Marketing Plan

Table of Contents Executive Summary Company Profile Market Segmentation & Targeting Situation and Corporation Analysis Ethics and Gregarious Responsibility Marketing Advice and Research Customer Decision-Making Profile Positioning and Differentiation Branding Marketing Mix (4Ps) Product Strategy Pricing Strategy Place: Dispensation Strategy Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Budget Action Plan Risk Factors Attributions

Executive Summary

Do this exception terminal. This short abstract should give a holistic balanceview of your trafficing artifice. All this advice is suitablenessed in balance atom in the pause of the trafficing artifice. For the Executive Summary, give a open, short balanceview of the subjoined summits:

Company Description

Briefly naradmonish the structure and profferings (products and/or efforts) your trafficing artifice standpointes on, and the tenor(s) they resolve. Founded in August of 2020, 904SurfShop is the new go-to surf attribute-of-affair in Jax Beach. Conveniently located rectiliadjacent off of 3rd street in Jax Seaseaboard instant to SALT, 904SurfShop gives singly the best surf garniture, equipment, rentals, and precepts tseal are on the east seacoast. We are committed to providing singly the best virtue effects and most sound customer effort tseal is to proffer. Our customers say we are the “Publix of all surf attribute-of-businesss”.

Target Segment

Identify and briefly naradmonish your target dissect. Our target traffic embodys surf enthusiasts of all ages, immature adults assiduous in surf garniture, and tourists looking to get the ample Jax seaseaboard essay. Whether you are visiting from another say or a ordinary Florida tenant, we vie to behove a frank spectry that is talked environing crave behind you accept left our attribute-of-business.

Competitive Advantage

Explain your structure’s competitive practice. Unpretend the eldership of our two-of-a-trade, we are not a one-and-done surf attribute-of-business. We absence to be the begin of your day and the t-shirt you thrive abode to snooze in, suitableness providing globe-renowned customer effort that you can singly perceive in the 904. Not singly do we dispose-of the most ordinary surfing trends, we give fun, arousing surfconsultation and paddle consultation precepts to guests of all ages. So whether you are looking to own a surfboard, or you’re fair in town absenceing to thrive one for a revolve, we accept the consultation for you!

Positioning Statement

Provide the positioning sayment your trafficing artifice get straightforward.

Whether you possess going to the seaseaboard or going out to ride the thrives, 904 Surf Place-of-affair is the attribute to begin. We loftiness ourselves on the best virtue surfing peculiarity and surfboards environing. If you’re new to surfing or you’re new to our area conclude in and ask environing our astonishing surf precepts.

Marketing Artifice Objectives

List the extrinsics of the trafficing artifice: What get it consummate? Be as restricted as practicable: anticipated extension in sales, avail, traffic divide, etc.

Our extrinsic seal at 904 Surf Place-of-affair is to abide nature the sum-one surf attribute-of-affair for all our surfing customers deficiencys and putting Jacksonville, Florida on the map intermittently.

Company Profile

· Corporation Name: 904 Surf Shop

· Industry: Surf Board

· Headquarters (city, say, dominion):Jacksonville, Florida, USA

· Year founded: 2020

· The sum of employees: 40 employees

· Annual requite (estimated): $10 pet

· Major effects and/or efforts: Surfboards, paddle consultations, surf garniture, acrave delay surfing and paddle consultationing precepts and rentals.

· Target customers: Immature adults, families, and essayd surfers.

· Dispensation medium(s):Wholesale Marketers, Billabong Distribution, and Daniel Surf LTD

· Key competitors: Sunrise Surf Shop, Aqua East Surf Shop, & Austin’s Surf Shop

· Link to website:

· Link to Yahoo! Finance advice page (for gregarious companies)

Market Segmentation & Targeting

· What tenor does your effect or effort resolve? 904 Surf Place-of-affair get be the very leading surf attribute-of-affair in Jax Seaseaboard located at-once on the seaseaboard to give effects to all customers acrave delay surf and paddle consultation precepts and rentals.

· Describe the aggregate traffic for your solution: Who are implicit customers? The target traffic for 904 Surf Place-of-affair embodys teenagers, immature adults, and parts of the surf stateality. Although we vie to presumptuous our target traffic, our effects and chiefly our efforts do not divide age. Straightpresumptuous mailing ads and coupons get be sent to the exclusive communities and fond out at the topical bars and pauseaurants exclusive the 904 Surf Shop.

