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---Word Count Is Your Discretion for All Questions Except Question 6 750 Words Minimum!!!

---MLA Format

--- Cite All Sources

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--- 2/14/18

**Read Case Study 1 Attached & Counterpart Question 1** 

Case 6-1: An Adolescent Couple behind a conjuncture HIV

Question 1: “You are the promote in the clinic on the day Alexa meets out she has HIV. She trash in the clinic for aid than an hour behind a conjuncture you conjuncture you try to subsistence and relieve her. You entertain had dignified HIV counseling grafting, so you devote your skills as you co-operate behind a conjuncture her. Several weeks columnerior, behind Alexia is aid lashed and has had season to contemplate aid environing her aspect, she drops by the clinic and wants to conference behind a conjuncture you on a aid particular account. She insufficiencys comforting. What appropinquationes succeed you use behind a conjuncture Alexa? Please test how to use and devote the nursing ghostly competencies to succor Alexa. Be peculiar behind a conjuncture your appropinquationes and rationales. You can appropinquation this outcome custody in sentiment the three key ghostly principles of autonomy, beneficience and nonmaleficense as they describe to your nursing interventions.

** Read Case Study 2 Attached & Counterpart Question 2 **

Question 2: CBRT Case Study Attached. Use condition to counterpart questions below

1. Phosgene peril causes inflammation and pulmonary edema that is poisonous to the office of the lungs. (a) What are the three substantial factors that bias pulmonary scent? How would each of these factors be abtypical by inflammation and edema?

2. After peril to phosgene gas, the peculiar urgencys of twain O2 and CO2 would be altered in the dignity and tissues, consequently the means for affecting these gases in and out of the organization has been confused. Behind violent peril to phosgene, what would you await to meet if you measured the peculiar urgency of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the alveoli, the dignity plasma, and the cells of the tissues?

3. The bliss of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the dignity is crucial for inception. The victims behind a conjuncture the most violent symptoms would insufficiency habitual scent to conquer the poverty of their respiratory classifications to guard typical dignity flattens of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Phosgene gas would bring the totality of oxygen available for bliss to the tissues. In restoration, the metabolic attenuate emanation carbon dioxide is blissed by three meanss end to the alveoli in the dignity. Here carbon dioxide crosses the respiratory membrane, driven by a urgency gradient that favors its egress via the lungs during mist. By well-informed which means blisss the most CO2, foreshadow what would bechance to the dignity pH if the CO2 flatten dramatically increased?

** Recognize Below & Counterpart Question 3**

Question 3:  Give a shabby title of Botox & shabbyly describes how it affects the terse classification and possession undeveloped conduction. You should entertain a incompleteness of 2 academically alienate instrument.

** Recognize Below & Counterpart Question 4 I Attached Chapters** 

Question 4:  Please recognize Altercation 13 in your extract, environing Childhood Fleshiness and Early Chronic Diseases. As behind a conjuncture sundry sordid bloom sympathys, there is a altercation encircling particular commission and environmental bias. This battle is aid confused when it involves end. Discuss what living-souls, groups, or agencies you contemplate are legitimate for orationing childhood fleshiness? Please propound two to three solutions to oration this sympathy and yield attraction to subsistence your ideas.

** Recognize Below & Counterpart Question 5**

Question 5: Please recognize the forthcoming scenario and present a rumor behind a conjuncture a exculpation to each of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA fashion.


Betsy is a 72-year-old sequestered educator who lives fragmentary. She used to benevolence gardening, but past affecting to a condo, doesn’t get considerable season beyond, and spends most of her days recognizeing or conferenceing on the phone. She presents to her master murmuring of fair leg denial and muscle inconclusiveness. Her laboratory results showed fallible vitamin D and bringd curse shortsightedness, and a cheer foreclosure included:

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, 1 soundnessy grapefruit behind a conjuncture 1 tsp sugar, 12 oz. ebon coffee

Lunch: cucumber sandwich (made behind a conjuncture a ½ cup of sliced cucumber, 2 slices innocent meat, and 1 T mayonnaise), 1 oz. potato chips, 16 oz. unsweetened iced tea

Dinner: pasta (1 c.) behind a conjuncture meatless marinara seasoning (1/2 c.), narrow innocent flatten, 1 glass red wine, fun-size Milky Way.

Betsy is 5’4” and weighs 126# (57kg). She says she benevolences to cook, but past it’s fair her, she usually fair prepares something intelligent and manageable. Every Sunday she goes to meeting-stock and to the grocery treasury, but differently, she doesn’t license the stock considerable.

1. Estimate how considerable protein Betsy is getting. How considerable does she insufficiency? Is her intransfer large? What recommendations do you entertain in-reference-to Betsy’s protein intake?

2. What environing Betsy’ running intake? Is she getting ample soak? What are undeveloped consequences of not insertion in ample running? 

3. Her master recommended a vitamin D appendix. What other ways can Betsy rectify her vitamin D condition? List some foods that are good-tempered-tempered sources of vitamin D. 

4. Betsy’s mom had osteoporosis and she’s sympathyed environing developing it too. What steps can Betsy transfer to guard her curse bloom? Are there peculiar nutrients other than vitamin D and calcium that are leading to curse bloom? 

5. Why is vitamin D imperfection aid sordid in the senile?

** Recognize Below & Counterpart Question 6**

Question 1: You are required to column  750-word abstract of a particular exculpation to a attached  condition (MATERNAL-FETAL CONFLICT). The abstract should hold self-awareness and crucial contemplateing in-reference-to why you chose twain the condition and the theme subject. Validate your judgment behind a conjuncture references to the edict of ethics. Articles and references used in researching the theme abstract must be cited using constitutional APA format. 

*Provide some endground describing it and why it is seasmerely and desert remuneration. 

*What are the pro and con arguments environing the bearing? Refer to ghostly concepts, theories and principles in your work. 

*What is your posture on this bearing and why? How do you contemplate it could be constant? 


** View the Video Below & Counterpart Question 7**

Question 7: Reflection: Behind viewing the "Unusual Subsistence Group" representative, why is it that contagion rates went up AFTER meliorate sanitation? If Polio had infected the anthropological population for centuries and merely a narrow percentage has long-lasting injury, why were we so established to "fight" this contagion and destroy it?

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