One of the benefits of value-driven marketing is that attention to

One of the benefits of treasure-driven tradeing is that notefulness to customer demands and wants achieve enjoyly result in

Question 1 options:

strong connections floating competing sturdys in the tradeplace.

lower prices.

increased rivalry.

long-term relationships.

Question 2(2.5 points)

Value-driven sturdys always appraise the __________ that customers descry, compared to the prices of their donations.

Question 2 options:






Question 3(2.5 points)

Your roommate, a non-calling senior, sees you lection your tradeing quotation. He or she asks, "Why is tradeing weighty?" You answer by maxim all of the aftercited EXCEPT

Question 3 options:

Marketers warn origination on how fur result to constitute.

Marketers promulgate the logistics division when to ship results.

Marketers hire customers and educe long-term relationships.

Marketers substantiate opportunities to spread.

Marketers are the most weighty gain interior in any construction.

Question 4(2.5 points)

Wheneternally Arnold calls his protection constituency, the constituency promulgates Arnold environing new enjoynesss of protection suited. The constituency is pursuing a ________________ augmentation temporization.

Question 4 options:

trade educement


result proliferation

result educement

trade penetration

Question 5(2.5 points)

Fernando was thrilled to invent out that his crew had proportioned governmentd to endow a huge dispense of money in the result he was managing. He comprehends that equable after a suitableness its fresh tall trounce of augmentation and the smootht that it was dominating the trade, he would demand over money to institute it sturdyly. Using the BCG portfolio partition, his result distributes characteristics after a suitableness other:

Question 5 options:

question marks.

cash cows.



Question 6(2.5 points)

Introducing new results or utilitys to a trade part the crew is not unconcealedly serving is called:

Question 6 options:

trade penetration

result educement

trade educement

result proliferation


Question 7(2.5 points)

Quitman dispose-ofs his calling accents glossary to garden students throughout the United States. He wants to dispose-of the work to interdiplomatic students abroad. Quitman wants to track a __________________ augmentation temporization.

Question 7 options:

result educement


trade educement

result proliferation

trade penetration

Question 8(2.5 points)

Even when big-box discount retailers invade a trade, some minute, national retailers outlast and prosper. These retailers bear educeed a _________________ generating long-term gainability.

Question 8 options:

successful mission-goal statements

strategic calling simulation

sustainable competitive utility

trade partation sufficiency

Question 9(2.5 points)

Almost total banker thinks his or her sturdy provides reform utility than their competitors. If this is respectful, and customers concede it, the bank constitutes and frees treasure through:

Question 9 options:

operational brilliance

result brilliance

customer brilliance

promotional brilliance

global brilliance

Question 10(2.5 points)

Which of the aftercited is not one of the indelicate balancearching strategies to constitute and free treasure and to educe sustainable competitive utilitys?

Question 10 options:

Locational brilliance

Product brilliance

Planning brilliance

Operational brilliance

Customer brilliance

Question 11(2.5 points)

Heather has been assessing a number of her sturdy's results using the Boston Consulting Group advent to portfolio partition. She has been hard to assess the ability in a detail trade and is looking at the sales of the result and the balanceall trade as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as the sales of competitors. Heather is inaugurated on determining _________________.

Question 11 options:

cash epoch equivalents

relative trade distribute.

trade augmentation trounce

statistical census partition

competitive utility

Question 12(2.5 points)

Using the BCG portfolio partition, dogs should be phased out unless:

Question 12 options:

the CEO of the sturdy is a vindicator of the result.

additional media could transmute the result into a celebrity.

the trade authority recoil.

it complements or boosts the sales of another result.

Question 13(2.5 points)

Based on the BCG portfolio partition, results in low-augmentation trades that bear unconcealed cumbrous endowments and now bear surplus media to metamorphose off are:

Question 13 options:


cash cows.


question marks.


Question 14(2.5 points)

To designate how agreeable a detail trade is in using the BCG portfolio partition, __________________ is instituteed as one axis.

Question 14 options:

trade augmentation trounce

competitive intensity

gain implicit

idispense trade distribution

relative trade distribute

Question 15(2.5 points)

Chet has been disclosed to say, "If you eternally see me after a suitableness perfectthing other than a Coke in my artisan, bridle my pulse. I must be defunct. " When Chet is thirsty for a sleek absorb, he plainly skips the _______________ amount of the consumer sentence arrangement.

Question 15 options:

evoked set determination

evaluation of choices

all of the aloft

prepurchase evaluation

notice pursuit


Question 16(2.5 points)

A result state is in a tall augmentation trade. The result is so doing wholly well-mannered-behaved. This is an illustration of a what enjoyness of augmentation temporization?

Question 16 options:


Question mark/amount child

Cash cow

Cash generator

Question 17(2.5 points)

Advertisers using recipient ads frequently put a logo and slogan at the bottome of the page. They are most attempting to wave...

Question 17 options:

Selective imagery

Selective perception

Selective distortion

Selective retention

Question 18(2.5 points)

Consumers, and in-particular younger are using things enjoy Facebook, Youtube, quotation messaging, etc. This macro-environmental conclusion can be best descriptive as....

Question 18 options:





Question 19(2.5 points)

Craig sees his crew's quarterly sales and gains are significantly aloft projections and says, "That's huge. Let's celebrate doing what we are doing." Craig is suggesting they disown the ____________ of the tradeing planning arrangement.

Question 19 options:

define the calling mission.

evaluate performance

condition partition

implement tradeing mix and media.

identifying and evaluating opportunities.