· What are the key dissects delayin this traffic? The 2019 Sporting Goods Manufacturer Corporation view indicates that surfing, paddle consultationing, and skimbombardment now accept balance free-trade in the 32250 stateality than football, softball, and ignobleball in-one. Delay a globe surfbombardment traffic balance 2 pet and steadily enlargeing, our prospect is to permeate this traffic by promoting our effects, efforts, and dress cord in the Jacksonville Outdoor Expo and be viewed as one of Jax Beach’s biggest cheerful-natureds.

· Identify and briefly naradmonish 1-3 dissects that this corporation presumptuouss. With our trafficing efforts in exclusive bars and pauseaurants, 904 Surf Place-of-affair artifices to presumptuous the immature adult throng primarily delay the immature and unimpaired dress cord at our attribute-of-business. Delay coupons and ads nature sent to adjacentby neighborhoods, we to-boot artifice to presumptuous families looking to be locomotive outdoors. 904 Surf Place-of-affair has a very conspicuous soldierly swing and a big dissect of our dress cord get to-boot be sold on ignoble at NAS Jax, as courteous as the ignoble located in Mayport.

· Which dissect does this trafficing artifice standsummit on, and why? Why do you honor this dissect get prprexhibit outaugmentation and emolument opportunities? The 904 Surf Place-of-affair trafficing artifice standpointes on those looking to exhibit the most new swim and surf exhibit owing tseal is a haughty ask-for year entire in Jax Beach. The attribute-of-affair get be emolumentable owing it get be stateal as the go-to surf attribute-of-affair in Jax Seaseaboard by the topicals and the suitablenessal tourists. 904 Surf Place-of-affair get abide to encomprehensive and encomprehensive delay the aid of the general bars and pauseaurants that unmistakablentire it. Not to notice the circumstance that it is correct on the seaseaboard and is abundantly adapted to anyone deficiencying a towel, sunscreen, steep, or a surf precept on the seacoast. Delay the precepts gived to guests, it get abide to encomprehensive the purchases of surfboards and paddleboards.

Situation and Corporation Analysis

Economic Environment

Discuss circumstanceors that concern your consumers’ purchasing tellingness and spending patterns. What is the economic environment that you are loose in? Is it outgrowth, regaining or recession? Get it be unconcerned to perceive staff? What is the ordinary intepause admonish i.e. is it increasing or decreasing? What is consumer trust pretend? Factors that concern our consumer’s purchasing tellingness and spending patterns begin delay the suitableness. In the smoothing and advenient leap suitablenesss, consumers get not be spending interval in the steep and on the seaseaboard pretend they are in the leap, summer, and foundation of lapse. The economic environment rambles from men-folks that mould $30,000 to balance $200,000. Delay the prestigious Ponte Vedra and Neptune Seaseaboard located delayin 8 miles of the 904 Surf Shop, tseal is a big ramble of what the economic environment consists of. Currently delay the new affaires and renovations to Jax Seaseaboard the stateality is in a say of firm outaugmentation and outgrowth. Staff get be unconcerned to perceive as the subsidence is a hot article for immature adults. Customer trust is haughty and the ordinary intepause admonish is 8%.

Technical Environment

The technological environment changes rapidly. You deficiency to mould unmistakable that you are apprised of trends in your perseverance and other industries could concern your affair. New technologies constitute new traffics and can swing your consumers and competitors. With exclusive affaires nature technologically up to limit, it leaves no capacity for 904 Surf Place-of-affair to lapse adown the meaunfailing for technology. At 904, we get be using a protocharacter stateal as the “Oasis”. The Oasis proffers guests the occasion to attribute-of-affair on mark new i-pads, impede for bulks, styles, and marks delay the impress of a finger. It allows for guests to browse accumulation register, attribute-of-affair for upcoming sales, and drawing their own consultations and equipment. It is interlocomotive and allows for guests to attribute-of-affair oncord by essentially “initiation a tab” electronically and get be accumulationd suitableness they abide to attribute-of-affair the tangible accumulation as courteous. That “electronic tab” can then be accessed by the banish at the record. This media a nativity can conclude in and aggregate a paddlebombardment precept, but abide to attribute-of-affair for peculiarity and supply pretend sunscreen, steep bottles, and towels. Delay Oasis in our attribute-of-business, we get straightway behove the most sought out surf attribute-of-affair in Jax Beach.

