Please discbalance this movie image down adown and transcribe a 100 wonderification from the movie and rewonder 15 sharp-ends.

What the Sanity is a setation breaking mark extension documentary from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that prospers the thrilling trip of chivalrous filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the applications of greatly processed industrial lewd patronages on our detail sanity and senior co-ordination, and explores why induced sanity constructions heal to aid the toil resisting unnumbered medical studies and learning paradeing injurious possessions of these progenys on our sanity.

“Let patronage be thy salve and salve be thy patronage.”
― Hippocrates

(peel hush) – Worldwide, we’re visageing at approximately 350 darling vulgar delay diabetes. There’s not interrogation that we’re in the throng of a diabetes infectious. Upupexact now, one in three Mediregard dollars is gone-by in the regard of vulgar delay diabetes. One in 10 sum sanity regard dollars is gone-by on vulgar delay diabetes. There’s no interrogation that this is a profound completion.

[Kip] What in detail is the bearing of the sustenance and diabetes?

I’m not gonna get into that.

[Kip] Into sustenance?

No. (uplifting Mexican guitar hush)

[Kip] My designate is Kip, I’m a filmmaker from San Francisco and I entertain a profession to frame. I’m a reviveing hypochondriac. Attention so abundant of us, I’ve a race narrative of diabetes, unfeelingihood ailment, and cancer. My dad had his unfeelingihood bypass at 49, the coeffect at the age 50. My grandpa died puerile from diabetes complications and twain my other grandpa and grandma died of cancer. I was frequently paranoid that I would so get one of these ailments. Attention any amimighty hypochondriac, WebMD Symptoms Checker was essentially my browser’s residencepage. Equmighty in my teens, I took Metamucil spontaneous and a daily aspirin. I discbalance all the hindmost self-idiosyncrasy books. I ate complete multivitamin I can get my hands on and I was obsessed delay physical capabilitys. I prospered all the catholic sanity construction’s praiseations for anticipateing ailment. I training frequently, don’t steam, don’t quaff soda, get ample repose, shorten strain, and grew up eating what I cogitation was a sanityy sustenance, until–

World Sanity Construction this dawning has disposeified processed fruits such as bacon and sausage as carcinogenic, immediately watchful in causing cancer in rationals.

[Announcer] Processed fruit is obviously added to an acception in cancer.

Hotdogs or bacon could be regular as hazardous as smoking cigarettes.

[Kip] The Universe Sanity Construction that visageed balance 800 studies from 10 incongruous countries judgment a trodden add to consuming processed fruit in cancer. Regular one serving of deli fruits daily acceptions your imperils of tingeectal cancer by 18%. I had no sentiment that what we ate improbmighty cancer rates, but I nincessantly felt attention I’d eaten a lot of processed fruits until I genuineized that processed fruit includes hotdogs, bacon, sausage, salami, ham, pepperoni, calm cuts, and Deli Slices, basically, completeentity I grew up eating. The Universe Sanity Construction disposeifies processed fruit as a Collection 1 carcinogen. The selfselfselfidentical collection as cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium. And disposeifies red fruit as a Collection 2 carcinogen. Was this attention I’d essentially been smoking my undiminished branchhood? If processed fruits are transcribeed the selfselfselfidentical as cigarettes, how is equmighty legitimate for kids to be eating this way? I cogitation this was new notification but abundant of these studies had been encircling for 50 years. I couldn’t regard I’d been eating processed fruits virtually my undiminished morals and was regular now, judgment out how hazardous they are. Why hadn’t I been hearing encircling it from the American Cancer Society, the catholicst cancer collection in the race? When I went on their website, I was shocked to see that none of these notification was markd on their residencepage. But equmighty balance revolting, on their Eat Hearty page, they clearedly encouraged eating Collection 1 carcinogenic patronages attention processed turkey and canned fruits. This is following the Universe Sanity Construction critiqueed balance 800 studies definitively adding processed fruit to cancer.

[Sam] Thank you for trade, American Cancer Society. My designate is Sam, I’m a cancer notification specialist. How may I acceleration you today?

Hi, I was trade consequently I was astonishmenting why you all ptrain vulgar to eat processed fruit on your website? Which the Universe Sanity Construction has disposeified as a Collection 1 carcinogen? Which is in the selfselfselfidentical dispose as tobacco smoking, asbestos, and plutonium? This would be attention a lung alliance having a How to Roll your own Cigarettes juniority on their website. It’s peela the selfselfselfidentical entity?

[Sam] Well, let me regular attribute you on a scanty halt consequently–

He wasn’t swayy to defense my interrogations and said someone would get tail delay me. I had frequently been watchful encircling cancer consequently twain my grandma and grandpa died of cancer. I astonishmented if entitys would entertain been incongruous had they apprehendnly-unreserved the add among sustenance and this effectideffectual ailment. In the US, one out of complete imundefiled cessations is from cancer. Oh luscious, American Cancer Society rep cleared the parley this week. So, we regular went in for the parley delay the American Cancer Society rep and the shelter secureor said, “There’s no parley scheduled.” So I went on to my phone and it transmutes out decisive cessation, following I’d told her that the parley’s gonna be encircling the corbearing among sustenance and cancer, she said she can no coveter do the parley. Following usual emails discovery why she was attenuated my parleys to barely chat encircling sustenance and cancer, she sealped responding all coincidently. Why would an American Cancer Society rep not wanna chat encircling this? I was, ultimately, swayy to integrate delay a expanding move of teachers who are desirous to chat encircling the add among the lamina American sustenance and ailment, and it goes gone-by regular cancer. I took my old confidenceee van, Super Blue, unintermittently anew out on the course.

2/3 of adults are now balancewview or corpulent, and we entertain an infectious cascade of debilitating ailment that’s balanceforthfuture the province. There’s no way we can stay the vulgar ole of regard delay the infectious that we’re creating delay our sustenance and moralsole choices.

The diabetes, the arthritis, the unfeelingihood ailment, the dementia, the corpulency, the cancers are important encircling 70% of cessations. All the effectr is that those 70% of cessations and morbidity are catholicly moralsstyle-akin and anticipateable.

Most kids by age 10 in the US already entertain fatty streaks in their arteries the principal quantity of atherosclerosis induced to unfeelingihood aggressions, tickles.

Here in American salve, we effect from the ailment pattern. We are in the vocation of treating morbid vulgar. We are not in the vocation of reserved to anticipate vulgar from followingly morbid.

When you visage at continuous ailment imperil, all the entitys that we tramp encircling tantalizeing encircling. Actually, sustenanceary choices brick smoking when it followings to those imperils.

If I could set free one notice to the learningers who are visageing for the motive of diabetes and the motive of bound arteries, and the motive of elevated race exigency, and the motive of corpulency, I would acquaint them, the defense’s in three wonderification, it’s the patronage. (laughs) It’s what Americans are eating.

[Kip] Today, delay 2/3 of Americans entity balanceweight, obviously, there’s a patronage progeny. In the instant 25 years, one out of complete three Americans allure entertain diabetes.

My designate’s Michael Abdalla. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, and unfortunately, I was diagnosed encircling 10 years ago delay diabetes, and view years ago, I had two stents put in. I don’t apprehend wshort to go, I don’t apprehend what do, you regular attention add the options and you don’t apprehend what to do. You engage in salve, you hear to this teacher, and the cardiologist says, “Take this,” and the endocrinologist says, “Take that,” then your apprehendnly-unreserved practitioner teacher says, “You don’t apprehend what’s going on short.” It’s a genuine challenging entity and it’s someentity that you don’t wanna get. You regular don’t wanna get it.

[Kip] Synod and instrument approximately exclusively chide noncommunication of training and buttonsome patronages as a motive of diabetes. But I scantinessed to chat delay an cleared compliant on the role of sustenance in diabetes. I went to utter delay premier physician, diabetes compliant, and learninger, Dr. Neal Barnard. What role does sugar delineate in causing diabetes?

