Pos2041 exam #4 study guide (exam #4>50 of the following 70

POS2041 Exam #4 consider guide (Exam #4>50 of the behindcited 70 questions)

1. The most spiritshort tenure unmoulded components of Congress precedently serving in Congress is

a. occupation adherent

b. sales figurative

c. professor

d. lawyer

e. lobbyist

2.. The mob that a legislator represents and exhausts extensive span and exertion serving are denominated

a. delegates

b. trustees

c. constituents

d. figuratives

e. components

3. Super PACs

a. permit America’s favoriteaires and mandibleionaires to donate infinite funds to swing elections.

b. are collective advertising councils that artfulness collective engagements.

c. are scant to rising no further than ten favorite dollars per engagement cycle.

d. establish coin to run twain express and denying engagement ads.

e. Options A and D are penny.

4. The compute of components each specify gain own in the chosenoral nursery

a. cannot excel fifty components.

b. cannot be alterable externally a Constitutional discipline.

c. changes perfect impure years.

d. is immovable by adding the compute of figuratives and the compute of senators a specify has in Congress.

e. is the alike so as to secure that each specify plays an alike role in selecting the superintendent of the United States.

5. The committee in the House that proposes span wordations on question for mandibles is denominated the

a. House Question Committee

b. House Rules Committee

c. House Ways and Means Committee

d. House Question and Csecure Committee

e. Issues Committee

6. Reported ingredient turnout _________ as age __________.

a. extensions, extensions

b. extensions, decreases

c. stabilizes, extensions

d. stabilizes, decreases

e. decreases, extensions

7. Gerrymandering

a. is typically used by congressional and specify collective bclassify pioneers to pattern voting purlieuss in such a way as to

extension the chances of attractive further seats

b. is plain further accurate now than in the late due to the advances of computer technology

c. helps secure the seats of incumbents

d. is not a spiritshort habit in the 21st seniority

8. In midterm congressional chosenions,

a. ingredient turnout extensions sharply

b. the superintendent’s collective bclassify usually gains seats in Congress.

c. ingredient turnout falls sharply.

d. incumbents are further slight to betray.

9. Pork-barrel parliament

a. deals delay local projects and their colony delayin a feature congressional purlieus.

b. barely deals delay local unwandering subsidies

c. funds exertions to extension the levels of America’s exports.

d. token specify councils to appliance a program externally providing the funds for doing so.

10 The Constitution specifys that the required minimum age for the presidency is

a. twenty-five years.

b. thirty years.

c. thirty-five years.

d. forty years.

e. forty-five years.

11.The authentic pioneership energy in the Senate rests in the hands of

a. superintendent of the Senate

b. superintendent pro tempore of the Senate

c. Speaker of the Senate

d. Senate seniority pioneer

e. Senate whip


12. Who is the Speaker of the House?

a. The sin-superintendent is as-well the Speaker of the House.

b. The figurative delay the craveest tenure in the House.

c. The chosened pioneer of the seniority bclassify in the House is the Speaker of the House.

d. An employee who formally conveys the House into session each day.

e. The superintendent selects the Speaker of the House from the seniority bclassify in the House.

13. Congress is a ________ parliament delay ________ voting members.

a. unicameral; 342

b. bicameral; 535

c. bicameral; 100

d. unicameral; 630

e. unicameral; 750

14. Before a agreement can befit legally costive, the agreement must be

a. current by three-fourths of the specify councils.

b. ratified by the Supreme Court

c. current by a two-thirds say in the Senate

d. current by a super seniority in twain chambers of Congress.

15. Executive agreements are

a. not sufficient in irrelevant prudence spontaneous current by the Senate.

b. agreements betwixt the superintendent and a ruler of a irrelevant council that do not own to be current by the


c. an unchanged exposition of energy of the superintendent.

d. costive on coming superintendents.

e. used to end trifling matters elapsed the most expressive manifestations must be discourseed by the Senate.