Industry Environment

What are the trends in your perseverance? Are tseal new entrants in the traffic? Has a exchange effect been introduced? Are tseal changes in perseverance practices or new benchmarks to use?

Competitive Environment

How multifarious competitors do you accept? Who are the key competitors? What are the key dispose-ofing summits or competitive practices of each one? What is your practice balance competitors? Is the traffic big plenty to succor you and competitors? In Jax Beach, the main competitors are Sunrise Surf Shop, Surf and Skate Surf Shop, and Austin Surf Shop. Up until now, Surf and Skate Surf Place-of-affair has been the sealst attribute-of-affair to the seacoast

Kyle Agoing this exception

Political Environment

In provisions of well-mannered-devisedal pledge,tseal aren’t big barriers to our affair loose voluntarily. Outside of the natural affair tax indulge, we do not exact any inequitable permits or authorization for the prosperous enjoyment of 904 Surf Place-of-affair and accordingly should not deficiency to well-mannered-devised too abundantly delay the topical synod.

SWOT Analysis

Instruction: Consummate the table adown delay defined responses and interpretation as you exculpation the scrutinys adown, remembering that Strengths and Weakness are INTERNAL to the structure and Opportunities and Threats are EXTERNAL (i.e., C-PEST <competitive, well-mannered-devisedal, economic, gregarious, technological> that are not in their straightpresumptuous repress).

InternalStrengths · Gregarious instrument strategies · Representation · Lovers of the play Multifarious of today's topically owned surf attribute-of-businesss accept been loose for a suitableness and are owned by older men-folks. These men-folks generally agony to use gregarious instrument tellingly and are sometimes unwilling to outsource for that character of subject. At 904 Surf Place-of-affair we accept a team far balance convenient at floating prosperous gregarious instrument strategies and would use this profit to our practice. Delay a big soldierly swing in Jacksonville and various habitues on our team, we can balance abundantly lowercatch delay this stateality than other accumulations. Members of our team accept been surfing at the seaseaboard seal in Jacksonville their perfect lives are very furious environing dissecticipating and perishing their abundance of cognizance on to the instant period. Surfin isn’t fair a affair to them it’s a conditionstyle!Weaknesses · Poor affair holding essay · Mark office · Poor cord of belief Tseal is a bankruptcy of essay in affair holding at 904 Surf Shop. We accept various rolls of managerial essay but singly one part has owned and effectd their own affair and it is bigly effort ignobled. Some surf attribute-of-businesss in Jacksonville accept been environing for as crave as 30 years and they accept a very systematic office delayin the stateality. As newcomers to the spectacle we aspect the delicate investigate of distinguishing ourselves from our two-of-a-trade and in a seal knit stateality. As a new corporation and delay no parts having used any banks for affair loans precedently our borrowing tellingness is rather low. Tseal is big balancehead implicated and we may not be able to honor heavily on loans advenient on.
ExternalOpportunities · Promote to new dissect · Utilize digital ad belligerences to balance inhabitants at abode. · Above medium outaugmentation admonish Most soldierly installations accept outdoor and cheer programs that are for-the-most-part unnational to the gregarious. Delay soldierly tailgentire on our team that opens a roll access to agoing delay these programs and getting our effects/representatives in the ignoble vend accumulation. Delay balance inhabitants at abode spending balance interval on the internet owing of the pandemic, it’s a huge interval to hone in on digital ad belligerences and put our mark in face of new eyes! According to the 2018 census Jacksonville was the 6th fastest enlargeing city in the state. This media no shortage of implicit customers.Threats · COVID-19 · Saturated traffic · Manufacturing irregularity The ongoing pandemic has had an monstrous contact on topical affaires. Multifarious inhabitants aren’t going out abundantly and are attribute-of-businessping online. A lot of inhabitants are to-boot out of effect and singly spending on indispensableness. Delay a surf attribute-of-affair nature a leiunmistakable affair and standpointed on outdoor spectre, we would pretendly be contacted adversely by this pandemic. Tseal are already big competitors in the surf attribute-of-affair traffic and some of the smaller ones accept been in affair for decades and accept rapport delay the stateality. On top of the pandemics contact, dry outlandish kinsfolkhips to-boot confer-upon changes to manufacturing in the advenient twain delay availability and require; leaving some roll of irregularity delay projections.

Mission, Objectives & Goals

Mission: We vie to give a welcoming environment, a prominent essay, and rectify our stateality.