Drive me crack-brained. Diabetes is not and nincessantly was motived by eating a elevated carbohydrate sustenance and it’s not motived by eating sugar. The motive of diabetes is a sustenance that institutes up the similarity of fat into the race. I’m chating encircling a usual fruit-based, lewd-domiciled sustenance. You can visage into the muscle cells of the rational mass and you invent they’re erection up diminutive obey-aparticles of fat which is causing insulin hindrance. What that instrument is the sugar that is spontaneously from the patronages that you’re eating can’t get into the cells wshort it belongs. It institutes up in the race and that’s diabetes.

[Kip] I had nincessantly heard that fruit was associated delay causing diabetes. We had frequently been told that sugar and corpulency motived it. Renowned wview missing bariatric surgeon, Dr. Garth Davis, though agreed.

Everyone reckons that you diabetic consequently of carbs, did a great examine and that carol examine, 500,000 vulgar. Carbs shortening was inversely akin to diabetes. In other wonderification, the balance carbs they wanna to eat, the short diabetes they had but fruit was soundly correlated. Get that aha second. The starches, the carbs are amimighty for you. They’re not bad for you. This sentiment that carbs frame you fat is wholly trifling. Carbs cannot frame you fat in and of themselves. We entertain storage in our muscles and in our healr for carbs oled glycogen. So, when we eat carbs, we either capital it or we glow it. Now, eat fat that goes unswerving to you fat. Your mass can’t transmute those carbs into fat unshort you’re genuinely balancedoing your calories. Basically, it’s a cessation passage. You’re at ample elevateder imperil of getting cancer. You’re approximately unquestionably gonna get diabetes. No one scantinesss to fat humiliate and we all scantiness completemass to be comfortmighty delay our bodies but this move to be comfortmighty delay our bodies has made us comfortmighty delay entity morbid and that’s a great completion. I go into the hospital and I visage encircling me, vulgar on dialysis, all these morbid vulgar and regular encircling complete ailment in tshort is consequently of what vulgar are eating.

Here’s the entity, if I eat a buttonsome cookie, the sugar lures you in attention the Trojan Horse but sealpage after a intervallinessinly that cookie is a great impute of butter or shortening and that’s what fattens you up. That’s the obey-akeep-asforincessantly that guides to the diabetes. It’s the fatty patronages, not genuinely so ample the sugar.

It’s not that sugar’s amimighty for you. There’s no nutrients in it, it’s surplus calories, but when you eat sugar, you don’t get inflammation upupexact afar. When you eat sugar, you’re not getting plaques effecting in your vessels. When you’re eating sugar, your mass’s gonna capital most of it as glycogen or glow it as calories. So, this centre on sugar has engagen all the centre off fruit, dairy, eggs, pork, turkey, chicken.

People deficiency to interpret. If their gets diabetes, you’ve regular engage 19 years off their morals alien. We’re chating morals and cessation.

I genuineized, tshort was so ample balance encircling sustenance and ailment that I hadn’t incessantly conversant. It felt as if this notification had been substantially delayheld. Processed fruit motives cancer. Sugar doesn’t motive diabetes. I had dubitate encircling the pretensions these teachers are making so I did some specific on my own. Harvard learningers visageed at nine perspective studies judgment that regular one serving of processed fruit per day acceptiond imperil of clearing diabetes by 51%. The add among eating fruit and clearing diabetes became incontrovertible. But when I went on the induced diabetes construction’s website, the American Diabetes Association, not solely did they not entertain this notification visage and core, they were featuring usages for red and processed fruit and on there, Recipes for Hearty Living. They had bacon apprehendn shrimp? What the sanity? All upright, despatch an email to American Diabetes Association, see if they get tail to us. As deleterious as diabetes is, it pales in similitude to unfeelingihood ailment. Balance 17 darling vulgar die complete year from cardiovascular ailment. It is the induced motive of cessation encircling the universe. Nearly, one out of complete three vulgar allure die from this ailment. The similarity of vulgar who die from cardiovascular ailment is the equipollent of imundefiled jumbo jets racket complete unique hour complete unique day, complete unique year.

My designate is Amy Resnic, and I’m from Swampscott, Massachusetts, scorn bit north of Boston. And I of-late went to my teacher for asthma consequently I had a very unfeeling term breaentity and intervalliness there, she did some race composition and one of the tests was C-reactive protein and that was a lamina of one to three. One entity low for cardiac equablet, three entity elevated for a cardiac equablet, and my sum was 10.82.

What does that instrument.

That instrument I am on the course for unfeelingihood aggression and she said, “Probably, delayin the instant 30 days.”

30 days?

30 days, if I’m going the way I was going. I engage this for my unfeelingihood arrhythmia, engage this for refusal, oxycoeffected for refusal, and lorazepam for strain, cyclobenzaprine for muscle rester. So engage Topamax and Prozac and I so use a CPAP utensil to acceleration me murmur, and my asthma has been so bad this gone-by year. I used to transmute the day as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved to get some air. I am fatigued when I watch up, I’m fatigued during the day. I engage a nap, I’m so fatigued, I can’t murmur, and I apprehend I deficiency to frame at transmute for my sanity, I so am not gonna be short for my race.

When we utter of unfeelingihood ailment, I would say the role of alcohol is tolerably mediocre. The role of sugar is very mediocre too. Smoking is big, but the amimighty tidings is that most vulgar entertain discharge or nincessantly did steam. The completion delay lewd-domiciled sustenance, it’s subscription to unfeelingihood ailment is great, and it is pervasive.

All these costly imaging, procedures, bypasses, medication, none of which has one private unique entity to do delay the causation of the ailment so you die delay a unimpairedly compassionate, generous-blown ailment, that nincessantly had its causation treated.

When we eat these peel of torpid fruit bacteria toxins, delayin specifics, we get this disrupt of inflammation delayin your rule such that you basically enervate your arteries. So, you get this stiffening of the arteries, their inability to rest usually in half. It’s not attention decades down the course, eating infirm, there’ll be some injury, no. We’re chating injury upupexact then and tshort delayin specifics of going into our aperture.

Many vulgar are consecrated the idiosyncrasy of Alzheimer’s ailment when it’s not gentleman Alzheimer’s at all. The dissipate profoundity of vulgar suffered dementia through that their diminutive race vessels in their brain clogging up and their firmness cells entity short-changed of oxygenated race and suspect wshort their race vessel equabletually followings from, those scorn diminutive arteries are clogging up from that consistent tide of fat, cholesterol, et cetera.

It’s genuinely dischargee apprehendn from the rendezvous of cancer and the rendezvous of cardiovascular ailment, that lewd protein delineates an gigantic role.

[Kip] Is chicken reform?

It’s interrogation of whether you be shot or hung.

The flesh patronage that I would enucleate from the American sustenance would be poultry, would be turkey and chicken. Their sparkling advertising antagonism has assured vulgar that, “Oh, it’s plain fruit, it’s sanityier.”

The induced origin of sodium in the American sustenance for adult is chicken. It can be transcribeed all-spontaneous chicken but they inject it delay a salt insinuate, I reckon, up to 800 milligrams of sodium.

Heterocyclic amines are apprehendn cut carcinogens and they can effect in any peel of fruit as it’s fierce, as it’s dressed, but by far, the biggest origin is chicken. We sent learningers into constant patronage and race restaurants. Not solely were tshort carcinogens in complete unique restaurant. Well, we set them in complete unique chicken scantling that we took. If somemass adduces their race and then they’re buying a bucket of chicken, nomass acquaints them that tshort are carcinogens. If you’re hawking carcinogens to vulgar, you’ve gotta alarm them that they’re in there.

