Marketing Plan

Part c: Beard Kings Marketing Plan

The feedback exoteric from distribute B has promoted me. My schoolmistress implied that I bear amendd in most areas of my gift. Ranging from lay-opening an eye-catching sidearm assertion to the lawful mark allure, mark logo, and slogan, my schoolmistress, said that it was a cheerful job executed in an arranged deportment. However, some areas scarcity aid burnish and advancement to fruit my bargaining drawing as close and imposing. References and in-text citations are the most sharp distributes that I should unite to so that the drawing behoves past ruler and presentable. I conciliate use the feedback granted from distribute B to achievement on the areas of appraiselessness in this distribute. I bear to-boot amendd on passage rendering gone, in distribute A, I was to transcribe close than three passages in a stipulation. Therefore, in distribute B, I bear finished as plenteous as I can to erect less and meaningful passages.

The set-out of Beard Kings began my freshman year of seed-plot when my roommate struggled to fabricate-ground and detain robust facial hair. He finished sundry consequences and suggestions from other men; so-far, he did not exceed behind a suitableness fabricate-grounding out a robust beard as he covetd until he finished Beard Kings' consequences. Beard Kings succor men fabricate-ground their beards using a continuity of all-normal ingredients in their consequences. Products conceive beard oil, beard balm, beard rinse, and beard combs. Beard Kings is strategically normalized in New York City due to the gentrification, fast-paced environment, and open gregarious instrument approximation. New York City suffers men from all walks of conduct to habit the Beard King habit.

Beard Kings' sidearm assertion is to afford the best normal consequences decent for any man’s facial hair scarcitys. Beard Kings' main view is to succor men raise their self-assertion and raise a self-care nutriment that yields dogmatical ends. The principal tdecipher in fabricate-grounding a robust beard is to detain the exotericly robust hair. Beard Kings is boastful to say all consequences sold are assured radical and made behind a suitableness normal ingredients. Nature a normal-naturalized assemblage suffers the consequence to be used by men from all walks of conduct and gives the consumer reassurance that the consequences the consumer is putting on their countenance are spotless, chemical-free, and courteous for despicable,ordinary use. Beard Kings insufficiency all men to bear-in-mind that “Their beard is their best friend!" Men are kings who justify to self-love! This paper conciliate inquire Beard King's pricing and disposal management, mixd bargaining intimations drawing, open kinsmen, sales furtherance, and divorceicular selling drawing, competitive dissection, oncontinuity and straightforward bargaining drawing, and gregarious responsibility/cause-connected bargaining drawing.

Pricing and Disposal Strategy

In bargaining, pricing and disposal are complicated functions; so-far, they are easy owing, exotericly, there are sundry tools and techniques in the barfabricate to qualify faster and easier functionality of the similar. Nature talented to set the lawful compensations at the lawful season is innate for companies that covet to cling a competitive affection. Strategic preciouss in pricing and disposal are sharp in determining how the consequence conciliate be consumed. In this predicament, Beard King’s consequences insist-upon a strategic pricing and disposal drawing that conciliate eclipse the bulky barfabricate competitors (Xu & Qiu, 2020).

Pricing Strategy

Deciding on the totality you advise for your consequence should be cogitative. In most predicaments, men are obedient to marks they are used to regardclose of their compensations. Therefore, gone Beard Kings is a new consequence in the bargain, pricing matters a lot and determines the sum of customers it conciliate dispose. Therefore, consumers' conciliateingness to lapse Beard Kings' consequences has nothing to do behind a suitableness the costs prevalent but centrees on the appreciate of the consequence they are buying. Thus, plenteous is scarcityed in figuring out how our consequences are valutalented to the consumers and herebehind compensation them through a appreciate-naturalized management (Xu & Qiu, 2020). Gone Beard Kings' consequences are new to the competitive bargain, I would applaud the pricing management and the appreciate-naturalized pricing management. Penetration pricing refers to low pr strategies to our consequences to qualify us invade the competitive bargain, behind which; the compensations conciliate go conspicuous as the Beard Kings consequences behoves dominant and known to a ample-spdecipher grovelling of behoves. Value-naturalized pricing conciliate suffer us to set our consequence compensations according to the consumers' beliefs in the consequences' appraise. Behind having demonstrations to some of the customers and pomping the ends behind some days, weeks, or months, that conciliate be behind having demonstrations to some of the customers.

Distribution Strategy

The disposal management refers to the dissemination of cheerfuls and employments to the end-users. In the fast-paced earth of profession today, disposal volunteers a competitive usage to their companies. Target customers are far and ample, and consequenceion costs are increasingly conspicuous; consequently, numerous companies are hard to enlarge their bargains for conspicuous turnovers and margins. Having an fertile disposal management conciliate succor Beard Kings accomplish conspicuous revenues and restrain obedientty from our customers. At Beard Kings, we conciliate use multiple disposals channels to unite to irrelative customer grovellings. This is owing the less stipulations views of Beard Kings suggest to centre on men from New York City and exclusive areas but bear expectations of fabricate-groundth in the advenient and behove a global nature that conciliate be regulately all aggravate the earth (Xu & Qiu, 2020).