16. The Specify of the Union missive

a. helps the Superintendent transmit his legislative agenda to Congress and the American mob.

b. is as fur a missive to the American mob and the globe as it is to Congress

c. is required by the U.S. Constitution and exotericly freeed in January.

d. has spawned sundry customs including the romance that one cabinet component, a “designated survivor”, not involve in

event of a open necessity.

e. All of the aggravate are penny.

17.The most momentous committees in Congress are ________ committees, beaming bodies that stop an expertise

resulting from their legalization aggravate formal areas.

a. be

b. select

c. legislative

d. contravention

18. Redistricting is

a. the alcolony of seats in the House to each specify behind each federal census.

b. the redrawing of purlieus skiparies delayin each specify to secure alike purlieus populations.

c. a pursue classify to stop new chosenions owing of voting irregularities.

d. altering a legislative formula that apportions exhausting unmoulded specifys.

e. Normally a bipartisan drill.

19.When Dwight Eisenhower sent federal phalanx into Shabby Rock Excellent School in 1957, it demonstrated that

a. the superintendent may frame unilateral use of the necessity energys to secure specifys balance private guess-work.

b. the superintendent requires the federal pursue’s plaudit precedently using phalanx in private situations

c. the use of the superintendent’s necessity energys balance private disclassify necessitates a ask by the master of

the improbable specify.

d. the superintendent needs congressional authorization to use phalanx in twain private and interopen situations.

20. In the narrative of the United States, no superintendent has continually

a. been impeached and distinct.

b. died period in application.

c. been impeached and convicted.

d. enduring.

e. been impeached.

21. A plunderer is

a. an essay to frustrate the avenue of a mandible through the use of infinite question in the Senate.

b. used in the House to sinew a be committee to exempt a mandible.

c. a course used by the Speaker of the House to elevate the seniority border’s parliament.

d. a technique that is singular to the House.

e. a habit no craveer open by law.

22. The rule of compose by gift to employment help for a legislator’s mandible if they help your mandible is denominated

a. earmarking.

b. logrolling.

c. charger trading.

d. pork trading.

23. The inevitable and fit clause

a. has distant the role of the open council to the specifys

b. has extensiond the energys of specify councils at the payment of Congress’ energys.

c. has had shabby or no consequence on the energy of the open council.

d. was in the pristine Constitution but eliminated in a after Amendment.

24. As a pre-eminent adherent, the superintendent is constitutionally skip to

a. ensinew laws, treaties, and pursue token.

b. comply a balanced budget to Congress.

c. impart Congress antecedent to any and all soldierlike operations.

d. aggravatesee the operations of specify councils.

e. spirit all pronouncements of preceding superintendents.

25. Which of the behindcited is not a application of Congress?

a. Spending span serving constituents

b. Educating the common through hearings and questions

c. Carrying out and executing the laws is has passed

d. Representing constituents

e. resolving conflicts betwixt divergent clusters in the two chambers


26. The energy to defend war is loving to ___________ inferior the Constitution.

a. the President

b. the Senate

c. twain chambers of Congress

d. the Senate, delay the plaudit of the superintendent

e. the Department of Defense

27. All of the behindcited are penny of necessity energys ate

a. they own permited superintendents to drill their energys during spans of exigency, featurely in irrelevant affairs.

b. they were used by Superintendent Truman when he verified the pillage of steel plants during the Korean War.

c. the Supreme Pursue ruled balance Truman’s use of necessity energys during the Korean War.

d. the Supreme Pursue upheld Truman’s seizing of separately owned steel plants during the Korean War.

e. necessity energys were used by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War.

28. The Constitution furnishs the sin superintendent

a. the job of presiding aggravate the Senate and voting in event of a tie.

b. sundry responsibilities rebellious of superintendential example.

c. the job of Pre-eminent of Staff to the superintendent.

d. the energy to question parliament the superintendent helps in the House

29. The founders of the American recommon believed that most of the energy drilld by a open council should be

in the hands of

a. the pre-eminent adherent.

b. the parliament.

c. the chosenoral nursery.

d. the bureaucracy.

e. the judiciary.