[Kip] But the American Cancer Society encourages vulgar to switch from red and processed fruit to chicken. Why would the American Cancer Society acquaint vulgar to switch from eating one carcinogenic patronage to another when a Harvard University examine paradeed that men delay prospecify cancer who eat catholic similaritys of chicken acceptiond their imperil of the ailment progressing imundefiled stipulations?

The sum one sustenanceary origin in America of cholesterol is chicken consequently the quantity of chicken. Chickens behove grilled chicken and constitutional chicken, if it’s machismo, but it has approximately as ample cholesterol per gram as red beef allude-tos that simple quantity is the sum one origin yet eggs entity bar by.

[Kip] I’d nincessantly genuinely cogitation encircling eggs ample. I regular cogitation of them as a lamina obey-akeep-asforincessantly of the sanityy sustenance. But then, I set a examine allude-toing that eating regular one egg a day can be as bad as smoking five cigarettes per day for morals confluence.

The yolk of a hen’s egg is the most tight glom of saturated fat and cholesterol. It is made to run a baby chicken for 21 days delay no beyond intelligence. It is undefiled fat and cholesterol. And when we put that into our race tide, it coats our red race cells, our race gets thicker and balance semifluid. It transmutes our hormone similarizes. It trains our cholesterol similarizes. There’s noentity sanityy encircling eating yolk of the egg.

[Kip] But I cogitation cholesterol and saturated fat wasn’t an progeny anymore?

You apprehend, these saturated fat studies that entertain following out, reserved to clear saturated fat. That’s a antagonism by the dairy toil. Sum one origin of saturated fat is dairy, it’s not fruit. 2008, the global dairy toil got coincidently at a parley and lucidly discbalance their agenda was to counterbalance the privative application of compose fat by regulators and medical professionals, unquote. So, what they do, they capitaled studies.

[Kip] The profound examine that instituted the complete saturated fat instrument craze was capitaled by the Known Dairy Council. The egg toil amitigated capital studies that disorganize users by making pretensions that eggs don’t privatively attention unfeelingihood capability. That is solely when paralleld to eating a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin? So, what they’re genuinely maxim is that eating eggs is regular as bad as eating a McMuffin.

When you eat patronages attention beef or steak or a processed fruit, a hotdog, you’re not regular getting saturated fat, you’re so getting other additional toxins that are in that patronage. There’s heme lusty, carcinogens, and processing chemicals. This is all a lot balance entangled than regular visageing at saturated fat.

The management is not on making their progenys any trustworthyr. The management is to regular try to disorganize the apprehendnly-unreserved to previsage dubitate. You apprehend, tshort was a far-famed tobacco toil memo. It’s oled, Dubitate is our progeny. That’s all they had to do. They didn’t entertain to enlighten the Americans that smoking was sanityy, upright? They regular had to previsage dubitate then they would win. Well, if there’s regular ample disputation, vulgar peela hurl up their hands, “I don’t apprehend what to eat.” Confusion is their adduce-about. I genuinely don’t reckon vulgar cogitation what they ate led to unfeelingihood ailment. They reckon. “Oh, it’s genetic, my parents had it.” I don’t reckon vulgar genuinely reckon that what they ate guide to diabetes. They reckon, “Oh, my parents had it, I was gonna get it.” And unquestionably, cancer, they don’t reckon that way.

People entertain bad moralsstyles that they’ve inherited. Environmentally, they’ve been unguarded to a convinced way of eating and assistance they’ve carried on into their adulthood, passed on to their effect. That is why they go on to clear the selfselfselfidentical ailments that their parents and grandparents may entertain had precedently them but it is not infallible.

Even if you entertain a genetic predisposition, it doesn’t mediocre it’s going to necessarily patent. What determines whether it patents or not, perhaps those epigenetic variables, the entitys that you can administer. The environmental veritableityors, the sustenanceary veritableityors, the moralsole veritableityors.

So, we can clearedly transmute the countenance of genes. Tumor-suppressing genes, protuberance activating genes by what we eat, what we put into our bodies. So, equmighty if you’ve been traffict a bad genetic set-in-order, you can calm?} reshuffle it delay sustenance.

I’d frequently cogitation that I would clear unfeelingihood ailment at a puerile age consequently twain my dad and grandpa had unfeelingihood aggressions. I was taught that they were genetic, but the unfeelingihood aggressions probably had short to do delay genes and balance to do delay their sustenances elevated in fruit. That’s why when I went on the American Hardihood Association’s Heart-hearty Recipes page, I could not regard they had an undiminished juniority on beef usages? This was regular attention the American Cancer Society hopeful eating Collection 1 carcinogens on their top. Fruit loaf, pork loin, steak on your usage schedule? Are you kidding me? It’s attention this menu’s reserved to get vulgar unfeelingihood aggressions. At your website, we noticed unfeelingihood-hearty usages, and we’re peela distracted by why there’s a muster of usages on the complete juniority on beef, beef usages, and there’s so a juniority on egg usages when there’s such a sound add among beef, red fruit, and unfeelingihood ailment?
[Man] I honestly don’t apprehend ’motive I don’t do that sentiments. That’s not what I do. (laughs)

[Kip] Another construction rep that wasn’t swayy to defense my interrogations but he said that he’d entertain someone get in move soon. I was, ultimately, swayy to chat to the superintendent of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Kim Williams.

So, the American College of Cardiology is a 47,000-member and expanding construction delay a a fond band-arms to shorten unfeelingihood ailment and to emend patients’ heals. And if you visage at the tickle of hypertension and diabetes and non-existence in men, they clearedly get shortend as you go elevateder and elevateder in stipulations of how ample you circumscribe lewd progenys.

[Kip] What encircling fish? – So, fish is a scorn incongruous. You’ve got the imundefiled worries which is PCBs, mercury, saturated fat, and cholesterol. And the cholesterol is all balance the attribute. You can eat tuna in insinuate, that’ll be approximately short than a glass of compose to salmon or tilapia which is elevateder than a pork cleave.

If you visage sightively at fish, what you invent is they behove essentially mercury sponges. And that’s why in abundant obey-amagnitude of the province, they alarm you, “Don’t entertain balance than so abundant “of these fish a week “consequently it’s getting too ample mercury. “It can massacre you.”

Fish are eaten by bigger fish who are eaten by a bigger fish and these pesticides or herbicides biocollate in the fish flesh. And the big fish including the salmon which vulgar reckon is a sanityiest fish. Occurrence is the similarity of pesticides and herbicides in the flesh of these fish are revolting and they entertain estrogenic and cancer promoting decentties in them.

They’ll say, “Well, but don’t sardines “entertain short essential-quality of toxic dissipate progenys “than other ones?” Someentity entity short toxic doesn’t frame it sanityy. It regular frames it short toxic.

Farmed fish is by no instrument sanityier. All the antibiotics that these lewds entertain to be fed aapprove to chickens and turkeys kept in exclusion. These fish get communicated. They get fungal communicated, they get bacterial communicated, you’ve gotta heal them antifungals, antibiotics, and these substances collate in the fish flesh as polite-mannered-behaved.

[Kip] I frequently knew that stain was bad for our sanity but I nincessantly cogitation encircling the environmental pollutants important patronage. – Dioxins entity the most toxic man-made chemicals apprehendnly-unreserved to sslay motive all sorts of entitys. They motive endometriosis, they motive cancers, they motive endocrine hostility completions. Most of your peril, 93% of it followings from eating fruit and dairy progenys consequently it climbs up in the patronage fetter so efficiently. So, you can get unguarded assistance adjacent these incinerators and breaentity it but it’ll engage you 14 years to murmur in as ample dioxin as a cow ingest by eating the grass in one day, and that dioxin allure collate in as fat which includes the compose and the fruit and anyone eating fruit or dairy progenys is going to get that dose of dioxin so it climbs up the patronage fetter complete tread. Men entertain no way in their bodies to get rid of dioxins but women entertain two ways. They’re twain involving having a baby. One is that dioxin waywardes the attributenta into the expanding infant, and the other is that it followings out from the succeeding a intervallinessstandmilk. So, if you entertain a fruit and dairy consuming dowager succeeding a intervallinessstandalimentation that infant, then the elevatedest applications of toxic peril attention mercury and dioxins allure furnish that infant.

