estimate, what is accidental to you and why or how your estimates are united to the preferred delineate you affect for your vivacity. This is a earliest drain so be unrepining after a suitableness yourself. Et age, and as you increase and imagine new vivacity habits, your estimates conquer behove further nuanced, your longing may behove opener and your sidearm may mold to new realities. It is an moldive, ongoing refining course that you are preliminary the earliest steps into!

If you insufficiency to vigorate your pondering encircling the destruction betwixt a longing, sidearm and estimates, tend this video aimagine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5L8dNw5PF0


Discovering what is in-fact accidental to me

Discet your kernel estimates by closementing through the forthcoming careful doubts. By the end you should affect 5 kernel estimates that ponder what is most accidental to you. Interest age to ponder, ponder and transcribe in each individuality precedently you transcribe down your estimates. You conquer then be creating a longing fidelity of each estimate.

Step 1: Identify the ages when you were happiest:


What were you doing?

I was skydiving

Were you after a suitableness other co-ordination? Who?

Yes, after a suitableness my friends.

What other factors contributed to your enjoyment?

We were unitedly and I relish being after a suitableness my friends.


The ages when I was the happiest was when I was skydiving after a suitableness my friends, and I judge this is consequently we were doing colossus fun unitedly and I estimate co-ordination.

(Note that in the assist exemplification you are stationary confutationing the doubts in Step 1 but using peculiar APA academic diction of agreement using terminateed sentences.)

Step 2: Identify the ages when you were most presumptuous:

Why were you presumptuous?

Did other co-ordination portion-out your lordliness? Who? What did they do to profession you that?

What other factors contributed to your affectings of lordliness?

Step 3: Identify the ages when you were most fulassiduous and satisfied:

What insufficiency or hanker was fulfilled?

How and why did the habit communicate your vivacity aim?

What other factors contributed to your affectings of fulfillment?

Need some frenzy? Check out this narrow video prune by Erica Olsen to animate you as you attend agreement your longing announcement

· https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yBUBmciQBk

Step 4: Looking end at these three doubts, what suffrage, ideas or affectings appear to re-occur? Any themes? Dissipation or highlight those reoccurring affectings or suffrage. Interest hush of especially influential affectings or reactions. Ask yourself, “why is each habit exactnessfully accidental and extraordinary?”

Then use the forthcoming register of sordid indivisible estimates to succor you get inaugurated – and thus-far aim for 5 top estimates. (As you closement through, you may meet that some of these naturally conjoin. For exemplification, if you estimate humanity, co-ordination, and generosity, you command say that advantage to others is one of your top estimates.) Look for themes or sordid ideas that support surfacing in these estimates and elucidate in your own suffrage what this estimate instrument to you:

For exemplification…here is someone’s explication of why exactness is an accidental estimate to them and what exactness in-fact instrument to them.

For Example: “ Truth: Some co-ordination are skilled liars. I am not. I administration best when co-ordination are frequented and virtuous. I frame it open in dialogue and in agreement that exactness is inevitable in my globe, no substance how heavy. This is probably why I succeed as a New Yorker.” https://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/define-your-personal-core-values-5-steps.html Image retrieved from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veritas



trinity western university

Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy Achievement Adaptability Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Assertiveness Attentive Awareness

Balance Beauty Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calm

Candor Capable Careful Certainty Challenge Charity

Clarity Cleanliness Open Clever Comfort Commitment Sordid sense Co-ordination Compassion Competence Concentration Confidence Connection Consciousness Consistency Contentment Contribution Control Conviction Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creation Creativity Credibility Curiosity Decisiveness Decisiveness Dedication Dependability Voluptuousness Devotion Dignity Discipconsequence Discovery Drive Effectiveness Efficiency

Empathy Empower Endurance Enjoyment Enthusiasm Equality Intellectual Excellence Experience

Exploration Expressive Fairness Family Famous Fearless Feelings Ferocious Fidelity Focus Foresight Fortitude Freedom Friendship Fun Generosity Genius Giving Goodness

Grace Gratitude Greatness Growth Enjoyment Hard closement Harmony Health Honesty Honor Hope Humility

Imagination Improvement Independence Individuality Innovation Inquisitive Insightful Inspiring Integrity Apprehension Intensity Intuitive Irreverent Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Lawful Leadership Lore Liberty Logic Love Loyalty Maturity Aim Motivation Openness Optimism Order Structure Originality Passion Patience Peace

Performance Persistence Playfulness Poise Potential Power

Present Productivity Professionalism Prosperity Intention Quality Realistic Reason Recognition Recreation Reflective I-elation Responsibility Restraint Results-oriented Reverence Rigor Risk Satisfresuscitation Security Self-reliance Selfless Sensitivity Serenity Advantage Sharing Significance Silence Simplicity Sincerity Skill Skillfulness Smart Solitude Spirit Spirituality

Spontaneous Stability Status Stewardship Strength Structure Prosperity Support Surprise Sustainability Talent

Teamachievement Temperance Thankful Thorough Cogitative Timeliness Tolerance Toughness Traditional Tranquility Transparency Trust Trustworthy Exactness Sense Uniqueness Unity Valor Victory Vigor Vision

Wealth Welcoming Winning Wisdom Wonder

Step 5: Visualize for your estimates. What colours, symbols or delineates resemble these estimates? Are they in a conconsequence or dissipation, in the outconsequence of a influence stereotype or colossus else? Be notional. Affect them ponder who you are now, not what you ascend to be. List your 5 estimates here along after a suitableness any descriptions, images, photos, voice that resemble those estimates to you. (If you osidearm to imagine a visual in another program, affect munificent to add your estimates visual to this muniment when uploading to the moodle).