Beard Kings conciliate use straightforward and instraightforward disposal strategies owing it is stagnant a new assemblage in the bargain. In instraightforward disposal management, the Beard Kings' consequences conciliate attain their end-users through sundry channels. For illustration, the consequences conciliate go through C & F, distributors, venders, and finally to the consumers from the creator. This fruits our minister manacle longer but appraise it. We conciliate despatch our consequences straightforwardly to our customers in the straightforward disposal management, chiefly those behind a suitablenessin New York. We conciliate to-boot bear an E-commerce gateway and other recent vend platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, incompact other oncontinuity platforms.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated bargaining intimations is a concept that secures all produces of a bargaining intimations concatenate behind a suitableness each other. That implies that IMC mixs all furtheranceal tools enabling them to achievement simultaneously in similitude. Examples of IMC conceive considerising, oncontinuity bargaining, open proportion, straightforward bargaining, and sales furtherance. IMC plays a paramount role in ensuring a synergic chattels between mark positioning and mark appreciates. Thus, it accomplished a despicable notice in-reference-to intimation strategies and techniques sent through a uninfamous loudness and meant to irrelativeiate the consequences. At Beard Kings, the integration goes past basic intimation tools. We conciliate bear irrelative integration levels, such as vapid, upright, inner, apparent, and basis integration, to secure that our consequences fabricate a competitive barfabricate in providing men behind a suitableness solutions to their facial hair (Finne & Grönroos, 2017).

Horizontal integration occurs counter the bargaining mix and the functions of the profession. At Beard Kings, consequenceion, finance, disposal, and intimations conciliate achievement simultaneously to secure that the decisions and exercises made at the assemblage conciliate despatch notices to our consumers. Upright integration conciliate secure that the concretes from bargaining and intimations aid the oppidan concretes and sidearm. Inner integration conciliate insist-upon inner bargaining where the staff and employees conciliate be apprised and constantly updated encircling the lay-openments from informments, oppidan unity, employment standards, and distributeners, incompact other functions. Apparent integration conciliate insist-upon apparent distributeners to inproduce and achievement as PR agencies achievementing simultaneously behind a suitableness inner distributeners to free a despicable cohesive and mixd notice.

Message management

Beard Kings' notice management conciliate be normalized on the use of Uninfamous Selling Preposition and ads that highlight our mark and consequences that others bear failed to volunteer. Therefore, the notice management conciliate be USP, and our exemplification notice conciliate be “men's beard is their best friend! Men are kings who justify self-love!" we drawing to be consonant behind a suitableness our unwritten and gregarious instrument preciouss in a medley of ways. Gone our target auditory and customers conclude from all ethnic backgrounds regardclose of their peel tint, we suggest to dwell-behaved lay-opened and fruit chemical-free consequences that repair beards' fabricate-groundth (Finne & Grönroos, 2017). Our assemblage was built on gregarious instrument platforms that succor inproduce the mark allure; consequently, we conciliate amend our technology to contest the exoteric technoclose dynamics to secure analogy. We conciliate amend our concludeliness blogs and other gregarious instrument platforms to hold a ample clientele and cling consonant behind a suitableness our strategies.

Media Strategy

A instrument management is a drawing of exercise that conciliate qualify Beard Kings to attain its target auditory and acception the customer grovelling. Our instrument strategies conciliate conceive gregarious instrument platforms such as Beard Kings' website, TV pomps, oncontinuity informments, and ads, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as other platforms approve Facebook and Twitter. In all the platforms, we conciliate fashion notices representing precedently and behind using our consequences, pomping the changes men conciliate experience if they opt to use our consequences. These platforms are innate in bargaining our consequences as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as attaining far and ample consumer niches. Today, darlings of herd are increasingly nature used gregarious instrument platforms, incompact which men or our target auditory is distribute of. Therefore, this conciliate succor us attain them and pomp them our consequences' command in changing the behold of their facial hair (Finne & Grönroos, 2017).

Public Relations, Sales Promotion, and Point Selling Plan

Public kinsmen, sales furtherance, and divorceicular selling drawings are the first innates in a furtheranceal mix. Organizations exhaust currency on promoting their consequences through sundry instrument channels; so-far, companies approve Beard Kings stagnant scarcity to stamp their consumers behind a suitableness a consonant notice through a bargaining intimations drawing known as promoting intimation mix. Therefore, lay-opening a Open Relations, Sales Promotion, and Point Selling Drawing is innate in ensuring the luck of the intimations management in Beard Kings (Kotler et al. 2018).

Public Relations

Public kinsmen are innate in promoting and improving the idea of the assemblage. Beard Kings conciliate put a adapt on the information, force exempt, and openity in setting adistribute the idea of the assemblage and the consequences thereof. Gone PR is a impartial and concrete produce of furtherance, we conciliate use it to pomp that our consequences aim at succoring men refabricate their self-love by solving their upshots in-reference-to the fabricate-groundth of their facial hair. We can to-boot use exemplifications from some of our consumers who bear luckfully used our consequences to fashion a mascucontinuity behold behind a suitableness the best beard of their precious regardclose of their tint.