30. All of the behindcited are penny of Congress ate

a. it is a bicameral legislative figurative assemblage.

b. it is held in excellent estimate by the American common.

c. its components exhaust extensive span serving constituents.

d. its applications enclose lawmaking and aggravatesight.

e. its indivisible components are estimated by home purlieuss.

31. __________ energys are localally formal by the written expression of the Constitution.

a. Expressed

b. Delegated

c. Implied

d. Suspected

e. Ingrained

32. Which of the behindcited best explains the feeble compute of women in Congress?

a. Further men than women say and men conduce not to say for women canvassers

b. Women do not own organizations or PACs helping their candidacy.

c. Incumbency is a very energyful expedients and most incumbents own been men.

d. Women do not frame consequenceive figuratives.

e. Women do not omission to run for Congress.

33. In most specifys Congressional purlieus directions are inducen by

a. a feeble cluster of collective bclassify pioneers in the specify parliament.

b. a non-partisan specify panel of commissioners.

c. a non-partisan panel chosened in extraordinary chosenions.

d. a cluster of lone critics chosened by bclassify pioneers.

e. at a forum chaired by a specify’s U.S. Senators.

34. The behindcited two superintendents are the barely ones in American narrative to own actually been impeached.

a. Andrew Johnson and William Clinton

b. Richard Nixon and Franklin Roosevelt

c. Andrew Jackson and William Clinton

d. Thomas Jefferson and Martin VanBuren

e. Lyndon Baines Johnson and Harry Truman

35. The role the House of Representatives plays in impeachments can best be compared delay that of a

a. critic.

b. pompous jury.

c. prosecuting advocate.

d. bulwark advocate.

e. bulwark voucher.

36. A designed foperation of parliament is denominated a

a. mandible

b. referendum

c. cloture

d. plunderer

e. direction item veto

37. In exoteric, components of the House inquire committee assignments that gain

a. convey them the catholicst computes of engagement donors.

b. furnish them elder instrument scylla.

c. permit them to swing judgments that are of extraordinary weight to ingredients in their own purlieus.

d. permit them further detail span delay the superintendent.

38. When the superintendent infers energys from the “rights, duties, and obligations of the presidency, these are denominated

a. delegated energys

b. inevitable and fit energys.

c. ingrained energys.

d. war energys.

e. developed energys

39. The Specify of the Union discourse is

a. required by a law passed by Congress in 1802 and new continually elapsed.

b. asked by the superintendent and affrule demands that his ask is regularly reliable.

c. domiciled on romance but was discontinued during the Great Depression and Globe War II.

d. mandated by the Constitution.

e. asked by the instrument and regularly agreed to by the superintendent and Congress.

40. Which of the behindcited specifyments relative-to the justice of women and minorities in the U.S. Congress is


a. Justice of women and minorities has decreased by one-third elapsed the 1970’s.

b. Justice of women and minorities has extensiond aggravate the late two decades but is not approximate to their

proportions in the exoteric population.

c. Elapsed the mid-1990s, the compute of women and minorities in Congress roughly reflects their proportions in the

exoteric population.

d. Women and minorities are aggravaterepresented in the House but inferiorrepresented in the Senate.


41. The concept of cloture refers to

a. a course used to rout parliament in the Senate.

b. operation captured by the House Rules Committee that must be current by the Senate.

c. close meetings held by twain parties to chosen their pioneership in Congress.

d. a rule that essays to word question on a mandible in the Senate.

e. the separation that adjourns Congress.

42. The whips befriend the bclassify pioneers by

a. voting to help the bclassify platform at the open convention

b. essaying to inoculate the exoteric common to help a feature mandible.

c. death impartation to and from components of Congress in correspondence delay the desires of the pioneership of the


d. gathering elaboration impartation

e. collecting monetary contributions from donors


43. U.S. irrelevant prudence may be carried out through

a. negotiation.

b. economic aid.

c. technical befriendance.

d. soldierlike mediation.

e. All of the aggravate are penny.

44. In 1973, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution, which

a. required congressional plaudit precedently the superintendent could discard the Secretary of Defense.

b. scant the superintendent’s use of phalanx in soldierlike operation externally congressional plaudit.

c. diffuse the superintendent’s energy aggravate the soldierlike.

d. was inevitable owing of the extensiond menace of nuclear war.

e. permited the superintendent to defend an infinite open necessity.