Pregnant women are told of convinced stamps of fish should be relinquished but what encircling all these other lewd progenys which are introducing. Presume as the fetus is clearing, introducing these very disadvantageous toxins which originate reproductive abnormalities, clearmental completions and hormonal progenys upupexact as the branch is clearing, the most upupexact quantity of clearment.

It does frame you tantalize when vulgar say, “Don’t you wanna entertain a scorn bit of compose “consequently you’re following a intervalliness-child? “Don’t you wanna entertain some fish ’motive you’re following a intervalliness-child?” Who do you reckon is gonna get the chemicals that are in that?

All these environmental toxins and toxins from the heal that they’re entity fed collate in their tissues and are released into the dowager and unfortunately, to the branch when you eat these progenys when you’re following a intervalliness-child. So, this includes antibiotics, hormones, steroids in lewd heal. Commercial lewds are catholicly fed GMO corn and soy which are very laden in pesticides. PCBs entertain been banned gone the ’70s but they adless in the environment, dioxins. All of these compounds can originate hormonal reproductive, clearmental injury as polite-mannered-behaved. – Eating constitutional beef, poultry, pork or fish allure not acceleration you relinquish contaminants attention mercury, attention dioxins, attention strontium-90 consequently they lapse out balance all sorts of farms scenes and insinuate bodies, and they don’t experienceuce balance the constitutional scenes. So, genuinely the contaminants are forthfuture in regardshort of how these lewds are elated.

[Kip] I had frequently been watchful encircling the practicserviceoperative sanity applications of GMOs but then set out that most of the universe’s GMO crops are clearedly used by healstock delay dairy cows consuming the most per lewd. This veritableity delay completeentity I’d conversant encircling bioaccumulation made dairy alarming eminently beorigin how ample cheese I ate in my morals. – Cheese is an surprising progeny when you reckon encircling it. It’s probably one of the unique desk patronages that compromising sanity that you’re gonna clearedly heal to vulgar. Reckon encircling it. You’ve got an lewd progeny, so you’ve got all the progenys of biological essential-quality. You delay entertain a greatly processed patronage progeny and not solely does it entertain spontaneously a lot of saturated fat but you put a lot of salt into it.

There’s a sound add among dairy patronages and autoimmune ailments so that can parade itself up as surplusive progenyion of mucus and exacerbation of asthma and kids who are prostrate to that and equmighty adults and so, there’s an alliance among dairy patronages and multiple sclerosis and stamp 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune ailment and other rheumatological completions.

Cow’s compose is baby calf augmentation patronage. That’s what the nonsagacity is. There’s independently no branch or rational on cosmos-mob who clearedly deficiencys the compose of a cow any balance than they deficiency the compose of a giraffe or a mouse. – Most vulgar in the universe are lactose narrow-minded. I mediocre, that’s the usual specify of affairs. Why would your mass originate this enzyme to attention regular lactose following weaning, following infancy? It doesn’t frame any sagacity.

73% of African-Americans are lactose narrow-minded, 95% of Asians, roughly 70% of Native Americans, and encircling 53% of Hispanic Americans are lactose narrow-minded. Our synod is hopeful Americans of tinge to eat patronages that it apprehends it’s going to frame them ill. Ultimately, what that is down to is the synod are hawking me as an African-American to eat patronage that’s gonna frame me ill for no sanity advantage so that it allure advantage dairy farmers as if the farmers entertain institutionalized racism.

Yeah, compose is a imperily patronage for rational shortening. As a pediatrician, I see it on a daily effectr, effect refusal from stipulations that are added or associated to dairy shortening such as eczema, acne, constipation, sharp-ended refluence, lusty-deficiency anemia. Cow’s compose protein is the most allergenic patronage.

People say, “Well no, I scantiness a hormone-free, “not injected delay bovine augmentation hormone,” but compose is this hormonal common which is packed delay sex hormones and spontaneous sex steroid hormones attention estrogen, progesterone. In veritableity, doesn’t nonsense if it’s usual compose, doesn’t nonsense if it’s constitutional compose. Compose delayout hormones, this is an oxymoron. Constitutional dairy has regular as ample saturated fat and cholesterol and galactose, and all the entitys that you don’t scantiness as usual dairy.

Dairy progenys, in apprehendnly-known, entertain a lot of other progenys associated delay it, not the smallest of which is pus. I mediocre, they clearedly entertain laws limiting how ample pus you can clearedly entertain in the compose and calm?} hawk it. I regard it’s attention 750,000 pus cells per CC. Because, I mediocre, you wouldn’t scantiness too ample pus, it would be attention undefiled pus vulgar potentiality sight. In veritableity, you could reckon of cheese as compact cow pus if you allure.

[Kip] But I was frequently told that we deficiency compose for sound blights.

I’m Jane Chapman and not too covet ago, finally got some x-rays of the hips and tail. Severe bilateral osteoarthritis of the hips and clearedly, I’m scheduled for two hip replacements. That’s blight on blight, it is the extortionate of the joints. My retention is scary. I halt on to the walls if I’m at residence. I’ve been told to use a tramper. I’m solely 61. This is not how you’re reckoned to heal when you’re this old. I entertain a genuinely unfeeling term refined that. That’s all that’s left.

Researchers entertain elaborate blight clearment in kids and whether they get strain fractures and that peel of entity and the kids quaff the most compose entertain noman defence. Compose does not institute sound blights. Harvard learningers entertain visageed at a catholic collection of older women balance an 18-year era. The compose quaffers had noman defence from fractures. So, this old sentiment that somehow, compose is gonna institute sound blights are seyield your blights succeeding in morals, it’s a fable.

People that quaff compose entertain elevateder rates of hip fractures, entertain balance cancer, and heal shorter heals.

[Kip] It transmutes out that countries delay the elevatedest dairy shortening so entertain the elevatedest rates of osteoporosis. So obviously, quaffing balance compose doesn’t seyield your blights. Doing balance learning, I’ve set that dairy was added to abundant incongruous stamps of cancer as polite-mannered-behaved. Regular attention abundant of us, I cogitation that the profoundity of cancer’s due to genes but solely 5% to 10% of cancer’s clearedly genetic.

Any cancer is motived by a DNA change but that’s not ample so that can motive that principal cancer cell but one cancer cell nincessantly massacreed anyone. Two cancer cells nincessantly massacreed anyone but a billion cancer cells, now, we’re common into completions so we deficiency to shorten the augmentation veritableityors in our mass attention IGF-1, insulin-attention augmentation veritableityor 1. It’s this cancer promoting augmentation hormone watchful in complete quantity of cancer cell, augmentation and spdiscbalance and metastasis. Any lewd protein boosts the similarize of IGF-1.

Dairy progenys acceptions your imperil for diverse effects of cancer eminently those akin to your hormones so succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer, prospecify cancer, ovarian cancer. So, this is not a progeny equmighty in its most undefiled specify you wanna be consuming consequently it does following delay imperil.

[Kip] I’ve set out that dairy can acception a man’s random of getting prospecify cancer by 34%. And for women who’ve had succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer, regular one serving of complete dairy a day can acception their random of departure from the ailment, 49%, and departure from generousthing, 64%. Why weren’t succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer tops attention Susan G. Komen alarming completeone encircling this? (phone sonorous)

[Jocelyn] You’re trade Susan G. Komen. This is Jocelyn, how may I acceleration you?

We’re astonishmenting why you don’t entertain a great alarming encircling the dangers of consuming dairy in your webtop when there’s a trodden add to succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer? Tshort was a examine published in the Journal of the Known Cancer Institute, that set out women consuming dairy who has had succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer acceptions their imperil of departure of succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer 49%. Regular astonishmenting why it’s not on your website? – [Jocelyn] We cannot defense these stamps of interrogations.

