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1.          What is unfaithful in-reference-to mannerer labor? A). There continue irrelative flattens of mannerer labor B). A partiality flatten is exactd to enter in part C). All mannerers should be treated together D). Priorities should be made amongst mannerers 

2.                    What are the indecent “legs” of part operations which feel belowgone deregulation balance the gone-by separate years? A). Transportation, financial, energy, and message. B) Transportation, financial, energy, and technology. C). Financial, energy, message and medical. D) Financial, energy, message and accounting.

3.          Which is created when a effect or labor, is at a aim when call-fored by mannerers? a. consequence advantageousness b. situate advantageousness c. span advantageousness d. tenure advantageousness

4.            Logistics determinations encircling list, conveyance, and depot should recount to which of the forthcoming? a. the globalization of part b. the changing synod infrastructure c. structural changes in part d. mannerer labor exactments

5.          What is an amalgam of catalogs from vendors adapted via the Internet amid a dealing denominated? a. electronic dealingsituate b. buy-side manage c. sell-side manage d. on-line trading community

6.          The expected requires of fundouts involves all of the forthcoming except: A). End subserviency B).Lost sales C).Warelineage staff downspan D).Lost mannerers

7.            The global logistics machine intermediary that supervises the move of consequence through charge and fix that the documentation related a shipment is consummate and commendatory is: a.     a outlandish consignment forwarder b.     an ship-consequence packer c. a charge lineage broker d.     a outlandish dealing specialists 8.            Sharpe Cutlery, Ltd., is an English Fast that manufactures cutlery. Housewares Imports, Co.,placed an manage after a while Sharpe for 10,000 knife sets. Sharpe shipped the knives to the Port of New Orleans. Housewares Imports allure reship the knives to a South American application and the acquittal of purport part is exuberant. Which likeness of storage address should be used? a.     transit diffuse b.     in-transit storage c.     hold-on-dock storage d.     bonded depot

9.            An list determination should opine insurance fund when there is a luck of____: a. turnbalance b. balance manageing c. fundout d. balancegive

10.         In the sincere EOQ example, the remanage aim is:  A). the ultimatum part needed for sales during the span it procures to fill list  B). the partiality part needed for sales during the span it procures to fill list  C). the span needful for a guild to jurisdiction an manage D). a concept exactd to minimize entirety list requires   

 11.      Using the urban manage part example below conditions of positiveness, which is the remanage aim if direct span is a invariable 5 days, and every-year call-for is 10,000 units (suppose 250 working days in the year)?  A). 100  B). 200  C). 400  D). 5,000  

12.      There are three practices that are openly associated after a while subjoined approaches to list treatment. Which is not one of these?  A). JIT  B. DRP  c. MRP  d. EC 

13.      Cyrus Formation has six effection stocks, each located amid a 45 mile dissipation Cyrus specializes in feeble dimensions manner effection of automobile competency. Each stock's daily output is typically feeble, and in most cases, the outputs do not exact any control shipping arrangements. Shipping each stock's daily output by motor consigner is requirely owing the items are shipped by LTL rates. If the outputs were accumulated for a TL shipment it may procure as hanker as two weeks anteriorly a shipment can be made. Instead, the shipments are accumulated at Cyrus convenient depot into daily TL shipments. This describes which appraise-added role of warehousing in a logistics manage? A.)  smoothing  B). contingencies C).  decoupling  D).  conveyance consolidation    

14.         Which likeness of depot stores items for consequencers that wish to defer acquittal of taxes on the items stored?  A).     field depot  B).  secret depot  C). federal depot  D). bonded depot 

15.      All are characteristics of a despicable consigner, except:  A serves the open notorious b.     is bound for mischief and mischief of a shipment  c.     is not economically regulated d.     reckoning temperate rates  

16.      Which indicates the privilege appraise of a mischiefd article?  a.     the part the privilegeant requests  b.      the part the consigner offers in an endeavor to settle  c.     the dealing appraise at the span of the shipment  d.     the dealing appraise at application  

17.      Which of the forthcoming is NOT one of the steps in the Jurisdiction Model?  A). Determination to consequence similarity  B). Structure at-liberty example  C). Evaluate choices  D). Weaken staff  

18.      A fast who manages the instrument, capabilities, and technology of its own construction after a while those of commendatory labor providers to rescue a ample give tie breach is denominated a:  A). 3PL  B). 4PL  C). 2PL  D). 1PL.  

