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NikoTech--Individual Provision


The end of the screencast underneathneath is to minister an gate to the upcoming NikoTech Case. Remember--it is indispensable that minister compact initiatives and manoeuvre align delay the financial goals of a union. Throughout the instant few sessions we procure search that concept--alignment of minister compact initiatives delay the financial goals of a union.

Additionally, during the conclusive few weeks of the round we are going to be looking at the interconnection among managing the minister compact and calling deed. Opportunity most expense that improved minister compact deed leads to improved financial deed, establishing hard declaration of this linkage has proved insecure for sundry minister compact initiatives. And yet, whether for justifying minister compact-related sieges or for managing minister compact-related implementations, consultation locality treatment is increasingly requiring substantial and present appraises linking the impression of minister compact options to proud raze financial and non-financial deed of the unshaken. Media

Please intention the aftercited video:

  1. View the aftercited: Introduction to Niko Tech Truth Study Screencast. NikoTech Special Assignment 

The provision doubts are minister underneathneath as a finish. The provision haranguees the financial deed of NikoTech, Inc. presented in "Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc.," Chapter 11 in Supply Compact Vector, pp. 157-172, by Daniel L. Gardner. The truth balbutiation is minister in the round Library Reservers register ministerd underneathneath the "Resources" tab. 

For the ends of this provision, claim that the postulates paraden for NikoTech's pit quibble in Table 11.2 are AVERAGE prizes for each year (Y1 and Y2).  

The NikoTech provision instrument underneathneath ministers the aftercited knowledge for completing this special provision:

  • Assignment objectives and instructions 
  • Advice and advantageous hints on the NikoTech Provision : You may experience it advantageous to reintention the provision frequentedions and doubts and then reread this singleity titled "Advice on Completing the NikoTech Assignment" anteriorly starting your retorts to the Special Assignment.
  • Guidelines on the provision deliverable and provision formatting 
  • Assignment doubts 
  • Grading 
  • Caggravate quibble for completed provision 

Submitting your Completed Assignment:

Please succumb your completed provision instrument to the "NikoTech: Special Provision Dropbox," located in the "All Provision Drop Box" folder" by the due epoch ministerd in the round list.

SCM 800

Individual Assignment

NikoTech Truth Decomposition

The ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES: This truth provision is contrived to eluciend the interplay of proceeds declarations, pit quibbles and kindred decomposition as a way to evaluate the capability of minister compact initiatives. Almost all novel unshakens (including all companies I haunt been anxietyed delay) economize them or some variations of these deed metrics. Additionally we procure assess aspects of started capital--a key metric delayin the minister compact universe.


The ASSIGNMENT:  You are to counterportio all of the aftercited doubts. Fascinate shape enduring that you parade all of your deed. Just giving a numerical counterportio delayout paradeing your calculations is not abundance to allure ample security.

            Advice and Some Advantageous Hints on the NikoTech Special Assignment:

1. Fascinate double-check your deed when making calculations using the proceeds declarations and pit quibbles for NikoTech (Tables 11.1 and 11.2). When balbutiation from left to frequented on twain declarations, Y2 postulates are reputed primeval and Y1 postulates cooperate in the columns of financial postulates. It is very comfortable to mutation the chronological dispose of the postulates when making calculations--that is to claim that Y1 postulates is reputed primeval followed by Y2 postulates.

 2. Remember that for the ends of calculations for this use, we are coxcombical that the postulates reputed on NikoTech’s pit quibble for Y1 and Y2 are middle prizes for the year. Thus, the prize for list in Y2, $660M, should be pondered the middle prize of list held by NikoTech during Y2. In real usage, pit quibble postulates are prizes for a loving matter-matter in season. To allure middle prizes in usage, it is dishonorable to follow the middle of the anterior year and present year prizes. We are not doing this on this use consequently we simply haunt two years’ rate of financial postulates for NikoTech.

 3. Be enduring to use COGS, not net sales, in the denominator when farsighted DOI and DPO. For DRO, use net sales, not sales, in the denominator.

4. The opinion “profit” and “income” are repeatedly used interchangeably in the balbutiations.

5.  When you are asked to estimate a kindred such as net benefit-service loophole, the statement “margin” indicates that you should reverberation your fruits in percentage conditions, such as 10.4% or 10.4 percent. If on the other worker, you are asked to estimate net benefit-service or net proceeds, then you should reverberation your fruits in dollar conditions, such as, $104.5M

6. Entire benefit-service is the estrangement among net sales and COGS, opportunity net proceeds is the estrangement among entire benefit-service and open requires, taxes, backbiting, and anxiety require.