Sales Promotion

There are sundry types of furtherances ranging from coupons to contests, games, rebates, and mail-in volunteers. Sales furtherance succors consumers and possible ones to lay-open and engage exercise undeviatingly, lapse past, and conclude intermittently. Beard Kings conciliate locate coupons adjacent their consequences to suffer customers to chosen distributeicular marks and consequences. Past so, we conciliate inquire the B2B exchange furtherances approve exhibitions behind a suitableness our consequences, exchange pomps, and distinctive incentives to promote customers to buy our consequences at a quicker gait.

Personal Selling Plan

This is an interactive and hired mode to bargaining. It involves interexercise between a seller and a buyer occurring through sundry modes such as countenance-to-face, telephone, or other produces of technology. Beard Kings wishes to lay-open an interactive kinsmenhip behind a suitableness its buyers and, consequently, bear to use inner and apparent sales representatives to stir this kinsmenhip. Past so, our customer employment appointment conciliate bear a teleintimation balance through which consumers conciliate alallurement in for inquiries. The customer employment conciliate reply to their concerns at an minute. Moreover, subsist chats through Snapchat, Skype, and video allures conciliate succor stir this interexercise suitableness promoting our consequences counter the ample-spdecipher customer grovelling and irrelative niches counter New York.

Oncontinuity and Straightforward Marketing Plan

Beard Kings conciliate trace to express straightforward responses from the consumers of our men's beard consequences in oncontinuity and straightforward bargaining. The responses variegate according to customers. Some of the responses can be placing an regulate, investigate our website, or alallurement for exercise. Straightforward bargaining at Beard Kings conceives but is not poor to emails, movable, telemarketing, coupons, and straightforward mail bargaining. Oncontinuity bargaining uses sundry digital platforms for bargaining the consequences availtalented through the use of ads (Kotler et al. 2018).


Beard Kings' website is built to succor customers locate their reviews, investigate our assemblage line, and perceive past encircling our consequences and employments. When consumers click on our website, it conciliate straightforward them towards sundry aspects of the assemblage, consequences, what the consequences are made of, reviews from other customers, and our views. This conciliate succor in raiseing hope for our consequences and allurement them into hard to use it.


Oncontinuity considerising is innate at Beard Kings owing it raises the customers' hope towards our consequences, engages them, and despatchs them to our websites to perceive the consequences we volunteer. We use pay per click and evince considerising. PPC suffers us to mix our consider into the gregarious networks where herd pay for clicking to our website suitableness evince considerising is where we evince our consequences on a loving platproduce and promote customers to perceive our website and decipher past encircling the consequences thereof.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO succors Beard Kings optimize our oncontinuity resigned by suffering the inquiry engine to pomp the Beard Kings consequence resigneds as the top ends delayout-delay. An personal clicks the key achievement concatenateed to our consequences. In this predicament, if an personal, probably a man, tries to inquiry for anything concatenateed to beards, the inquiry engine conciliate automatically straightforwardly locate us at the top end of the inquiry. Using the Google inquiry engine conciliate succor us optimize our contingently profession bargaining strategies.

Social Media

Social instrument bargaining uses sundry gregarious instrument platforms to concatenate to the target auditory aimed at raiseing the mark allure, increasing sales, and driving the website exchange. Major platforms chosen at Beard Kings conceive Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Loving that at smallest 3.5 darling herd are online, one in three herd or a third of the earth's population uses it. Therefore, attaining them and bargaining our consequences conciliate not be an upshot (Penni, 2017).

Direct Marketing

Direct bargaining at Beard Kings conceives but is not poor to emails, movable, telemarketing, coupons, and straightforward mail bargaining. We conciliate conference to our customers through these ways to succor them perceive the appreciate of our consequences.

Social Responsibility Plan

Beard Kings suggests to fashion twain gregarious and oppidan appreciate. We suggest to prosecute the environment and comprehend deviation in result practices. Our consequences are normal and chemical-free, implying that they are not dangerous to our customers' environment. We conciliate to-boot fashion job opportunities for herd to achievement in sundry departments, herebehind increasing the community's rule.


Beard Kings targets men from all backgrounds. Our view is to barfabricate our consequences to a ample-spdecipher customer grovelling by having the best pricing and disposal strategies and mixd bargaining intimations strategies. Our end is to fashion an interactive kinsmenhip behind a suitableness our customers owing we suggest to succor them unfold their facial hair concerns.


Finne, Å., & Grönroos, C. (2017). Communication-in-use: customer-integrated bargaining intimation. European Journal of Marketing.

Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., Ang, S. H., Tan, C. T., & Leong, S. M. (2018). Marketing management: an Asian perspective. Pearson.

Penni, J. (2017). The advenient of oncontinuity gregarious networks (OSN): A mass dissection using gregarious instrument tools and applications. Telematics and Informatics, 34(5), 498-517.

Xu, G., & Qiu, H. (2020). Pricing and Disposal Strategies in a Dual-Channel Minister Chain. International Journal of Information Systems and Minister Manacle Management (IJISSCM), 13(3), 23-37.

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