[Kip] Unintermittently anew, another sanity construction rep maxim someone else would entertain to defense my interrogation. Rather than imperil entity limpid up anew, I went unswerving to the apprehendn Susan G. Komen portion to see if they would defense my interrogations. (smooth guitar hush) They didn’t wanna defense my interrogations in individual either and told us to seal filming, but promised they would integrate me to the raceal service immediately. Susan G. Komen’s pink ribbon antagonism had effected a lot to train awareness for succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer, although, it was confusing to see pink ribbons on dairy yogurt comprehenders.

Breast cancer can be anticipateed delay a sanityy sustenance and moralsole but we’re not, we’re chating encircling pink ribbons and putting all the capital into learning for the yield. I, for one, apprehend that I would scantiness my daughter, my dowager, me, I wanna centre on not getting to that sharp-end and that’s wshort I would attention to see balance intelligence and endeavor put.

[Kip] I had been a unfeelingcore cheesaholic virtually my undiminished morals resisting the imperils but attention so abundant others, I seem to entertain been addicted to it.

It transmutes out that the casein protein, that’s the profound protein in dairy progenys detailly in cheese, it breaks akeep-asforincessantly in the rational digestion to originate what are oled casomorphins, casein-derived morphine-attention compounds. They go to the brain and they tie to the modify selfselfselfidentical receptor that heroin tiees to. Don’t get me crime, they’re not as sound as that but they are sound ample to frame you following tail anew and anew and anew resisting the veritableity that you’re adduce-abouting second, you’re balance unhearty than you’ve incessantly been, but that cheese regular oles out to vulgar.

Casomorphin may delineate a role in SIDS, in abrupt infant cessation syndrome, they delineate a role in autism. This is one of the argues why don’t scantiness infants quaffing compose from cows.

[Kip] Rational succeeding a intervallinessstandcompose has 2.7 grams of casein per liter paralleld to 26 grams per liter for cow’s compose. That’s substantially 10 stipulations balance. No astonishment it’s so addictive. This chat encircling addiction made me reckon encircling all the refuses lewds are fed. I went to the summitquarters of the Core for Patronage and Safety, the race’s induced FDA synod watchdog collection to see how watchful we deficiency to be encircling refuses in our patronage.

So, that we apprehend of tshort are at smallest 450 incongruous refuses that are administered to lewds either unmatched or in concert. These refuses are consecrated to lewds for a medley of argues. Very, very few of which are clearedly salutary to user sanity. – We’ve got refuse companies that composition genuine unfeeling to frame believing they can hawk lots of refuses to vulgar amelioration cows, pigs, and chickens.

The pharmaceutical toil hawks 80% of all the antibiotics that it frames in the United States to lewd farming. Antibiotic residues are set in fruit. Other antimicrobials are set in fruit. Tshort has been a ractopamine set in fruit. There’s been hormones set in fruit. So, upupexact there, you’re chating encircling imundefiled incongruous refuses. They could be in the selfselfselfidentical division of fruit. The pharmaceutical aggregation reckoned to parade the prophylactic of lewd refuses. They’re not genuinely testing to see what the applications of these refuses are on rationals, they’re genuinely visageing to see what applications that these refuses are on lewds.

We try to get notification on some of the sanity studies and the environmental studies from federal agencies. We get tail page following page of sombreed out notification consequently the aggregation pretension latent vocation notification. – Consumers entertain no sentiment what is in the progenys that they use.

So, how morbid someentity frames me and how bad it pollutes the environment is a latent for a aggregation.

In the lewd farming toil, as in the tobacco toil, these companies genuinely entertain a vested attention in making believing that the apprehendnly-unreserved doesn’t entertain notification encircling their possessions and what imperils are genuinely post to consuming them. – Entertain the rule wshort lewds are assistance in their own dissipate, they’re assistance instant to lewds that are morbid or equmighty torpid and they’re accumulate in cages delay these lewds. The bacteria tends to spdiscbalance that the pathogens that are entity originated in these unneat stipulations are training hindrance to antibiotics and the apprehendnly-unreserved are followingly unguarded to those.

We already had vulgar departure from salmonella and other entitys that you eat. We entertain encircling 3,000 vulgar die complete year in the United States. That’s balance than the sum of vulgar that were massacreed in 9/11 in the Twin Towers of New York. If we had some terrorists construction massacreing 3,000 vulgar a year, we would be all balance it. The antibiotic-resistant bacteria cessations that we entertain on top of that, you get a 20,000 vulgar die in a year. That’s sequmighty 9/11’s complete year. Can you presume? If that abundant vulgar were entity massacreed by some terrorist collection in the United States complete year, we would invent them.

The Universe Sanity Construction had said we’re adjacenting in a post-antibiotic era in salve. You’ll be at imperil in junior surgeries to entertain a destructive corruption. You’ll be at imperil going to the dentist if you entertain a button extracted or be attention Urbane War salve. You get an corruption in your leg and you cut your leg off. So, you entertain this very hazardous predicament. By crowding these lewds in, they behove a mature engine for generating usually a virus that can following out into the co-ordination. If you heald adjacent a swine shoot scene, not equmighty expenditure scene but the dissipate dispensation scene, you are three stipulations balance attentisingly to entertain MRSA corruption. You can’t see how that applications the mediocre individual’s morals in Duplin County, North Carolina and not be a scorn capsize encircling it.

From environmental rendezvous, from a co-ordirace rendezvous, from all other views, North Carolina, we’re in a specify of embarrassment. We’ve already had bouts of swine flu or H1N1 as they advance to apply to it. That detail swine flu incident was originated on a farm short in North Carolina. There’s approximately the selfselfselfidentical sum of hogs in North Carolina as tshort are vulgar. Among view to 10 stipulations the similarity of feces is executed by a hog, an adult hog as paralleld to an adult rational.

[Kip] 10 darling pigs in North Carolina effect the dissipate similar to 100 darling rationals. This is the equipollent of the undiminished US eastern sea consultation flushing their toilets into North Carolina but there’s no dissipate texture. The pigs’ dissipate lapses through slats in the floors of the sheds they are rigorous to heal in. It is then pumped in the hercules dissipate pits which leach in the rivers and tides and is pumped out unfiltered on the scenes exalt polluting the environment and close sanity. – When you go tail and you visage at wshort these hog facilities are located, there’s a extravagant sum of them that are located adjacent communities of tinge, low infollowing communities. It is definitely a rational uprights progeny.

My sister, she entertain asthma and you apprehend, her fellow, he entertain asthma. He’s three and we don’t apprehend what she potentiality entertain. I entertain asthma, I entertain sinus, I entertain sarcoidosis, that’s what the bacteria, and I entertain a pacemaker which is morbid sinus syndrome. Mostly completemass in this neighborhood got asthma or equmighty cancer. My neighbor tshort died from cancer probably regular decisive year. My nephew down the street, he’s got cancer. He’s in ultimate cancer quantity impure, not a steamr, not a quaffer. And it’s not in his lungs, it’s in his lip nose. ‘Cause if you heal short and saw the way they do, you allure eat no pork. We don’t eat bacon consequently I apprehend it following from. When they die, they go into a box and they analyze consequently they dilate-behaved from, eminently from ardor. A barter following and pluck ’em up, engage ’em to the processing set in Roseville, rotund ’em up into heal, and heal it tail to the hogs. Following at this door, if he’s shooting there, it’s then following in my visage. It hits you upupexact in that visage. It scents attention someentity that you had nincessantly scented precedently, someentity profligate and torpid mass. It’s the race necropolis. I entertain my granddowager there, my sisters, my fellows. When we go to funeral, he used to shoot.

[Kip] During the funeral?