19.      Which is the similarity betwixt carrying require and the flatten of list? A). they are inversely proportional  B).they are quickly proportional  C). twain are real by tonnage opineations  D).below most state they are not allied.   

20.      Which likeness of fundout requires is the most ineligible to the guild?  A).require of end subserviency  B).require of past sales  C).require of carrying list  D).require of past mannerers   

1.            Nittany Fans of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, is a distributor of industrial fans used in stocks depots, and other industrial facilities. Its dealing area encompasses most of Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and New Jersey. The fans are deceptive in Neenah, Wisconsin, and floatingly shipped to Lewistown via reprimand conveyance. LuAnn Jaworski, badness chairman of logistics, has asked her staff to evaluate using motor consigner labor. Rosi Greaser, ruler of dispensation labors, has plain the forthcoming knowledge:

Annual call-for: 36,000 fans

Fan appraise (price): $4,000

Inventory carrying require: 25 percent

Order require to fill list: $200

In-transit list carrying require: 15 percent

Order cycle span using reprimand: 4 days

Order cycle span using motor consigner: 2 days

Rail rate: $1.00/cwt

Motor rate: $2.4/cwt

Unit weight: 250 pounds per fan

Work days of a year: 360 days



A What is the economic manage part [EOQ) for Nittany Fans in units? In pounds?

B. What is the entirety require using reprimand conveyance?

C. What is the entirety require using motor consigner conveyance?

D. What choice should Nittany Fans use?


2.            The Lycoming Electric Guild is contemplating opportunity a new generating stock ahanker the Susquehanna Ample stream owing of increased electric energy call-for in that portion. According to the chairman and superintendent of Lycoming Electric, Tract Shannon, "We've had very brief problem opinion the expend dregs for the drawing ahanker the ample stream. However, since we rely on the persistent of coal to consequence the electricity, and since there is no possibility of using the ample stream stream to beget electricity owing of its floating and accelerate, our biggest problem lies in determining which jurisdiction of conveyance to use in acquiring the needed coal." According to its drawingning branch, Lycoming Electric allure need 30,000 cwt. (3,000,000 Ibs.) of coal per year in its stock. Skip Grenoble, logistics superintendent, presented to Ms. Shannon the simply manageable subserviency adapted to bliss such a ample part of coal to the new stock (see manifest). According to Mr. Grenoble, "The reprimand manage allure product in a inferior entirety require, but the developed conveyance requires allure be upper than in the barge manage owing the character and extent of the barge equipment allure bind our manageing in ampler competency. This, besides, allure to-boot product in a inferior annual manageing require for the barge manage owing manageing in ampler lots allure weaken the part of needful subserviency. Administrative requires for the reprimand manage allure be upper due to the enumeration of an extra superintendent to feel needful paperwork and other duties. The urban require for the reprimand manage allure involve a reprimand siding, unloading equipment, and a conveyor manage to get the coal within the stock. When comparing these two subserviency to indicate which is the most advantageous to our stock address and balanceall competency, we must mould our determination not on entirety require uneven but on how each manage allure supply to our balanceall profitability." The applicable require knowledge is summarized in the table (annual require in cwt.).




Transportation requires    

$ 22,000

$ 14,500

Inventory requires












Fixed requires              



Total requires             




A.          If you were the logistics superintendent of Lycoming Electric, which manage would you guide Ms. Shannon to prepare? What criteria did you use to enter at your determination?

B.           At what flatten of call-for in pounds of coal per year would these two subserviency be resembling? (至少取四位有效數字計算)

  3.          What is a logistics knowledge manage, its point, and main components?


4.           Describe the capacity of the forthcoming documents: mandible of consignment, consignment mandible,certificate of derivation, epistle of honor,  and carnet.



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