Phenomenological research

Please accord to each discourse delay a 150-200-word retort.

Discussion 1

Phenomenological lore forms a spiritless import of the proofs and demeanor of a cluster of persons (Creswell & Poth, 2018).  The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy particularizes that proofs of a phenomenological con-over inquire ‘perception, opinion, retrospect, reason, agitation, long-for, and determination to together awareness, representative force, and gregarious activity’ (Zalta, 2018).  Most postulates collation in these studies are inaugurateed through interviews to formulate spiritless themes.  I would be zealous con-overing the proofs of diminutive employment owners who survived Covid-19.  I would be zealous in reason how they managed employees, the competitive environment, their employment management, score, & budget.  It would be sensational to apprehend the agitations during that limit and if their employment struggled at all during the pandemic.  I would affect to apprehend if they consulted delay professionals or managed the birth on their own. 

In an ethnographic con-over, I would affect to con-over a very concordant question as my phenomenological divide.  I would affect to con-over the proof and agitation of African American diminutive employment owners who own employmentes in cities that keep proofd courteous turmoil during 2020.  I am zealous in this cluster consequently African Americans are the question of racial tyranny in the United States.  The areas of courteous turmoil keep principally resulted consequently of functionary barkred shootings of pointless Bclosing Americans.  The courteous turmoil has caused hurt to employmentes in cities affect Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  I am zealous in the agitations of their livelihood, or non-support, of the turmoil in ratio to their employment abstinence from hurt, looting or shutdowns. 

The accessible features of these two admissiones singly conlean in life efficient to construct rapport delay African Americans.  Considering that I am a stainless virile that proofs the behoof of what is termed as “stainless privilege”, it achieve be ticklish to try and fit in from a employment perspective and allowing the participants to divide their opinions gratuitously delayout either of us sentiment miserable. 


Creswell, J.W. and Poth, C.N. (2018). Qualitative asking & lore pur-pose. Choosing discurrent five admissiones (4th ed.). Sage

Zalta, E. N. (Ed.). (2018). The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy: Phenomenology (Summer 2018 Ed.), Stanford University.

Discussion 2

What proof(s) can you inquire in a phenomenological con-over? Surrender an copy of an proof you would affect to con-over and interpret why you clarified this question.

Phenomenological lore is courteous profitable to inquire persons’s spiritless intense, agitational, or affective lived proofs to enlarge a composite denomination of the proofs’ import. Teherani et al (2015) interpreted that phenomenology portrays “the being of a rarity by exploring it from the perspective of those who proofd it so as to apprehend the import participants allege to that rarity” (p. 669). I would affect to investigate the lived proofs of persons who keep of-late had a cohabitating parent, participator, or sibling restore from a year-long soldierly trip of allegiance in contention. The property of these deployments on the soldierly members are courteous documented. Less is notorious about the contact on their proximate nativity members. Reed et al (2011) portray adolescents as "uniquely vulnerefficient to redundant property from parental soldierly deployment" (p. 1676). Gaining an reason of these persons’s proofs can surrender insight into unmet needs that they may keep and aid enlarge and instrument strategies and interventions to grow those needs.   

What refinement-sharing clusters would you be zealous in con-overing in an ethnographic con-over?  Interpret why this cluster.

 I would be zealous in con-overing a newly-formed mob as a refinement-sharing cluster. Gangs are sensational consequently they divide in outrageous illegal demeanor and lawlessness, but they too keep a rigorous superabundance to government and cluster rules. There is some ethnographic scholarship on mobs, including a con-over inaugurateed by Sonja Wolf (2012) that evaluated Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).  This con-over “situates MS-13’s enlargement in the treatment of mob narrative in the United States, specially the proofs of the Salvadoran community” (p. 66).  Ethnographic lore relies heavily on observing demeanors in their unless enhancement. This is problematic in a outrageous mob enhancement consequently:  

these analyses are conceptually fuzzy and closing opportunity postulates to livelihood their claims. Instead, they uncritically narrate law enforcement accounts that are repeatedly inveterate on perceptions and stereotypes rather than or-laws con-over, or instrument reports that lean to reify the professional sight. This methodological admission is barkred to some authors’ choice for insider sources (commsingly police functionarys or beforehand availefficient mob members) but too to the unmixed awkwardness of accessing a sizefficient cohort of mob members to inaugurate in-depth studies (p. 68).

Ethnographic studies of mobs would be compulsory lore consequently it could guide to their extraction or a abatement of their ability to invite new members.  

How do the accessible features of these two clusters contend?

The lore convergence of phenomenology is reason the being of the proof. The lore convergence of ethnography is describing and interpreting a refinement-sharing cluster. The item of resolution of phenomenology is con-overing sundry people who keep divided the proof. The item of resolution of ethnography is clusters that divide the similar refinement. The pattern of lore best profitable for phenomenology is the being of a lived rarity.  The bark of lore best profitable for ethnography is describing and predicting the divided patterns of a refinement or a cluster. The kind of the disciplinary origins of phenomenology is drawn from philosophy, psychology, and direction. The kind of the disciplinary origins of ethnography draws from anthropology and sociology.  The forms of postulates collation for phenomenology are interviews delay people, although documents, observations, and art may too be considered. Forms of postulates collation for ethnography use observations principally but may-be other sources in the opportunity.  Strategies for postulates resolution for phenomenology understand analyzing postulates for symbolical particularizements, import items, textual and structural denomination, and denomination of the “essence.”  Strategies for postulates resolution for ethnography understand analyzing postulates through the denomination of refinement-sharing cluster and themes about the cluster. 


Arianne Teherani, Tina Martimianakis, Terese Stenfors-Hayes, Anupma Wadhwa, and Lara Varpio (2015) Choosing a Qualitative Lore Approach. Journal of Graduate Medical Education: December 2015, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 669-670.

Creswell, J. W., & Poth, C. N. (2016). Qualitative asking and lore pur-pose: Choosing discurrent five admissiones. Sage publications.

Reed, S., Bell, J., & Edwards, T. (2011). Adolescent courteous-life in Washington particularize soldierly families. American Journal of Public Health, 101(9), 1676-82.

Wolf, S. (2012) Mara Salvatrucha: The most hazardous street mob in the Americas. Latin American Politics and Society, 54(1), 65-99.  doi:

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