(mumbles) Yes, during the funeral. Yeah, they shoot, and when the vulgar following, completemass be failure their nose up maxim how it stank. They can wanna delay a cookout on Sunday, he’ll shoot.

Do you reckon he does that on object?

I reckon so ’motive he regular shoot at Sunday. He frequently shoot at Sunday. And most of these area, hog branchs and turkey branch, is in the bnoncommunication area or the Hispanic area. It’s either or.

Do you reckon it’s so urbane uprights progeny?

Yes, yes, I do, yes, I do. (barter latter)

Tshort entertain been stipulations in the gone-by that I entertain gotten rid on the Sunday, gotten rid of going to pavilion and following out and the scent was so sound that I had to go tail and recollection consequently it got in my cloman and I ain’t regular gonna go to pavilion scenting attention hogs, I regular can’t do it. I don’t reckon to expand my kids. They regard balance encircling connection than do vulgar’s obscure visions.

And they’re gonna obey on. They’re gonna put balance chickens in this specify. This is the feces and you’re in commander of the universe upupexact short in North Carolina, my specify. There’s a cerulean verse tide upupexact short following into my nature approximately and the heal creek, upupexact short. I’ve seen that cerulean verse tide in that scene delay feces and urine from that hog pen and they can say, “Well, we heal the universe.” They’re not attentioned in healing the universe, they’re attentioned in making capital. You engage the capital afar from and let the folks stint ’motive if you scantiness to heal the universe, you can heal the universe delay balance corn, using corn and wheat, instead of that and your canned fruit. Fruit is a voluptuousness retain-apart. When we are doing entitys that torture other vulgar, we’re crime, but a lot of amimighty vulgar allure sit tshort and eat bacon apprehbound that it’s causing someone else to be very drear.

I woke up the instant dawning to invent the Bern River had skilled another weighty fish massacre from the stain common off hog farms. Tens of thousands of fish were washing up on bench. All this chat encircling sanity, I genuineized that I was solely centreed on detail sanity, but sanity instituted to mediocre so ample balance to me. It was encircling sanity of my race and our communities. I couldn’t renown amiable, cognizant sustaining toil that I knew is harming others. Stain from lewd farming isn’t regular an progeny in North Carolina though. Amelioration lewds for patronage effects balance greenbranch gases than the undiminished gait sector. It’s the induced motive of rainforest damnation, estimation cessation, main torpid zones, and freshinsinuate shortening. American Diabetes Alliance clearedly finally got tail and they agreed to an parley. Preparing for the American Diabetes Alliance parley, I took a visage at their diabetes sustenance maceration scheme praiseations and they were imputeed delay patronages associated delay causing diabetes. How could they forebode vulgar not to get diabetes if this was the patronage they’re praiseing? And then, I saw multiple mate critiqueed studies published on the Known Institute of Sanity webtop paradeing that a low-fat set-domiciled sustenance was balance than twice as swayy at administerling and equmighty reversing diabetes than the 88 praiseed sustenance that interposed fruit and dairy.

Well, the band-arms of the American Diabetes Alliance is to establish a anticipateion and a yield for diabetes. But in the mediocretime, to emend the heals of all vulgar who are improbmighty by diabetes.

And what’s the best way to anticipate this?

For stamp II diabetes, it’s unclear. We can’t anticipate stamp II diabetes in completebody.

During a learning, we came opposing a lot of studies that said that you clearedly could theoretically yield or inversion diabetes delay a undefiledly set-domiciled sustenance.

I don’t regard tshort is qualified indication to teach that.

How does it parallel to the ADA sustenance that you praise?

We don’t ptrain a favoring sustenance. We ptrain sanityy eating.

The one that’s on the website?

We ptrain sanityy eating, tshort is–

You entertain a complete schedule of upupexact day-to-day, the maceration scheme, the complete maceration scheme?

All they are are selections of patronages to revolve. We do not entertain a diabetes sustenance.

But delay that selections, do you revolve that scheme paralleld to a complete set-domiciled scheme?

No one’s effected that examine.

We’ve set clearedly some studies, a 74-week examine set that low-fat vegan sustenance versus the ADA scheme in stamp II diabetes–

I reckon we’re effected short. I’m not gonna get into an evidence encircling–

Oh no, I regular went into studies of, the studies of the… If this is gentleman or if it’s parades out of–

Any sustenance compositions. Any sustenance compositions if vulgar prosper it.

But if it’s a sustenance that’s not the decent sustenance, attention if anyone prospers a sustenance that the–

I can’t acquaint you what a decent sustenance is. I can acquaint you what an imdecent sustenance is.

So then, we can chat encircling the amimighty sustenances. I’m not believing why–

I’m not gonna get into that.

Into sustenance?


Well, why not?

If that’s wshort you wanna go delay this, I’m woe-begone, I’m not the individual that you should be chating to.

And why is that though?

If that’s what you wanna get into, I’m not the individual you deficiency to be chating to.

[Kip] Who do we chat to encircling sustenance?

You can chat to anymass you scantiness.

But that’s attentioning, then why not ptrain a sustenance?

Bemotive the effectr don’t exist to prop it.

But if I’ve see, we see effectr that we visageed up, that props it delay attention the NIH, in Europe, the European–

We’re effected. We’re effected, I’m woe-begone. I’m not gonna get into that evidence.

But why is tshort an evidence?

I’m not gonna get into that evidence.

But why is tshort an evidence? It’s regular the chating encircling in European Examine of Diabetes and other attributes that entertain studies why–

Tshort are lots of studies.

 [Kip] Why is this equmighty an evidence?

Tshort are lots of studies in the literary-works, abundant of which entertain nincessantly been replicated or frankly, you’re crime. That’s why we do mate critique, okay?

The European Alliance of Examine of Diabetes has been mate critiqueed or–

I don’t apprehend what examine you’re applyring to and yeah, in the failure of entity swayy to see that examine, I’m not gonna explain.

I could parade it to you.

I’m woe-begone, I don’t entertain the term for that.

I regular don’t interpret why it’s an evidence though or okay. That was attentioning. What he wanna chat encircling was vulgar assistance coveter delay diabetes but unintermittently he mentioned eliminating diabetes or anticipateion, oh, whoa, now you wayward the verse. Hinderance and yield, whoa, whoa, let’s not go there. Not solely did Dr. Ratner, the eminent medical servicer of the American Diabetes Alliance not wanna chat encircling sustenance but the veritableity that he had such an affecting reaction to my interrogation made it affect, I was digging into someentity that he didn’t scantiness uncovered. I had frequently cogitation tshort was no anticipateion for stamp I diabetes but then, I did learning and came opposing unnumbered studies applyencing the add among peril to dairy at a puerile age in stamp I diabetes.

This is a patronage made for baby cows. Cow compose protein get in the racetide and the mass says, “Hey, this is not reckoned to be in racestream.” It frames antibodies, the cow compose protein, which then aggression the pancreas and subvert the pancreas.

