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Personal Philosophy of Direction Paper: Instructions & Rubrics

This provision is due on Monday of Module/Week 7, 11:59 pm (EST).

Using feedend from the other written provisions, the plainions for the Separate Philosophy of Direction monograph, and the grading rubric for the ultimate Separate Philosophy of Direction Paper, transcribe this monograph. This is the benchmark provision for this round, so do your best result. The monograph is to be 4 to 5 double-spaced pages (not including the denomination page, intellectual, and intimation page) in floating APA format and comprise a poverty of 4 intimations. Submit the monograph in Blackboard through SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.  

DESCRIPTION OF THE PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION PAPER: This monograph is a assertion of your separate philosophy of plainion, which should nucleus on the point of plainion, which is why plainion is carried out and not so plenteous how it is carried out. Your point of plainion is to emphasize the hanker-range impression you admire plainion should entertain on people and on fellowship—the effect of plainion. As you relegate your philosophy, you are to nucleus on its effect rather than on the methods, actions, plainion, or classroom activities. Those are tools of propeling out your philosophy; hence, a incomplex discourse of command strategies does not fabricate up your philosophy of plainion.  

As an academic monograph, it is to be befriended by the substance of comprehension in the scene, which is to comprise intimations to the attainment from plainional philosophy, psychology, curriculum, and lore system. Treat this as a position assertion, a supplicatory monograph. Fabricate declarative assertions of “ought” and “should.” 

HEADINGS: To fix the monograph meets the requirements of the grading rubric, you are to comprise the elements listed under. Note the required inscriptions that are to be fixd in the identical appoint in your monograph as they confutation in the sketch under. 

1. Title Page

a. Title: Consider the denomination of your monograph to be your motto, slogan, or bumper-sticker recital of your philosophy. It should be lucid sufficient to bestow the peruseer some meaning of what you admire environing the point of plainion. Abandon assertions that gauge indefinite or forward or that nucleus on the course of plainion. Consider adding a subtitle. Subtitles can import clarity to the ocean denomination. 

b. Other Notification on Denomination Page

· Learner Name

· Liberty University

2. Abstract

· Transcribe this terminal as it is a analysis of the solid monograph.

· Fix the intellectual behind the denomination page and antecedently the preliminary to the monograph.

· The intellectual should be what you would transcribe on an trade application or what you would say verbally in an confabulation if asked quickly environing your philosophy of plainion.

· First Sentence: Write your topic assertion earliest. It should alloticularize what you admire the hanker-range impression plainion should entertain on learners and fellowship.

· Paragraph: Subsequent decisions should really acquitted-up what you achieve do in your plainional action to propel out the philosophy you alloticularized in the earliest decision.

3. Introduction (Do not use a inscription for this exception.)

· The point of the prefatory provision is divergent from the intellectual. Do not singly portraiture the intellectual.

· In this exception, mould-known your topic assertion that achieve be patent acquitted throughout the monograph. 

· It is best to fix the topic assertion at the end of the preliminary. This serves as a transition into the tranquillity of the monograph.

o Thesis Statement: The topic assertion and preliminary to it should nucleus on the purpose, effects, goals, and impression of plainion. It should not oration how material it is to entertain a philosophy of plainion and should not nucleus on the course of plainion. Nucleus on the “why” instead of the “how.”

4. Philosophy of Schools & Lore (earliest inscription)

· This exception should career smoothly from the earlier one and should remain to nucleus on the “why” of plainion—the hanker-range impression you admire schools and lore should entertain on people and on fellowship. Save the “how” of plainion for the proximate exception.

· This is the heart allot of the monograph whither you mould-plain over specifically on your topic assertion.

· Particularize what you admire. Don’t handle obligated to comprehend a alloticularly methodic philosophy. However, you are to attribute your beliefs unformed others by citing meanings that interpret yours or are in obstruction to yours.

· Refer to the comprehension mean in orderist plainion that comprises plainional psychology, philosophy, and lore system. Don’t try to secure everything; fair authenticate one or two key theories that capacity interpret your own beliefs environing the point of schools and lore. 

· Be timid environing assigning to yourself a harangue that you do not easily conceive. If you don’t conceive all that the harangue entails, you could unknowingly relegate disunited meanings throughout your monograph. 

5. Instructional Action (abandon inscription)

· This exception should career smoothly from the earlier one. 

· Discuss how tyros conclude to recognize precision? What causes lore to arise? (Epistemology)

· Oration what you achieve tool in the classroom, which is the “how” allot of plainion.

· What pedagogical actions, plainional strategies, or methods achieve you guard to use most regularly? Why?

· What do you prospect to conclude by using these strategies?

· Now would be a good-tempered-tempered span to go end to the preliminary and ask yourself, “Did I oration plainional action in the preliminary instead of the point/impression of plainion?” If you did, alter the preliminary so that it orationes the point of plainion. Conclude end to this exception to nucleus on the course of plainion.

