Penn foster 250295rr from the cold war to the edge of history

Penn Foster 250295RR    From the Cold War to the Edge of History

1.   The Truman Doctrine was characterized by the concept of 
  A. détente.
  B. self-determination.
  C. comprehensive sway.
D. containment.
2.   Following the demise of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping indoctrinated a hostilities for "Four Modernizations." These interjacent all the subjoined,except 
  A. assiduity.
B. comprehensive heartiness preservation.
  C. farming.
  D. comprehension and technology.
3.   In the 1980s, as colonies gained anarchy, instances of terrorism 
A. increased dramatically.
  B. increased partially.
  C. rested about the corresponding.
  D. decreased.
4.   Analysis reveals that _______ is unordered those countries after a while the smallest per capita GDP. 
  A. Argentina
  B. Mexico
  C. Romania
D. India
5.   In Japan, inferior the sweeping instance of General Douglas MacArthur, all of the subjoined amends were aggravatebearing, except 
A. fix amend immutable MacArthur's livelihood from Japan's peasants.
  B. the emperor was to rest a symbolic leadership of set-forth.
  C. antitrust laws were abolished.
  D. women were granted parity anteriorly the law.
6.   In 1964, a vague league of Palestine refugees led to the shape of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) inferior Yasir Arafat. What was the aim of the PLO? 
  A. Driving Israel from East Jerusalem
  B. Evicting Israel from Palestine
  C. Establishing a Pan-Arab League
D. Establishing Palestinian self-rule in their former homeland
7.   In 1963, the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union signed an agreement          
A. banning nuclear tests in the air.
  B. to ban nuclear testing.
  C. to contract nuclear utensils stockpiles.
  D. banning nuclear proliferation.
8.   When the Big Three met at _______, Harry Truman demanded detached elections in Eastern Europe. Stalin's injury was a rudiment in the emergent Cold War. 
  A. Berlin
  B. Yalta
C. Potsdam
  D. Tehran
9.   In Latin America, economic generally-knownism has been most prosperous in 
A. Brazil.
  B. Nicaragua.
  C. Argentina.
  D. Chile.
10.   Among the frequent Eastern European times of 1989, the singly vehement, murderous time took locate in 
  A. Hungary.
  B. Poland.
C. Romania.
  D. Czechoslovakia.
11.   In deliberations promotive up to the U.S.-led irruption of Iraq, which constituent of the UN Security Council promised to veto any analysis that authorized an irruption of Iraq? 
A. France
  B. Russia Federation
  C. Great Britain
  D. China
12.   The ocean rudiment astern modern urbane wars has been 
A. ethnic rivalries.
  B. famine.
  C. neocolonialism.
  D. economic generally-knownism.
13.   As Western European repossession pay into the 1960s, visitor workers were typically recruited from all of the subjoined, except 
  A. Yugoslavia.
B. India.
  C. North Africa.
  D. southern Italy.
14.   Racial tensions betwixt Black Africans and White Colonists resulted in exploitation, anger and protests in which African empire? 
  A. Senegal
  B. Nigeria
  C. Mali
D. South Africa
15.   Since the clamorous 2002 electoral success of the Justice and Fruit Party (AKP), the populace of Turkey possess been concerned that the AKP will 
  A. reinpropound Ottoman-style authoritarianism.
  B. undertake to circulate Turkish amelioration opposite the Middle East.
  C. embody extreme collectiveism.
D. challenge Turkey's exact disjunction of temple and set-forth.
16.   According to your textbook, which of the subjoined has had the principal application on civilized despatch? 
  A. Cell phones
  B. Television
  C. Radio
D. The Internet
17.   Regarding multigenerally-known corporations in the era of globalization, which of the subjoined set-forthments is bogus? 
  A. They could endue extensive sums of money in examination and fruit.
  B. They used questionable encouragement and advertising to dispose-of their products about the globe.
C. Their activities were sharply restrained by generally-known governments.
  D. They could maintain monopolies on their products and services.
18.   With i-elation to collective problems faced by women and progeny about the globe, which of the subjoined set-forthments is bogus? 
A. During the terminal few decades, instances of branch sex-trafficking possess sunk.
  B. Rape has desire been used as a utensil of war.
  C. In pique of vestibule to source administer, source rates rest lofty unordered deficient women.
  D. Worldwide women and girls possess increasing vestibule to order.
19.   In French-speaking Africa, which set-forth adopted extreme Marxism? 
  A. Ghana
  B. Senegal
C. Mali
  D. Ivory Coast
20.   Demographic rudiments that contributed to the flow of the counteramelioration interjacent all of the subjoined, except 
  A. heap despatchs and juvenility journey circulate the counteramelioration aggravate North America and Europe.
  B. the postwar baby resound meant that boyish populace made up a extensive participation of the population.
C. the use of LSD and other psychedelics led to widecirculate rash bearing.
  D. postwar welfare meant that boyish populace had weighty purchasing susceptibility.



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