Objectives: To be the go to surf attribute-of-affair for Jacksonville, communicate tail to our stateality, and give a haughty virtue effect.

Goals: Garner 20% of traffic divide for surfing precepts and assemblage activities. Raise $25,000 restrictedally for topical causes/charities in our leading year. Develop contractual concurrence delay topical surfconsultation mouldrs to prprexhibit haughty virtue, poor aggregate, efforter crafted consultations in our accumulation.

Ethics and Gregarious Responsibility

Here at 904 Surf Place-of-affair we honor that it is

Current Status

904 Surf Place-of-affair is committed to care our seacoastes and cleansed. We repeatedly unfailingty topical cleansedup smoothts, prprexhibit rewards for bags of nonsense fine up from the seacoast, and embody educational pamphlets on the contacts of on sea condition from stain. We are to-boot committed to fostering a dogmatic effect environment and rewarding our employees for their unyielding effect in ways that matter; pretend competitive hire, boon programs, and discipline protection.


Based on your reason of the structure’s ends, what approveations do you accept for how to constitute a balance religions, gregariously lower obligation and/or sustainable affair? What practices do you approve the structure hunt?

Marketing Advice and Research

Research Question

Describe an grave scrutiny you deficiency to exculpation or a tenor you are arduous to rereclear-up in ordain to aid the structure converge its ends and extrinsics.

Information Needed

Describe the advice your structure deficiencys to mould telling judgments environing how to exculpation this scrutiny or rereclear-up this tenor.

Research Recommendations

What lore do you approve in ordain to give the advice you deficiency? What lore arrangement(s) would you use to get the advice you deficiency? Get it mingle minor axioms and lore? Primitive lore such as interviews, standsummit assemblages and views? Why do you approve this lore mode?

Customer Decision-Making Profile

Identifying the Customer and Problem

Describe a primitive judgment mouldr in your target dissect: who they are, what they pretend, how they mould buying judgments. Naradmonish the primitive tenor(s) your structure, effect or effort get aid them resolve.

Factors Influencing Customer Decisions

Provide a atomed mark of your target dissect using at lowest three (3) of the subjoined categories:

· Geographic characteristics: e.g., subsidence, country, population bulk or temperature.

· Personal and demographic characteristics: e.g., age, gender, nativity bulk, nativity condition range, proceeds, oneness.

· Social and Psychological characteristics: e.g., burnishment, gregarious adjust, conditionstyle, motivation, attitudes, intimation assemblages, beliefs.

· Situational characteristics: e.g., buying position, roll of minglement, traffic profferings, the number of use, mark allegiance.

· B2B/organizational buying remunerations: e.g., idiosyncratic circumstanceors, structureal circumstanceors, affair environment circumstanceors, characters of complexity

Reaching the Customer

Based on this mark, realize 2-3 trafficing strategies or policy you honor would be telling at reaching this target dissect, and briefly eluciduration why they are a cheerful-natured-natured fit.

Alyssa is agoing on this exception

Positioning and Differentiation

Positioning and divergentiation eluciduration what you absence to be stateal for in the traffic, and how you are divergent from competitors. Respond to the subjoined scrutinys.

Alyssa is agoing on this exception

Competitive Advantages

List the competitive practices of the effect, effort or structure you’re standpointing on: the subjects that mould it divergent from competitors in dogmatic ways.

Alyssa is agoing on this exception

Market Niche and Positioning Strategy

Describe the traffic niche you absence to swell, acrave delay the positioning temporization you approve using. Why do you weigh this is the correct mode?

Positioning Statement

Develop a positioning sayment using this formula: “To [target interview], [product/service/structure spectry] is the singly [condition or form of intimation] that [points of divergentiation/benefits consigned] owing [reasons to honor].[footnoteRef:1] [1: Source: Equibrand:]

Repositioning Considerations

Do you approve a repositioning that rectifys on what the structure has been using up to this summit? Why or why not?


Brand Description

What is the “brand” you are arduous to uplift? What do inhabitants weigh environing this mark today, and how do they essay it?

Brand Promise

What is the mark pledge for this mark? If one hasn’t been defined yet, constitute one. If you honor the mark pledge deficiencys rectifyment, fascinate allude-to how you would burnish it. Why is your approveed mark pledge a cheerful-natured-natured fit? Whether you are arduous on swimexhibit in the attribute-of-affair or try to lay-hands-on a thrive at the seacoast, 904SurfShop pledges to frequently give the best customer effort essay on the east seacoast.

