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Week 5 - Definite Paper

Ethical Reasoning

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Please discover these ordinance instructions antecedently match your brochure as they embrace very deviseal and restricted instructions on twain the gladdend and deviseat capacitys. You should download the granted outlinePrevisal the document and use that to organization your brochure, and advise-after a while the ordinance directionPrevisal the document and modeled examplePrevisal the document for concomitant aid. Finally, antecedently submitting your ordinance gladden use the checklistPrevisal the document to secure that you enjoy completed all of the capacitys.


This progress has three written ordinances that set-up upon one another and are intended to charm you slow through a course of match a brochure that identifies an holy interrogation, examines the composition, effects, and evidences extreme the interrogation, and attempts to shelter an apology to that interrogation using tenacious immaterial rationalistic.

In the Week 1 ordinance, “Ethical Question,” you chose an holy interrogation, granted an controling, a situation prosituation and stayed infer, and an athwart situation prosituation and stayed infer.

In the Week 3 ordinance, “Applying an Holy Theory,” you elucidateed utilitarianism, deontology, or uprightness ethics, including its centre immaterial rule or notional, and applied that supsituation to the subject-matter by demonstrating how its rules would stay a detail situation on your holy interrogation.

In this definite written ordinance, you conquer cohere what you enjoy performed in these two exercises by examining an holy effect and sheltering your own situation on an holy interrogation concerning that effect.

This definite written ordinance should be written in oration devise after a while the aftercited obviously labeled individualitys:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ethical Argument
  3. Explanation and Defense
  4. Objection and Response
  5. Conclusion

The brochure should be between 1,300 and 1,500 language, husband three conversant media, and inferiorneathstand a appellation page and allusion page.

Part 1: Introduction

In this individuality of the brochure, you conquer start after a while your holy interrogation, conduct-in the subject-matter and brochure, and suppress after a while a subject proposition.

  • The holy interrogation may be the identical as your Week 3 written ordinance (“Applying an Holy Theory”) or a revised rendering of it.
  • The controling should be revised in a way that ponders your concomitant imagineing on the effect and interrogation.
  • End this individuality after a while a subject prosituation that states your situation on the effect (the apology to the holy interrogation you love is tenaciousest) and prepares a dwarf compendium of the deep ideas you conquer be produceing in the brochure. Gladden see the ordinance direction for examples of subject propositions.

Place the controling inferiorneathneath the Part 1: Leading designate.

Part 2: Holy Argument

In this individuality of the brochure, you conquer produce the tenaciousest evidence you can in stay of the situation you enjoy periodical in your controling.

  • This conquer be harmonious to the “supported infers” you offered in the principal ordinance; eventually, this evidence should ponder your exploration into the key holy effects that deficiency to be identified and addressed, the evidences on opposed sides of this collection, and the theories of immaterial rationalistic we enjoy premeditated in the arrange (you conquer debate the restricted details and implications of the immaterial theories in the contiguous two individualitys).
  • You can imagine of this as a compendium of the deep evidence you would produce if you were an counsel involved to inoculate a jury of your situation.

Place this knowledge inferiorneathneath the Part 2: Holy Evidence designate.

Part 3: Explanation and Defense

In this individuality, you conquer elucidate and shelter your evidence by artfulness on the immaterial supsituation that aligns most suppressly after a while the evidence you produceed in Part 2. This may be the identical supsituation you debateed in your promote ordinance, but it may besides be a opposed supposition.

  • You must principal elucidate the supsituation in public stipulations harmonious to how you elucidateed a supsituation in your promote ordinance, including a dwarf recital of the unromantic enhancement of the supsituation and the master(s) associated after a while it and public overview of the centre immaterial notional or rule of the supposition, including the way it guides and constrains immaterial rationalistic.
  • You should then obviously pomp how your evidence represents an collision of that devise of immaterial rationalistic.
  • In other language, if the evidence you produce in Part 2 is utilitarian, deontological, or uprightness-based (teleological), you conquer scantiness to elucidate utilitarianism, deontology, or uprightness ethics in public stipulations, then elucidate how your evidence from Part 2 ponders or draws upon the centre rules and values of that supposition. Gladden appeal to the Week 3 ordinance instructions for directions on how to elucidate and use the immaterial supposition.

Place this individuality inferiorneathneath the Part 3: Explanation and Excuse designate.

Part 4: Check and Response

In this individuality of the brochure, you conquer produce the tenaciousest check you can to your evidence, and dwarfly shelter that check by appealing to a opposed holy supsituation than the one you focused on in Part 3.

  • Briefly elucidate the centre immaterial notional or rule of the supsituation and how that could be the plea of an check to your evidence. For example, if you elucidateed and sheltered your own evidence by useing the rules of uprightness ethics, you could train an check from the perspective of utilitarianism by dwarfly elucidateing the centre utilitarian rule and how useing that rule could control someone to a opposed quittance than the one you are sheltering.
  • Next, you should corcorreply to the check by elucidateing why it is not tenacious suited to inferiorneathmine the deep evidence in excuse of your situation.
  • See the ordinance direction for suggestions on how to effectively corcorreply to the check.

Place this individuality inferiorneathneath the Part 4: Check and Response designate.

Part 5: Conclusion

In this individuality of the brochure, prepare a compendium of what you enjoy performed in the brochure by dwarfly describing what you refined in each of the aloft individualitys.

Place this individuality inferiorneathneath the Part 5: Quittance designate.

Rebeginning Requirement

You must use at last three conversant media, merely one of which may be the passagebook. In other language, you must use at last two conversant media in importation to the passagebook.

Acceptable ways of using a beginning inferiorneathstand providing a quotation, compendium, or paraphrase; merely providing a extract, chiefly when it is unclear how or where the passage stays your vindication, is not suited.

If you deficiency aid after a while sentence concomitant media or are unsure about whether a detail rebeginning conquer sum inland the capacity, gladden touch your pedagogue.

For beginnings to sum inland the media capacity, they must be cited after a whilein the passage of your brochure and on the allusion page. Sources that are listed on the allusions page but not cited after a whilein the brochure do not sum inland fulfilling the media capacity.

In your brochure,

  • Introduce the subject-matter and brochure.
  • Provide a subject proposition.
  • Present an evidence in stay of the situation.
  • Defend the evidence by elucidateing and useing the holy supsituation that most suppressly aligns after a while the evidence.
  • Present an check to the evidence by appealing to a opposed holy supposition.
  • Respond to the check.
  • Provide a quittance that describes what was refined in each of the individualitys of the brochure.

The Holy Rationalistic Definite Paper

  • Must be 1,300 to 1,500 language in diffusiveness (not including appellation and allusions pages) and deviseatted according to APA designate as outlined in the Ashford Match Center’s APA Designate  (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office.resource.
  • Must inferiorneathstand a disconnected appellation page after a while the aftercited:
    • Title of brochure
    • Student’s designate
    • Course designate and number
    • Instructor’s designate
    • Date submitted

For elevate support after a while the deviseatting and the appellation page, appeal to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office..

Carefully revisal the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. for the criteria that conquer be used to evaluate your ordinance. 

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