My Values…


Crafting a longing estimate getting out of bed for.

This announcement ponders your preferred longing of the coming, what you hanker, not what you foretell. It ponders your dreams. It should be broader than the give. As yourself – what motivates you? Attend this doubt as you ponder encircling your coming. It should be a delineate of where you see yourself, possibly 5 or ten years from now. It should ponder your estimates and your sidearm.

A longing announcement isn’t to be promiscuous after a suitableness motives. It is not the steps but rather it is what you conquer see your vivacity command be relish in the coming. It should be encircling 2-3 sentences at most. Read it et sundry ages to see if it affects direct, is a good-tempered-natured-natured fit for you and what you ascend to do in the globe. You can prepare after a suitableness one of these sentences:

My longing conquer be……

I judge…..

I conquer…….

It may interest sundry sentences to get to the interior of what your longing looks and affects relish. Be unrepining. Likely you conquer bring-about-glossy it et the weeks and months onwards. Attend this strive your earliest imaginary drain of articulating a longing estimate getting out of bed in the early for!

Vision Announcement Examples:

“I osidearm to arrive-at the subsists of as divers co-ordination as potential -- millions and millions -- empowering them to close indivisible and course enjoyment and prosperity. I artifice to close this course longing through one-on-one lore situations (instruction and coaching), creating and publishing empowering and uplifting Web satisfied (career, garden prosperity, well-behavedness), and developing and accidental inspiring closementshops.”

“I judge I conquer behove the director of a restaurant, providing justifiable maintenance and advantage to my customers, suitableness in-reference-to and managing a top-notch staff.  I conquer terminate this motive by closementing my way up the ladder and proving my voluptuousness and expertise to the ownership collection suitableness imagineing the i-elation of my co-workers.” http://www.quintcareers.com/vision_statement_samples.html.

My Longing Statement…



Charting a road assiduous after a suitableness adventure

Your sidearm announcement should be a concise and brief one or two sentences that you can mind that provides frequentedion for your vivacity. To transcribe your sidearm announcement, re-examination your kernel estimates and pick-out verbs (resuscitation suffrage) to imagine your announcement. Again, be unrepining after a suitableness yourself. Your sidearm may classify as new realities and revelations occur in your vivacity. It may be bring-about-glossyd et sundry months or years.

Here are some exemplification sidearm announcements:

i. “I subsist to suffice-for my compressiveness as communicator, productman, and stubborn businesswoman. I imagine et in closement, state, and co-ordination. I animate those I interact after a suitableness.” http://www.franklincovey.com/msb/inspired/anonymous

ii. "To suffice-for as a guide, subsist a etd vivacity, and devote intellectual principles to frame a telling destruction." Denise Morrison, CEO, Campbell Soup Company

iii. "To use my gifts of apprehension, charisma, and serial optimism to improve the self-estimate and net-estimate of women environing the globe." Amanda Steinberg, Founder, Dailyworth.com http://www.fastcompany.com/3026791/dialed/personal-mission-statements-of-5-famous-ceos-and-why-you-should-write-one-to

You can use one of the forthcoming ways to set-on-foot your sentence:

i. My sidearm is to…

ii. I judge…

iii. I subsist to…

Need some frenzy? Check out this narrow video prune by Dan Heath encircling how NOT to affect a sidearm announcement that sucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJhG3HZ7b4o

My Sidearm Statement…

GRADING RUBRIC: (10 subject-matters weighted at 5% of last grade)

Grading Rubric for Nice Thinking, Reflection and Impression (5 pts):

Emerging (0-1pts)Developing (2-3 pts)Mastering (4-5 pts)
Students reply to doubt(s) after a suitableness a basic sense of the doubt(s), tiny to no nice pondering, tiny to any impression of ideas, tiny to any use of supported illustration or exemplifications.Students inform some sense of the doubts(s), some nice pondering, impression of basic ideas, and use of illustration (citations and/ or indivisible exemplifications).Students inform excellent sense of the doubt (s) delayed use of nice pondering, impression of ideas and use of illustration (citations and/ or indivisible exemplifications).

Grading Rubric for Composition, Creativity and Diction (5 pts):

Emerging (0-1pts)Developing (2-3 pts)Mastering (4-5pts)
Sequence of ideas is up-hill to supervene, no open subject-matter, weak promise select, no or weakly used commencement citation (doesn’t use “they say/ I say” design). Tiny creativity in dialect, look or giveation plum.Logical conconsequence of ideas that is fairly manageable to supervene; open subject-matters’ fairly good-tempered-natured-natured promise select; fairly well-behaved-behaved used commencement citation (makes some use of the “they say/ I say” design). Some creativity in look, dialect and giveation plum.Exemplary structure of ideas that is very manageable to supervene; influential subject-matters, well-behaved-chosen suffrage, very opinionful use of the commencement citation (uses “they say/ I say” design). Cogitative use of creativity in giveation, satisfied, dialect and look of ideas.
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