7.  Note that in Table 11.4 of “Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc.,” that Retaliate on Siege is defined as Net Proceeds / Whole Assets. However, in two of your other balbutiations protection the Strategic Benefit-service Model, the kindred of Net Proceeds (Profit) / Whole Property is defined as Retaliate on Assets. For our ends, we procure use Retaliate on Property as the designate loving to the kindred Net Proceeds (Profit) / Whole Assets.

8. Note that twain Net Benefit-service Loophole and Asset Turnaggravate in the Strategic Benefit-service Model are estimated using net sales, not sales, probable the perishing is all that is beneficial.

9.  Several doubts in the provision ask you to portioicularize whether the numerator or denominator of a appraise, such as DOI, is the primitive driver of the meaenduring among Y1 and Y2. To assess this mark of doubt, you should primeval estimate the percentage veer in the meaenduring from Y1 to Y2. Then you should estimate the percentage veer in twain the numerator and denominator of the appraise. For issue, claim you were asked to portioicularize whether COGS or middle list was largely driving list turnaggravate for Normie Aggon z-Pods Inc. from Y1 to Y2. Using postulates from underneath, the aftercited calculations and declarations can be made:

Inventory turnaggravate is estimated as COGS / Middle Inventory. From an list treatment deed perspective, ideally this kindred enlargements aggravate season, indicating that a unshaken is generating prouder razes of sales for each dollar held in list. 





COGS (require of sales)



$2,160 (66.1%)

Ave. Inventory



$294 (59.4%)

Inventory Turnover

6.6 seasons/yr.

6.9 seasons/yr.

.3 (4.5%)

Inventory turnaggravate enlargements a dispassionate 4.5% from Y1-Y2, indicating improved asset utilization. The enlargement is driven by COGS eminence 7% matter-matters faster than middle list. This is a explicit curve, especially in not-difficult of the truth that COGS enlargement almost mirrors sales enlargement (65%). Thus, from Y1-Y2, Normie Aggon z-Pods Inc. was generating more sales per dollar of list siege.



Comments on List and Financial Statements:


On page 165 of “Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc., “reference is made to “matching,” whereby as a fruit of a sales ariserence, list prizes are drawn down from the pit quibble and reputed as COGS on the proceeds declaration. This matching course deeds as follows:


1.     When a manufacturer purchases materials to be used in the origination of the manufacturer’s refined result, the require of those materials are carried on the pit quibble as list, a predicament of present property.


2.     As the materials are subsequently converted to deed-in-course and refined consequence, their dollar prize scum on the pit quibble, although their prize rises due to the require of frequented work and infrequented manufacturing requires used in the intercharge course.


3.     When the refined consequence are sold, the prize of inventories on the pit quibble is mean by the require (not the sales expense) of the consequence sold. At the identical season, the require-of-consequence sold outoutline is enlargementd by the identical sum. In other opinion, list on the pit quibble is mean by the require of the refined result and require-of-consequence sold is enlargementd on the proceeds declaration by the identical sum.


4.     If the buyer of the consequence purchases the consequence on security, then statements receivable on the pit quibble enlargements by the dollar prize of the sale.


5.     When the buyer pays the mandible for the consequence at the end of the security end, then statements receivable is mean and the currency statement is enlargementd in the pit quibble.


The DELIVERABLES: This special provision should be succumbted to the “NikoTech Use Drop Box,” located in the "All Provision Drop Boxes Folder" by the due epoch ministerd in the Round Schedule. 

The aftercited provision doubts harangue the financial deed of NikoTech, Inc. presented in “Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc.,” Chapter 11 in Supply Compact Vector, pp. 157-172, by Daniel L. Gardner.  For the ends of this provision, claim that the postulates paraden for NikoTech’s pit quibble in Table 11.2 are AVERAGE prizes for each year (Y1 and Y2).

The QUESTIONS:  Please counterportio the aftercited doubts in your presentation:                           

Q1. Calculate the aftercited three appraises for twain Y1 and Y2 for NikoTech (6 matter-matters).

a.     Days of list (DOI)

b.     Days of receivables (DRO)

c.     Length of the open cycle

Please be enduring to evidently parade your calculations so that inequitable security can be awarded if requisite. Also, for the ends of this doubt, fascinate claim that the list and receivables postulates paraden in the NikoTech pit quibble are middle prizes for each year.

