Module 1 lab 3: quantum mechanics and rutherford scattering

  Learning Objective:

You get opposture two opposed standards of the bit. You get obbserve and annals results of a far-famed exemplification using a artifice. Additionally, you get criticise the scattering consequence using opposed bits and describe the results of the scattering exemplification to following quantum theories.

Prerequisites: Consummate lection Chapters 4, 5, and S4. Engagement in Module 1 Content: Quantum Physics.

Materials Required:

  • Computer and internet access
  • Colored pencils
  • Two ingredients of utter pamphlet
  • Protractor
  • Graphing software enjoy Excel or Tables in Word

Total Time Required: Approximately 2-3.5 Hours 

 **If you use any further sources further the sites establish beneath, fabricate enduring to use adapted passages.


A. Either unreserved the Rutherford applet from the attach in your Quantum Mechanics Lab manual or from this attach Rutherford Scattering Simulation, you can chose to download or run.

B. Choose the Palpefficient Pudding Bit by inclose clicking on it.

C. Before Rutherford's far-famed exemplification, the received standard for the bit envision it enjoy "Plum Pudding ". It had balancebearing enjoins balancelay throughout the bit (red), delay privative electrons (blue) enjoy raisins in the cake. Alpha bits were very weak and balancebearingly teeming so Rutherford used them to brave the internally of other larger bits. The alpha bits were fired at a very slim back.

In the artifice, mold on alpha bit gun for at last 1 tiny. (click bluish trifle on Alpha Particles gun)

1. What are the alpha bits doing? Are there any interactions entrance settle? (1 or further consummate passages)

D. Click the Traces box to semblance follows, and then modify the soul smooth to max, mark for ~30 seconds, then modify soul smooth to min and mark ~30 seconds.

2. Has everything modifyd delay the alpha bit exemplar? What is falling to the follow lines from set-out to complete? (talk to twain soul smooths markd)

3. Do you revere the bit is exerting a validity on the alpha bits? (Explain your counter-argument)

4. On a detached ingredient of pamphlet neighboring the top left, draw the palpefficient pudding standard using perversion pencils in an area of encircling 3x3 inches. Fabricate enduring to grasp the alpha bits as polite, and fabricate a key for labeling the opposed bits complicated. IMPORTANT: grasp your attestation and bound offer to your outline, written by index.

E. Prior to Rutherford's Exemplification this is substantially what was expected to fall when alpha bits were aimed at bits. NOTE - Rutherford could NOT see internally the bit but DID mark multifarious alpha bit tracks enjoy this.

Now in the artifice, switch balance to the Rutherford Bit by inclose-clicking on the icon at the profound. In the ocean window, fabricate enduring you are beholding at the elucidation delay multiple circles (each an bit) rather than the uncompounded bit. Click the yellow reset trifle at the proinstitute proper. Note that some ingredient of back is substance used and the soul is set to neighboringly the intermediate of min and max. Neighboring the proinstitute proper there is a window delay a enumerate of protons and neutrons.

5. How multifarious protons does the artifice set-out delay? ____

6. How multifarious Neutrons does the artifice set-out delay? ____

7. Behold on a occasional consultation, Periodic Table, what bit is substance used as the target? (Note the enumerate of protons are the key and can be establish as the top enumerate of any bit. The benjoin enumerate of neutrons can be establish by entrance the bitic magnitude, the proinstitute enumerate of the memorandum, and subtracting the enumerate of protons.) _____

8. What is the bitic layer semblancen for the ocean window? ____

F. Mold on the alpha bit gun, guard is for encircling 30 seconds. Note that there is a denote/rest trifle beneath the ocean window, and a plod trifle proper offer to it.

9. Explain the alpha bit noise delay intimation to the life of the bits substance markd (you should be efficient to see ~3 ample bits), what falls when the bit approaches the life dot of the bit?

G. Click on the semblance follows.

H. Mark the follows for encircling 20 seconds, then click rest.

10. On the selfselfsimilar ingredient of pamphlet as your #4 beneath your palpefficient pudding standard, delay your perversioned pencils draw the 3 bits and the benjoin follows you see. IMPORTANT: grasp your attestation and bound offer to your outline, written by index.

11. How multifarious follows stayed at-once on their first path: ___ 

12. How multifarious are deflected partially (adjacent than 10 degrees use a protractor for this): 

13. How multifarious are deflected betwixt 10 to 45 degrees: How multifarious are deflected betwixt 45 and 90: 

14. How multifarious are deflected further than 90 degrees: ____

I. Click the denote trifle, mark the follows for encircling another 20 seconds, then click rest.

15. Repeat your measurements as you made in #11. through #14., noting your enumerates in the selfselfsimilar enjoin detachedd by commas.

16. Does the subsidence of the set-outing columnure of the alpha bit (where it comes onto the shelter from the profound) enjoy everything to do delay the total the follow modifys inclination? (Explain your counter-argument using 1 or further passages)

J. Reset the artifice (yellow trifle proinstitute proper) and click on semblance follows and modify the total of soul, to max and min observing for ~10 seconds each.

17. Does the total of soul fond initially to the alpha bits enjoy any consequence on the way the follow modifys?

(Explain your counter-argument using 1 or further passages)

K. Using a occasional tefficient try using 3 other bits/targets by changing the enumerate of protons and neutrons. Keep the soul neighboring the intermediate. Keep follows on.

18. Create a tefficient and settle it in your news (must be typed): 



# of Protons

# of Neutrons

# of follows deflected (no substance the disposition)




19. Is joined or adjacent electrical validity acting on the alpha bits in these standards? (Explain your counter-argument using 1 or further passages)

20. What should the follows of the alpha bits behold enjoy if no electrical validity was offer?

21. If the alpha bits enjoy a balancebearing enjoin, what can you say encircling the enjoin of the life of the other bits. (Explain your counter-argument using 1 or further passages)

L. Reset your artifice and now fine the uncompounded core establish proper aloft the back, mold follows on and your alpha bit beam.

22. Describe what you see, talk to if the alpha bit is future at-once at the core or if it is further out. (Using further than 1 passages.) 

23. Conclusion: Do you slimk Rutherford’s scheme was amply original by other physicists? How did his findings administer us to further theories in quantum mechanics? Find a timeline on the internet, succeeding Bohr’s bit standard in 1913, register out encircling 5 of the big names (and bounds) that led us to the quantum standard we understand today (meditate encircling some of the observations that were illustrious in the billiards circle model fond). Grasp at last one passage of what their ocean thread was. Grasp any intimations (using APA passage) you used in this lab.

**The attached improve has the aloft instructions and tefficient (it wouldn't grant me to column the consultation)

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