[Kip] How is this practicserviceoperative that ADA wouldn’t entertain this forevisage on their website? Why wouldn’t they be alarming all parents encircling this equmighty if tshort are solely a scorn random? Why were they praiseing vulgar to clearedly eat these patronages added to diabetes? It seemed all of the catholic sanity constructions were hopeful vulgar to eat the very patronages added to the ailments, they’re reckoned to be opposed anewst. American Hardihood Alliance promoting beef, American Cancer Society promoting processed fruit, pink ribbons on dairy progenys, and bacon apprehendn shrimp on American Diabetes Association. And then, it all came coincidently. What if? And tshort it was. The American Diabetes Alliance was qualitative capital from Dannon, one of the universe’s catholicst dairy yogurt effectrs, Kraft Foods, framers of Velveeta processed cheese, Oscar Mayer processed fruits, Lunchables processed kids’ macerations, and Bumble Bee Foods, framers of processed canned fruits. American Cancer Society was qualitative capital from Tyson, one of the universe’s catholicst fruit effectrs and Yum disgrace, proprietor of Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. Susan G. Komen was reckoned to be opposed succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer was municipal obey-apartnering delay KFC, Dietz & Watson processed fruits, and Yoplait yogurt. And the American Hardihood Alliance was probably the most irritant of all. Qualitative hundreds of thousands of dollars from the beef toil, poultry, and dairy effectrs, and darlings from constant patronage and processed patronage manufacturers. Complete unique one of these constructions was qualitative capital from fruit and dairy companies that are associated delay the motives of these ailments. This would be attention the American Lung Alliance qualitative capital from the tobacco toil. I was morbid of not getting defenses so I went to the summitquarters of these constructions myself. We entertain to utter someone in individual. There’s darlings of vulgar departure from the patronages that they are praiseing vulgar to eat. I scantinessed to invent out why Susan G. Komen original 35 darlings dollars from Yoplait when their progenys can acception a woman’s random of departure from succeeding a intervallinessstand cancer 49%. And asked American Cancer Society of qualitative capital from KFC and Tyson what’s the argue they aid eating fruit. But completeone of these constructions unsound to be parleyed.

What’s genuinely sad is that we cannot confidence notification from these induced sanity constructions attention the American Hardihood Association, the American Diabetes Association, consequently they are qualitative capital from the very industries who are causing the completions that they’re reckoned to be accelerationing to anticipate.

So, that frames the occurrence someentity that you are not gonna be hearing as far as feeding goes from these constructions. Well, that would be the end of their capitaling, that would be the end of their jobs, tshort would be lawsuits, they would adduce the undiminished disaster down upon their summits, and they would essentially debouch as constructions.

So, one term I got invited to a attachment capitalraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I paradeed up and they had a complete bruise and tshort was all regular lewd progenys. I recollect attention a big entity of barbecue chicken, and I was, attention I stormed out. I said, “Serving chicken at a diabetes equablet “is attention serving alcohol in an AA parley. “It regular doesn’t frame sagacity.”

[Kip] We had scheduled a filming parley delay a eminent surgeon but precedently we could get after a intervallinessinly the erection, the hospital’s instrument bearings aggravateseer sealped us.

[Lady In Plain Blouse] Actually, I interpret that Dr. (bleeps) that you could film short today but unfortunately, that’s not gonna be swayy to fall. I apprehend that he advocates for patients changing their sustenances but the hospital frames capital off these surgeries and the genuineity is he does too. So, we can’t do anyentity that’s gonna privatively application the hospital so unfortunately, you’re not gonna be swayy to film short today.

[Kip] I was morbidened by how apprehendn she was encircling the hospital entity balance attentioned in avail than vulgar’s sanity. But it wasn’t regular this hospital or these constructions, equmighty the US synod is watchful too. Complete five years, the US Department or Farming originates sustenanceary guidelines for Americans. The committee who transcribes these guidelines has been made up of living-souls who entertain accepted capital from McDonald’s, the Known Dairy Council, the American Fruit Institute, the Known Dairy Board, the Known Livestock and Fruit Board, the American Egg Board, Dannon, candy and sugar companies, Coca-Cola, and Anheuser, regular to designate a few, which instrument we’re getting our sustenanceary praiseations from the very industries that are massacreing us.

And when they, the USDA, frames a pyramid or a capability dish complete five years for the American apprehendnly-known, they’re gonna insure that on that dish are gonna be patronages which when used, allure remainder in instrument of American’s departure.

The USDA which is reckoned to be secureing us has two band-armss, it’s reckoned to seyield us and it’s reckoned to seyield the effectr, and suspect what? When those two following summit to summit, they usually appropriate the effectr.

[Kip] In inface documents uncovered by Dr. Gregor, the USDA admitted that eggs cannot legitimately be oled nutritious, low-fat, obey-akeep-asforincessantly of the balanced sustenance, low calorie, sanityful, sanityy, can’t say it’s amimighty for you, or equmighty trustworthy, yet they calm?} aid these progenys to the American vulgar through federal checkoff programs.

If you ask somemass if they’ve heard the checkoff program, they’ll defense that they entertainn’t, although daily, they are show the messaging that these programs effect. So, checkoff programs are legitimate for the notices that we see on TV, on the internet, on bus billboards, and magazines that say entitys attention, “Milk, it does the mass amiable” or “Milk morals,” “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner,” “Pork, be biblical,” “Incredible, esculent egg.”

The dairy checkoff program, be it 12 darling dollars to dominoes, to regular market cheese-heavy progeny. And this is the USDA, this is the synod. If you’ve seen those ads for the Pizza Hut pizza, the nonsenseed envelope or a defeat of cheese, those are all synod advertising schemes for the toil. How can we put balance cheese on beef, how can we put balance compose in a coffee, entitys attention that to regular animate shortening of these regular unbelievably unhealthful progenys. So, McDonald’s, for persuasion, has six vulgar staffed generous-term according to records we’ve set who’s salaries are remunerated for by this synod program but capitaled by the effectrs who are regulated by it. And these six vulgar sit tshort at McDonald’s summitquarters and regular following up delay sentiments.

Triple cheese set-in-orderer McCheese muffin nonsenseed bacon cheese slider?

With extra cheese?

[All] Yes. – You don’t reckon of it on a day-to-day effectr that these are synod programs. Wendy’s bacon double cheeseburger, synod program. The steak fajita at Dunkin’ Donuts, synod program. You would regular nincessantly reckon that this regular undefiled offal from a patronage rendezvous is forthfuture from a federally capitaled program. That’s one of the entitys that frames checkoffs so incredibly creepy is that it is our synod acquainting us, “Eat balance beef, quaff balance compose, “eat balance cheese, eat balance pork.” One of the very efficient ways that the dairy toil aids its progenys is to thrust effect consequently kids are impressionable, they’re gonna be users for their undiminished heals, and you potentiality as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved get ’em intervalliness they’re puerile. So, dairy consumes at smallest 50 darling dollars promoting it’s progenys in apprehendnly-unreserved schools throughout the province delay posters delay vulgar delay compose mustaches and notices attention, “Milk, it does the mass amiable,” or “Milk morals”.

Targeting puerile vulgar attention the tobacco toil had to obey replacing the customers who are departure delay new customers. Fruit toil apprehends they entertain to target puerile vulgar, that’s why we entertain these patronages in schools and marketing notices at a puerileer and puerileer age for kids to get hooked on all the crime peels of patronages. So, there’s all peels of parallels. – School districts wshort processed fruits are all balance the attribute. Perhaps it’s gonna be bacon on the menu, sausage, hotdogs, or pepperoni pizza. Any of those entitys are processed fruits and those are tolerably ample the belabor of the belabor delay a trodden add to colon cancer and yet you entertain spontaneous in schools, maceration retain-aparts delay processed fruits.

[Kip] If the surgeon apprehendnly-unreserved puts transcribe alarmings on tobacco consequently of their cancer imperil, why aren’t selfselfselfidentical alarming transcribes on fruit?

Based on the apprehendnly-knownly availmighty effectr, we apprehend they consume at smallest 557 darling dollars promoting their amiables through checkoff programs. We apprehend that they consume at smallest 138 darling dollars lobbying synod. We forebode that they consume a amimighty traffic balance than that in figures that barely aren’t apprehendnly-knownly unreserved.

[Kip] The toil’s lobbying capability is so sound that they can originate laws and press through synod that doesn’t advantage Americans in any way such as Ag-gag laws that criminalize whistle-blowing or photographing abuses by this toil. Activists in the US can be generous as terrorist for disrupting the avail of any vocation that uses lewds lower the Lewd Enterprise Terrorism Act to the equmighty balance trifling ones attention Cheeseburger Laws.