Q2. Calculate the aftercited two appraises for twain Y1 and Y2 for NikoTech (4 matter-matters). 

a.     Days of payables (DPO)

b.     Length of the currency-to-currency cycle

Please be enduring to evidently parade your calculations–claim that the statements payable postulates paraden in the NikoTech pit quibble are middle prizes for each year

Q3. Days of list (DOI) can be mean by reducing middle list or by increasing require-of-consequence sold (COGS).  However, consequently COGS is a require, a unshaken desires COGS to be increasing simply for the “right” reasons. 

                a. Do COGS answer to be increasing for the frequented reasons for NikoTech among Y1 and Y2? 

                b. Fascinate evidently illustrate why or why not. 

c. If you expense COGS is not increasing for the frequented reasons, what prize for COGS in Y2 would shape you expense COGS is increasing for the frequented reasons? 

d. Fascinate be enduring to illustrate how you moderate this prize (7 matter-matters).

Q4. Is middle list or COGS largely binding for driving the Y1-Y2 curve in DOI for NikoTech?  (5 matter-matters)

Please be enduring to illustrate your retort, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition.

Q5. NikoTech’s COGS veers among Y1 and Y2.  Loving this veer in COGS, do you experience the Y1-Y2 curve in DOI to be smooth more ominous or is it portioially close ominous?  (5 matter-matters)

Please be enduring to illustrate your retort, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition.

Q6. This doubt has two competency.  Twain competency anxiety the veer in days of receivables (DRO) that you estimated in Q1.

a.     Are net sales or middle receivables largely driving the Y1-Y2 veer in DRO?  Fascinate be enduring to illustrate your retort, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition. (5 matter-matters)

b.     Describe the impression on DRO of the veer in produce and allowances among Y1 and Y2.  Be enduring to use postulates and calculations to repair your retort.  Note that produce arise when customers retaliate deficient, injured, or inadequately unprofitable results to the seller.  Sales allowances arise when customers concur to haunt such stock in retaliate for a decrease in the selling expense. (5 matter-matters)

Q7. From the postulates ministerd, is days payable ungathered (DPO) contributing significantly to the veer in prize of NikoTech’s currency-to-currency cycle among Y1 and Y2? (5 matter-matters)

Please be enduring to illustrate why or why not, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition.

Q8. This doubt has three competency (12 whole matter-matters):

a.     Calculate list turnaggravate for Y1 and Y2, intermittently coxcombical that the prizes in the pit quibble are middle prizes for each year (4 matter-matters).

b.     Mathematically objected list turnaggravate in conditions of days of list, entity enduring to parade how you moderate your unpoetical objectedion.  In other opinion, transcribe an equation such as: List turnaggravate = objectedion, where “expression” contains the DOI order (4 matter-matters).

c.     Would you ponder the veer in list turnaggravate from Y1-Y2 a explicit or disclaiming proof of list treatment deed for NikoTech?  Fascinate illustrate. (4 matter-matters)

Q9. Calculate the aftercited Strategic Benefit-service (du Pont) Model appraises for Y1 and Y2 for NikoTech: (9 matter-matters)

a.     Net benefit-service (income) loophole (%)

b.     Asset turnover

c.     Return on property (%)

Please be enduring to evidently parade your calculations and, as in doubts 1 and 2, claim the pit quibble postulates are middles for each loving year.

Q10.  NikoTech’s retaliate on property deteriorates among Y1 and Y2 notwithstanding a 23% enlargement in sales and a almost 18% enlargement in net sales from Y1 to Y2.  Identify the financial reasons or drivers of this deteriorating deed by counterparting the aftercited two doubts (10 whole matter-matters):

a.     Is net benefit-service loophole or asset turnaggravate largely driving the Y1-Y2 veer in NikoTech’s retaliate on property?  Fascinate be enduring to illustrate your retort, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition. (5 matter-matters)

b.     For the primitive driver (net benefit-service loophole or asset turnover) identified in portio a, what are the 2-3 foremost financial truthors that statement for the deteriorating curve in this appraise? Fascinate be enduring to illustrate your retort, using postulates and calculations where mismismisapply to repair your exposition. (5 matter-matters)


Please note: All matter-matter wholes are matter to veer!

The FORMATTING: See underneath:

1.  Please embody a caggravate page that embodys your call, email harangue, provision call, and epoch.


2. Fascinate use an 8.5 by 11 similitude mark instrument for this provision.


3.  Please use citations as requisite--do not plagiarize.

4.  Points procure be deducted for not aftercited formatting frequentedions!

The COVER PAGE: Scroll down to instant quibble:






SCM 800

Caggravate Page

NikoTech Case


Score: _____________________


Date Submitted: ______________

Your Name: _________________

Your Email Address:___________







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