Organizational Context

1.     _______ constructions are typically characterized by decentralized   decision making, very-much integrated activities, and paltry specialization or   standardization. 

A. Mechanistic 

B. Horizontal 

 C. Organic 

D. Flat 

2.   According to Gary P. Latham, the guideing stalk in   effecting bearingal fluctuate in constructional culture is to 

A. subtly cast     norms and values through conference and message. 

 B.     confirm a superordinate intent. 

C. confirm new     employee orientation procedures. 

D. commence     operation appraisals. 

3.   Before formulating a manoeuvre, managers typically   perform a/an _______ anatomy. 

A. E/S 

B. season     spanning 


D. sidearm 

4.   The compute of elements that an construction must   consider when examining environmental misgiving is referred to as 

A. definition.     

 B.     complexity. 

C. the objurgate of     change. 

D. sectors. 

5.   _______ recounts twain an indivisible celebrity and   a assemblage celebrity that's undertaken to rule others in the bearing of   the actor's or assemblage's intents. 

A. Employee     resistance 

B. Organizational politics 

C. Indivisible     politics 

D. Charismatic     leadership 

6.   Structural determinants of authority in constructions     include all of the forthcoming except

A. decorate for       subordinates. 

B. national fidelity. 

C. rule in       garnering resources. 

D. perceived       political authority. 

7.   A SWOT anatomy typically involves examining an     organization's strengths and imbecility, as polite as environmental _______ and     threats. 

A. options 

B. objections 

C. objectives 

D. opportunities 

8.   The image of fluctuate that occurs as typically narrow     adaptations among the existing frameproduct of an construction is referred to     as _______ fluctuate. 

 A.       incremental 

B. discontinuous       

C. strategic 

D. continuous

9.   Lynette is the image of producter who regularly shows up     prepared and on account, has a peel account and a encourage, and is genuinely animated     and caring internal everyone she products after a conjuncture. Consequently, sundry of the persons     she products after a conjuncture contemplate up to her and ascend to compete her product ethic. What     peel of authority does this personate? 

A. Overt 

B. Referent 

C. Latent 

D. Reward 

10.   As an employee who is decided to track in     his fraternity, Manual knows that _______ is not singly is advantageous to him but     also can acceleration the fraternity to amend accountinate its sidearm. 

A. urgent-compulsory his       manager for acknowledgment of his product 

B. despite       coercive authority 

 C.       gaining expertise and knowledge 

D. increasing       his reliance on managers 

11.   As a endowing portion of a new technology startup,     Haley is chargeable on for creating the fraternity's _______, which legend out of     the construction's object and deduce for creature. 

A. sidearm statement 

B. longing       statement 

C. object       statement 

D. intent intent 

12.   _______ authority may be considered a "two-way     street," in that supervisors can castigate subordinates by reducing pay     or giving scanty operation reviews, conjuncture employees can castigate their     supervisors by refusing product assignments or after a conjunctureholding critical instruction.     

A. Latent 

B. Referent 

C. Coercive 

D. Reward 

13.   The ideas that persons consciously recount as the     principles that figure the way they behave are public as 

A. perceptual       biases. 

B. double-loops.       

C. values. 

D. espoused       theories. 

14.   Some theorists discuss that bulky systems fluctuate     rarely follows about as a consequence of top-down or manage strategies, but     instead follows a design concordant to that of fluctuate in truth, through     which separate narrow actions follow concomitantly to educe a new dynamic. This     concept of fluctuate is referred to as 

A. downloading. 

B. emergence. 

C. sensing. 

D. crystalizing.       

15.   According to _______ speculation, the diverse demands     placed by customers or legitimate mandates are public as inputs. 

A. input 

 B.       systems 

C. motivational 

D. espousal 

16.   One of the ways persons can acception their own authority   through minimizing their reliance on others is to 

A. acception other's reliance on them. 

B. reduce     resource sources of getting what they failure. 

C. acception their     demands on others on whom they halt. 

D. acception other     people's arrival to resource sources of getting what they scarcity. 

17.   One of her guideing tasks in laying out a intent for the   construction she is accelerationing to endow, is to educe a set of _______,   specifying what scarcitys to be achieved and when. 

A. sectors 

B. intents 

C. sidearms 

D. longings 

18.   Michelle finds herself in the manner of culture     new intents. This image of culture is referred to as _______ culture. 

A. single-loop 

B. motivational 

C. strategic 

 D.       double-loop 

19.   The account _______ refers to recognizing how you     present yourself to others. 

 A.       impression management 

B. self-promotion       

C. motivational       construct 

D. indivisible       appeal 

20.   In Denhardt and Denhardt's design of commencement     for fluctuate, the guideing stalk for managers impassioned to guide fluctuate involves 

A. construction       support for the fluctuate manner twain through conference and through       modeling the fluctuate manner in the managers' own bearing. 

B. intentning for       fluctuate twain strategically and pragmatically. 

C. assessing the constructions' environment and the       scarcity for fluctuate. 

D. implementing       specific fluctuates conjuncture at the selfselfsame account hopeful a broader assured       attitude internal fluctuate. 

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