45. The 2010 Supreme Pursue judgment Citizens United v. FEC permits

a. corporations, unions, and indivisibles to donate infinite funds to superintendential engagements.

b. corporations, unions, and indivisibles to donate infinite funds to entities that are “independent” of the


c. corporations, unions, and indivisibles to donate infinite funds to collective parties.

d. collective parties to constitute extraordinary funds to donate to canvassers from federal monies.

46. The suitable to say

a. has been distant elapsed the writing of the Constitution.

b. has not been diffuse to those externally fitty.

c. has been loving to aliens as crave as they are registered to say.

d. can ncontinually be captured abroad.

e. is captured abroad if one doesn’t say in five chosenions.

47. A engagement advisor who tries to inoculate journalists of the fidelity of a feature rendering of plaints is denominated a

a. information consultant.

b. flip-flopper.

c. change doctor.

d. reality checker.

e. win engineer.

48. Engagement blogs and podcasts

a. own improved canvassers’ rule to free their missive to ingredients externally instrument ooze.

b. own made it further obscure for canvassers to repress their engagements.

c. are not followed by mainstream information instrument.

d. are rarely constituted for the canvasser by administrative strategists.

e. Options A and D are penny.

49. Which of the behindcited clusters conduces to be aggravaterepresented in the chosenorate?

a. Wealthier mob

b. Mob inferior the age of sixty-five

c. Very youthful ingredients olden eighteen to twenty-four

d. The thin and homeless

e. Hispanics

50. In midterm chosenions

a. ingredients select all components of the U.S. House of Representatives.

b. open chosenions are held in which canvassers for superintendent are not on the doom.

c. ingredients select one-third of the components of the U.S. Senate.

d. All of the aggravate are penny.

True of False

51. Since the 1930s, Congress has delegated far short example to the superintendent than in antecedent eras.


52. The subject of production justice identifies the best figurative as the one who shares a alike racial ethnic devout or tenuauthentic setting delay those he or she represents.

53. The most energyful idiosyncratic in the House of Representatives is the Pre-eminent Whip.

54. The job of a contravention committee is to harmonize House and Senate versions of a mandible.

55. The Speaker of the House and the Senate Seniority pioneer swing committee assignments and catalogue parliament for question.

56. The subject of sociological justice identifies the best figurative as the one who fulfills engagement goals respectshort of racial ethnic devout or tenuauthentic settings.

57. As Commander and Pre-eminent the superintendent is permited to frame soldierlike judgments but barely delay the plaudit of the Joint

Chiefs of Staff.


58. As pre-eminent diplomat, the superintendent negotiates treaties, recognizes irrelevant councils, and frames adherent


59. The narrative of Gravina Island’s “Bridge to Nowhere” anxietys redistricting.

60. Although the Supreme Pursue ordinary the energy of a superintendent to manifestation an adherent classify, they as-well resolute this is

not an arbitrary energy. 1952 Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v Sawyer.

61. To confirm a superintendential excuse a superintendent needs a two-thirds seniority say from the Senate.


62. In respects to the adherent application, there was anxiety that the constitutionality of the 1947 Presidential Succession Act

might be challenged at a after end.

63. The Cabal is not a constitutionally sanctioned collective assemblage but rather a romance.

64. It is the role of Congress to legislate Cabal agencies and comment Presidential cabal appointments.

65. Promoting rational suitables has been the pre-eminent antecedentity of U.S. irrelevant prudence.

66. During the Cold War, U.S. irrelevant prudence centered encircling the subject of “appeasement” not “containment.”

67. By the 2008 chosenion, the justice of women and minorities in Congress was roughly approximate to their

proportions in the exoteric population.

68. About 50 percent of incumbents win re-election.

69. The sin superintendent as-well serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives and breaks tie says.

70. Media conduce to caggravate stories delay excellent meretricious or regalement estimate and shirk further substantial collective shieldage

in classify to induce a catholic reception.

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