A Cheeseburger Law is a law that specifys a plaintiff cannot recbalance anewst a manufacturer, distributor, retailer on the doctrine that the patronage made the plaintiff corpulent or motived an corpulency-akin ailment.

Cheeseburger Law is a trodden reply to a completion that the tobacco toil has had. Big tobacco has remunerated 400 billion dollars to specify medicated programs. Cheeseburger Law, it’s proponent say, “We don’t wanna see the selfselfselfidentical peel of entity fall “to the fruit and dairy industries.” The veritableity that these laws are domiciled on a pattern temdish oled the Commonsagacity Lessening Act is clearedly lustyic consequently what they’re maxim is, you the user should entertain a commonsagacity to apprehend that our patronage is bad for you.

I’ve frequently foreshadow the fruit toil to vulgar who perhaps don’t interpret its capability and thrust as it’s got all the capital of big tobacco and big pharma and has the detaility of the Known Rifle Association. So, any scorn entity that followings up, man, they defeat it to cessation.

[Kip] Robert Martin wasn’t exaggerating. When the avail of the ag toil were intimidationened by ag choice aggregation, Hampton Creek Foods, greatly irritant emails were uncovered by Ryan Shapiro and Jeffrey Light.

We uncovered documents demonstrating the American Ag Port revolves Hampton Creek, adduce, a opportunity and a profound intimidation to the forthfuture of the American ag toil. The American Ag Consultation revolves a happy ag replacer aggregation to be such a intimidation that they taunt lower synod email addresses encircling murdering the CEO.

[Kip] In inface synod emails delay the summits of the ag toil, they allude-to having the CEO of Hampton Creek, Josh Tetric, murdered, including a threatening email from executive troddenor of the American Ag Board.

The fruit effectrs don’t entertain to pay for the unfeelingihood ailment and the environmental damnation or any of the other externalities as economists ole them that their progenys motive.

You apprehend, then there’s the complete pharmaceutical view of it and the veritableity that there’s a very sound pharmaceutical toil in lobby that has a great sengage at conserving the foothold quo. – These continuous ailments, these are the capital cows of the pharmaceutical toil.

We entertain a five billion dollar stent toil. Do they incessantly wanna see that go afar? We’ve had 35 billion dollar statin refuse toil. Do they incessantly wanna see that go afar? – I’m chating encircling the pharmaceutical toil efficiently administers what teachers are told. – Most learning isn’t put into anticipateion, it’s put into the medication that we potentiality use for that detail ailment.

I’m on two incongruous elevated race exigency salves, six asthma-stamp salves, equmighty following imundefiled years of shots, and then another salve to acceleration engage regard of face possessions from some of those salves. I’m on elevated similarize antidepressants, a alien of incongruous refusal meds for my tail and hips.

I’m qualitative encircling 16 refuses not counting the insulin in the dawning. I engage insulin dawning, insulin at cessation, attention 32 to 34 units of insulin. Lantus to be upright. Some of these meds are for diabetes. This is for pN, I entertain to use this for my prostate, and then I entertain to use this for the unfeelingihood and I entertain to use this for race exigency. And it’s regular on and on and on and on. The teachers are acquainting me this is what I gotta do for my complete morals and it’s frustrating, and it’s very strainful. I don’t apprehend how covet my healr is gonna decisive qualitative all these nonsense.

Under usual medical texture, whether it be for autoimmune ailment, or equmighty stipulations attention elevated race exigency or diabetes, you’re told the you entertain to engage refuses and not regular for a week or a month or a year, you’re told that you entertain to engage refuses constantly. You’re insured that if you prosper your teacher’s advice, you’ll be morbid constantly, you’ll nincessantly get polite-mannered-behaved. That’s the insure. Consequently the strategies are all encircling manipulating the symptoms, not trafficing delay the lowerlying motive.

You’ll following in delay that idiosyncrasy. You get a muster of pills that entertain noentity to do delay the ailment causation or you get this procedures that entertain noentity to do delay ailment causation.

It’s a blunder to say, “This pill allure acceleration you unclog your arteries. “This one allure rescue you from tickle.” No, it doesn’t. The vulgar who engage the statins, et cetera, they calm?} get their unfeelingihood aggressions, they calm?} get their tickles, this is not inversiond ailment, this does not frame plaque mediocreer. This is a fun of weighty proportions.

[Kip] In the US, treating continuous these such as unfeelingihood ailment, cancer, and diabetes is a 1.5 trillion dollar toil. That’s the GDP equipollent of the 10th richest province in the universe. I went tail and dug profounder into the sanity constructions capitaling and tshort it was anew. These constructions were accepting darlings of dollars from pharmaceutical companies that are making billions of dollars from the very selfselfselfidentical ailments these sanity collections are reckonedly reserved to end. It seemed attention a profound fight of attention unshort bound these ailments isn’t genuinely the sight. The pharmaceutical toil consumes balance capital on lobbying than any other unique toil. Regular attention lewd farming, they are so swayy, they transcribe their own laws that entertain had activists imprisoned to hush them.

Government’s embed delay anyone that goes in the capital. Regular pharmaceutical toil which is the lewd ag industries. They are pumping the synod generous of capital and instrument and in yield, the synods giving them what they scantiness, subsidies, imprisoning activists that go anewst them, and I reckon it’s dischargee acquainting that these industries are compositioning so unfeeling in consumeing so ample capital to criminalize vulgar for barely qualitative a draw, for barely recording what’s going on after a intervallinessinly of these facilities and making it apprehendnly-unreserved to the apprehendnly-known. They’re following walls. They’re lowerground. They’re in these latent facilities that no one apprehends encircling but if they did, they would be shocked and outraged and I reckon vulgar would not scantiness to reckon that their pharmaceuticals, that their patronage are forthfuture from these attributes and that’s why, I reckon, it’s such… The Ag-gag laws are what they are is consequently they are reserved to hush vulgar into not uttering out and not paradeing the occurrence.

[Kip] I finally genuineized how profound the enclosure in-event is among synod and these industries and how hazardous it could be to surrender them. These concerns influential following parley the USDA whistleblower who biblical mad cow ailment in the US fruit supplier. – [Mad Cow Ailment Whistleblower] USDA effects attention the soldierly so when I got on TV, upupexact afar you see set of memos to all the veterinarians and patronage inspectors. “If anymass from the instrument incessantly contacts you, “do not chat to them, apply to Washington, DC “and we allure chat to them.” So, upupexact afar fasten up completebody. The American apprehendnly-unreserved are very, very watchful encircling this, what’s going on delay the USDA. Short in the United States, we entertain at smallest imundefiled cases of mad cow ailment but I’m approximately independent there’s balance cases of that that the synod is visageing for. – [Kip] So, what you’re maxim is that tshort could be already mad cow ailment in rationals?

Right, and I reckon a lot of it was misdiagnosed. The Alzheimer’s or dementia that engages different years to see the rate but to frame it easier, these teachers regular wonder off on it as dementia or Alzheimer’s intervalliness they should’ve engagen a biopsy of the brain to see if it’s that or is it clearedly a prion ailment attention Creutzfeldt-Jakob ailment or mad cow ailment.

[Kip] Do you reckon it’s trustworthy to eat fruit?

I detailly don’t reckon it’s trustworthy to eat it consequently of the veritableity how the verse speeds are increasing and so our inspectors are not polite-mannered-behaved-trained ample. At the give term, the ones we apprehend is going encircling 220 cows an hour. That furnishs you encircling, somewshort encircling imundefiled cows per specific so that’s 15 cooperates per cow.

[Kip] This hazardous massacre speeds instrument that lewd dissipate ends up completewhere. Testing parades 88% of pork cleaves are tainted delay fecal bacteria. 90% of setation beef and 95% of chicken succeeding a intervallinessstands scantling comprehend lewd dissipate bacteria. Tshort is noentity neat encircling eating this way but it regular isn’t dissipate, it’s so pus-filled communicated.

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