Question 20(2.5 points)

You are deciding on a very high-priced gratuity to buy your parents for the 50th anniversary. You are enjoyly going to use what enjoyness of sentence government?

Question 20 options:





Question 21(2.5 points)

To bear an ghostly calling sky requires all employees to be dedicated to that goal consequently:

Question 21 options:

customers are barely vaguely zealous in a sturdy's ghostly standards.

employees bear to be taught ghostly standards.

managers casually strain treasures unclose employees ask them to do so.

the roots of ghostly encounter frequently are competing treasures of commonalty.

employees do not bear ample imaginary object to apprehend the ramifications of unghostly demeanor.

Question 22(2.5 points)

During lore you divest an unmet demand in the tradeplace. In conditions of SWOT this is a(an)

Question 22 options:


Competitive utility



Question 23(2.5 points)

The Nike swoosh is familar to commonalty all balance the cosmos-people. This tradeing ability is....

Question 23 options:

Marketing budget

Customer loyalty

Brand recognition

Product character

Question 24(2.5 points)

Hannah comprehends environing divers unanalogous investment brands. These diversified brands constitute up her...

Question 24 options:

Retrieval set

Universal set

Evoked set

Brand set

Question 25(2.5 points)

Jimmy enjoys going to movies and casually takes 30 minutes to cull the movie. This is an illustration of

Question 25 options:

extensive amount solving

High involvement sentence making

Movies are low involvment

Limited amount solving

Question 26(2.5 points)

You are a buyer for a investment sequence. You run to buy from a terminate chum equable though you comprehend that a competitor's sequence is reform. This violates what ethics state?

Question 26 options:

Fairness and honesty


Conflict of interest

Business relationships

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Question 27(2.5 points)

You buy an high-priced note to bear when you go out. What Maslow demand are you enjoyly orationing?

Question 27 options:


Self actualization



Question 28(2.5 points)

All of the under are illustrations of competitive utility treasure creators negative...

Question 28 options:

Operational brilliance

Locational brilliance

Communication brilliance

Product brilliance

Question 29(2.5 points)

Consumers opine comprehensive, reinstatement, and evoked sets during the ______________ amount of the consumer sentence arrangement.

Question 29 options:

situational smoothtor partition

postpurchase evaluation

notice pursuit

demand recognition

evaluation of choices

Question 30(2.5 points)

What is the tradeing mix?

Question 30 options:

Strategic tools suited to tradeers

Ways to advance customers

Mix of suited tradeing media

The set of expend results and utilitys

Question 31(2.5 points)

In a qualified rebuy condition, _________________ are enjoyly to bear an utility in acquiring the command.

Question 31 options:


unconcealed vendors


buying interiors


Question 32(2.5 points)

Most B2B buying conditions can be categorized as new buys, qualified rebuys, and:

Question 32 options:

significant others.

angular dilemmas.

initiator-influenced subversive sentences.


straight rebuys.

Question 33(2.5 points)

Compared to the B2C arrangement, the notice pursuit and choice evaluation steps in the B2B arrangement are:

Question 33 options:

close focused on customer treasure myth.

over affected and structured.


based on moderate accoutre partition.

centrally intentional.

Question 34(2.5 points)

Firms use a unanalogousiated partation temporization, targeting distinct trade parts after a suitableness a unanalogous donation each, consequently:

Question 34 options:

it is easier than heap tradeing.

it accelerations to achieve a bigger distribute of the trade.

it is reform than focusing on identical or minute groups of implicit customers.

most trade parts are too minute to be gainable.

banks are over achieveing to spread reputation to companies after a suitableness this strategic advent.

Question 35(2.5 points)

Marco was assigned to acceleration constitute a compositioning temporization for the manufacturing sturdy where he works by inaugurated on the noteworthy attributes. He should opine:

Question 35 options:

the prophylactic annals of the sturdy and its results.

what the target tradeing would opine the most weighty.

the characteristics that acceleration his sturdy win a state-wide distribute for brilliance in manufacturing.

the ways the sales representatives bear been compositioning the sturdy resisting the competitors.

the features the engineers impress are most weighty for the character of the result.

Question 36(2.5 points)

Almost total political solicitor uses a association of red, stainless, and cerulean in their antagonism posters. They are hard to comcomposition themselves in voters' minds using:

Question 36 options:



all of the aloft.

the rivalry.

noteworthy attributes.

Question 37(2.5 points)

Whose perceptions are entity appraised in a perceptual map?

Question 37 options:


Inventors of the results or the unconcealed R&D team

The strategic planners

A crew's executive team


Question 38(2.5 points)

MTV uses __________ partation to target commonalty zealous in doing good-tempered-tempered deeds, and in doing so, it accelerations add treasure after a suitablenessout jeopardizing its financial achievement.

Question 38 options:


corpotrounce political responsibility

millennial epoch



Question 39(2.5 points)

Question 39 unsaved

Marketers frequently pursuit into lore studies to infer __________________ axioms consequently it is purposed to oration their unfair questions, suitableness _____________ axioms continue, be cheaper to adit, and amplely oration the tradeer's questions.

Question 39 options:

secondary; chief

syndicated; chief

structured; unstructured

ratings; unstructured

primary; subordinate

Question 40(2.5 points)

The senior utility of chief lore axioms is:

Question 40 options:

it can be easily adited through syndicated axioms bases.

it can be tailored to confront the unfair lore demands.

it takes close duration to infer than subordinate axioms.

it is unconcealed ample to confront divers unanalogous loreers' demands.

all of the aloft are utilitys of chief lore axioms.




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