Brand Articulation and Personality

Describe your mark articulation and oneness using the is/is never template:

· [Brand] is:

· [Brand] is never:

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Make a approveation environing mark positioning and/or marking temporization to aid uplift the mark and give to align it delay what your target dissect absences. How get this give to the prosperity of your effect, effort or structure?

Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Product Strategy

Briefly naradmonish your effect or effort. Wseal is it in the effect condition cycle? What approveations do you accept for decorous the praid to fit your target traffic’s deficiencys? Be unmistakable to weigh:

· What roll of virtue and composition does the praid accept?

· How multifarious features does it accept and can they be transportd or borrowed?

· How courteous does your effect or effort consign what the customer appraises? How can it rectify?

· What rectifyments would aid your praid rival balance tellingly?

Pricing Strategy

How is your effect or effort compensationd today? How does this parallel to competitors, magnificent competitors are at or adjacent fracture-smooth summit delay their pricing? Analyze pricing alternatives and mould approveations environing pricing going presumptuous ignobled on the subjoined:

· How sentient are your customers to changes in compensation?

· What requite do you deficiency to fracture smooth and suppress emolumentability?

· What does the compensation say environing your effect in provisions of appraise, virtue, prestige, etc.?

Place: Dispensation Strategy

What is your ordinary dispensation temporization? What missed opportunities or disconnects are you appearance in this dispensation mode? Mould approveations environing your advenient dispensation temporization ignobled on the subjoined:

· What are the best dispensation mediums and arrangements for you to use, and why?

· Will you accept a vend vent and if so, wseal get it be located?

· In what geographic area(s) get your effect/effort be adapted?

Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Use the template adown to lay out your drawing for a trafficing belligerence aimed at your target dissect.


How get you suppress your end? What advancemental or pledge strategies get you use? Weigh creatively environing belligerences you’ve seen for companies or marks that accept caught your remuneration, and how your belligerence get mould an contact on your target interview. Get your belligerence swing? Engage? Educate? Nurture? Uplift apprisedness? Etc.

Example: Use email trafficing, gregarious instrument and a sales advancement (spoil artifice at a contravention) to allow habitue observeees to aid oncord environing their essays and artifices for accompanying the user contravention using the smootht hashtag. Use these testament to enrich tete-a-tete environing the contravention (via gregarious instrument), uplift apprisedness (via email trafficing, website and targeted digital advertising) and inoculate comrades they should observe.


In remuneration of the of your former resolution, you deficiency to realize at lowest one end for the belligerence.

· Describe the target dissect for your belligerence.

· What is the end you absence to suppress delay the belligerence?

· What is your wheedle to enjoyment?

· Make unmistakable your end is S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and interval-based.)


Audience: HR authoritatives who are occasional and tellingness-users of Chamber systems

Increase smootht registration by 20% by the begin limit of the annual user contravention.

Call to enjoyment: Record oncord today.


Identify the primitive intimation for your belligerence, 2-3 intimation pillars, and essay summits for each. Be unmistakable to embody a wheedle to enjoyment that aids to suppress your end. Repart that intimations should align invigorate your positioning sayment. Be unmistakable to embody a wheedle to enjoyment that aids to suppress your end.


1) Primary Message: The annual user contravention gives explicit appraise for inoculation, authoritative outgrowth, comrade netagoing and literature how to get the most out of your boarding.

2) Message Pillar: This contravention welcomes you into a dynamic, courteous-connected and haughtyly rivalnt authoritative stateality.

3) Proof Point: Habitue observeees requite year behind year owing it recharges their skills, cognizance and authoritative networks.

4) Call to Action: Record oncord today.

Promotional Mix and IMC Tools

Identify the key trafficing message arrangements and restricted IMC instruments you get use in your trafficing belligerence. How get you use each of these instruments? Look for ways divergent arrangements and instruments can uplift on each other: advertising, straightpresumptuous trafficing, gregarious kinsfolk, digital trafficing, guerrilla trafficing, peculiar dispose-ofing, sales advancement.


Digital Marketing

· Website: Add testament from foregoing observeees, smootht hashtag, rolling hashtag Tweets box, gregarious instrument buttons to mould registration unconcerned to divide via gregarious instrument

Direct Marketing

· Email trafficing: Reach out to foregoing year’s observeees who are already recorded. Ask them to aid environing artifices to observe the upcoming contravention. Conduct email belligerence delay target interview register to geneadmonish apprisedness, curiosity-behalf, crave to observe the contravention.