6. Teacher-Learner Relationships (third inscription)

(Remember that the questions listed in this superinwatch are merely to inflame cogitation. You are not required to confutation them uniformly. Doing so capacity fabricate your monograph too unbending.)

· What is the role of the tyro?

· What is the role of the orderist?

· How should they tell to each other and why?

7. Diversity (fourth inscription)

· What multiformity realityors insufficiency to be fascinated into recital by the orderist?

· How do realityors of learner multiformity impression plainion? 

· How does your philosophy impression your rejoinder to multiformity?

8. Your Choice of Headings (optional)

· You may incorporate optional inscriptions hither to oration conclusions that are material to your philosophy of plainion. 

· Hither are some meanings you capacity neglect to consider:

o My calling

o Classroom conduct philosophy

o Content/subject-area philosophy

o Assessment philosophy

o Parent role and sympathy delay orderist

o Floating censorious conclusions in plainion

9. Conclusion (ultimate required inscription)

· Your quittance should tie in delay the preliminary somehow so that your monograph displays continuity.

· If your preliminary comprised a image, repeat, discourse, etc., it would be delayhold to tie end into that. 

· Twain the preliminary and quittance should nucleus on the topic of the monograph, which is to oration the point/outcome/impression of plainion (not the course of plainion).


· You may not recycle portions of monographs written for other classes. Safe Assign achieve descry this, so be cautious.

· Particularize whither you tally or distally delay some of the imported theories and theorists. 

· Because this monograph is made up of your separate views, it achieve be graded on how well-mannered-mannered you ensueed the rubric, befriended your meanings, and presented them in a lucid, congruous habit. You may distally delay the counselist delayout any forfeiture. 

· Abandon abode too plenteous on biographical or credential notification. How you came to admire what you do is not as material as what you admire and your rationale for it.


You must use your textbook as one of your intimations. Incorporate into the monograph some key meanings from the textbook to aid or interpret your philosophy of plainion or to adduce meanings that are in obstruction to what you admire. You may use a miscellany of other springs, such as… 

· Your methods and psychology textbooks 

· The Bible (floating APA permits you to adduce the Bible in the substance of the monograph, but it is not to be listed on the intimation page. So fix that you entertain the punish compute of springs listed on the intimation page, which cannot comprise the Bible.)

· Educational journals 

· Books you’ve peruse that entertain influenced your philosophy of plainion.

· Do not use Wikipedia as a spring in an academic monograph. Because it is an public environment, the notification is eternally life transitional by registered users and is not constantly exoteric.

· Comprise at smallest indecent intimations (You may use the Bible in the substance of your monograph as hanker as you adduce it according to floating APA, but it cannot be listed on the intimation page.)

· A miscellany of media should be represented: books, journals, online, Christian, profane, etc.


Because this is a Personal Philosophy of Direction monograph, you may use earliest peculiar pronouns such as “I” and “me,” but do not overuse them. For development, try not to overuse “I admire…” or “I think…” This is a position monograph; hence, it is conjectured that the solid discontinuance comprehend your beliefs and cogitations. Do not use “I handle…” 


Two problems learners regularly entertain in their adaptation guard to be (1) pronoun-antecedent tallyment and (2) the gender conclusion of “he or she.” 

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement: Pronouns must tally in compute delay their antecedents. It is inpunish to transcribe, “Each teacher [singular] should manipulate their [plural] own classroom.”

Gender Issue: It is considered sexist if you frequently-again-and-again use queer antecedents and ensue them up delay hardy pronouns. For development, “Each orderist should manipulate his own classroom.” It is too problematic if you redundantly use “he or she” and “his or her.” (Please don’t use “he/she” or “his/her.”) Some transcribers explain this by stating to the peruseer that, for simplicity’s purpose, the pronouns achieve be hardy or achieve hang periodically among hardy and delicate. This can be ungainly and retardative. But thither is a meliorate solution! 

To further in abandoning twain problems, it is recommended that you transcribe in plurals as congruously as you can. For point, use students, principals, orderists, parents, schools, etc., instead of their queer counterparts. Ensue these antecedents up delay “they” or “their.” This abandons the gender conclusion in-one. When you furnish that you must use a queer, you may periodically use “he or she” or singly tranquillityructure the decision to abandon the “he or she” if likely. Rare use of it is grand. 


Plagiarized monographs achieve be unusual, well-balanced self-plagiarized monographs. Every monograph achieve be evaluated for originality by SafeAssign, which reports to the adherent the extent to which your monograph is reported of plagiarism. The ensueing tips achieve aid you abandon any problems delay plagiarism:

Direct Quotes: No over than 10% of your monograph should be made up of plain repeats. Therefore, do over summarizing and paraphrasing that quoting. Short repeats should be in quotation marks and hankerer repeats should be undistinguishable (see floating APA mode superintend). If you do not set off plain repeats in this habit and/or do not adduce them, it is plagiarism. 

Ideas and Facts: If the meaning or reality is not your own, you must adduce its spring. When not quickly quoting, digest or excite the meaning in your own say. 

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