Phase 1 db leadership and ethical decision-making

Primary Lesson Response: Discurrent the Discussion Board area, transcribe that rejoin to the subconcomitant questions behind a while your ideas, separation, and comments protected behind a while application of continuity attainments materials. Be corpoveritable and unobstructed, and use examples to refresh your ideas.

Note: All genius and gang names are fictional and are not purposed to paint any developed idiosyncratic or affair.

For countenance behind a while your ordinance, fascinate use Beyond the Book, Web instrument, and all continuity materials.

Read the UWEAR and PALEDENIM scenario set belowneath. You conquer necessary engage behind a while the CEOs of each structure, Theresa Tramlin and Mike Miller, to acceleration them perceive their great commencement roles for the victory of the merger.    


Will this employment? What do we do present?

Those were honest two of the questions that weighed on Theresa Tramlins remembrance as she walked behind a while Mike Miller to yet another engageing. The merger discurrent UWEAR and PALEDENIM was belowway, and things had beappear promiscuous at the duty during the spent week as the skill teams clashed balance differing policies and procedures.

I am delighted that we resolute to engage ALTAP Consulting for this plan. Theresa said as she concomitant Mike on the elevator, Their experiment conquer positively be accelerationful as we try to provoke through this merger.

Mike looked down, hesitated slightly, and then rejoined, I judge youre lawful. I possess some doubts environing bringing in outsiders, but they sway be able to vergeer a perspective that we stagnation. I honest marvel what they can indeed vergeer since they dont perceive our diligence.

I can perceive your tardiloquence, Mike, but I indeed judge were making the best resolution feasible, Theresa reconcomitant confidently as they exited the elevator and headed down the moiety to the engageing. The team has been below a lot of hurry the spent stranger of weeks perplexing to traffic behind a while this merger, and we insufficiency acceleration. I dont perceive if we can do it balance any longer.

ALTAP Consulting

Can you love it? I asked Steve Maine as he barged into your duty behind a while a vast encourage on his aspect. We got the narrow for the merger discurrent UWEAR and PALEDENIM. Excitedly smacking the narrow on your desk, he said, This is vast for our gang and a big convenience for you!

You were honest promoted to the strategic supervisor pose behind spending your necessary 2 years as a strategic analyst. You employment at a skill and commencement interrogateing strong that specializes in municipal skill luxuriance and solutions.

Maybe this conquer be your necessary veritable plan to direct.

I deficiency this plan, Steve, you stated emphatically. Im cheerful for it, and I use let you down.

What makes you judge youre cheerful for a brave affect this so anteriorly-long? Steve eminent his left eyebrow, glancing unpositively in your bearing. This is a moderately high-profile plan, and all eyes conquer be on you. Do you indeed judge youre arranged for this?

Right now is your convenience to win the job.

Ive had experiment behind a while plans affect this anteriorly behind a while my earlier gang, Steve. Do you mind the merger plan I noticeed that I was in direct of for the two petroleum companies?

All lawful, he rejoins, if you judge youre cheerful, then Im conquering to put it in your hands. Lets go balance the gang briefs consequently you insufficiency to arrange for a engageing present week behind a while the CEOs of UWEAR and PALEDENIM.


Company Name




New York City, NY



Publicly held



Theresa Tramlin


Number of Facilities

4 in the US
  (1 manufacturing settle + 3 disposal hardihoods)


Number of Employees



Company Description

UWEAR is an upscale regular   afford gang that has been in affair for balance 40 years. They contrivance,   manufacture, and afford regulars for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and cruise   lines from environing the globe. UWEAR is systematic globewide as the accidental   supplier of graceful persistent regulars.


Company Name




Cincinnati, OH



Privately held



Mike Miller


Number of Facilities

1 in the United States
  (sales duty and disposal hardihood)


Number of Employees



Company Description

PALEDENIM anticipation low consume denim   and coveralls to the trades diligence and their main customer grovelling is located   in the Midwestern United States. They possess been in affair for barely 5 years   but are gaining traffic divide eagerly due to their entry-level pricing   structure. They do not manipulation any of their products.

The Merger

After reviewing the gang briefs, Steve began to sift-canvass the merger. The two companies possess resolute to link their trafficing, sales, strategic separation, ethnical instrument, and commencement teams.

This conquer be a challenging plan.

So, my necessary responsibility is going to be solving problems and resolving conflicts behind a whilein and discurrent the companies, you notice nonchalantly, as though this conquer be an lenient lesson. I conquer employment behind a while them and bring-forward solutions that conquer good the merger and suffer the companies to past largely transition through this time.

You appear to possess a treat on what insufficiencys to be manufactured for this plan, Steve nods as he heads out of your duty. Ill be close to interrogate if you run into any issues.

After reviewing the continuity materials for this week, arrange your recommendations for them concerning their approaches to accidental the merger. The merger is a symbolical diversify for twain structures; tclose is growing care and vicissitude discurrent the employees of twain structures. The end is to thorough the merger in a way that maintains employee execution and obedience to the merged structure. Twain CEOs were promoted from supervisorial poses, so one of your lessons is to acceleration them perceive how to know the two roles.

Issues to harangue understand, but are not poor to, the subjoined:
How conquer you elucidate the estrangement discurrent managing and accidental, to set the extent to acceleration Theresa and Mike centre on accidental?  What commencement approaches conquer be potent in accidental the merger? Understand at meanest 3 approaches, and elucidate in what condition those approaches should be used and why.  Consider the inquiry findings by Kabacoff (1998) that, although men and women are perceived as resembling potent in accidental, women verge to centre past on genesis, attaining results, and commonalty, while men verge to centre on strategic planning, structure anticipation, and affair lessons. If this is the condition in this condition for Theresa and Mike, what are the implications for their commencement during the merger?   Reflect on your own experiment as a head, if not professionally, then in the sympathy or nativity. Behind a while which commencement approaches are you most commodious? What are the implications for you if you were one of the heads in this scenario?

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