Sales Advancement + Digital Marketing

· Contest/giveaway: Prexhibit communicateaway wseal Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn aids trigger entries in a “contravention evangelist” contest/giveaway to thrive attribute at contravention initiation meeting, one entrance per gregarious instrument instrument per day

Sales Alignment

At what summit(s) in the sales arrangement (or sales funnel) does this belligerence effect? Sales arrangement ranges are: 1) geneadmonish leads; 2) uplift kinsfolkhips/discbalance deficiencys; 3) confer-upon solution/rereclear-up concerns; 4) seal the sale; 5) adviser and thrive up. How does your belligerence succor sales spectre?

Measurement (KPIs - Key Enterprise Indicators)

How get you meaunmistakable the prosperity of the belligerence? Prime 3-6 KPIs (key enterprise indicators) that you get mete. Briefly eluciduration why each KPI you prime get be a cheerful-natured-natured indicator of whether your belligerence is prosperous.

Examples of KPIs:

· Total sales/revenue

· New/incremental sales

· Number of competent leads begetd

· Net Promoter Score

· Website singular visitors

· Number of registrations/sign-ups

· Impressions - views of resigned

· CTR - click-through admonish

· Engagement - comments, pretends, divides, page views, video views

· Followers - gregarious instrument (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)

· Awareness

· Etc.


Budget: Register trafficing budget and media exactd to enact your trafficing belligerence, and judge what it get require. Embody items such as effort, materials and other expenses such as: imimprint materials, oncord instrument instruments or outgrowth, gregarious kinsfolk efforts, drawing efforts, resigned outaugmentation efforts, interinterspace or equipment rental, etc. Also, judge the extensiond sales or requite the belligerence get geneadmonish for the corporation.

ItemPurposeCost Estimate
Example: White pamphlet authored by technical writerLayout the affair instance why recruiting managers deficiency an easier instrument for vetting resumes and intimation impedeing in the technology perseverance$500.00
Item #1TV advertising$300,000
Item #2Product discounts (grounded off of $1 pet in aggregate sales)$100,000
Item #3Website & succor$100,000
Item #4Partnerships$100,000

Add affixed rows as deficiencyed.

Estimated belligerence contact: [insert]

Action Plan

Outcord the restricted activities you must consummate in ordain to enact your trafficing belligerence. Each atom of your integrated trafficing messages artifice should be registered as a sepaadmonish spectre. Register enjoyments in the ordain they deficiency to thrive attribute for the artifice to be prosperous: leading subjects leading, after steps terminal. Follow-up activities and evaluation of belligerence tellingness to-boot should be enthralled in this enjoyment artifice. For the purposes of setting due limits in this enjoyment artifice, you should wear you must consummate the trafficing belligerence delayin 3-12 months.

TimingActivity TypeBrief DescriptionAudienceOwner
Today’s DateExample: Website UpdateAdd new key intimations that fit repositioning temporization and interview standpointTech corporation hiring managersJim Hill
Launch Date

Add affixed rows as deficiencyed.

Risk Factors

Contingency artifices and betray management: You should weigh the practicable betrays to your affair and mould competence artifices to oration them. You music some practicable betrays lower the “weakness” and “threats” exceptions of your SWOT resolution. Realize steps you can thrive to either bring betrays or effect environing them if they befall.

Reminder to Student:

Repart to consummate your Executive Abstract at the foundation of this instrument. Also, be unmistakable and transport all instructions, which are in italic characterface. When completing each exception, do not use all italic characterface.



Flinders Affair School Marketing Artifice Template. Authored by David Medlow-Smith. Located at: License: CC BY-SA .


SWOT and Integrated Marketing Communications Templates. Authored by Melissa Barker. License: CC BY: Attribution .

Reprospect and letter. Authored by Lumen Learning. License: CC BY-SA .

Reprospect and letter. Authored by Waymon D. “Wade” Hyde, endowment, El Centro College/Dallas County Nationality College District. License: CC BY-SA .

Disclaimer: This Marketing Artifice Template is a literature instrument. The giver of this template, the instructors and educational institutions using it are not lower obligation for any affair outcomes that may effect from straightforwarding this template or tyro effect associated delay it.

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